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rule number one is that you gotta have fun. but baby when you're done, ya gotta be the first to run.
petty criminal

▸ dean is a registered uber driver under his dad's name: logan vegas. he uses a seemingly fine mustang that's actually on the verge of breaking down. you're his newest rider.

▸ need someone to play a role for you for whatever reason? have you considered dean? 'cause he can be your angry brother who gets you out of a shitty date, or the side-bitch in a love triangle if you wanna break up with a significant other... etc.

▸ dean drops his box of pizza into the sewage because of you and now you're obligated to help him retrieve it or he'll never leave you alone.

▸ dean is selling questionable, possibly photoshopped pictures of you around the school and now you gotta go and beat his brains out or something.

▸ you chance upon dean who's tugging on a piece of string stuck in the coin slot of a vending machine. out pops the coin that was inserted before you arrived, but dean insists on playing dumb and won't admit that he's cheap and a t h i e f.

▸ you come across a car racing scene that may or may not involve cruz ortega, and dean happens to be taking bets amongst the crowd.

▸ hotdog eating contest in the cafeteria because yes.


▸ kerina has trouble with her rent because she accidentally overspent during christmas. she somehow becomes your (angry) new tutor who struggles to keep her temper in check because you're paying/helping her out financially.

▸ kerina works at the gas station and all hell breaks loose because you took out a lighter for god knows what reason.

▸ you got assigned as kerina's partner for the flour sack baby project, but kerina ended up pissing the teacher off so now you're stuck completing the project at an actual daycare.

▸ kerina volunteers at the animal shelter whenever she can. you're looking for a new pet and she's the one to help you out.

▸ you met kerina in middle school (in canada), aka back when she was still a 'delinquent.' now you're both attending ridgeview apparently and she seems to be more tolerable? haha maybe.

▸ you almost became kerina's legit fiance at one point but she messed with you both verbally and physically. your parents were enraged and cancelled the engagement and you dodged a bullet, but now you're traumatized and unfortunately attending the same high school as her.


▸ spencer is religious but also not really. he attends sunday masses once in awhile and during the one time that he does, you catch him flinging holy water at someone's baby.

▸ you can't stand each other. but you're also both attending a high-class social function and your parents expect you to get along. cue fakeass laugh track.

▸ you're both underage, but somehow run into each other at a bar and a very enthusiastic drunk!spencer insists on being your wingman.

▸ you hate one of your classmates so much that you ask spencer to beat them up for you, but in return you gotta carry his shit for the rest of the year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


▸ you aren't actually getting picked on but ainsley obnoxiously insists that you are and comes to your rescue in her magical girl outfit. she also insists that she's not really ainsley tyson because she has actual issues.

▸ ainsley thinks you're the archenemy of her magical girl character and you guys put on a ridiculous scene every time you run into each other in the hallway.

▸ you need help wooing your crush and ainsley promises that you'll be able to once you join the host club.

▸ you catch ainsley making boy shrines in a bathroom and she begs you to turn a blind eye, but you have other ideas for whatever reason.


▸ you're the temporary babysitter of wolfgang's six-year-old-son, but he keeps texting you and/or wants to facetime constantly to check up on wyatt.

▸ you witness a suspicious wolfgang loitering around a toy store and that's weird af.

▸ wolfgang has caught you wandering the halls during class hours and sent you to the office numerous times, so now you hate his guts.

▸ wolfgang is shit with technology and can't turn on his laptop/some kind of machine in the nurse's office. you happen to be really good at fixing these things so pls send help.

DEAN LORENZO VEGAS self-proclaimed 'jack-of-all-trades' but is rly nothing more than a thief and a smuggler. read: a bitch to anything of material value. pay him with 'em blings or food (preferably both) and he's all yours. highly energetic and always ready to have a good time. fidgety and doesn't seem capable of sitting still. may or may not walk away with your wallet if you look like you've got a few coins on you. 100% obsessed with money and 100% constantly hungry.

FRIENDS perhaps one of the easiest people to get along with. even when you don't want to talk to him, he will most likely try to talk to you: esp if you're rich. will befriend anyone for the heck of it, but it's probs easiest to achieve this when you can provide him with the attention he wants and needs and rightfully deserves. has a few close friends since childhood that he hangs out with on a regular basis, whether they met on the streets or thru school/cliques/connections is up to you. point is, pls just gimme all the bromance because that's my lifeblood tbh.

ENEMIES maybe a bit too carefree to rly consider anyone an enemy unless they actually take away the two biggest joys of his life. money surprisingly makes less of an impact but food. if he's walking down the sidewalk with a bagel and you knock it out of his hand then you can bet yer life that everything bad will happen to you. don't mess with his food, period. other than that i think it's safe to say that his happy-go-lucky personality will get on a handful of people's nerves too. he also may or may not have stolen from you, messed with you on some level, or slept with your s.o.

ROMANCE so lemme just remind you once again that dean is not a very serious person. ok? ok. he thinks of romance as a game and enjoys the thrill of the chase, but will probs lose interest once he's gotten what he's after. flings and exes work best, and fwb is cool too if you're into that stuff. he actually genuinely cares about those that he's had relations with, even if said 'care' is extremely fickle. very much pansexual so anyone and everyone will do. very much polyamorous as well and it'd take someone hella special to even make him consider changing his way. 10/10 will go on paid dates.

KERINA BELLE CHEVALIER guarded and skeptical of everything under the sun. misandrist with a clear mistrust towards guys in general. will roundhouse kick and/or uppercut punch anyone who tries to come in any form of physical contact with her without warning. seems self-righteous but is actually very humble and down-to-earth in nature and is quick to empathize with the minorities in society. generally flat-toned, sarcastic, and standoffish tho will cry over cheesy romance stories and disney movies.

FRIENDS if there's anything to gain from a friendship with kerina, it's probs the fact that she is 100% truthful. sure, hurt feelings are def unavoidable, but she fails to understand the point of beating around the bushes. not easy to befriend/like in general, and she prefers it that way. awkward af when it comes to pleasantries and usually comes off as a very rude person; any friend she has is automatically her walking translator. has a soft spot for children and child-like behaviours, tho she is by no means good at treating them well.

ENEMIES kerina is quick to drop all formalities and cuss someone out, but is even quicker to just snap and sock them in the mouth. she despises and can't stand the male species so expect to get criticized and judged when you're a guy over the age of 11. however she will make sure that someone is aware of all their wrongdoings regardless of their actual sex/gender. honestly, she just dislikes humanity in general so don't expect much unless you've got a friendly history with her i guess, whoops-

ROMANCE being demi means that any romantic feeling would've had to start with a friendship, which is already difficult given kerina's overall personality? it's not like she cares much anyway, even tho she's a 'hopeless romantic;' she's just more interested in other people's romance, that's all. she also has a preference for girls for obvs reasons.

SPENCER JACKSON DAVID JONES spoiled rich kid. academically intelligent but is only interested in sports. asshole at first glance. still an asshole once you get to know him. infamous for being a campus bully and a typical jock. picks on the weak and challenges the not-so-weak. competitive by nature due to being the youngest in his family. arrogant af and basically believes himself to be godsent. still has an approachable attitude regardless of his generally assertive nature tho. also has a massive crush on himself.

FRIENDS despite being relatively approachable, spencer comes off as an elitist. he has no qualms about associating with those in the other cliques, tho he only rly hangs out with his fellow jocks. also, just because he's had a decent, civil conversation with you doesn't mean that he won't pick on you; he does, and he will. however, spencer is not always loud and boisterous. in fact, he's kind of normal when he's alone, which might give the impression that he actually considers you as someone special. not that he's alone most of the time during school hours. you're lucky if you ever catch him without his group of... well, not exactly friends, but those that he shares common 'interests' with. you get the point.

ENEMIES most of those who aren't jocks or elites probs don't like him? some of his fellow clique members might share the same sentiments too, actually. spencer is very unapologetic about himself and thinks that the world should grovel at his feet. and honestly, there's a lot of reasons in general to be enemies with this guy: he beats people up for fun, hangs people upside down for disagreeing with him, etc. the usual. he will even falsely quote the bible and tends to use religion as a way to justify his own actions. just keep in mind that he's always right and you're always wrong, that's all. pretty sure that's something to hate him for tbh, lmao.

ROMANCE very much bisexual and not actually homophobic despite the slangs he uses. and just because he's flirty doesn't mean that he's actually a hoe; kind of, but not exactly. spencer can be superstitious you see, and deeply believes that he will actually start to lose all his ball games (heh) if he ever 'goes all the way' with someone. i mean, it's hinted in the bible so it can't be wrong, right? good luck telling him otherwise tbh. still, he's done more than just heavy petting and the like. he just has the tendency to leave people high and dry, and he won't hesitate to tell them that he has to save himself for his wedding night. p.s., spencer's never been in a serious relationship before, let alone a long-term one. his personality is what drives people off most of the time. p.p.s., he has a fiancee that i might put up a wanted ad for later ahaha.

AINSLEY AIKA TYSON the very definition of rainbows and unicorns. genuinely sweet with good intentions, but also hella dramatic; 'roleplays' and pretends to be different fictional characters on the daily. often copies the way someone acts/talks, not to be annoying but for the sake of 'character study.' amateur model. has an eye for anything aesthetic-related. the type to become very passionate and devoted once she's given a task. yaoi fangirl: constantly ships cute boys together.

FRIENDS a loving friend who just wants all the good things to happen to you rly. sure, she can be clingy and usually tries a bit too hard to make her friendships work, but she understands if someone doesn't feel the same way... lmao nah. it just makes her wanna try harder if you turn her down. there's no escaping her honestly. and chances are, she will track you down and follow you around town should you ever reject her. ainsley just doesn't comprehend the meaning of 'no' sometimes. she tends to take loads of pictures of her friends as well, which can be just a bit overbearing and/or creepy.

ENEMIES she has a bit of a hero complex tbh. as in, she can try to overlook it if you wrong her but it's definitely not okay if you mess with the people she cares about. or just people she thinks are inherently 'good,' in general. ainsley is a generic shoujo heroine quite trusting however, so it would work if someone ever pulls the fake friendship card but only to turn around and stab her in the back. she becomes pretty nasty in that case and will relentlessly attempt to get back/make jabs at the other person. likely a yandere when royally pissed off.

ROMANCE ainsley is super intrigued by the idea of experimenting with her sexuality. she leans toward 'em boys for the most part tho. it's probs worth to note that she has a rabid crush/admiration for a certain mitsuo williams's older brother, nevermind that her eyes tend to wander. a lot. she is idealistic and is usually fascinated by the wrong people for the wrong reasons; a dumb teenage girl who falls in love way too quickly, in other words. think anna from frozen. ainsley praises and gushes over people often as well, and has the tendency to accidentally lead others on due to being overly-friendly/handsy? so that's a thing. btw she had had one or two boyfriends in like, middle school, and they could've ended on either good or bad terms: hmu if you're interested, fam!

WOLFGANG NICOLAS MÜLLER school nurse and army veteran. stoic. grunts instead of giving verbal responses if he can get away with it. seems like a 'gentle giant' but is quite intense in reality. will kamikaze mad dash his way to injured students. habitually patrols the school to make sure that there's no dying teens anywhere. the catch is that he doesn't actually like teens. has a six-year-old son who occasionally stays with him. also has a large collection of plush toys that 99% of the people don't know about.

FRIENDS grown adults have a higher chance in this probs? he's just not a fan of teenagers in general because they're usually reckless and hormonal. nevermind that he has to spend more time with them than he'd like, and sometimes ends up having to listen to them out of obligation. but even with the other faculty members, wolfgang tends to blend in with the background most of the time. he's definitely not the funnest adult in the building, but it doesn't really bother him. he prefers peace and silence anyway. he's also a very good listener and secret-keeper... to a fault, of course.

ENEMIES given how disciplined and strict he is, wolfgang is 100% the type to call someone out and 'right the wrong' every time he comes across a scene. he doesn't much lecture someone, but considering he is 6'6" he likely just picks you up and teleports takes you to the school office. wolfgang himself is more or less a patient guy who tries not to let things get to him for any real animosity. btw he is also very literal-minded, so sarcasm tends to fly right over his head. 'yes' is 'yes,' and 'no' is 'no.'

ROMANCE he's divorced and chances are, still has some lingering feelings for his ex-wife. and even tho he's not unwilling to move on, wolfgang doesn't quite know how. he's inclined to give flings a try, but there's also the fact that he only finds intelligence attractive. plus he has a kid of his own and wyatt will always be placed before any romantic relationship.

LUCILLE REGINA VAN BUREN walking embodiment of bitch in human skin. will likely rip you apart with a smile. probs has an actual inferiority complex but will never admit it. used to be overweight as a child but is super proud of herself for becoming who she is today. petty af. vindictive af. jealous af. also messy af when nobody is looking. gold-digger and fame-chaser. 500% opportunistic. should not be trusted. pls watch this video for further reference.

FRIENDS it's uncommon for lucille to obtain and/or maintain genuine friendships, even if she used to have them; she's become much more selfish and much more opportunistic nowadays. fact is, she doesn't rly initiate positive relationships with those who aren't useful to her in some way. the sad (but not at all) reality is that lucille has long abandoned her real friend(s) back when she first became an elite. whatever. who needs those losers anyway? tl;dr lucille is basically the 'friend' who will buy the same clothes as you, but only to wear it the next day just to show that she can wear it better. have at her if you want.

ENEMIES she's nice to your face, but rarely behind your back. does that make you hate her? great, because she'll likely bask in your heated glares and indulge in all the shit-talk. as a pathological liar, lucille makes up a lot of things about... well, a lot of things. while some have learned to never trust her, others have trouble differentiating between facts and fiction. mainly because she's so good at mixing them. she also has the tendency to pull out tragic backstories to justify her own actions.

ROMANCE move right along if you're not rich or popular. or both. both would be fantastic, actually. to put it plainly, lucille isn't the most interested in romance, but she is interested in her own reputation. fake relationships for the sake of popularity would be nice. she also flirts around and leads others on to feel needed/desired/etc. and is an s.o. thief for the sake of it. there was probs one for realsies relationship back when she was a fringe (freshman - sophomore years).

autoOffline89 POSTS
rule number one is that you gotta have fun. but baby when you're done, ya gotta be the first to run.
petty criminal

▸ 'cause auto's a moron and sometimes forgets her plots. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


sandro maeda. partner-in-crime.
maura scott. partner-in-crime.
trinity watson. childhood friend. food bank.
meredith keenan. childhood friend.
cruz ortega. business partner-in-crime.
gilbert deluca. childhood friend.
benny li. partner-in-crime.
piper finch. childhood friend.
soledad dahl. 'mistress.' atm.
cassandra chu. 'protege.'


piper finch. onesided dislike.
glenda coco-lee. onesided dislike.
penelope corro. ???.


meredith keenan. ex-girlfriend. fwb.
trinity watson. fwb.
maura scott. fwb.
glenda coco-lee. ???.
benny li. onesided crush.



florence underwood. best friend.
felix florentiy. close friend. friendly rivalry.
lisbet sumida. sister-figure. confidant.
gilbert deluca. friendly rivalry.
trinity watson. ???.
piper finch. ex-friend.


shiloh calloway. ???.
cadence hartley. ???.
piper finch. 'indifference.'
teagan crowley. ???.
gilbert deluca. ???.
florence underwood. ex-onesided hatred.
felix florentiy. ex-onesided hatred.


lisbet sumida. onesided admiration.



hunter carter. 'padfoot.' childhood friend. bromance.
teagan crowley. 'moony.' childhood friend. bromance.
keegan moon. 'wormtail.' childhood friend. bromance (?).
willow forrest. cliquemate. friendly rival.
kelly wizer. cliquemate. friendly rival.
mitsuo williams. 'protege.'
felix florentiy. 'snivellus.' ex-friend.
cadence hartley. childhood acquaintance. beneficial partnership.
tristan lockhart. cliquemate.
taliesin schermitore. childhood acquaintance.


callista murdock. onesided hatred.
florence underwood. 'lily.' onesided dislike. victim.
felix florentiy. 'snivellus.' victim.
taliesin schermitore. fake friend.
shiloh calloway. victim.


callista murdock. ???.



alice moreau. best friend. drama bud.
mitsuo williams. brother from another mother. host clubmate.
meredith keenan. childhood friend. sister-figure.
gilbert deluca. childhood friend. brother-figure.
adelaide bane. host clubmate. drama bud.
glenda coco-lee. onesided friendship. drama bud. 'her highness.'
teagan crowley. prince mentor. father-figure (?).
willow forrest. matchmaker squad.
sophie bok. model (?) friend.
maura scott. jr detective league.
jasper st. john. makeup artist.
clementine santiago. vegan squad.
ryo maruyama. japanese tutor.
shun kasai. roller blade bud. japanese tutor.
quinn harlow. drama bud. 'oberon.'
simon summer. onesided (?) friendship.
katashi endo. host clubmate. stoic character study.


keegan moon. ???.


hunter carter. ???.
ryo maruyama. onesided infatuation.
taliesin schermitore. onesided infatuation.
quinn harlow. onesided infatuation.
adelaide bane. ???.
simon summer. onesided infatuation.
gilbert deluca. onesided childhood crush.



summer flowers. ???.
lisbet sumida. ???.
fiore chaykovsky. ???.
kimiko mori. ???.
thais laurent. student. son's babysitter.
willow forrest. student. mug supplier.
shun kasai. student.





cadence hartley. fake friend.
willow forrest. fake friend. fashion 'inspiration.'
soledad dahl. fake friend.
glenda coco-lee. fake friend.


glenda coco-lee. onesided jealousy.
soledad dahl. onesided jealousy.


jasper st. john. fake 'ex-boyfriend.'

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Come with me, stay the night. You say the words but, boy, it don't feel right. What do you expect me to say?
OOC Account
I call this prompt for a possible thread between Dean and Arielle because...why not?

"dean drops his box of pizza into the sewage because of you and now you're obligated to help him retrieve it or he'll never leave you alone."
appleOffline8 POSTS
"run, run, lost boy," they say to me, "away from all reality."
i was alive for the boy is mine
of the virgo
co-captain of nugget night
i will prolly think of some more plots there but here u go for now

& james
tbqh honest, james would totally play the archenemy w/ so much dedication. he can 10000% be expected to dress up in also a costume, honed in on this craft. it will be wild and hilarious.
& hunter
it's a bromance, it's a good time. they totally never left high school. ARE THEY STILL GONNA B ROOMMATES OR NAh?
& hunter
we gotta finish that date thread and get this ship rollin' bc, good times are to be had. it'll b real cute until it's not LOL
sundaeOffline16 POSTS
Let's stick with the motto YOLO, no time to waste

Would @ainsley tyson be the type of girl who could blackmail someone to get one of used @hunter carter's towel as an exclusive item? Or it can be a secret trade idk -
/leaves on this dumb idea

butterOffline89 POSTS
misses boombasic, hit that bass
hair stylist
@dean vegas, @kerina chevalier & titty

I imagine nothing really would have changed, except she makes better money now and has her own place?
flossOffline0 POSTS
but still we laugh, we cry; we fall, we get high; just like we were kids, just like we were kids again
plaque fighter
OOC Account
@kerina chevalier & co.


appleOffline15 POSTS
la de da da da, got an unbreakable smile
student / asst. ceramic instructor

& meredith
tbh im down with just continuing what we had going bc that mess is what i live for LOL this slow burn of stress
& hunter
like i weep to know what will happen but also it'll be such a growing experience for both of them. hunter has never broken up with anyone, and as much as he'll related to how ainsley will feel it won't be ENUF TO MEND HER BROKEN HEART. i won't make it brutal but tbh it might be anyway bc i want to make it such a nice relationship. like ai is clearly gonna be such a gem, hunter will treat her as such, it'll be hella cute when it needs to be. S W eA TS HE GOTTA BE AN ACTUAL NICE PERSON LMFAOOOO also she bet prepared for him to have an arm around her shoulders in school bc himst that kind of dude
& james
i would not at all be surprised if neither of them even remembered WHY they even do this in the first place. like it was probably so dumb, and so smol, that they can't a single soul what started it all. tho i'm thinking it was like he didn't return a favorite pen or something LMFAO instead they just get yelled at for disrupting the halls in that 5 minute pass bc they started kicking the air like idiots. omg he will throw down hIS HAT BC WOWOWOWOW PAIN. that's when he starts practicing his crazy punches.
& hunter
HE WOULD. just going to law school bc he doesn't know what else to do and the jones' are just. hunter. represent us in court. he's gonna be an actual miles edgeworth. not w the weird suit but w the attitude. PHOENIX HU???? but yes, THEY WILL B ROOMMATES. maybe they just start planning things now? just to get a jump on things bc we all know these mens can't wait for anything to happen. zero patience. LMFAO the room will have a lil sign on it tbh, turned if it's ocupado :winkwonk: .
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nine lives
havana brown cat
notchill pill
OOC Account

ainsley tyson & Jasper
Yes to Japanese makeup. He'd totally like that. Second thought, but maybe she witnessed him very interested by the makeup or offering services as a makeup artist, since they're both in the drama club it could happen there. But once they're outside of the drama club room, he'd probably avoid any conversation related to that? Especially if there are other elites around them.

lucille van buren & Jasper
THE EXES. Maybe they are on good terms or bad terms depending on the days and if they need each other? But when one is super sweet to the other, it's a red flag meaning 'she/he needs me'?

ainsley tyson & Teagan
'MY DAUGHTER'. He'll be there for her graduation, HE'LL BE THERE FOR HER WEDDING DAY /shot, and he'll teach her how to smooth talk someone without blushing, looking away or just feeling embarrassed.

spencer jones & Teagan
The Jones' aka Teagan's second home weeps. They have the most suspicious and ambiguous conversations, and Teagan keeps teasing about his crush on Hunter's uncle.

lucille van buren & Teagan
Let's hit on each other at the country club.

jawnOffline0 POSTS
professional herp
OOC Account
dean vegas &
sandro? idk
just a thread idea. does not have to be dean. can be any of your babes. the premise is, for some reason, they sneak into the school at night or some time when there are not many people and somehow get into a room that locks from the outside. idk maybe the walk-in freezer at the cafeteria or some admin's office. there's a blackout and they get stuck there for the night. i'm rambling.

or they could just be in these:

and be stupid af.

i suck at dis.

[x] sandro maeda
[x] morgan keli'i
[x] glenda coco-lee
[x] max locklear
[x] frankie lennox lorato
asterOffline19 POSTS
personal assistant
i promised you plots and i came to deliver them, but mostly because i forgot our plots from like 90 years ago so let's do this.

kerina chevalier & caddy!
so, like. caddy hates flo's guts and flo and kerina are best pals, so like. while i live in mortal terror of being on the receiving end of kerina's fury, i'd think it's pretty funny if one day kerina just punched the living daylights out of caddy for saying something rude to flo or making her upset. like, just unprompted and now they both have to sit in detention and be angry about it or something. i don't know if she'd hold back if flo told her to ( and i also don't know if flo would tell her to, lol ) but i think that'd make for an interesting thread? in general tho i think it'd just be a generally antagonistic relationship because caddy's hellbent on ruining flo's life when they're around each other.

spencer jones & yun!
k, so spencer is the local bully so like. pick on yun. yun's a quiet kid with some problems but tl;dr he is of questionable stability and idk it'd be easy to bully him bc he wouldn't really fight back and also he's a v fragile pumpkin. but also, i'd live to see it happen but like. yun'd hate him or be terrified of him. or well, not terrified. yun's not really scared of much outside of his metaphorical unicorn but. idk if spencer is like Feeling it enough to beat on him but like. it's an option, lmao?

dean vegas & cass!
she's like a conbaby in training. tl;dr she goes around telling people that she can tell the future and shit while hiring people in the background to actually make those things come true so that she gets more money. it's a grand circle of like, scamming people. anyways idk if dean would take her under his wing bc she's clearly an imbecile but it'd be funny to me if it was like 'shh, let me show you how it's done.' make her a protege to like, follow in his metaphorical footsteps bc he's a senior now lmao? but it's just a thought. alt: he can step to her like 'THIS IS MY HOUSE NOW.'

ainsley tyson & shun!
i just think they'd be absolute terrors together, lmao. she'd think ainsley's an absolute riot and vvv sweet so they'd be like, friends imo? rather i think shun would actively try to help ainsley do what she wants to do — set up the host club for events for example — or like, hunt down whatever boy she has her eyes set on this time but also i feel like. basically, they'd hella enable each other all the time and that could be either a good or a bad thing but like. basically, i think it'd be funny if they were like friends and each other's hypeman.

wolfgang muller & shun!

lucille van buren & caddy!
i mean really i think luci is literally everything caddy hates about her social sphere, lmao. so i think they'd be friendly on a cordial level in case they need to like. play nice for the crowds and ish, but i don't think they're terribly fond of each other. i think cadence would like outright avoid her whenever possible. when she can't run, i think she'd be like ' : ) heh #saveme '. they're also on the same level of petty and i'm always a big fan of enemies briefly uniting to destroy someone else, so uh? mostly enemies, but occasional allies when taking a bitch down? lmkkkkkk.
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she's drunk on old cartoons, liquid TV afternoons; baby, now my head is on backwards
cinema usher
sCREAMS BLESS i'd definitely love to keep their dynamic and i'd absolutely be down for another thread too. i don't have any ideas right now either, but we can always work something out in time c': also i think since i aged scout up they're now in the same year? so /o/ more opportunities for trouble!! oh fun fact: my plotter took longer than necessary to put up bc i was waiting for a thread number that ended in 0 but kept missing them haha. i feel like you're the only one who'll get why this was important to me lmfao

i would most definitely LOVE for the junior detectives to still be a thing; and if you're also down for it, then i'd love it all the more!! scout would adore ainsley honestly, and she'd have a blast doing detective squad things with her. i'd love to maybe thread them sometime on a case of some sort, or even just posting flyers around town or something?? idk. and IT'S ALL GOOD LMAO it doesn't matter as much where the plots come in as long as we have them regardless bc you know i love all your characters and miss them & you dearly ahhh ;u;

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spencer jones + benji

benji is like, the worse victim ever, okay? it's actually a little disappointing, because he's so perfect for it-- a 5'2", scrawny, friendless loner, he's a bully's summer dream. he even smells like flowers and has a cat, wow, what a girl. but he's just. he's too weird,, man.

he wouldn't learn to keep quiet after the first theoretical beating-- he'd still mouth off without knowing he was mouthing off. and he'd probably wave to spencer every time he saw him in the halls afterwards, because, like, he knows that guy, you wave to people you know, right? he doesn't mean to be cheeky, but he doesn't really know how people work.

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Rubina Bailey & spencer jones

/invades plotter heyyy owo

▸ you're both underage, but somehow run into each other at a bar and a very enthusiastic drunk!spencer insists on being your wingman.

I think this could be a plot that happened in the past ( when she still drank a lot of alcohol ) or just when she had a bad time and falls back into an old habit. tbh, the wingman part doesn't have to be part of this but Rubina is down for a lot of stuff when she drinks, so it's your choice.

I can imagine this was even their first meeting? maybe they see each other at school after that and notice like: 'oh shit, I met this person' and remember the shit they did when they were drunk. lmao, I imagine this could turn out really funny! Let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas, hit me up ~!

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ainsley tyson and juliet

Dude, I would totally dig the first thread prompt that you have for her. Maybe Juliet was walking around at school with messy hair than usual because she got into a fight with her sister and that just happened only a few hours ago, and then I think maybe Ainsley would come across her and think that she was being picked on and all that XD

dean vegas and juliet

And again with that other prompt for him where he drops his pizza because of Juliet and now she is forced to get that pizza out from the sewage with him or he'll never leave her alone XD maybe they were just talking about stuff until dean got distracted and dropped the pizza then pinned the blame on her?

Anyway, if you do have any other ideas, hit me up! I'd be happy to know what you think!
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