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 DELINQUENT, SIMON SUMMER, male, sophomore, played by cocoa
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NICKNAME N/A AGE 15/Fifteen YEAR sophomore GENDER male SEXUALITY bisexual CLIQUE delinquent OCCUPATION pianist
Being raised on the streets of Manchester isn't the best environment for a young man. Simon already dealt with a fractured family and only saw a mother figure in his older sister, who necessarily wasn't a good egg herself. Rolling with her and her crew, it's no surprise that Simon is seen as a surly individual with playful outlook on life. Young and reckless, this transfer student enjoys pulling pranks that range from all manner of offense. Whether it's gluing someone's locker shut, slashing a teacher's car tires, or outright setting fire to another's property, Simon sees the world as his playground and doesn't allow any sort of enforcement to impede his joy. While easy to make friends with him at first, few stick around Simon to be considered actual friends. He's annoying and has the tendency to take things to the extreme, but will stick his neck out for those who he believes are worth his time.

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"Ya dad's a drunk and your mum is off whorin' herself somewhere else, whaddya gunna do about it, punk?"

"I don't know, but my sister looks ready to beat ya ass!"

Simon Summer always relied on his older sister, Sadie, to back him up. Considering anytime Simon lost a fight and came home bloodied, their father would always beat him some more for "not wanting to raise a loser." The very words infuriated Simon to no end, up until Sadie decided to take a more active role in his life. Granted, it wasn't anything lavish when she initially invited him into her gang of misfits. They stole, smoke, drank, fought, and did everything they could in order to survive. All of them had something in common and that was the fact they needed each other. Simon was no doubt their youngest member, so they used his cute face to often lower people's guards, since who would raise their fists against a well-dressed kid?

While the gang had a good thing going for them, Sadie wanted more. She wasn't one to want to make a name for herself, but she did enjoy the finer things in life. Jewels, name-brand items, and a home that wasn't infested with rats, an abusive drunk of a dad, or the constant fear of some rival group ending their lives. This ultimately drove her to save the money earned from successful thievery, to acquire the necessities needed for she and Simon to leave Europe. Packing up what little they had, the siblings aimed to do better in the, "Land of Opportunity."

And life wasn't bad for the longest while, Sadie and Simon living well off. Considering he and his older sister had no sort of record when arriving, it was easy for the eldest sibling to find a job that helped pay the bills, while Simon did under the table jobs for whatever paid well. Granted multitasking was something the young man was used to, he went to both school and work as a way to make sure they'd never end up on the struggle bus again. It wasn't until entering his freshman year of high school, did Sadie suggest he take it easy and find his crowd. They both knew the only social interaction he was ever used to, came from those who grew up on the streets. It wasn't the best advice in the world, but the intentions behind it couldn't have been any clearer. Sadie wanted him to find real friends.

The first year of high school was the roughest for him, since Simon needed to integrate into a new form of society. A lot of what existed in Europe carried over into America, but even then, Simon was usually approached for various reasons. Others wanted to hear his accent and some just wanted to kick his ass, but beyond that a lot of it was the same. What no one warned him about, was the obvious caste system set up at Ridgeview High. From the get go he understood where his place lied, and it was then that the familiar grin from days past came. Simon hates the idea of fame and prefers the limelight of infamy, to which he now seeks to actively become a thorn in the side of those that are at the top. Whether it's the elites, jocks, or nerds, no group is safe if they're considered influential. Anarchy is a language Simon speaks well and would enjoy nothing less than to speak it loud and clear.

POSITIVESinnovative, approachable, easy-going, high-spirited, daring NEGATIVES manipulative, caustic, antagonistic, amoral, oblivious QUIRKShas a natural talent for the piano, eats the cone first before the ice cream, has a white-noise playlist, prefers to speak using the text on his phone
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"run, run, lost boy," they say to me, "away from all reality."
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