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 LONER, finn morley, male, freshman, played by saki
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i wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree...
NICKNAME finn AGE fourteen YEAR freshman GENDER male SEXUALITY uncertain CLIQUE loner OCCUPATION student
TRIGGER WARNING: without going too in detail, this app does contain mentions of emotional and mental abuse, as well as vaguely described physical abuse.

my mother was a genius,
my father commanded respect.

you are no aaron burr. your parents did not leave you an orphan with some great legacy of theirs to protect. you are an orphan; that much is true. but they were normal people who left you with nothing more than a broken heart and a fear of grown men— and it's nothing to sing about.

your mother was a fine woman; she was. all of the good parts of you came from her, you are sure. but... good was given no room to sprout wings in the morley household. and because of it, you suffered.

growing up, there were no wars in which you could have gone out and proven yourself, but your everyday life was a battlefield regardless. if ever you were asked of casualties? there were plenty. with every passing day, a piece of you and her withered away and died. and scars? the ones that never saw past your insides were in abundance.

you do not blame her for sticking around, though. in truth, there was not much she could have done. for a woman who stood so tall, who had so many accomplishments of her own under her belt, she was slapped down to a quarter of her size. treated and trained like a dog. any change in tone or small noise left her shaking. she was obedient, quick to move, quick to satisfy. but he was always hungry for more.

you watched it all unfold through innocent eyes, uncertain as to why things were the way that they were. on television, the mothers and fathers loved each other. cared for each others well-being. why were your parents so different? rarely did they come in close, affectionate contact. and rarely was your mother seen without red-rimmed eyes.

you knew that something was wrong, but have no way of expressing what. "just stay in your room, finn," your mother would constantly say, leaving no room for your questions or concerns. "he's just in a bad mood right now. mommy will come in later and read to you. won't that be good?"

she never, did, however. he demanded all of her attention, and left no room for competition. you grew up alone. lonely. and it was just as he wanted it.

raise a glass to freedom,
something they can never take away.
no matter what they tell you.

your own freedom came with tragedy. and it is nothing to drink to.

one too many times— that is how it is described. he beat her one too many times. and in the end... she just didn't wake up. the details are fuzzy; all you can recall are the sirens. the blaring noises awaking you from your slumber, and the screaming.

there were many occasions on which his voice was raised, but this one was different. even in your youth, you could tell. in an argument against the law — one which he could have never hoped to win — he faltered. became small. weak. and you watched through blurry eyes as he was carted away. taken to the prison he deserved to be in.

your mother? she was nowhere to be found.

in the early hours of the morning, you begged for her return. cried out for her since the adults questioning you were terrifying; as big and as scary as he had been. but there was nothing. no one to come for you.

that was, until she arrived.

an aunt who you'd rarely seen. a woman with hair of moonlight and a smile that could make the stars green with envy. in a voice so calming, so easy, she explained that you would be coming to stay with her. what happened to your own mother was a crime — something he would pay dearly for.

but you? you would be coming with her. and she would give you the thing you craved the most: safety.

you clung like saran wrap; arms never leaving her legs as she handled the particulars. and in your heart, you felt something that must have been hope flourish.

everyone shall sit under
their own and fig tree
and no one shall make them afraid.

the move to peachtree was unexpected, but not unpleasant. gone were the memories of the horrible house where you saw little daylight and lived never-ending nightmares. the sadness over your loss lingered, but this was fine. in her home — your home, after a time — you learned that it was not wrong to feel things. to have this sadness.

the area in which your aunt had been settled was something like a dream. something you'd only seen on the television, in fact. there, you were able to breathe easy. to sit in the backyard and just be.

you were, and are, able to plant your roots and grow. however long or short that may take. "trees don't pop up in just a day, finn," she reminds you when doubt seeps in, her face so similar to your mother's that it nearly makes you cry. "let me tell you this story from when i was a your age."

and she does. as many times as is necessary.

POSITIVES conscientious, loyal, perceptive, protective, self-sufficient. NEGATIVES clumsy, cautious, faithless, pessimistic, sensitive. QUIRKS apologizes far too often, even when not at fault

has a hard time relying on others for things

talks to himself a lot

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"run, run, lost boy," they say to me, "away from all reality."
i was alive for the boy is mine
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um yeah, saki how dare you. anyway, hello marshmallow cloud boi. i'm ready to protecc this young son at all costs. let anyone lay hands, i'll break em.

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