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 01. wanted ads, find them here
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annie main
wanted ads
search for that one
If you are interested in posting for a wanted ad or are seeking particular characters or roles, please post them in this thread to help keep things organized. groups/clubs and more general groups for multiple characters can be posted in a separate thread in this board.

You can also reply to this thread to respond to an ad. Make sure you tag the poster so they know you're interested!

Once your ad has been filled please delete it or ask an admin to.

respiriamo insieme
Love me again
♡ __ DELUCA (older)
Mmkay just gonna put this here for Gil's two sisters! ovo

  • eldest sister
  • works at ridgeview as a teacher
  • adopted child of james and marc deluca
  • fc open!
the rest of her history, personality, occupation, etc. is all up to you! her face claim can be whoever and her age should be within the range of the site's requirement for faculty.

in terms of relationship, gil admires his eldest sister. he'll probably stop by her classroom a lot and make sure she's eaten or that her students aren't mistreating her. even if he's younger he'll still do his best to be a good brother owo

if you have any questions, let me know!

  • youngest sister
  • student at ridgeview
  • preferably freshman or sophmore
  • adopted child of james and marc deluca
  • fc open!

same with the youngest, the rest of her history, personality, clique, etc. is up to you. she can even be blood- related to the oldest sister but that's up to you and the other player. or not lol ovo

gil's relationship with the youngest is that he's the super doting, protective brother. he'll make sure she's fitting in well and probably call her all these cheesy names and make sure dumb boys aren't following her around. he'll also make hella cute lunchboxes for her -u-

if you have any questions, let me know!

© Jaronart
code skool
cute things
forest guardian

basically, this is a group of freshmen who grew up together, probably lived in the same neighborhood, became really close friends because of that. as they each grew up, they all sort of drifted to different things/interests, but they're still connected through their shared childhood. but this year, when they all start high school together... because of their different interests/personalities, they've found themselves in different cliques.

the plot is that the group (however big it is; it rly depends on how many people are interested, tho the max would be seven obviously) tries to reconnect with each other at the beginning of the school year, but they find that things have fundamentally changed.

the name came about because they would meet after breakfast and all walk to school together as kids. only now it has extra meaning :")

and i dunno, this is honestly just a rly freeform thing to both kinda encourage more freshman and open up all sorts of plots - we don't all have to do the same things, and it's probably natural that some characters end up just becoming closer friends/reconnecting with some and other characters just go their separate ways. this is just the beginning premise, but i don't have any type of ending planned ;o

genders and face claims are up to you - the only requirement is that they must be freshmen, and are canonically childhood friends with everyone else! other than that, personalities and relationships with other characters are up to you! this shouldn't be your only plot!

elite // open
jock // open
fringe // open
creative // open
delinquent // benny li
nerd // open
loner // eugene park
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cinema usher
tl;dr i'm looking for four characters to fill up the roles in a sailor moon based all-girl junior detective league.

basically, these girls are ridgeview’s unofficial/amateur detective agency (magical girl meets CSI?), meaning that they take "cases" presented by other students and investigate them, whether it's someone's stolen gym equipment or a show-and-tell pet gone missing.

the group is based on characters from sailor moon, and you can find individual information on each girl by hovering over their image. specific relationships can be discussed by whoever takes up the characters!

when it comes to cliques or anything, those are completely your choice. however, most slots have preferences regarding what year group they're in. feel free to voice any questions or concerns you have — i hope you consider taking up a spot <3
moon is the agency's lead detective and overall head of operations. she's the big boss woman behind everything, the founder and face of the group, and started it all with her friend mercury. i'd like her to be a junior or senior. open.

mercury is the group's main source of intel (i.e. gossip) and head of what they call their "reconnaissance and research" department. she is very close friends with moon. her year group is completely up to you. open.
mars works alongside her friendjupiter; the two form the group's good cop/bad cop duo, and mars is usually the latter. she's an efficient investigator, and very organised in all aspects of the group's work. preferably a junior. open.

jupiter only joined because she was dragged into it by her friend mars, whom she "works" with. she functions primarily as an interrogator and the group's muscle, for whenever they need that kinda thing. played by zwang.
venus is the group's head of PR and advertising; she does things like print flyers around the school, or use social media to get word around about what they do. ideally, i'd like her to be a freshman or, failing that, a sophomore. played by auto.

Baby I'm preyin' on you tonight. I'll hunt you down and eat you alive.

_____ denmark

senior delinquent/loner foster brother
So Maple has an older foster brother, looking after both of his younger siblings from afar. The Denmark Siblings are actually pretty close, and I think that it would be nice for Maple to have bother her brother and sister to depend on when at school.

What I was thinking for the brother was that due to both of his siblings being bullied quite a bit in the past, he eventually took up on the role of a big brother to defend them both and as a result, he's the one who got pelted. He started hanging around all the wrong people, and then Maple and her sister both get fairly worried about him. I planned him to be a general asshole to the majority of people, whereas he has a soft spot for his siblings, but that's about it! You can be creative as you'd like, and he doesn't exactly have to be violent. Who knows? Maybe he's actually really nice to the majority? No clue, but it would be hella fun for Maple to tease him.

I would like him to be a bit of a worrywart, but deny it otherwise since she isn't all that great with speaking words. Not all that great with communication, but a generally nice guy? He is fully aware with how Maple doesn't want to have her personal life interfere with her school life, and he respects that. However, I'm thinking that he can hold some slight irritation because she's the one who kind of pushed their parents to go through the trouble of moving to California whoops.

His FC is completely open to your wildest imagination. Seeing that he isn't related to Maple AT ALL (and I prefer it if he didn't), you can go crazy.

Biography is free play, but just make sure to include Maple's adoption in there somewhere.

_____ Denmark

junior/senior fringe/nerd foster sister
As for the sister, I like to picture her as a cute little bun who's just trying to fit in. Probably not as talkative as Maple, although Maple does try to pull her into the spotlight. Probably just a bit of stage fright? That's always possible! Although this little one is actually pretty academically smart, and she acts as Maple's voice of reasoning. This however, doesn't save Maple from her infamous desire to tease her baby adoptive sister. I'm thinking maybe the same age/older, or maybe she could be younger and skip a grade. Anything is possible for her but..

She'd probably have some self esteem issues of her own, and I can imagine that she has complex feelings towards Maple; like she feels as though Maple is trying to steal her spot in the family or something. Regardless, Maple loves both her siblings to bits so I'm excited to see any family drama happening.

No specific FC for her but as I said, I would prefer it if they didn't look to resemble Maple in any way, and the fact that no one knows that she is their foster sister plays a pretty big part. Even though she would have some complex feelings, I don't think her sister would be kind enough to let it slide. If it satisfies her, then she might spill the beans that Maple is adopted and then all three siblings would be in a pretty sticky situation? Just an option though! She can be the sweetest bun ever or the worst person in the world, and Maple would still love her to bits.

Biography is free play, but just make sure to include Maple's adoption in there somewhere.

They'll break you ten ways to Sunday, and eleven to Monday, my dear
student/swim instructor
are you my master?

open to any gender/year/clique
someone with a strong personality

I swear it's not a kink thing. Gabby can get into a lot of trouble, and one of the plots I hope to have for him is having to agree to be someone's lackey after owing them money for some reason, which could be from accidentally ruining a car or bike or a dress or suit or messing an important and expensive school project.

The scenario's more of Gabby stuffing his foot in his mouth and proposing on his own to make up for the outrageous amount despite knowing that he doesn't have the means to pay it by cash. Of course, he has his childish pride, and he'll refuse to back down of the deal and so will get roped to be this person's occasional gofer or whatnot. (And, might I add, he might have a....thing for being bossed around, no matter how much grumbling he might make. It's complicated.) I was hoping for it to grow into an odd friendship of sorts eventually, but I'm definitely open for any development it could have.

just a young gun with a short fuse, I was uptight, wanna let loose
part time dojo helper
ILL POST HERE JSUT IN CASE BUT Mitsuo is totally down for bossing Gabby aroudn all the time. He jsut threatens to throw him a lot but hasn't actually tried yet.

But while he's being a huge dickhead to Gabby, MIKKELINE DELMIREV shows up to curb stomp both of them. Mainly Gabby though cause we all know he's got a thing for that. ;)

code skool
cute things
forest guardian
hello! given that a lot of band members have left, i'm throwing this up again for any new members to claim!

as the title says, my boy niko here has his own band that he's crazy dedicated to!! his life is pretty much his band tbh, writes songs for them and shit. their sound is basically a cross of all time low, fall out boy, and gorillaz. pop punk mixed with grunge.

niko plays bass & does vocals, and i'm basically looking for what anyone else can come up with :") any instrument or year welcome!

preferably creatives or fellow delinquents, but tbh niko isn't picky about who he hangs out with, it's just a question of would your character mind hanging out with this delinquent all the time. i imagine all the band members are really close, so they'd have to hang in similar circles!

if you have any other questions, just hmu! : )

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student / model
BORN AUG. 2003
This is the younger of Tristan's little sisters. She likes to decorate things, particularly whatever it is that Tristan decides to bake. She also loves watching her brother play sports - possibly the manager of one of the teams that he's on?

Everything else is open - except that she hates people who make fun of her big brother. (She can't tell when people are just joking)
BORN OCT. 2002
This is the older of Tristan's two little sisters. She thinks she's a singer but can't really hold a tune to save her life. She's pretty good at sewing and designing clothes, though. Most of what she wears to parties, despite being rich, are her own designs.

Again, everything else is open - except for the fact that she hates people who make fun of Tristan. Unlike the other sister, though, she can sometimes see when people are just doing it as a joke.
pandora @ ooc
Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth.
panrom - demisexual
student/pianist - music club
Hello! I think the wanted ads is the best section to throw this sport buddies' search.

Basically, I'm looking for characters interested in nature sports and/or parkour. Meaning they could meet at one of the local gym clubs for training/physical preparation and spend time in the city outskirts which could lead to activities such as camping and so on.

Any gender and clique are welcome - i mean Tea might be a little disgrace isn't prejudiced, and one of the thing that could get on his nerves is a character who keeps whining. By the way, your character can be experienced or a beginner, it's open to any level!

As you can see, it's more a freeform stuff which can be shaped with time, since their sports interests could differ and they'd have different schedules.

If you've any question, feel free to PM me :)!

The strength to stand alone is the strength to make a stand.
Nonlocal Homeboy
Arcane Rioter
Hey y'all! ★

RIDGEVIEW RAIDERS are up and open for business, and we're looking for potential "clients", targets and just overall fun ideas to go with you at some point in the future.

The RAIDERS are a notorious group of anonymous pranksters that hide behind gender reversed Powerpuff Girls aliases, and they offer certain services as a group or as individuals. They have an online blog where anyone can write to them and request a prank or some sort of help; if it aligns with the group's personal interests or questionable morals, consider it done!

Please check our previews of their personal services available below, and see our group plotter for further information and respond there if you're interested!

shout to all my lost boys, we rowdy

They try to keep me down, but I just get higher

BLOSSOM ― the mastermind behind it all

Need some help with pranking, but you're out of ideas? Does your idea factory feel too mediocre? That's when you get in touch with BLOSSOM. He offers you all the ideas you need, and him and the rest of the RAIDERS help you to make it into reality. He doesn't take payment, all he wants is the credit - or the blame, however you want to view it. BLOSSOM plans the bigger schemes that are impossible to ignore, often involving the whole school. He doesn't like targeting single people, unless the person is a proven bully and is in dire need of some revolutionary intervention. Because you know, karma gets to all eventually, but sometimes karma needs a little help...
come on now follow my lead, I may be crazy don't mind me

BUBBLES ― will get you lost and very not caught

Want to do something cute for a friend but don’t know how to go about it? Have an idea but definitely don’t have the athleticism to pull it off? Need to get something done quick on a time limit? Come to BUBBLES for all your parkouring, breaking in, and overall sorta but not really illegal needs. BUBBLES excels in quick getaways, can pick a lock and climb a fence in record time- Other than that, he also gives advice and ideas on anything to do with appreciating your friends, for some reason. You can bet he’s involved in whatever scheme BLOSSOM’s conjured up too.
I'd like to be proud, but somehow I'm ashamed. Sweet little baby in a world full of pain

BUTTERCUP ― when you need an expert in wreaking havoc

BUTTERCUP has technical skills in engineering and is a capable grease monkey. Few know this, but he can hot-wire a car and has been known to try his luck with lock-picking, swearing he's done it before. Smear campaigns are his specialty, as well as repossessions, and he generally contributes to any schemes BLOSSOM cooks up for the entire team.
they'll break you ten ways to sunday, and eleven to monday, my dear

PRINCESS ― noisemaker, informant, errand boy

A loudmouth and a shameless flirt, PRINCESS knows more than a thing or two about stealing people's attention away. Diversionary tactics are his main game, and he's got more than enough tricks up his sleeve to keep unwanted people out of wherever you don't need them to be. PRINCESS's skills at handling social media aren't something to scoff at either. When almost everybody's glued to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, it's too easy for someone with a keen eye (or, let's face it, with a history of stalking spontaneous crushes on the Internet) to find the right account to match to a face or a name and dig out all the info you need. And he isn't limited by the confines of the world wide web either, because knowing the right compliment at the right time can do wonders with getting numbers and the deets.
No, nobody can relieve me of my ghosts. But I refuse to let ‘em define my soul

MOJO JOJO ― your friendly neighborhood hacker

Need someone to disappear? Want your online presence to go unnoticed? Need tips to flame cyberbullies? Got a grudge and want to ddos someone while on their last silver ranked promo game in league of legends to tilt them? Perhaps you just want to hang around with an internet troll? If you answered yes to any of the above then MOJO JOJO’S services are for you. In all honesty she does so much more than troll. She’s the RAIDERS safety net. They can move freely because she’ll be sure to wipe their trail. That way their reputations can stay safe and it won’t follow them for the rest of their lives.

She also promotes for the team by making and monitoring their blog. And at times the boys even give her a taste of the spotlight when she can be part of the pranking, which is when her inner troll comes out. Honestly her motives are that difficult to understand, she has skills that could help her friends so of course she’ll offer her services. And she just likes being better at stuff than people so getting under the skin of the school board and them not being able to lay a finger on them offers her the sweetest victory. Besides she’s always up for a challenge.

I thought of angels choking on their halos.


A wonderland based gang.

Okay! I'm going to start this off by explaining a few things. The thing i need is three simple members! Riiku had formed a gang when he was in freshmen. The TWEEDLE's are the closet thing Riiku has to friends The TWEEDLE's can either be twins, Siblings, or just close friends that Riiku trust and can be himself with. The third member of Riiku's little gang is the HATTER. The Hatter is actually really good with diffusion dangerous situations and getting the gang out of there before things get to heated. Yet the Hatter is a bit narcissistic at times because of his skills. Unlike the TWEEDLE's, The HATTER wouldn't be the best at fighting so he leaves that to Riiku, aka CHESHIRE and the TWEEDLE's. So the HATTER is just the one the little gang depends on for everything, Without the HATTER, The three would be in serious trouble. The Gang has been around three years already. The four are rather close and can often be seen messing with the other little gangs on campus just to troll them. Yet each member of the MADLANDER's has a personality trait from the character they are based off. Oh one last thing that should be mention. Riiku decided to stay back a year his freshmen year. So the three had either decided to group with Riiku and fail the freshmen year, or the three are in their junior year now. Welp! For more information click the tabs below to get a better idea of the love crew! Thank you for checking it out!

HATTER: open


Age: 17-18, clique: any, face claims:open, Gender: open, Grade: Sophomore or Junior

Tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Their code names to anyone that knows them. the TWEEDLE's are like two pees in a pod. They are always around one another. The TWEEDLE's are close as close can be. One reason they was named after the TWEEDLE twins. Rather they are family or not has yet been discovered. All that is known about the TWEEDLES is, if you fuck with one your going to have to deal with the other. The TWEEDLE's are Riiku's second in command. The reason they are second to Riiku is simple. The two are considered Riiku's one and only true friends. The TWEEDLE's might not be as playful and mischievous as Riiku himself. Yet the TWEEDLE are equally sadistic as Riiku. When the three are beside one another there is no stopping them, they all move in perfect sync. Not much is known about the TWEEDLE's other then, if they are around the trouble is surely to follow.

TWEEDLE DUM: Dum is the calmer of the two. Dum loves causing trouble, yet Dum knows when to hold back unlike dee. Dum is the one that is better at slipping into tight spots. Rather they are good at picking locks or just flexible, no one knows. No one cares so long as dum comes through and has their back. So While Dum might not be the worse of the two. Dum is the one that is good at breaking into places and never seems to have to have keys on them. Dum is the sly little TWEEDLE that Riiku counts on. It's also a proven fact that dum and Riiku will often hot wire things together just to set alarms off giving them an out if it ever gets heated.

TWEEDLE DEE: Riiku's first person he ran into at the school. Dee and Riiku actually got in a fight when he first came to the school. so yes, dee is the scrapper of the two. The only one Riiku has ever had to watch his back around. Dee is the TWEEDLE that Riiku will often challenge to a fight just because he is bored or because he wants to kill some time. While it is true that Dee is the more deadly of the two, When it comes to breaking in, strategy or anything of the sort, Dee would be caught. so Dee might not be the smartest of the group, but dee is surely one of the strongest of the group!


Age: 17-18, clique: any, face claim:open, Gender: open, Grade: Sophomore or Junior

Third to join the group. Like the mad hatter himself, The HATTER has been known to do the most outrageous things. The HATTER is actually one of the most trickiest members of the MADLANDERS to catch. Unlike Riiku who comes and goes as he pleases without others noticing. The HATTER always makes his presence known because they like all eyes on them. The HATTER is what you would call a mastermind. The HATTER always has an escape route for the gang. the HATTER is often known as the escape goat simply because they love the attention. They love having people know who they are. So while they drawing attention to themselves the others are getting away by a plan that the HATTER formed. So without the HATTER the rest of the gang would have been caught long ago. the HATTER is both a genius and a showoff. just what the MADLANDER needed. Someone that can bail them out of tight spots and have the ego to prove that they can get away. so the HATTER is what most would refer as an attention whore.

nicole terzi
maura scott
Nicole isn't done yet but she can probably fulfill the Venus role despite being a nerd. She's definitely going to have a social media presence, anyway.
I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in I've gotta tell you in my loudest tones
twenty three

" o captain, my captain "
SO. i was struck by an idea while answering plotters and it is here that i introduce


basically i figured that somehow lisbet decides that gathering all the students, that wish to participate, and getting them to enjoy different facets of life is something she'd like to try. first and foremost, she's a psychologist. it's what she's gone to school for and it was she enjoys. that being said, she is also a poet, thanks to her father, and enjoys literature, the arts, whatever it is - you betcha she's into it. that there are so many different paths that people are afraid to go down for a number of reasons. she stresses to everyone that sees her to find out what they want from life by doing things differently than what is considered the norm. much like keating, she's unorthodox in how she gets students to realize what they'd like from life.

if you haven't see the movie first of all, DO RIGht nOW BC ITS SO GOOD. it will make you weep so much tho so fair warning. but also it's about being who you can and figuring out things from a perspective one wouldn't think about. it's a society for the underdogs, for the undecided, for the souls who just want to figure the fack is going on.

i don't think this will be a club just for the sake of keeping "a secret" i suppose, even though it really isn't lol i will also say that DPS is a legacy type thing - lisbet was in her own version of it when she was in high school and THUS there can definitely be former members who have since graduated and gone on to do different things. to keep things simple - the surnames are nicknames - lisbet is known as keating, there is someone known as perry, anderson, overstreet, etc. however there was also someone with that name before. if you'd like to be a past member, by all means feel free to join in!

members, both past and present, can be recognized by a coin that is usually carried at all times.

as of right now i'm just looking for a few key members of the


SUMIDA lisbet
as john keating

" i always thought the idea
of education was to learn
to think for yourself. "

the elder. the sensei. the reason the dead poet's society orginally forms. it's all about brining people together for keating. they want the world to be seen not just from a bird's eye view, but every view humanly possible. keating holds the group together as the leader, as someone to go to when the tough gets tougher and the easy never shows up. whether assigning the reading, or make the students think about it, keating is that person. the one ready to push those who need to be pushed. ready to shelter those who need it most. and ready to help anyone see a world past a textbook. they hope to inspire the masses, or just this group, for as long as they can.

as neil perry

" being in means you have to
do something. not just saying
you're in. "

the second. the one that wants this. perry was the first one to join, at first scared of how this might change their life, whatever way that may have been. but soon they were the ones calling meetins when keating wasn't, stepping in as a an older sibling of sorts to the rest. perry was the one always inspired by the teachings and the words keating said and follows them the closest. a no-nonsense type of soul, they are the one to keep members active and involved - because this is more than just a hobby for them. perry has heart, has the desire to see the world as keating asks them all to and it shows.

LAST first
as todd anderson

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" mumbling truth...truth like-like a
blanket that always leaves your feet cold. "

anderson is timid, and never the first one to volunteer for anything. however anderson is, and proves to be time and time again, the most poetic of them all. they've got an old soul, one that's been building for a long time. but they're scared and unsure, which is why it takes the encouragement of keating to pull them out of their shell - at first. eventually it's left up to perry, who becomes their closest friend, to do the rest. it's for that reason, that single person, that anderson really finds who they are and who they always have been. just less elegantly. anderson is still the most nervous member, afraid to do whatever it takes to divert from a single path.

BAUER emmalyn
as charlie dalton

" dammit, neil, the name is nuwanda "

dalton is the reckless one. everything is a game of sarcasm, fun, and jokes but that's exactly what keeps this group together a lot of time. dalton is the comedic relief. the one to pull the emotions directly out from the others and anyone they come across. they say what everyone is thinking but what no one is saying. they're the ones dedicated to the craft by means of questioning it all - and making fun of it in the same breath. they are, by all accounts, the most easily damaged if the group were ever to split as their own emotions, rolling and boiling like lava, are hard to contain otherwise. they'll always be the first to call out any attacks of the group, hands raised with words poised to cut.

LAST first
as knox overstreet

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" dead poets honor. "

overstreet is the less dedicated of the group, but they still show up for whatever reason they have. perhaps it's because it's a good place for friends, for them share ideas without feeling judged or met with scorn. perhaps it's because they enjoy the conversation and the camaraderie. perhaps it's simply because with this, they can finally meet the one they've been waiting for. matched perfectly with their favorite style of literature, overstreet is the romantic of dps. they spend a lot of time fantasizing about the great loves of the world, and how all of that could apply to them, as well as their fellow members.

LAST first
as richard cameron

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" you can't save keating, but you can save yourselves! "

cameron is the...ruthless one. never far from willing to save themselves before anyone else, when they've got the chance, they have little keeping them around aside from their 'friendship' with perry. getting along with the others well enough, anderson and dalton least of everyone, they don't take the society as seriously as the rest. a big mouth, and rarely enough feeling beyond sheer arrogance to pass around, cameron isn't sure why they stick around if not to keep an eye on their 'friends'. of all the people, they argue with dalton the most and they've been known to get into quite a few scraps here and there. they trust and respect keating - as much as they'd trust and respect a hungry shark around a pool of fish. in truth, they find no merit in viewing the world from any point but their own.

LAST first
as gerard pitts

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" no, sir, science experiment... radar! "

pitts is as everyone sees them: a gentle giant. they enjoy the goodness in people the society produces. best friends with meeks, pitts spends nearly all their time, both in and out of the group, wondering just exactly what it is they'd like to do with their lives. they aren't sure, hoping to somehow simply end up wherever meeks happens to end up. they prefer the background, doing what they must to keep afloat among the others. pitts, out of everyone, is the most open to interpretation as they are easy to accept change as it comes. like meeks, they do quite enjoy the poetry, offering up several of their own favorite choices on a daily basis.

LAST first
as steven meeks

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" i'll try anything once. "

meeks is the resident nerd if you will. they enjoy technology, science, and are prone to dabbling in psychology at the insistence of keating. best friends with pitts, meeks spends much of their time following the crowd, not entirely bothered with the group as much as the others. still, it beats hanging outside or without the rest of their friends. meeks, like pitts, still play an important part in dps, spending some time figuring out their own favorite poets. they even participate by attempting to kickstart discussions themselves - of course those conversations usually end up with them talking about anything related to science.

i don't really care if nobody else believes, 'cause i've still got a lot of fight left in me.
demiromantic asexual
SCREAMS I'M SO ALL ABOUT THIS DEAD POETS PLOT HOLY SHIT. like man i'd like to sign kerina up as perry pls, lisbet sumida-sensei!!! *v* ... despite the tragedy in the actual movie but ya lol. personality aside, i feel like your description of him suits kerina best anyway? unless you think another position would fit her then by all means!!! <3
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