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Seeger Rivnay
snake, levi
fourth year
resident closet stalker
Seeger Rivnay
• Fearless
• Creative
• Quick thinker
• Curious
• Intelligent
• Playful
• Protective
• Optimistic
• Persuasive
• Self-reliant
• Cunning
• Arrogant
• Flirtatious
• Interfering
• Stubborn
• Compulsive
• Aggressive
• Disobedient
• Greedy
• Inconsiderate
• Playing little mind games with others.
• Teasing people he likes.
• Taking his sport games a little to serious.
• answering a question with another question.
~~twigger warning: underage pregancy~~

Do you hear that? Is it the sound of a snake slithering against the rocks? A loud hissing from the snake just before it lashes out to bite you.

Our story starts with a woman barely old enough to carry a child. A fifteen-year-old lady known as Lilith. The father of the child was Azazel Rivnay and eighteen-year-old police office. The mother of the unborn child refusing to give a name of her child’s father. Seeing the child’s father standing there doing a report on her she found herself bursting out into a laughing fit. Her parent’s think she has gone crazy so when the officer leaves they send their underage daughter off to have her child with relatives. The first eight months of her pregnancy was easy. Azazel stayed in contact with her to check up on her and their unborn child. The next following month was anything but.

When Azazel called to check up on Lilith and their child she told him she didn’t need a useless man like him. She thanked him for all the money he sent her. All the baby supplies he bought. Telling him she turned them back into the stores for the money. When he snapped at her telling her, she was a crazy bitch she just laughed at him louder and telling him he better watch that tongue or she’d cut it off. With a heated fight over the phone. Azazel soon found himself in prison when the child was born, when he was given Rivnay surname. It looked like the snake had made her final strike. Telling the man that she warned him, that he should have just kept his mouth shut instead of picking a fight with her.

Fifteen years later when he was released he came to her home. Lilith answered the door with her new man behind her back. A twisted grin on her face when she asked him what the hell he wanted. When Azazel said he wanted to see their son, she laughed at him and closed the door in his face. Telling him she got rid of him a month after he was born. That he’d never see that stupid brat again. Her new man behind her just laughed when Azazel heard them walking away. Azazel, on the other hand, was determined to find out what happened, or who had his son.

Ripping apart your insides, a head appears, hissing at the world when he breaths his first breath of fresh air.

After your father was sent to jail, Seeger Rivnay you were barely two months old when your mother held her arms out to a woman that you’d soon call mother. The papers were signed and you never saw your birthmother again. You never even knew her name. All you knew has she never formed a bond with you and you never remembered her presence. By the time you turn five you are running around the house with little snake plushies in one hand and a fork in the other. You are a spoiled child that is given anything and everything you could ever want.

Yet, the older you got, the more you started questioning things. Your mother was a bright red head. Your father was a brunette. You asked where your purple hair came from. Your mother tells you it probably came from your grandparents. That you shouldn’t worry about it. So you just shrugged your shoulders and let it end there for the time being and enjoyed your childhood with a fork in your mouth. You loved food, sweets especially. Food wise you’d eat anything and everything that was placed in front of you because you had a big appetite and you could eat anything and everything. You weren't a picky child, food was good for you.

When you turned fifteen though, just after you entered high school your father got sick and needed some blood from a relative because his surgery had gone bad. You couldn’t even remember him falling sick. You had been too interested in sports and picking on others. So when you offered your blood to help him. Your life was all turned around when your mother kept saying your blood wouldn’t work. You snapped telling her that you were his son why wouldn't it work? That was the day you were finally told the truth. You were adopted. You could feel the glass shattering around you.

You ran out of that hospital as quick as you could. That was the last day you’d ever remember crying because you were lied to for fifteen years. It was three days before the police had found you under a bridge curled up, not have eaten for the whole three days you had disappeared. When the police come to take you home you’d snap at them telling them not to touch you. That you’d never go back to that home. Saying you were never going to trust them again. When the police tried to explain that your parents couldn’t tell you. That it was a break of agreement with your birthmother you lost it saying you didn’t care that they couldn’t make you return back home. That is your mother wanted nothing to do with you, that you’d go back to your birth father instead!

Rather you liked it or not you were put in the police vehicle and returned to your parents home. No matter how much you kicked and screams. Hitting at the wall between you and the officer it was no use. When you arrived at your large home the officer tried to get you out of the back of his car and you threaten to bite his arm off if he touched you, that you’d scream. So he had no choice but to tell you why your father couldn’t keep you. He had lost all his rights when he went to jail. It took you a few minutes to think about it. Finally agreeing to get out of the car you just smiled at the officer and thanked him for giving you a ride home. The officer had been shocked by your reaction but figured that was the end of it.

From that day forward you wouldn’t call your mother, mom no more. You would call them Laura. When she offered to buy you new clothes for school you’d giggle and tell her no need. You would become cold to her, block her out. Refusing to forgive her for lying to you all these years. She sighs because she knows you have all the right to be mad at her. She wishes you will talk to her and be her baby again because with Silas gone she is all alone. So you laugh and tell her maybe she should have a child. That she would be happy if she had someone to replace you. Telling her that you were gone as soon as you turned eighteen anyways so she might as well get used to being alone for the rest of her life.

That was the day you were first struck by your mother. Glaring at her you soon found yourself laughing, rubbing your cheek when you shrugged and asked her ‘is that all you got? Take your best shot.’ She asked you where her loving child went. You’d find yourself throwing your arms out to the side giggling. ‘Probably under that cold bridge waiting for something that will never come.’ You responded and she said nothing but you could hear her walking away as she cried because you were as cold as a snake. That silver tongue of yours always wagging and saying whatever you pleased.

It was a little after your sixteenth birthday that you heard a knock at the door. Your mother asking you to please get that while she was making your food. You’d laugh and strut over to the door, humming happily when you soon found your eyes widen in shock. Before you stood a purple-haired male with similar features to your own. You could feel your heart-tugging when he called you by your name. Cold chills running through your veins when you were tempted to slam the door in his face. Yet, when you heard him say he has been looking for you for nearly two years now you sighed when you told him to come in.

You could hear your mother ask you who was at the door, you remarked the king of the snakes. When she popped her head in the hallway you could see the shocked look on her face. Yet you were more interested in the dark blush on her cheeks. It was then you had an idea. You finally found you're out in this situation.The next thing you knew it was five months later and your father was now engaged to your so-called mother. That would mean in just a few short months you wouldn’t have to worry about any of them again. That you’d be free and that your father and mother would be so busy with one another that you could slip out of the picture. It was perfect. So you started stealing some money here and there from their purses and wallets. Putting it up in a safe spot just below your bed in a hiding spot you made when they were on a date and you pulled the wood up from the floor and hide the hole in the carpet with your nightstand.

When you turned eighteen you were out of there. You had moved to California, as far away from them as you could. Sure you had to repeat your senior year because you never went but that was okay. You didn’t mind because you had run into someone on your way from work one day. A pretty little ravenette haired male that had an ego the size of Texas. You wanted to break him. You wanted to make the little elite yours. So you found yourself annoying him, constantly following him around and picking on him. Trying to make him snap and yell at you. You found his little prince complex strangely cute.

When you met up with him in the park he asked you your name. You laughed and asked him what he thought your name was. That angered him. He yelled at you asking how he was supposed to know what your name was. You would just grin and shrug your shoulders. You wouldn’t give up till he called you Levi you didn’t hate the name. It had a nice little ring to it. So you would always laugh from that day forward when he asked you your name. You’d reply with a simple. ‘Levi’ During school you would always avoid him so he never knew that you went to his school. You had a reason you didn’t want him to know your name.

By the time you met him a club, you would taunt him, tease him more until he told you to leave the state. You grinned at him asking him how, saying you were just some poor person that lived in an apartment. Only half of that was true. So he gave you a ring and told you to sell it to get out the state. You’d laugh and say sure. You stayed gone three days and didn’t bother him one bit. You made sure to turn every corner so he would never see you. When you did meet back up with him you were not only wearing his ring but you found yourself laughing when he said he knew you wouldn’t leave. You told him you did leave, you never left. So he scoffed at you.

The next thing you knew the two of you was in bed together and he kept saying something about him not being gay that it was just pleasure. So you’d laugh and hum saying sure, sure. It was only a week later when you appeared in his home on his bed did he snap at you and you’d laugh at him asking him what was wrong? One thing leads to another and he demanded to know your real name. So you told him, only after he gave you what you wanted. A key to the guest room. It looks like you two were living together but you were so far from breaking him. So you decided that in order to breath the spoiled ‘prince’ you would have to step it up so you bumped into him at school one day and grinned as you came up behind him saying. ‘Let’s get along Xere.’ Which only angered him more because he felt like an idiot for never noticing you went to the same school as him before. Let alone knowing you were a senior like he was. The only difference was. he was an elite, you were a mere jock that loved playing around and treating things like a game that you wanted to win.

played by TYPO
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