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Manny Delgado Salcedo

Seventeen - Female Delinquent - Sophomore Homosexual
Manny is a sweetheart with a rebellious streak and a dash of stubbornness. She’s most often found smoking out behind the school or painting her nails in the library, when she’s not working/visiting the local nightclub in town that is. She’s a bit of a graffiti artist with an interest in the fashion industry, yet she never hesitates to pick a fight with someone who’s harassing girls or even pretty boys.

With her vast range of interests, she’s really not that difficult to get along with. She makes friends easily, and though she has a guarded personality, she’s the type to always be there to lend a hand when things get rough. The only thing she isn’t really into, is sports. But between her best friend, Killa and her joining Track & Field, she can easily hit it off with Jocks too. No one is too farfetched for her to befriend, throw them all at her!

If you’re rich, she’s probably less keen on you. Wary, at least, of befriending you. If you’re a snob about it? Hell to the no. Snooty, snobby rich kids are something she cannot stand. Anyone who bullies or harasses people, will be on her shitless permanently. If not on the other end of her fist. Also anyone with an overinflated ego, the kind that thinks they’re better than others in one way or another. They just rub her the wrong way and summon her inner competitiveness to the surface.

Girls. Manny loves girls. She loves everything about them. She is one of the gayest things in existence. She may occasionally develop a crush on a guy, but its short-lived and usually more admiration than romantic interest. She’s a total flirt and gentlelady when it comes to girls. She’s into the cute and sweet type usually, but she’s had girlfriends from mouthy punks to innocent preps to awkward nerds in the past. As long as there’s a connection and they have a pretty smile, it doesn’t take much to win this girl’s heart.

Naomi O'Malley

Sixteen - Female Loner - Junior Heteroflexible
Naomi is one of the shyest people you could ever meet. She has some pretty intense social anxiety and it has led to her developing selective mutism. She hasn't managed to make any close friends yet, due to her shyness and inability to talk outside her home. Though a loner, she longs to be more involved in school activities and with her classmates, but is usually too intimidated to try for very long. She's been club/team hopping since she started attending the school, never staying longer than a month or two.

This girl is in sore need of friends. She's been trying her best, but her timid demeanor and innate shyness often make her give up before anyone has a chance to realize she's trying to befriend them. Once she does realize however, she'd be so unbelievably happy! She'd love to have friends to go hiking with and ones who are understanding enough not to pressure her to talk to them even after they discover she isn't completely mute.If you have the patience to befriend her, you'll have loyal friend for as long as you want her around.

Naomi isn't really capable of seeing anyone as an enemy.. She's been bullied a lot in the past, but even while fearful of them she can't really bring herself to dislike or hate them. But while she doesn't consider anyone to be an enemy, that doesn't mean others won't view her as one. Her shy, meek personality could irritate them, or they could just be bullies wanting someone to harass or use that literally cannot talk back to them. So please, bully this poor girl!

She's something of a secret hopeless romantic. She's mainly straight, though she has had the occasional, warm fuzzy feelings for a girl before. She often daydreams about meeting the one and their influence on her- making her feel so happy, so warm, so comfortable with herself, that she'd be able to overcome her anxiety entirely. Though she'd never outright say it (lol), she believes in the power of love and that it can do great things, however cheesy it sounds. Her parents have a wonderful relationship and are still very much in love.. And she aspires to be as happy as they are one day.

Presley U. Grant

Eighteen - Male Nerd - Senior Questioning
Presley is comparable to fresh french fries (without the deliciousness). Golden, extra salty and likely to leave you with a burn. He's all serious all the time, no time for anyone's bullshit. He's the absolute worst at socializing and doesn't care enough to even attempt it. With all the stress he's under 24/7, with having been raising two kids for the past few years on his own while working three jobs and still attending high school.. You'd think he'd be a little more forgiving when others are under stress and make mistakes or accidentally irritate him. Wrong. He has unbelievably high standards and if you can't match his pace, you better get the hell out of his way.

Something Presley genuinely believes he doesn't have the time for. Hell, even if he did, he doesn't really want them. After his childhood friend betrayed him in the worst of ways, at a time when he needed someone the most.. Pres isn't interested in giving anyone the chance to hurt him again. It'd take someone with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint to worm their way into his good graces after burrowing a little hole in the icy wall he's built up around himself. If one could succeed, however, they'd have a friend who would literally give his life for theirs if need be.

Now this is something Presley can do. He loathes 99.99% of the human race and honestly takes enjoyment in ruining things for others. He won't exactly go out of his way to, but he's full of horrifying facts about seemingly innocent things. Anything to make others feel just a little less happy, is something that makes him feel just a little less out of place. Enemy #1, though? ROWAN MCRAE. Anyone affiliated with the cheer captain is likely to make Presley's shit list, even without having actually met.

Absolutely not. The way he feels about friends, magnified by a hundred. The only way anyone is ever going to stand a chance with Presley, is if they somehow manage to make it to the rank of friend and then pray for a snowball's chance in hell of a miracle. His heart is locked down and put away far behind that icy wall, and he's not about to let anyone make him anymore miserable than he already is.
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manny delgado salcedo & benny li

delinquent friends!!! I imagine benny and manny probably get along really well, since they seem to have a pretty similar attitude towards your usual delinquent-y activities. y’know, the usual. 8’) they can, like, do graffiti stuff or smoke together hehehe.

one thing they probably bond over, tho, is maybe being girls in kind of a male-heavy clique? :o like, even tho benny’s a tomboy, she still likes doin some girly things like her makeup and caring about her appearance, etc. (even if she does have a bit of a #notlikeothergirls attitude, but hey, she’s fourteen). so idk, girls should stick up for other girls, especially when the other boys are maybe trashing girly activities and stuff >:V
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jake & manny delgado salcedo

Manny, meet Jake; the New York born street art enthusiast, hip-hop culture lover, and motorcycle and kickboxing hobbyist. Jake's a guy who keeps to himself but also keeps himself constantly busy with something. He's very active with his hobbies and interests, and when he isn't, he's either studying or working in his parents restaurant. A day off doing nothing? What is that?

Jake's a walking paradox. He loves peace and silence, but he also gets bored really easily if he's got nothing to keep him occupied. He likes action, and he kind of likes some background noise. So if nothing happens... he makes something happen. And perhaps, Manny could help him out with that?

I remembered you mentioned Manny being into graffiti, and Jake's into that as well. He's, in fact, part of the school's art club where one can see his works displayed. But on a less legal note, if you walk by abandoned factories or quiet looking alleys in downtown, you may find graffiti painted in a similar style and tagged by Kumiho. Often, he likes to paint things in detail with a lot of colors. Jake especially likes to paint things that he thinks are beautiful, like galaxies and Asian women in traditional clothes among other things.

So I was thinking it'd be cool if these somehow became partners in crime and spray painting. How exactly that would happen is still something I'm trying to figure out, but I'll get to the bottom of it eventually. Would you be interested? Add/subtract as you wish.

katie collens & presley grant
hello! so hear me out here...

i think that katie could be that first person to break through presley's walls. she's a very sweathearted and kind person, who has patience to spare. especially when she has her mind set on something. she'd want him to believe in people and believe that people can be friends and loyal.

she's a very innocent person, someone who's never had her dreams broken really. if presley isn't interested in becoming friends with her, even after she'd persist, i think it'd be interesting for him to just break her out of her little daydream world and show her reality. sometimes she does needs to be grounded.

for sure, the two could have a interesting dynamic and interesting interactions. http://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gckthEg81qzckow.gif thoughts, comments, other ideas? i'm just throwing this out there! http://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcm3GGDG1qzckow.gif
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