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 forgive me, i'm trying to find my calling - -, 〘 tagged : open 〙
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the scenic route — that was how his aunt had described their ride. they were taking the scenic route.

finn wasn't sure he'd ever been on such a trip, but he couldn't say that it was particularly bad. since coming to peachtree, he had spent more time settling in than going out, and it was only a matter of time before he was dragged away from his bedroom. but... no, it wasn't horrible. in fact, it was actually pretty nice.

with his hands and cheek pressed against the car window, the blond was able to take in the warm rays of the sun. able to watch the blue sky and green trees blur together as they drove on, eager to reach the peak that awaited them. it was calm. tranquil. even the music playing on the radio seemed to favor the trip, some summery pop hit filling the otherwise silent carriage, really setting the mood. this was what peace felt like. what an interesting concept.

'you know, you can roll down the window if you want, finn.'

"i know. but i'd feel like a dog. this is enough." more than enough, really, considering the woman beside him was giving him something he considered priceless. but, he wasn't confident enough to exactly say as much.

'suit yourself, kiddo. we're reaching our spot soon anyway.'

finn continued his staring game with the great outdoor world until the vehicle lurched to a slow roll, and then to a complete stop soon after. "there are dogs here," he commented, blue eyes widening as he spotted the canines in the distance. he hadn't had much contact with animals either, and the childish part of him didn't want to let the opportunity pass him by. "do you think they bite?"

'i don't imagine so. but why don't you go ask to pet them? i'm sure the owners will be nice.'

when his gaze turned her way, the boy was met with a shooing hand motion. 'go on,' he was urged, though his hand was already on the door handle. 'it'll be fine.'

he moved in what felt like slow motion. in a minute the door was pushed open. in five, his feet were hitting the gravelly flooring. in twelve, he was nearing the hyperactive pups, hands brought up to his chest, fingers twined together tightly. "u-uhm.. excuse me," he began, glancing down at himself to make sure he wasn't visibly shaking. "i-i'm sorry to bother. b-but can i.."

a glance was thrown over his shoulder, eyes falling on the car he'd arrived in, now fifteen thousand feet away. standing by the thing, his aunt watched on, a thumbs up being tossed his way in response. finn turned back to the owner of the pups and continued on, voice higher than intended, but unwavering. "can i pet your dog...?"

tagged: whoever | notes: he just wants to befriend some pups
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It was a good day to be walking around.

Juliet traversed the streets of Peachtree City, looking around the area with her sketchbook held to her side and a pencil tucked around her ear. According to her siblings, one way to actually improve your art style was to look at real life references and check out what she could paint with scenery around her before she could make an abstract of her own. So that's what she did. Heeding her siblings' advice (they were much more skilled artists than she was, after all), the young sixteen-year old girl continued to walk around the streets, observing people and watching them come and go.

Her legs then started to get a little tired, though, so seeing a nearby bench just beside a lamp post and a few cars parked around the driveway, she stopped there and sighed in relief. Walking around on a hot day was tiring and Juliet should've expected that already. But sitting on this bench gave her a new idea of what to draw; how about she draw a few cars instead?

"Can I pet your dog?"

Her head perked up when she heard the sound, and because of instinct, she turned her head to the side. Sure enough, she saw a little boy just in front of a dog walker, and he seemed to be asking if he could pet those dogs. The pets seem quite safe and sweet, though, so Juliet wouldn't have to worry about running up to him in case the boy got bitten.

A small smile crept up her face and she turned to her sketchpad.

Cute kid. Cute scene.

And that was how she wasted a whole five minutes drawing a little boy in front of a dog owner with a sheepish look on his face.
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