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Posted by: bear Jun 6 2018, 03:06 PM
17 male senior "bicurious" nerd know-it-all arrogant knowledgeable
that pretentious jerk in your poli-sci class who thinks he has the right to loudly talk over anyone and everyone and thinks people like him more than they do. not surprisingly, on the debate team, but also plays football and lacrosse.

while he is very responsible and studious, he's very bossy and always has criticism for everyone, while being unable to really take any. tends to befriend either passive nerds who let him push them around, or similarly pompous, privileged rich kids. he's also a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to his political opinions.

identifies as bicurious, but would be secretly extremely disgusted if a guy expressed interest in him. but likes flattery from anyone otherwise.

34 male faculty pansexual art teacher sculpture/3d art off-beat genuine
art teacher with weird ideas about science and religion, but that doesn't make him any less friendly with the students and other faculty.

not the best teacher, even if he is an accomplished sculptor and 3d artist. kind of a harsh grader, but unintentionally, and will change grades easily on request.

used to be an athlete, and coaches xc and track year round. he also used to be fairly open with his sexuality, but he's less of a playboy now. not interested in students.

also sells weed on the side, but not to students. will smoke with them, tho, if you bring your own.

15 female sophomore heterosexual delinquent skater wild-spirited
good-for-nothin hooligan who spends most of her time loitering around the skate park or the neighborhood with the rest of the breakfast club, her childhood gang of friends.

moved around a lot as a kid, and still craves the taste of adventure. now mostly in the form of petty crime.

a loyal friend, if you can stand her inability to tell the truth about the useless details of her life. also has rather sticky-fingers for little things she doesn't need. always up to have a good time and cause some chaos.

still trying to figure things out, but hey, she's young! throw anything at me.

15 female sophomore homosexual creative outgoing persistent theatre geek
upbeat, friendly girl prone to theatrical outbursts and likes to see the world as one big play.

unsurprisingly, part of the drama club and writes for the school newspaper. surprisingly determined and won't take no for an answer when she smells a hot story.

likes to get to know interesting people. they're usually the main characters, after all. persistent to the point of clingy and obnoxious when making friends.

also likes cute girls. cute girls who are also into cute girls, hit her up.

14 male freshman heterosexual fringe spacey sweet animal lover film buff
scruffy, spacey country boy who likes animals and hates class. family runs a pet - exotic and regular - breeding business, so he always smells like dogs.

has a twin sister and owns three turtles. that's like, four friends, which is enough for him, so he's not really looking for any new ones. but for some reason other people find him funny - or maybe just easy to pick on.

also a really big fan of all movies, especially recent ones. works at a movie theatre downtown and daydreams about writing film scripts in his spare time.

age gender year sexuality clique trait trait

Posted by: hestia Jun 7 2018, 11:56 AM
tristan lockhart & keegan moon

I like it, lol. Tristan was captain last year too so he's used to the salt.

In his head, though, he's probably like: "The guy who did n't even play last year has no right to complain." (And in his mind, he can think like that because he was at every game and practice despite his career as a model - which probably makes people more salty tbh.)

Posted by: hestia Jun 7 2018, 03:37 PM
tristan lockhart & keegan moon

OH! I know what you're referring to. The missed year of school was during grade school - that's why he's a year behind (also because I did math wrong when I first created him). It's not a retcon - more clarification about why he's just going into his senior year when everyone else his age would've already graduated. Sorry if that's confusing.

Posted by: apple Jun 8 2018, 11:29 AM
& hunter
more bro friends! tbh i feel like keegan & hunter had the least interaction and they should have more bc idk they do! LMAO. bear, i am not good w words.
& olivia
10/10 summer being an accomplished sculptor has olivia in awe. even if he's not the most teachiest teacher, she would hope he isn't pressed to find her looking up to him as a sort of mentor. TEACH HER THE WAYS. she smokes occasionally (dnt tell her mom) when she's stressed so talks can be had when they're nice & high as a kite.

Posted by: floss Jun 10 2018, 08:45 PM
@bear we back we back we baaaack. just kinda plopping down existing plots for now ahaha

cecily & keegan | seems these two are balancing precariously on the "conversational acquaintance" tightrope, in that they can talk civilly about school but probably butt heads over everything else. lots of praying for patience in cecily's future methinks, tho with keegan being a year up now their dynamic maybe changes a little bit?

taliesin & keegan | haha perish, keegan moon. no but seriously if new year's still happened then... taliesin probably keeps an amused berth while keegan resorts to catholicism and also denial to cope.

Posted by: trinity watson Jun 10 2018, 08:59 PM
@keegan moon & angel

So I plan on bringing her back, do we want to just continue where we left off? Angel with the boytoy thing lmao.

Posted by: bear Jun 12 2018, 01:43 PM
hunter carter & keegan

YES PLS WE DEF NEED MORE INTERACTION FOR THESE BOYS. tbh hunter prob scares keegan a lil bit because he’s quiet but so <i>alpha male</i> if that makes sense LOL. so while keegan prob has no trouble talking back to spencer or teagan, hunter’s like the only one who can get him to shut up asap with just one word.

also he probably wants all of the girls that hunter gets. its not fair. he’s not even <i>that</i> sexy. keegan’s, like, part asian too!!!!

olivia ross & summer flowers

OH THIS IS SO CUTE. if this was a lifetime movie summer and olivia’s mom would fall in love and they would open a lil ceramics sculpting studio and he would adopt olivia but because this is misfits and adults don’t exist he’s just gonna smoke weed with olivia instead. but it’s ok because the high makes u better at sculpting, he’s gonna show her.

LMFAO. but for real olivia can come hang out with summer in the art room anytime, baked or not, and they can ~make art~!!!!

floss yee!! thank you for the refresher!! I’m gonna hit up your plotter soon for new plots so stay tuned

like i think I mentioned briefly in the cbox, but I’d love it if we kept all of events of last year’s threads as canon, but maybe cecily & tally were a year younger all along. relationships are probably the same except keegan can’t look taliesin in the eye (even tho his tinder still says he’s bi).

this makes it very hard for the debate team to get funding from student council. keegan just tries to communicate solely through email and denies the problem. tally is probably relieved. LMAO

angel marcuthe & keegan

yes lmao! I think it’d be fun if this plot kinda ties in with his weird romp with taliesin schermitore in that keegan is now so desperate to reaffirm his sexuality that he’s like, extra into angel, and tries to bring her to student council meetings to show everyone else that he’s like, super into girls. using her while she uses him??

Posted by: Sundae Jun 12 2018, 03:16 PM

(I'm waiting for ainsley tyson shipping Hunter and Keegan frfr.)

duck kelly & Jasper

I love the idea of Duck sneaking behind Jasper when he's at a premiere movie. Jasper may grumble when he feels some ideas or plots are a bit obvious, so he may have a lot to say to a fellow movie nerd. Also things like "pls don't do that if you write a script". But at that same time, he may be 'pls keep that secret /cries', and he would totally text him to talk about the upcoming movies and the best hours to see various movies?? And the best moments to bring his dates /shot.

Posted by: trinity watson Jun 12 2018, 03:59 PM
Sounds good to me! But awwww does Keegan have a crush? Because if Angel finds out she's being used...he might get hurt XD

Posted by: mango Jun 13 2018, 07:27 PM

duck kelly and princess reyes-taylor.

oh my god. i love him. my adorkable baby i would really love for them to be in the same classes like, more people princess knows hey. she definitely comes off as really strong and it would be really funny if she's intimidated him all these years but it's just princess being...princess. she'd probably take something he said that she thought was funny and blow it up with her friends as a joke but it seems dramatic/mean or something. not that she doesn't like him tho, he aight.

if he ever has a vineable moment though that princess thinks would be her VINE DEBUT you know she would be all over him tho.

@[keagen moon] and me
i love him. i will plot w him one day

Posted by: bear Jun 13 2018, 10:13 PM

lmao anyway

Jasper St. John & duck kelly

HAHA omg that’s cute. we should do a text thread of them discussing a movie :’D maybe infinity war if you’ve seen it? or anything big really that we’ve both seen, doesn’t necessarily have to be super recent. I just think it’d be cute to see em nerd out lolol.

angel marcuthe & keegan moon

please hurt him. PLEASE LMAO. maybe we can do a thread of them having a “date” at the county fair? and maybe he’s too busy texting his friends and taking selfies of them together to show off his hot date that she gets mad lmao.

princess reyes-taylor & duck kelly

YEAH LMAO. u said it best it’s just princess being princess but duck is confused by people who move too quickly so she’d just be. kinda scary.

ok the next time I find a funny vine im gonna @ u and we can recreate it in thread format plz

also re: keegan hes the worst and has acne please ignore him

Posted by: trinity watson Jun 14 2018, 07:37 PM
keegan moon & angel
now that i'm not stoned Yaaaah sounds good to me. I have to put her app up but once that's taken care of, i'll get to writing that post. Unless you want to *w*

Posted by: keegan moon Jun 16 2018, 03:36 PM
angel marcuthe

threw up a real quick starter for you!

Posted by: mitsuo williams Jun 19 2018, 10:56 PM
alice moreau + willow

YESSSSSSSS OMGGGGG. While she doesn't call herself the gossip queen, she totally has her nose stuck in everyone's business and will cheerfully listen to others drop the hot goss and spill the the hot tea. God bless. She would TOTALLY be down to answering questions for Alice, unless she was specifically told not to mention this to anyone. But most of what she has is stories put together from all kinds of happenings occurring in the school. The unnamed informant. You gotta bribe her with starbucks every so often tho but its mainly a chill excuse to hang out at Starbucks together lmao. I LOVEI TTTT OMGG <3

Posted by: alice moreau Jun 28 2018, 08:19 AM
willow forrest & alice moreau


do u wanna do a quick coffee date thread or something with these two??? I just have this image in my mind of alice kinda sneaking around in a silly disguise (sunglasses and a hat) like, nobody must know about this top secret confidential recon mission but actually its just like, two girls talking hot goss. LMAO because nobody can know that she gets her intel from willow, obvs. even if she has a reputation as the gossiper, nobody can know.

Posted by: maura scott Jul 1 2018, 10:39 AM
FELLOW MOVIE BUFF EXCELLENT YES they can absolutely geek out together!! scout would think it's pretty cool that he wants to do something with movies and would probably ask to see his stuff all the time, even if it's just a three minute shot of a shrub from different angles, idk. i love the idea of them having met first over on some cinema discussion forum, and maybe like scout expressed hatred for a popular film (like an oscar-winning one? idk) but while everyone on the forum started bashing her, duck shared the same opinion? (we could switch the roles too, it doesn't really matter.) so they got to chatting online from there, and then hEY whaddya know, they both live in peachtree! and scout has free employee-perk tickets to the premiere of this new movie coming out, so they should absolutely check it out together?? honestly i don't know but this sounds so cute and duck is so precious so i'm 100% down for anything!

Posted by: maura scott Jul 1 2018, 01:10 PM
asjflskfjg what an adorable child omg three hours scout probably watched all of it once when she was procrastinating on doing homework lbr. and all of that works for me tbh!! from them starting off as online friends to her watching his youtube videos and recognising a particular place. we could probably do like a social media/chat thread? or we could go right ahead to them meeting up for the first time to watch incredibles 2 lmao (that's the perfect movie for this tbh), idk. honestly anything would be fantastic i'm just super excited to get to write with you again ahhh

Posted by: oswald wyrmwood Jul 4 2018, 05:54 PM
keegan moon & oswald


Omg yesss they're so insufferable to everyone else when they talk but they agree on a lot of things and its everyone's worst nightmare. I like the dynamic they could have because Oswald doesn't mind letting other people take up the conversation since he sucks so bad at talking, but it also might be where Keegan overtakes him in their tiny rivalry. Like I can see keegan saying some random shit and Oswald just stares at him but hours later when he texts him he's like "Yeah so I cross referenced three different government sites and what you said about x was not actually true? Just fyi. Bring me fries." Like its sort of passive aggressive until its not which is probably rare lmao. Oswald is conflictive but also not it just depends on his mood so. They have an entirely separate text thread used exclusively to collect pictures of people being fucking morons. Ok? Ok.

Posted by: maura scott Jul 5 2018, 07:33 AM
procrastination makes u do weird things oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ("the breeze around the second hour mark adds some real variety to the shot!!) and i actually love the idea of starting with a chat thread where scout asks him about the location of his latest video?? i can get that up, if that's cool with you! and down the line we can absolutely do a proper thread as well ahh c':

Posted by: Jail Jul 6 2018, 04:26 AM
alice moreau + juliet

Eep! This is a response from your reply to my plotter Anyway, I could actually agree with you on them being friends, even though they have respective arts. Juliet loves to interact with other creatives even though their interests in art aren't the same as hers. Besides, being with other creatives who have different arts can make her learn something new. I could totally imagine Juliet watching or observing Alice do her thing XD

As for the second statement, that's totally good with me. Juliet tends to stick with her friends at most and she would always think that after a few days, she finally got to be good friends with your character. So it would be interesting to see her reaction once she discovers that Alice has been with other people while she is around. If there was a reason, she would totally understand and consider it, although she would still feel kinda broken.

Posted by: oswald wyrmwood Jul 6 2018, 05:07 PM
keegan moon & Oswald
Ohmygod KEEGAAAAAN. Please do, Oswald will oscillate between research the ever-living shit out of this one obscure trivia fact or like just shrugging and being like ‘damn cool’ and letting Keegan have his moment of self-inflated ego.

LMAO YESS. “Can you believe this professional newspaper didn’t actually list their sources for this one really dumb opinion like??? What does ‘In the circles some say’ bullshit??” Oswald and Keegan exchange like ‘intro to this complicated field’ books and then they just chat about what they think of it. LMAO OR QUIZ EACH OTHER LOW KEY. They sit at lunch reading the most pretentious of books available to them and its just fantastic. I really like the dynamic of they getting along perfectly but also low/high key trying to one up each other because it always feels nice to do that.

Posted by: Jail Jul 11 2018, 02:47 AM
summer flowers and Juliet

Aaa thank you! didn't think she was gonna be that cute And yiss!! Finally an art teacher!! Eee I can't wait for these two to meet! I would totally agree with your plot ideas on this one. I don't think he would be worried about her because she hasn't adjusted to school, though, because she just fit in just fine, but more like he'd be worried about her because of her overconfidence with her abilities. She won't take that "being hard on her" maturely, so it's gonna be a good challenge for her XD

Anyways I like these ideas! Would totally work for me anytime!

alice moreau and Juliet

I'm sorry have I ever told you about the plots we have for her and Julie XD Forgive me for being forgetful

Posted by: Jail Jul 14 2018, 05:26 AM
summer flowers and Juliet

Aaa I understand! Yeah, that could actually be one of the initial reactions that people had with her when she first stepped into school, but overall she's fine. Maybe Summer'd ask first if she's fitting well in school and engage in a small conversation before finally arriving in classes?

And ooo! Art classes? Totally going to sign Juliet up for that! Luckily the art workshop that she goes after school is closed for the summer, so she's totally going to sign up!

alice moreau and Juliet

So, about these two... Alice and Juliet might actually get to be friends even though they have different art specialties. However, Alice tends to befriend new people so Juliet might get hurt by this because she doesn't let go of friends easily. Juliet will understand that, though, even though she'd get quite betrayed by that.

Got this from an excerpt from the plots you submitted to me Lol I tried, just tell me if there's anything I missed. If you've got any other ideas though, feel free to tell me!

Posted by: Jail Jul 18 2018, 03:08 AM
summer flowers and Juliet

Hhhh Julie is soo totally in! We could do a 1 on 1 thread if there aren't any other interests, but we should also probably wait for others to join in! The more the merrier, after all!

alice moreau and Juliet

Ah yes conflict. The good stuff. It wouldn't make a friendship boring or typical that way I totally agree with your ideas, too, like they could talk it out over the phone or something. So far I don't have anything to add yet, because these ideas are great enough

Also! Juliet would need a tour guide around the school, so that could work. Would totally work for me, since Juliet needs a tour guide and much less a creative like her They could talk about their interests while walking around, too

Posted by: Jail Jul 20 2018, 06:13 AM
summer flowers and Juliet

Yee!! I'll be expecting that!

alice moreau and Juliet

Ah yes! Text drama! Something that they could definitely talk it out with. Juliet's the same; not really the confrontational person as well. Text is definitely the way to go.

Yes, the tour guide thread would be great! We can't have them suddenly texting drama without even getting to know each other yet lol. One at a time is good! I'm up for that thread if you want!

Do you want me to make the thread or would you like to do the honors?

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