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 LONER, kerina chevalier, female, senior, played by auto
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NICKNAME bitch almighty, keri, rina AGE seventeen YEAR senior GENDER female SEXUALITY demiromantic asexual CLIQUE loner OCCUPATION part-timer
▸ as the second of three children and the only girl in the family, one would think that kerina chevalier had grown up pampered but, unfortunately, nothing can be further from the cold hard truth. whatever happiness she once felt was ripped apart the day her mother passed away: something she will forever hold against her younger brother (five years her junior), since the woman had died while giving birth to him.

▸ because her elder half-brother had already moved out of the family home by the time she began to make sense of her surroundings, kerina was naturally left to fend for herself against her infamously sexist father. though expected to obey his every word, she was frequently neglected by the man. even as an elementary school student, the young girl was constantly stuck between trying to please him and trying to maintain some of her own dignity. but somehow, nothing she did ever seemed to be 'good enough.' the patriarch of the chevalier family favoured and invested his time and money in his two sons because as far as he was concerned, women had but one purpose: extending the bloodline; so long as kerina behaved properly, submissively, and speak only when spoken to, a man was bound to swoop in and claim her as a wife in the future. needless to say, the young girl lived in perpetual fear and insecurity, and was very convinced that her father would kick her out of the house one way or another.

▸ her lack of self-esteem only worsened when her father, in hopes of more connections, began introducing her to the sons of his business partners. it was at this point that she finally snapped. fed up with being under constant control and discipline, kerina was determined to break her pitiful fate; it's as if all the pent up hatred over the years was suddenly released. out of impulse, she snipped off the long, wavy hair that she was expected to wear. she joined her middle school's boxing team and forged her father's signature to sign up for self-defence classes. suddenly realizing just how satisfying it was to see the man's anger, the little voice inside her head merely urged her forwad. wild parties, petty crimes, group fights, gang fights, and general delinquency; kerina became involved in practically everything that would rub her führer father the wrong way, and then some. but of course, her father never saw kerina's actions as a reflection of his own parenting failure.

▸ came kerina's fourteenth birthday, it was quickly decided that she would be attending a prestigeous all-girls academy for her high school career. though her father was hopeful that the school would help extinguish the fire in her heart, the disappointment came three weeks into kerina's freshman year. she had somehow opted to resolve a disagreement by punching her classmate in the face. said classmate just so happened to have also lost her footing and ended up tumbling down a flight of stairs. though suspended, kerina made it clear that she didn't wish to return to the same school no matter how much her father insisted.

▸ given nothing but a rundown apartment flat far, far away, and just enough money to get through her first week, kerina was soon living the repercussions of her misbehaviour. though her school fees and the legalities of her living condition were taken care of by her father, she was told to rely on no one but herself for her apartment rent and daily expenses. unsurprisingly, the turn of events only fueled kerina's anger. what this anger also managed to do, however, was that it had given her a 'goal' of sorts. ever the rebel, kerina hated to give her father the satisfaction of knowing that he was 'right' when he called her a 'good-for-nothing.' it had finally hit her that she was proving her own worth in a wrong way all along, and that maybe, just maybe, if she tried hard and applied herself, she, too, could do just as well as her peers. or better. and given her fascination towards children in general, kerina found hope in becoming a successful pediatrician in the future.

▸ what really motivates kerina to work hard academically is her resentment for her family; the family that she no longer keeps in touch with unless her father finds the need to check up on her. she remains as angry as always and has been on the radar of the school counselor since day one. the only reason why kerina even joined the ridgeview lacrosse team was because the counselor had suggested it as a way for her to let out some steam.

POSITIVES analytical. compassionate. courageous. generous. honest. honourable. realistic. responsible. NEGATIVES bitter. confrontational. cynical. hostile. insecure. irritable. rebellious. violent. QUIRKS ▸ misandristic
▸ mild haphephobia
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let it be known here and now, kerina deserved yale. she's a star, she will do great things in life.

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