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 special takeaway, sundae's plotter
sundaeOffline16 POSTS
Let's stick with the motto YOLO, no time to waste
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Jasper St. John / 17yo / nerd & makeup nerd
• More genderfluid than he thinks he is, catch them choosing Jana as an alternate name, loves the life behind the scene,
↳ :

Teagan Crowley / 17yo / elite & radio host
• I'm still waiting for a tegan & sara reference in a thread, troubles' magnet, catch him in every horror movies' marathon night, has no problem in rewriting rules to get what he wants,
↳ :

Cruz Ortega / 18yo / civilian & apprentice mechanic
• accomplice in a serie of burglary events, has a side business about stolen mechanic parts, current drop out

Chad Murdock / 14yo / 70% american football, 20% photograhy, 10% krump dance
• smells like team spirit, or sweat

domaine du Jas rosédob: Sept. 21status:
His interest in makeup started with a workshop his mother planned with a makeup artist friend. At first, it was just about how someone could look better, then it slowly it became about creativity and prosthetic makeup used in TV series or films. Huge fan of the game show Face Off, Jasper has never missed one episode and found there some inspiration/ideas to realize several of his sister's Halloween makeups. Otherwise, he's highly interested in natural cosmetics and the recycling of makeup products.

Being afraid of others' reactions towards his hobbies and his inability to handle/manage conflicts push him to bend, even if remarks influence him. He can think too much about them as well. Jasper feels not making waves is the best way to stay at your place and lives peacefully. Keeping his baseball player's level is part of this 'living in peace' plan. The online world gives him a sense of freedom and an occasion to show his true self - or to be true to himself. Thus his online friends know a lot about him.

At school, he's discreet as ever, sometimes a bit jumpy because he doesn't want anyone to see him nerding about Ann Leckie, Ursula K. Le Guin, China Miéville or the last feel goodie movie he had watched.

character development: unlocking his nerd side, clique change,

Involved in the following group plots:

plot ideas
↳ makeup nerds
↳ someone who would help him in seducing his crush (trinity watson)
↳ fake friendships
↳ someone who finds his phone and may stumble across his photos of his Halloween makeups
↳ online friends turned into IRL friends
↳ Jasper being dragged into a conflict
↳ the makeup artist who gets him interested in could be someone's sister, aunt or mother?
↳ someone who could commission him for a prosthetic makeup?
↳ attending the same makeup workshop

white teadob: Nov. 17status:
Raised to think and behave like an adult when he was only a child, Teagan started to fight with his mother when she realized he was slowly turning into a more and more independent young man. They also disagree a lot about his future; music is for fun, nothing more, from her point of view. Mother and son are pretty good at psychological war and Teagan has the patience to deal with any battle of nerves. Like his mother, he doesn't give up that easily. His smiles hide his thoughts. And Teagan has always something in mind.

While he's at school, he lives his life without paying too much attention to the cliques. Notorious flirt, he probably shows a lot of attention without considering someone could mistake him. He may spend more time with the jocks, and keeps some neutral relationships towards the fellow elites. He's not fond of his kin, and would be gladly a pain in the ass towards some of them.

Organized, he loves to-do-lists, managing his time perfectly, and always being on time. As a project partner, he's very demanding and hates people who could drag him down. He cares about his grades.

character development: being emotionnally broken at some point

plot ideas
↳ italian tutor/someone with whom he can practice his italian - his grandmother keeps complaining about his lack of proficiency and he wants partially to spend his next summer in Italy.
↳ shopping dates
↳ regular tennis partners he meets at the country club to play in simple or double
↳ someone whom he had broken their heart without knowing it
↳ someone who has listened to his radio segment and feels the speech pattern is kinda familiar
↳ fellow gardening enthousiasts

pizza crustdob: August 02status:
Only the strong ones rule. Bully in middle school, bully in junior high and stayed the same in high school, Cruz would rather be somewhere at the top of the food chain than being in the middle - or at the end. He'd break bones or make someone bleed. Don't anger him, and you'll be fine. After his time in juvie, he still picks fights quickly, even if he knows it's wrong.

Studying doesn't interest him, and it's been a long time the teachers have given up on him anyway. He was the problem child who defied too much the authority. Some people point out his biological father's absence, something which irritates Cruz. His father was a jerk, period. Actually, Cruz likes a lot his stepfather, but he feels sorry for him because of his mother. Somehow he fears that one day, the man would leave them. Cruz doesn't want to see his stepsibling being put in a foster family or being separated from them. But sometimes, he feels it would be better if his mother was not here anymore. Acting like her parent, checking her expenses, and facing her when she has stolen their money to buy alcohol tire him.

After his knee injury and because of his family situation, Cruz stopped thinking about the future and planning. He lives from day to day, looking for the fun.

character development: //

plot ideas
↳ clients
↳ fellow mechanics
↳ someone who has witnessed him throwing numerous alcohol bottles and thinks Cruz is the one with a problem
↳ a girl Cruz dated and who got pregnant before he went to juvie. They wouldn't have seen each other since then. (will include heavy character development.
↳ someone whose family was one of the victims of the burglary
↳ someone who wants to inform on the Ortega's household and could be a threat for the siblings

fried chackendob: Apr. 11 status:

character development: //

plot ideas
↳ "we have decided to do a summer comic convention in Peachtree, and our organization seems to turn into a beautiful disaster"
↳ i'll take your tough love, senpie (spencer jones)
↳ bonding over Star Wars
↳ rivals supporting two different teams
↳ one day, he'll date a cheerleader - personal goal: his parents
↳ someone who gatecrashes his photos
↳ someone who attends the same krump dance class
↳ or someone who takes dance class too, their school has to put a show, and they must come up with a choreography
↳ all the middle school antics?
↳ "we haven't our driving license, but you tell me it's okay, you have played GTA a lot"
↳ "we are in the same group chat and you keep dming me theories about the fandom we have in common"
↳ "i guess i'll have to fight you for this OTP"
↳ "we have thrown a Pirates of the Caribbean's party for your birthday, and someone has put alcohol in the supposed alcohol-free sangria"

appleOffline8 POSTS
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edit/delete/expand and feel free to let me know of any other ideas you might have.

& hunter
we already discussed this but JASPER BET SHOW UP FOR ALL HIS GAMES LOL and practice. hunter will throw down w him & and his dear ol' dad. also they can easily be friends. hunter isn't good at that outside of the his group but he does take baseball seriously, and he would rather everyone be friends, or at least get along, than have just a team.
autoOffline73 POSTS
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ainsley tyson & jasper st. john

LOL idk if she'd go that far?? more like she'd shamelessly following them around and begging to get her hands on 'em. does she even have anything she can trade w is the question. maybe makeup from japan if she goes again w mimi lmao.

❝ can i touch your spyglass? ❞
─ mitsuo williams @ eugene park, ft. ainsley's inner mind theatre
bearOffline23 POSTS
Jasper St. John & duck kelly

wow this kid's seen that new love, simon movie at least five times, and duck would be concerned, except for the fact that he's also seen it like eight times. LMAO.

or: duck works at a movie theatre and also loves romcoms, so he keeps sneaking into the back of whatever new premiere is out and for some reason jasper is always there. eventually he's like, dude, buy a moviepass, and after the fifth time they bump into each other they start geeking out over movies after the showing.
autoOffline73 POSTS
you know that baby i... i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me. papa-paparazzi!
amateur model
ainsley tyson & jasper st. john

omg yaaa. like i think i've already mentioned before tho, i'm p sure ainsley only rly understands the basics of makeup, which she uses on a daily basis?? aka she's just better at stage makeup so honestly, pls help her out so as to not scare hunter off s w e a t s. nobody needs to look like medusa on a first date lbr. 8') also we both know that ainsley's likely just gonna keep wanting to ask jasper for cosmetic tips so the fact that he refuses to talk about it outside the club room would confuse her. ofc. like she's not completely oblivious and will eventually catch on i'm sure, but for the time being she'd likely try to corner him constantly to get 'im to teach her how to contour or smthng LOL.

lucille van buren & jasper st. john

i think it might be a good idea to do some kinda flashback thread for them just to see how they mesh, so we can decide whether they actually get along in the present day? LOL and maybe also decide why they ended the fake relationship in the first place. idk i'm baD AT THIS SHIT EVEN THO I WAS THE ONE THAT SAID LUCI'D BE UP FOR FAKE ROMANCE WHOOPS. like maybe jasper came across luci at her worst (since she can be a #slob outside of school), right as she was about to dish the final blow and destroy That Unlucky Former Elite?? and somehow they struck up a deal where jasper'd keep her secret and the two of them could have a fake relationship that'd boost each other's rep? idk how much it'd benefit jasper rly but, u know lmao. regardless tho, i think there's def some sort of mutual understanding between 'em at this point, even if they dun actually get along. ;v;

ainsley tyson & teagan crowley

if u think about it tho, teagan's the tamaki to ainsley's haruhi, while ainsley herself is the tamaki to mitsuo williams's haruhi?? or is it more accurate to say that teagan's actually the tamaki to ainsley's kashima? like, tamaki could actually potentially just be kashima's dad lbr LOL. but pls pls pls teach ainsley how to hit on someone without blushing. the thought of her hitting on a guy super srsly and confusing the heck outta them just. amuses me in all honesty. i want it and i must have it pls.

spencer jones & teagan crowley

tbh i just imagine this being spencer's wallpaper or lockscreen at some point. like. both ironically and unironically. but a'ight ya that's all i rly wanted to add about their already dumb bromance. /shot

lucille van buren & teagan crowley

lmfao luci probs was lowkey interested in teagan until he chose to become a creative this year. like i can see her being quite disgusted w him and having some kinda battle of passive-aggressive sarcastic wits that's basically like, venom dipped in honey or smthng. all the while being p flirty bc attention. ye. /stares at the horizon

❝ can i touch your spyglass? ❞
─ mitsuo williams @ eugene park, ft. ainsley's inner mind theatre
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nine lives
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notchill pill
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new takeaway & a fried chacken added to the plotter
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Rubina Bailey & teagan crowley

heya sundae :3

↳ someone who has listened to his radio segment and feels the speech pattern is kinda familiar

sooo, as soon as I saw that plot idea I thought about a way how Rubina would find his radio segment, and I came up with something!
she developed the habit of staying up late (sleeping problems) - sometimes learning or just surfing the internet and she enjoyed listening to podcasts (and other things) while doing so. that's how she found Teagan's segment. She really enjoyed his content and liked his voice so she always listened to it when staying up late.

the only problem I have is coming up with how they met in school - they're the same age but not the same year and both are in different cliques. maybe she just overheard him talking to someone in the hallways and noticed that the voice was familiar? So yeah, let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas, just hit me up ~!

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