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 CREATIVE, thais laurent, female, senior, played by saki
sakiOffline12 POSTS
though she be but little, she is fierce.
NICKNAME tai AGE eighteen YEAR senior GENDER female SEXUALITY pansexual CLIQUE creative OCCUPATION student
π„ž manon coste is young when she falls pregnant with thais β€” much younger than her own mother would have liked, to be sure. she was reckless; it was a mistake. a heat of the moment sort of thing, with no thanks to asia for any of that. she is still inexperienced; is still naive. but... she has no regrets. as soon as the test shows the results, she knows she will keep the baby. it's hers, after all. she made it herself (though, not without a little bit of help from a certain someone). she is a mother before she even holds that little squirming body in her arms, and no one can say anything different.

π„ž when she announces the situation to her family, chaos breaks out. though, one would already expect as much. her mama cries. her daddy screams. her boyfriend, lex... well... he passes out and bangs his head on the hardwood floor of their living room. (a real manly man, that one). the adults try to convince her not to throw away everything she'd been working so hard for, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. stubbornness steels manon's spine, and determination to prove she can still achieve greatness despite sudden motherhood propels her forward.

π„ž manon is married (because according to lex, it is the right thing to do, even if it is earlier than he initially intended), and the birth of thais follows soon after. the girl is born happy and healthy, and acts as her mother's muse of sorts β€” a constant source of inspiration for her music and her desire to keep on keepin' on.

π„ž as she grows, tai is more of her father's daughter than anything, with her seemingly inherited meek nature shining through. but that sits just fine with her mother. "i don't know what i'd do if i had another me running around," the woman is quick to say, a sigh of relief always following right after. "my attitude is already too much for poor lex to handle."

π„ž despite her words, the trio is a consistently happy one. the laurents know peace and its cost, and never fail to push themselves for better, so their daughter is brought up well. because of their dedication, thais is raised somewhat sheltered. she never wants or needs for anything, but she also never knows real sadness. they give her all of the good in the world, but never introduce a balance.

π„ž this proves difficult to deal with when manon is tragically torn from her family, the victim of a wrong place at the wrong time sort of accident. lex is unable to keep up the happy front when faced with the task of explaining to their nine year old that mommy just isn't coming back from the store. not today; not ever.

π„ž for a long time β€” what feels like forever, in fact β€” thais goes silent. she does not speak. hardly eats. she shuts down, and it is as if she is merely a doll on a shelf, awaiting her owner's return. lex, at a loss, consults his family who in turn recommend taking his child to see a therapist. desperate and willing to try anything, he does.

π„ž the first meetings are awful. no progress is made. in the otherwise silent room, all that can be heard is tai's own breathing, and the ticking of the clock counting down their time together. fiona, as she eventually learns the woman's name is, is patient however. and little by little, she cracks through the wall around the girl's heart.

π„ž faced with a sudden loneliness she doesn't even know how to deal with, lex offers thais entry to her mother's world as a means for coping. manon's study, which was usually kept locked and out of mind, is opened. and with it, an almost obsessive fascination with music springs forward.

π„ž she begins taking lessons in everything she can. violin, guitar, drums, flute. anything she can learn to play, she does. it isn't until she touches onto piano, however, that thais feels something more.

π„ž piano is her outlet of choice β€” the only thing that brings her happiness. though, it is not without faults of its own. in her eagerness and single-minded need to replicate her mother's greatest works, thais loses track of herself. when called out on her hermit-like behavior and all-consuming tendencies, she lashes out, feeling cornered. no one understands what she's trying to do, she insists. how can they be pulling her away, when all she wants to do is breathe life back into manon? to make her exist again, in some small way.

π„ž lex blames himself for much of the difficulties. if he had done better, perhaps things could have been different. he lives as if walking on eggshells for years, unable to connect with his daughter. still mourning the loss of the only woman he'd ever loved.

π„ž it isn't until the seventh anniversary of manon's death that thais begins to understand that no matter what she does, there is no revival from death. in the world of the living, there is no longer room for the laurents three. she and her father sit in a room for hours and attempt to patch up their shattered family. they cry, they try to figure out their next steps, and the process of healing finally begins.

π„ž the move to peachtree is not completely desired, but it is completely necessary. the two pack up their most important items, and leave the home filled with so many positive and negative memories.

π„ž thais begins school partway through the year, but she finds a place for herself without much effort. piano is still number one in her heart, and it is not something she'd so easily let go. her therapy continues, though with someone new, and she slowly, very slowly, begins to appear as she once had. happy. healthy.

POSITIVES amiable, generous, hardworking, humble, resilient. NEGATIVES emotional, naΓ―ve, obsessive, stubborn, wishful. QUIRKS β™ͺ sleeps for nineteen hours at a time or two. there is very little in between.
β™ͺ constantly keeps her hands busy, be it with tapping melodies on her desk surfaces or fiddling with house keys.
β™ͺ looks for mother-figures everywhere she goes, even without intending to.
welcome to the site!
oh man, this is beautifully written. i'm so sad and relieved at the same time but i'm so glad thais and her dad are on their way to healing! http://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow.gif #protectthelaurents

don't forget to do your claims!

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