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 loner, alexei vasiliev, male, sophomore, played by ven
And I won't be denied by you, The animal inside of you
(closet) homosexual
pizza delivery guy
Alyosha (family), Alex, Lexi
(closet) homosexual
(part-time) pizza delivery guy / (figure) ice skater
Alexei Ivanovich Vasiliev
• amiable
• capable
• contemplative
• flexible
• humble
• intuitive
• meticulous
• patient
• resourceful
• understanding
• anxious
• cautious
• enigmatic
• envious
• indecisive
• irritable
• paranoid
• repressed
• superstitious
• tense
• chews on the tips of his pens
• pinches the bridge of his nose under extreme stress
• needs either a Rubiks or a fidget cube to keep his hands occupied
• ambidextrous but writes more with his left hand
Physical Appearance:
★ Early growth spurt, currently sitting at 5'7"
★ Ash-blonde hair, deep-purple eyes
★ Prominent nose, one of his defining features
★ Medium body build, skin color is somewhat on the pale side
★ Has a morning, off-ice routine that keeps him reasonably fit
★ Prefers wearing dark-colored clothing most days
★ Never seen without a scarf around his neck, at least in school.

★ His parents grew up in what was formerly known as the Soviet Union (now the Russian Federation). Sharing an ideology that doesn’t exactly align with those of the more patriotic people around them, they chose to keep their way of thinking a secret—at least until the USSR fell back in the early nineties. Due to their courtship having taken place in a rather unconventional manner, Ivan and Tatiana Vasiliev decided to ‘flee’ from their collapsing nation, eventually finding their way across the Pacific to the United States of America.

But due to their nationality, it wasn’t easy when they arrived in the so-called ‘land of plenty’. What with the prejudice running high among the equally patriotic Americans in the neighborhood they chose to take refuge in, they were forced to adapt quickly to the American culture. They never let go of their heritage, though, and eventually married in a quiet civil ceremony in San Francisco’s City Hall.

★ Alexei’s arrival was a happy accident, at least according to his mother. While both parents held several jobs (due to the high cost of living in California), it was Tatiana who eventually slowed down and began working from home, at least until their only child was born on a cold, winter evening.

Alyosha (as that’s what he’s called at home) grew up on his parents’ stories of their homeland; and for a while the only language spoken at home was Russian. Him picking up on English didn’t come until much later, when his parents finally decided to send him to primary school. Who knew that even the kids he grew up with found him ‘weird’ and ‘strange’, due to the fact that his English was incredibly broken?

While he was bullied at school, he didn’t let it show at home, instead entertaining his parents with stories of how his day went, and how he’d learned so many new English words during the course of the day. He’d discovered the ice on his sixth birthday, and even if it was very expensive to take ice-skating lessons, his parents agreed to indulge his one request: to let him learn how to skate.

★ Out on the ice, he was a completely different person. He could forget about the troubles in school; the prejudice he’d face for being the only son of two immigrants who were thought of to be spies sent to gather information for the scary people back home—which of course was a complete, total lie. He’d manage to strike a balance between ice-skating and his studies, and vowed to himself to give his parents a better life once he was much older, having seen and (first-hand) experienced the discrimination that came with his nationality.

He really wanted to do something about it. While not as smart as his father Ivan, Alexei did manage to coast through the rest of his primary years in school. At the same time, he’d continue to practice under the tutelage of his coach, who was (admittedly) one of the few sympathetic individuals who knew of his family’s situation. Even if they did fall behind on paying for the lessons and the coach (and the private training), he just kept right at it.

★ Come high school, his family was given a better chance at a more comfortable life, and were offered jobs in Peachtree City, which was much better than their living conditions at the Richmond District in San Francisco. Immediately seizing the opportunity, the Vasilievs moved southwards from the place they tried to call “home”, eventually arriving in the sunny Southern Californian city right before the start of the new school year at Ridgeview High.

Of course, Alexei’s first year in Ridgeview was completely uneventful. Unable to find anyone to socialize or interact with, he’d eventually end up isolating himself, keeping to his routine of balancing his studies and ice-skating while working a part-time job as a pizza delivery guy for extra cash on weekends. He never thought he’d be delivering boxes of pizza to some of the other local residents, and he’d encounter familiar faces from school answering the door when he’d show up.

But he never chose to speak of the encounters outside school; neither did they. He felt it was for the best. After his freshman year sped by without too much incident, he’s finally settling into the routine of high school life, while his parents now hold stable jobs, enough to sustain their simplistic lifestyle (and for him to continue his ice skating training on the side).

Random, Useless Trivia:
★ His full name in Cyrillic is written as: Алексей Иванович Васильев
★ His diminutive (nickname) in Cyrillic spells out as: Алёша
★ As far as lineage is concerned, he's a second-generation Russian-American.
★ Having grown up in a bilingual household, Russian is his first language. He eventually learned English through the years he spent in school. His accent's not as pronounced as it used to be.
★ On the flip side of things, he's self-studying Japanese. Kinda tricky though, considering it's difficult to switch from Cyrillic to kanji (and back again).
★ He also has a tendency to curse in Russian more often than not without realizing it.
★ The downside of being bilingual though, is the fact that he can ramble on in Russian without realizing it before seeing the weird looks tossed his way. He then switches to English and has to explain himself all over again.
★ His birthday is 12/30, which makes him a Capricorn (West) and a Snake (East).
★ When he’s not training on the ice or delivering pizza on the weekends, he enjoys stargazing in the evenings.
★ He has yet to compete in a large-scale, state-wide tournament; having stuck to the Juniors level in small-scale competitions.
★ Just how superstitious is he? Asides from the obvious American ones like walking under ladders and avoiding breaking mirrors, he also subscribes to the Russian ones, like taking a few moments of silence before leaving for the day; along with silly ones like breaking dishes on purpose for good luck and being unable to whistle indoors (it's terrible).
★ People, mostly his teachers, have made the mistaken assumption that Ivanovich is his surname. It's happened so many times already, he's got his explanation memorized for whenever this happens.
★ Already acquired his driver's license, hence the pizza delivery job. Prefers motorcycles to cars, though.
★ Most of his school notes are in Russian cursive; it's an absolute, utter nightmare for anyone else who gets their hands on his things (on the rare occasion when it happens).
★ He also has a rather painful weakness for sunflowers. They're just pretty, okay?

Axis Powers Hetalia, Russia (Ivan Braginsky)
played by Ven

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