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 DELINQUENT, LEVI CABRAL, male, senior, played by chi
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NICKNAME levi AGE nineteen YEAR senior GENDER male SEXUALITY hetero CLIQUE delinquent OCCUPATION student
He was used to the noise. The shattering of glass from a neighbor’s trailer, the shouting from across the street where a couple argued fervently, the occasional police siren blaring in the distance. He grew up surrounded by it and, in a way, the noise reminded him of himself. Loud, hectic, and despised by any good, decent folk that managed to get lost and accidentally come across it. Between gulps of that day’s drink of choice, his mother would promise him that, one day, they would get out of here. Be somewhere safe. By the time he was halfway through elementary school Levi had become well-versed at this game; he would promise her back that he become would a rich doctor or someone else worthwhile and that one day his father would come back to them. Unbeknownst to him, unlike his hollow promises, his mother would eventually come through with her promise, though only partially.

He was fresh out of middle school, ready to enjoy his summer break by committing various misdemeanors with his friends, when his Aunt Marlena and Uncle Gerard whisked him away to their home in Peachtree. His mother had spoken to him before about living with his aunt and uncle, though he took this with a grain of salt. He and his mother were dirt poor, but she was rich with promises; they were abundant things she threw at him with reckless abandon, things that he learned to disregard with indifference unless he do something foolish like believe her.

The suburb he moved to was peaceful. No noises, no garbage littering the streets, no neighbors that got into domestic disputes every week. The mix of anxiety and hope he had felt dulled to discontent. His aunt and uncle were from a place so far removed from what Levi knew. To his new neighborhood he wasn’t a kid getting a second chance in a better place- he was some unleashed, untrained, stray dog stalking up and down their streets, a blemish on their picturesque suburbia. The summer prior to him attending high school was filled with so much debauchery, petty crime, and skirmishes with other kids that looked down on his dirty blood that he had effectively solidified his reputation within the community as trailer park trash that was polluting their otherwise pristine and upstanding neighborhood.

The transition from trailer park to upper-middle class suburban neighborhood was one Levi pulled off with such hulking gracelessness that Marlena and Gerard decided to enroll him into various self-defense classes and sports teams, in hopes that he would find community, self-discipline, and a stable environment to release his aggression in a healthy way. Unfortunately, this would only help him become a bigger menace in his community and a bigger headache for them.

Predictably, high school was not a place of learning for Levi. Rather, it was a playground for kicking in heads, finding out through the grapevine when and where the next rager would be, and coming up with half-assed excuses to feed his teachers after he’d missed their class for the third time that week. Though he would eventually (barely) wise up and take all major physical confrontations out of school grounds, Levi seemed determined to carry and maintain his bad reputation from his home to his school. Marlena and Gerard handled it as best they could; Marlena attempted to appeal to Levi emotionally, which would result in an apology from Levi, and would last for all of ten minutes before he decided to do something dangerous and stupid again.

In an ongoing effort to keep Levi from ending up like his mother, Gerard sent Levi to work whenever he had the free time, having him help with home improvement and volunteer building projects, promising Levi that- under the condition that he get his act together- he will have a job at his construction business after Levi graduates. Levi, ever the screw-up, nearly lost this opportunity when he flunked his junior year due to an excess of absences. It took Levi’s weeping mother calling, nearly in hysterics upon hearing the news of Levi’s failure, to convince Gerard to give Levi another chance.

★ Doesn’t know his father nor does he have any contact with him.
★ Shirts without sleeves > sleeves. Sleeves are for people who don’t lift.
★ Used to live in a trailer park in Nevada with his alcoholic mother.
★ Drinks and smokes recreationally. Hides this (poorly) from his aunt and uncle (especially the drinking part).

POSITIVES daring, direct, ardent, unabashed, strong-willed, loyal, energetic, resilient, confident NEGATIVES wild, rebellious, stubborn, shameless, crass, violent, cocky, reckless, boisterous QUIRKS
★is 6’5”. rumors say he was pumped with hgh as a baby.
★has an obnoxiously loud, booming laugh.
★loves girly pop music with no shame.
★handsy and over-familiar, even with strangers
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