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Patrick RobertsonPatrick Robertson

Ash’s Mack’s Character’s for hire!

”I’m Bad Company, I can’t deny it

Jackson “Jack” Maxwell

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To Jackson, friends aren't just people you hang around with. Rather they are the brothers you choose. He doesn't really care if you share his interests or not, but instead that you match his values. Jackson expects to be able to receive support from his friends and all banter aside, someone to stand next to him when push comes to shove. Ultimately Jackson is looking for the same sort of comradery that soldiers share when on deployment.


Jackson can get pissed of easily, very easily. Yet he never holds anything against people who annoy him, in fact in most instances once he has calmed down he won't ever give the whole thing a second thought. Jackson does hold a lot of rivals though. Anyone who seems likely to overpower or undermine him is considered a target, an obstacle which he will strive to overcome. However, Jackson does have enemies on top of this as well. Anyone who he considers a threat to his friends (or himself if applicable) or opposes his ideas such as delinquents or anyone with a somewhat left-leaning political view. To those people, he holds nothing but disdain and while he won't normally outright harm them, he considers it his duty to society to make their lives as much of a living hell as possible.


Jackson has never really been a romantic or harboured any true interest in romance. Sure he finds women attractive and understands that he should probably have a girlfriend or something. Frankly, someone could probably just walk up to him and say "You're my boyfriend now!" and he would merely accept that within reason. (He wouldn't date a commie, don't bed a red)

"We can dance if we want to"

Patrick Robertson

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Being new to Ridgeview, Patrick is a bit light on friends. Which is to say he currently has none. Fortunately, the whole "clique" system is an entirely foreign concept to him and as such he is more than willing to befriend anyone from any clique. However, Patrick is a little odd to say the least, with strange hobbies and eccentric mannerisms at the forefront. To befriend Patrick one would not only need to tolerate these behaviours but also accept them as part of who he is. "I mean, we are all a little bit weird really..."


Due to... previous instances, Patrick has a strong disdain for those who are abusive or unnecessarily aggressive to others, be it verbally or physically. And furthermore, he is also easily provoked by those who look down on him for being somewhat abnormal. In fact, he will often go out of his way to annoy those who he considers to be arrogant or snobby.


To form any deeper bond with Patrick one would not only accept his "weirdness" but also show some of their one. Patrick is not one to hold his heart on his sleeve but nor does he hide it desperately. All in all, Patrick longs for someone who will share and cherish many wacky and absurd adventures with him.

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kerina chevalier & Jackson Maxwell

boxing... acquaintances lmao ▸ DID U SAY BOXING BC i want a boxing friend for kerina yes pls. i mean except for the fact that they probs wouldn't rly be friends since kerina has an intense dislike for men in general. not to mention, jackson being a jock would probs be another point off. 8') STILL THO. if he's rly rly good at it, even kerina wouldn't deny his skills and would maybe stop to watch him sometimes but never rly?? make conversation? which is kinda creepy but it's like, she'd try to copy him from afar as if it's some sort of free lesson at the gym lmao. as for running into each other in school... kerina's got a generally negative reputation, being both a loner and an ex-delinquent who's a bit hostile towards 99% of the school's population. but YA. IDEK WHAT KINDA THREAD IT'D MAKE IF THEY HAVE A THREAD, just thought it's neat that they both box is all bahahaha.

spencer jones & Jackson Maxwell

cliquemates!! ▸ omg i couldn't find jackson on the list of activities so idk what teams he's on. or if he's even?? on a school team at all LOL. but regardless!! he's in the same clique as spencer, whose full name is spencer JACKSON david jones. coincidence? I THINK NOT (yes). they're similar yet different in terms of their values, so they could potentially be friends, tho maybe not the beeeest of friends since spencer can be (and is) considered as a bully in school. he's spoiled and has the tendency to pick on others/pick fights for his own jollies. he does that w everyone tho, including the jocks AND the elites, so that's a thing. HOWEVER, bc they're in the same clique, spencer would also feel an automatic loyalty towards jackson. meaning that they could fight and/or bicker all they want (which seems likely given their personalities?? lmao) but at the end of the day, he will be on the same side as jackson where it matters. ;v; AND YA DAS IT. lemme know ur thoughts for anything and everything brah, and i'll see if i can add anything else!!!
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Patrick Robertson & alice moreau

alice is convinced Patrick is actually a famous actor who’s at ridgeview attempting to research a ‘role’ so that’s why he acts in these weird ways all the time. but don’t worry, Patrick, because as a fellow actor herself, your secret is safe with alice! like seriously, what kind of normal high schooler wears a top hat?

LOL despite how she might not be totally accurate with that assessment, I still think alice and Patrick could at least have some interesting interactions c: she’s someone who likes to befriend the ‘weird and wacky’ kids and Patrick certainly fits that. and she is very open minded, so while she might not understand all of his obsessions like with steampunk, she’d definitely find them cool!
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