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 01. wanted ads, find them here
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wanted ads
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If you are interested in posting for a wanted ad or are seeking particular characters or roles, please post them in this thread to help keep things organized. groups/clubs and more general groups for multiple characters can be posted in a separate thread in this board.

You can also reply to this thread to respond to an ad. Make sure you tag the poster so they know you're interested!

Once your ad has been filled please delete it or ask an admin to.

code skool
cute things
forest guardian

basically, this is a group of freshmen who grew up together, probably lived in the same neighborhood, became really close friends because of that. as they each grew up, they all sort of drifted to different things/interests, but they're still connected through their shared childhood. but this year, when they all start high school together... because of their different interests/personalities, they've found themselves in different cliques.

the plot is that the group (however big it is; it rly depends on how many people are interested, tho the max would be seven obviously) tries to reconnect with each other at the beginning of the school year, but they find that things have fundamentally changed.

the name came about because they would meet after breakfast and all walk to school together as kids. only now it has extra meaning :")

and i dunno, this is honestly just a rly freeform thing to both kinda encourage more freshman and open up all sorts of plots - we don't all have to do the same things, and it's probably natural that some characters end up just becoming closer friends/reconnecting with some and other characters just go their separate ways. this is just the beginning premise, but i don't have any type of ending planned ;o

genders and face claims are up to you - the only requirement is that they must be freshmen, and are canonically childhood friends with everyone else! other than that, personalities and relationships with other characters are up to you! this shouldn't be your only plot!

elite // open
jock // open
fringe // Keith Grayson
creative // open
delinquent // benny li
nerd // open
loner // eugene park
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cinema usher
tl;dr i'm looking for four characters to fill up the roles in a sailor moon based all-girl junior detective league.

basically, these girls are ridgeview’s unofficial/amateur detective agency (magical girl meets CSI?), meaning that they take "cases" presented by other students and investigate them, whether it's someone's stolen gym equipment or a show-and-tell pet gone missing.

the group is based on characters from sailor moon, and you can find individual information on each girl by hovering over their image. specific relationships can be discussed by whoever takes up the characters!

when it comes to cliques or anything, those are completely your choice. however, most slots have preferences regarding what year group they're in. feel free to voice any questions or concerns you have — i hope you consider taking up a spot <3
moon is the agency's lead detective and overall head of operations. she's the big boss woman behind everything, the founder and face of the group, and started it all with her friend mercury. i'd like her to be a junior or senior. open.

mercury is the group's main source of intel (i.e. gossip) and head of what they call their "reconnaissance and research" department. she is very close friends with moon. her year group is completely up to you. open.
mars works alongside her friendjupiter; the two form the group's good cop/bad cop duo, and mars is usually the latter. she's an efficient investigator, and very organised in all aspects of the group's work. preferably a junior. open.

jupiter only joined because she was dragged into it by her friend mars, whom she "works" with. she functions primarily as an interrogator and the group's muscle, for whenever they need that kinda thing. played by zwang.
venus is the group's head of PR and advertising; she does things like print flyers around the school, or use social media to get word around about what they do. ideally, i'd like her to be a freshman or, failing that, a sophomore. played by auto.

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Hello! I think the wanted ads is the best section to throw this sport buddies' search.

Basically, I'm looking for characters interested in nature sports and/or parkour. Meaning they could meet at one of the local gym clubs for training/physical preparation and spend time in the city outskirts which could lead to activities such as camping and so on.

Any gender and clique are welcome - i mean Tea might be a little disgrace isn't prejudiced, and one of the thing that could get on his nerves is a character who keeps whining. By the way, your character can be experienced or a beginner, it's open to any level!

As you can see, it's more a freeform stuff which can be shaped with time, since their sports interests could differ and they'd have different schedules.

If you've any question, feel free to PM me :)!

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twenty three

" o captain, my captain "
SO. i was struck by an idea while answering plotters and it is here that i introduce


basically i figured that somehow lisbet decides that gathering all the students, that wish to participate, and getting them to enjoy different facets of life is something she'd like to try. first and foremost, she's a psychologist. it's what she's gone to school for and it was she enjoys. that being said, she is also a poet, thanks to her father, and enjoys literature, the arts, whatever it is - you betcha she's into it. that there are so many different paths that people are afraid to go down for a number of reasons. she stresses to everyone that sees her to find out what they want from life by doing things differently than what is considered the norm. much like keating, she's unorthodox in how she gets students to realize what they'd like from life.

if you haven't see the movie first of all, DO RIGht nOW BC ITS SO GOOD. it will make you weep so much tho so fair warning. but also it's about being who you can and figuring out things from a perspective one wouldn't think about. it's a society for the underdogs, for the undecided, for the souls who just want to figure the fack is going on.

i don't think this will be a club just for the sake of keeping "a secret" i suppose, even though it really isn't lol i will also say that DPS is a legacy type thing - lisbet was in her own version of it when she was in high school and THUS there can definitely be former members who have since graduated and gone on to do different things. to keep things simple - the surnames are nicknames - lisbet is known as keating, there is someone known as perry, anderson, overstreet, etc. however there was also someone with that name before. if you'd like to be a past member, by all means feel free to join in!

members, both past and present, can be recognized by a coin that is usually carried at all times.

as of right now i'm just looking for a few key members of the


SUMIDA lisbet
as john keating

" i always thought the idea
of education was to learn
to think for yourself. "

the elder. the sensei. the reason the dead poet's society orginally forms. it's all about brining people together for keating. they want the world to be seen not just from a bird's eye view, but every view humanly possible. keating holds the group together as the leader, as someone to go to when the tough gets tougher and the easy never shows up. whether assigning the reading, or make the students think about it, keating is that person. the one ready to push those who need to be pushed. ready to shelter those who need it most. and ready to help anyone see a world past a textbook. they hope to inspire the masses, or just this group, for as long as they can.

as neil perry

" being in means you have to
do something. not just saying
you're in. "

the second. the one that wants this. perry was the first one to join, at first scared of how this might change their life, whatever way that may have been. but soon they were the ones calling meetins when keating wasn't, stepping in as a an older sibling of sorts to the rest. perry was the one always inspired by the teachings and the words keating said and follows them the closest. a no-nonsense type of soul, they are the one to keep members active and involved - because this is more than just a hobby for them. perry has heart, has the desire to see the world as keating asks them all to and it shows.

LAST first
as todd anderson

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" mumbling truth...truth like-like a
blanket that always leaves your feet cold. "

anderson is timid, and never the first one to volunteer for anything. however anderson is, and proves to be time and time again, the most poetic of them all. they've got an old soul, one that's been building for a long time. but they're scared and unsure, which is why it takes the encouragement of keating to pull them out of their shell - at first. eventually it's left up to perry, who becomes their closest friend, to do the rest. it's for that reason, that single person, that anderson really finds who they are and who they always have been. just less elegantly. anderson is still the most nervous member, afraid to do whatever it takes to divert from a single path.

LAST first
as charlie dalton

" dammit, neil, the name is nuwanda "

dalton is the reckless one. everything is a game of sarcasm, fun, and jokes but that's exactly what keeps this group together a lot of time. dalton is the comedic relief. the one to pull the emotions directly out from the others and anyone they come across. they say what everyone is thinking but what no one is saying. they're the ones dedicated to the craft by means of questioning it all - and making fun of it in the same breath. they are, by all accounts, the most easily damaged if the group were ever to split as their own emotions, rolling and boiling like lava, are hard to contain otherwise. they'll always be the first to call out any attacks of the group, hands raised with words poised to cut.

as knox overstreet

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" dead poets honor. "

overstreet is the less dedicated of the group, but they still show up for whatever reason they have. perhaps it's because it's a good place for friends, for them share ideas without feeling judged or met with scorn. perhaps it's because they enjoy the conversation and the camaraderie. perhaps it's simply because with this, they can finally meet the one they've been waiting for. matched perfectly with their favorite style of literature, overstreet is the romantic of dps. they spend a lot of time fantasizing about the great loves of the world, and how all of that could apply to them, as well as their fellow members.

LAST first
as richard cameron

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" you can't save keating, but you can save yourselves! "

cameron is the...ruthless one. never far from willing to save themselves before anyone else, when they've got the chance, they have little keeping them around aside from their 'friendship' with perry. getting along with the others well enough, anderson and dalton least of everyone, they don't take the society as seriously as the rest. a big mouth, and rarely enough feeling beyond sheer arrogance to pass around, cameron isn't sure why they stick around if not to keep an eye on their 'friends'. of all the people, they argue with dalton the most and they've been known to get into quite a few scraps here and there. they trust and respect keating - as much as they'd trust and respect a hungry shark around a pool of fish. in truth, they find no merit in viewing the world from any point but their own.

LAST first
as gerard pitts

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" no, sir, science experiment... radar! "

pitts is as everyone sees them: a gentle giant. they enjoy the goodness in people the society produces. best friends with meeks, pitts spends nearly all their time, both in and out of the group, wondering just exactly what it is they'd like to do with their lives. they aren't sure, hoping to somehow simply end up wherever meeks happens to end up. they prefer the background, doing what they must to keep afloat among the others. pitts, out of everyone, is the most open to interpretation as they are easy to accept change as it comes. like meeks, they do quite enjoy the poetry, offering up several of their own favorite choices on a daily basis.

LAST first
as steven meeks

open gender. open fc. 17-18

" i'll try anything once. "

meeks is the resident nerd if you will. they enjoy technology, science, and are prone to dabbling in psychology at the insistence of keating. best friends with pitts, meeks spends much of their time following the crowd, not entirely bothered with the group as much as the others. still, it beats hanging outside or without the rest of their friends. meeks, like pitts, still play an important part in dps, spending some time figuring out their own favorite poets. they even participate by attempting to kickstart discussions themselves - of course those conversations usually end up with them talking about anything related to science.

student/apprentice mechanic


Before going further, a warning: it isn't a romance plot and won't turn into one - unless the characters mesh super well to the point it seems a match made by the roleplay God.

Basically, I've this idea that Cruz 'dated' a girl during his junior/first senior year and didn't use any protection one time - or several times w/e -, and the consequence was the girl getting pregnant. She decided to keep the baby for the reason you want or maybe she suffered from pregnancy denial. There are several possibilities and I would be fine with any of them.

At the time, she discovered her condition and/or gave birth, Cruz wasn't at school or at Peachtree, but in juvie. She might've thought he ran away from the problem and leave her alone. To be honest, it would be also super interesting if she had developed some kind of addiction in order to cope with her situation and her sudden responsibilities because Cruz knew what living with an addict mother means. So it will strike him and the baby's fate would worry him. However, he got no romantic ties for his ex, and this girl has to be a senior, while the clique is open.

Just throw at me a girl full of resent, anger, who becomes thick skinned because she had to grow a spine at a time she wasn't ready to behave as an adult, who intends to recall Cruz his responsibility and who doesn't hesitate to hurt him by using his mom's addiction or by comparing him to his father who left his mom when she was a teen.
I want to see how the characters could grow while dealing with this situation. Of course, this shouldn't be your only plot.

If you're interested, feel free to PM or hit me on Discord :) - jae on the misfits server -.

presley grantpresley grant
you are my sunshine my only sunshine
_____ Grant
13-14 / freshman / cinnamonroll

I’m looking for someone to play Presley’s little sister. She’s the middle child and only girl. Their baby brother is a fifth grader now, so he can’t be played but he’s still super important to them! They had a good childhood up until four years ago when their father died in a car accident, prompting their mother to turn to a life of drugs, alcohol and promiscuity to cope with her grief. She would only come home a couple times out of the week before, but since the start of the year, she hasn’t been home at all. She’s still in the city, and Presley catches glimpses of her from time to time so the sister might as well, but their mother has essentially abandoned all three children entirely at this point.

Since the first few weeks after their father passed, Presley has taken over the role of both parents. He makes sure they get three home-cooked meals a day, does all the cleaning and laundry (though sis may help out from time to time) and works three jobs to keep them provided for. The house was in his father’s name and passed on to him upon his death, so they will always at least have a roof over their heads, even when luxuries like shopping, movies and eating out aren’t a thing in their life.

Due to all the stress of going from a happy family to having practically no parents and having to step up to the plate and be a responsible adult/parent-figure at the age of fifteen.. Presley sometimes turns to self-harm to cope with all his untreated anxiety and depression. He makes sure to wear long sleeves at all times, however, to keep his siblings from finding out and worrying. His little sister and baby brother are his whole world. They're his sunshine, his reason to live. Without them, he likely wouldn't still be alive today.

His siblings can get away with anything and always come first. His sister is a sweet angel of a cinnamon roll who just now entered high school as a freshman, while his brother is a sporty little baseball star. If interested, you are welcome to choose her name— though her last name will be Grant, and clique doesn’t matter. While it’d be nice if her faceclaim was Yachi Hitoka, you can choose that too so long as she’s adorable and blonde. Otherwise, feel free to make any other traits/quirks you see fit! Just PM me if you have any other questions

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Arata Williams is Mitsuo’s older brother. He’s a loving, tolerant young man that’s had to learn how to adapt to change and heartache at a young age. He’s a good guy that adores his little brother despite their current rift. He’s good at keeping his emotions in check and thinking through problems under pressure or while agitated. He dyed his hair pink to better understand Mitsuo’s current rebellion but it’s only worsened the bad blood between them, though all of it is one sided.

Tl;dr I want someone to make mitsuo’s older brother. He’s a happy go lucky senior that is doing his best to mend his relationship with Mitsuo. Not a loner or a delinquent, recommended face is kisumi shigino from free! I didn’t want to make this too long and I just want awkward, angry sibling plots so if you wanna deal with a brat then hmu. Also he is a charming young man, so obviously ainsley tyson has a HUGE thing for him. A stalker thing. Just letting you know.
Ryo is Mitsuo’s best friend and used to be competitive rival. Both boys were incredibly academically inclined and there was an admiration in between both during sports and love alike. While they never shared a crush, there was friendly Valentine’s day confessions and chocolate rivalry. both just wanted a chocolate send help Him and Mitsuo were close until Mitsuo had to leave Japan and move to America. The kept in contact slightly but for the most part, Ryo remembers Mitsuo as smart and incredibly athletic kid who pushed him to do better. He has no idea Mitsuo just become a total delinquent.

Tl;dr I want Ryo to basically be a transfer student like either a homestay or whatever in Peachtree and reunite with Mitsuo after 3 years of not being able to see each other. Ryo is the kind of guy that would be incredibly disappointed and even patronizing towards Mitsuo for his change in lifestyle. Total avoidance and something of a souring of friendship between them. It’s kind of angsty but Mitsuo is pretty shit. Lmao freshman, 14, nerd, recommended face sakuma ritsu from ensemble stars. Lemme know if u wanna lmao.
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run rabbit run
This guy is Loto Swanson (17), Angel's only "real" friend. Their moms were super close friends, so he and Angel were always together. Loto's family isn't rich, but he did get to experience the finer things in life since he was almost always at her house. There is a possibility for romance but that would be something we'd have to discuss down the road because, lbr...Angel is a real bitch. Recommended FC is Kiba from Naruto - mainly because they have a lot of art together.
OKAY so this is the yoo family! the youngest of the three kids is jiyeon, who's also the only girl among them, so she has two older brothers who are in senior and junior year respectively. they've always been a closeknit pair of siblings who kinda just lets each other do whatever they want because at the end of the day, they still know how they all really are or whatever. when they were younger, they were all super rough and perhaps bullies like jiyeon was? the dreaded yoo family... :'(

anyway, they used to live in peachtree when they were kids, but moved when jiyeon was in fourth grade, so when the oldest was in sixth and the middle was in fifth. after that, they shifted towns a few times because of their dad's work (businessman stuff prob, i never really thought about it). the younger two would kinda copy the oldest's one demeanor, so him being a bitch as a kid is the reason they're all bitches, even if the middle kid pretended he was like that on his own, lmao. i think they still rough house/bully each other even now that they're older, but they're protective over each other regardless.

they're a korean fam so they've probably visited SK a few times throughout their lives (to visit grandparents??) and have fully korean names (so no middle names). since jiyeon has orange hair, it'd make sense if their hair ranged from being blond, orange, or red, but if you wanna have one of them dye their hair, go for it... it's just that siblings having similar looks is so cute. the rest i'm leaving up to you because everything's open. if anything i'd suggest the middle one being a delinquent?? BUT CHECK ON RATIOS FIRST. since they're all one grade apart, the middle can be 16-17, and the older can be 17-18. just don't have them both 17 please!!

if you're interested you can hmu in pms or in jiyeon's shipper (linked in her profile here)... if you're not a member yet just yell at me in the cbox when i'm around or just register and pm me because i probably will accept anyone so long as they stick to the basics. nothing crazy wild in this fam happened, so just keep that in mind with their freeform section (but they can DEF have personal issues or mental illness, etc. jiyeon has ADHD, for example, so they might too).

BUT YEAH THAT'S IT!!!!! i'd love to see them and have fun sibling antics on the site (as well as charas i can stalk lol) so please make em! i can make graphics for you!!!!!
this is the yoo oldest son and he's a senior. since he's the oldest, when they were younger he was probably the leader of the trio, even though he was likely kind of annoyed by it. he's def more calm now! he can be any clique you want, almost any personality you want, and his fc is open. just make sure he has blond, orange, or red hair. he's also korean! i'd like it if he could still be at least a lil tough because he's who jiyeon learned from!
this is the yoo middle son and he's a junior. he was also the type to follow his older brother around, except he probably pretended he wasn't bc duh he's too cool for that. he's just as open as the older brother, any clique, blond/orange/red hair, etc. if anything, i think he might be more rambunctious than the older brother & someone jiyeon can (playfully) fight with still. he's probably kinda rebellious @ older bro, but fam is fam regardless.
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schoolyard bully

spencer jones

fiancée .

female . junior - senior . whateversexual . any clique .

hey y'all! so this is spencer jones. he is a spoiled teenager, a jock, and a bully. he also has a fiancee. and despite the choice of graphics, this isn't at all meant to be a romance plot. it has the potential to become one, but romance isn't, and likely will not be a priority. in fact, as all rich-kid-engagement-plots go, theirs too was arranged by their parents. this means that it would've been a thing for years: a whole decade at least. but the reality is that despite popular belief, spencer doesn't actually care about the engagement. he isn't even the least bit repulsed by it. as a matter of fact, he's completely okay with marrying someone he has no romantic feelings for. y'see, he has this warped belief that as long as he follows the teachings of the catholic church, his future as a star athlete would be secured. an example of this is that while he does often fool around, he's dead set that he would only ever 'go all the way' with his fiancee. 8')

but ya. that's basically it. honestly, there's no real requirements for the fiancee's personality. it'd work as long as she's a cali native and that her family is rich? and said family maybe has an alliance/business partnership with the joneses who own an e-commerse company? but the rest is completely open, and whatever she feels towards the engagement is up to you as well. just know that if she wants to try and break the engagement, well, spencer might not necessarily help her. as a matter of fact, he'd likely just hit on her to make it worse. and since spencer's not the most likable guy on the block, i don't think that they'd get along super well either? so expect an awful hateship that involves a lot of verbal and physical fights tbh lmao.

on a separate but related note, i would prefer that this character has been on the site for awhile! or if you're interested in making a new character for the plot, pls make sure that you've been relatively active on misfits to begin with, and have other plots for her aside from this single ad! THANKSSS.


17 // MALE // JUNIOR // JOCK

The world might be grey but we don't have to be.
01. The Little Brother
This is Lysander Jett Saunders (middle name can be changed), the younger brother of Ophelia Saunders. Little does Ophelia know but Lysander has been requested to watch out for his sister's wellbeing whenever he gets the chance to. Ophelia's also incredibly protective of him and I can imagine that he does get a little frustrated, considering that he's already sixteen years old and old enough to be able to handle himself. Preferred face claim is Yoshino Takigawa.
yoshino t.

02. The Amnesiac Friend
Her name is completely open but I'll call her Sarah for the time being. When she was fifteen years old, Sarah and Ophelia were at a music festival together but she went missing. Months later, she reappeared at her parent's doorstep, with no memory of where she had been during the time she was missing.

Now, this is the part that is completely up to you: you can come up with what she had done during the time she was missing and mostly importantly, at the end of everything, her memory is required to be wiped somehow or someway, and is eventually thought of to be amnesia. Face claim is up to your preference.

Remember that night underneath the stars? For a minute, I thought the world was ours.
01. The Twin Brother
This is Wally Grayson. He is the older twin brother of Keith by a few minutes and is the more cheery, sporty one between the two of them, thus making him a jock. Academically, Keith is a little better than him and is able to grasp things more. However, Wally has the people skills and is able to socialise more. I want to play out the distance between the two of them evolving into hate because I have my own plans in mind for Keith as he veers down the wrong path, making his brother worry for him

For face claims, all I ask is that for you to either use Sora (for fraternal twin) or Ventus (identical twin) from the Kingdom Hearts series. It'd be ideal if you have been on the site for a while.


02. The Eldest Sister
This is Athena Grayson, elder sister to the twins and the younger sister of Ian Grayson. During the day, she is your typical university student who attends classes. A really normal life, right? Here's the twist: she's a popular underground DJ and it is not something the most people know as she goes under the identity of DJ Goddess. While she's open with her family, it's this aspect of her life that she is not willing to share, not when her twin brothers are still far too young.
early twenties

03. The Eldest Brother
This is Ian. He is the eldest brother of Keith and is not biologically related. Nevertheless, he treats Keith as his own family and is basically the emotional trash can for Keith whenever he ends up exploding from all the pent-up feelings that he often lets build up inside. Personality and history is completely open for your own intepretation, as long as you include the point forth from when the twins enter his life. As for face claim, I'm quite open to anything, but I'm just leaving Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED series here for the time being. Alternatively Terra from the Kingdom Hearts series could work too.
kira yamato
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retail associate
little brother freshman, jock (football), everything else up to you

Join the Murdock family! The family is fiercely competitive and highly values sports and excellence. Callista has cemented her spot in the family as the black sheep, having strayed away from trying to impress people. For this character, I have this idea that he might be inspired by Callista's rebellion.. While he enjoys sports and has been successful in parts of the sibling rivalry, the boy isn't 100% bought into the whole deal. Of course, even though Callista is bitter about having so much pressure put on her for such a long time, she doesn't want her little brother to be shunned from the family as well and thinks his talent in football will let him go far so long as he sticks with it. So the kid will have this great conflict with himself between following other passions and going along with what he's being pressured to do. If you have any questions or anything, please let me know by PM!
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