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 Ridgeview High Road-Marchers!, Music + Marching = Fun
Aria ClarkeAria Clarke
Hello lovely people of this website! I don't know if it was just me, but I saw a great injustice here in terms of the extracurriculars offered. More specifically, a complete lack of a marching band. I don't know about you guys, but marching band was a major part of the high school experience for me (along with cheerleading), and I think that we really need to solve this problem. After all, without a marching band, who would play the Star Spangled Banner at the football games? Who would provide entertainment during the time-outs of said football games? And what is half-time without a good performance? And thats not even mentioning the exposure the school would get from the band playing local parades and winning band competitions.

Now that we are on the same page in terms of the problem, we need to get to work fixing it. Well it would be pretty simple to say, "Lets just start a marching band," but it really is not that simple. After all the lifeblood for a marching band is in the people who can join it. So if you were to be interested in joining this hypothetical marching band, please post here with the instrument that you can play/position that you would like to fill.

Roster -

Drum Major: FREE (Preferably an upperclassmen)

Brass -
Trumpet: Ava Lancaster
Trombone: FREE
Mellophone: FREE
Euphonium: FREE
Sousaphone: FREE

Woodwinds -
Flute: FREE
Clarinet: Waiola Aikane
Alto Saxophone: FREE
Tenor Saxophone: FREE
Baritone Saxophone: FREE

Percussion -
Snare: Natsuki Shinonome
Quad-Toms: FREE
Bass: FREE
Cymbals: FREE

Front Ensemble -
Timpani: FREE
Marimba: FREE
Drum Set: FREE
Auxiliary Percussion: FREE
Keyboard: FREE
Bass Guitar: FREE
Electric Guitar: FREE

Color Guard -
Captain: Aria Clarke
Member: Claire Liu
Member: FREE
Member: FREE

((If you play an instrument that you think would work for marching band that isn't listed here we can definitely add it to the list, and if don't worry if someone is already is playing your instrument, multiples are encouraged!))

Okay so now that we have our band together (hopefully), we need to actually do things that marching bands do. The first step in this regard is to build a halftime show. So I was thinking that a cool theme for our first show could be something like Dance music since its pretty broad and opens the door to some fun songs. Don't be afraid to suggest something else though if you have a better theme for us to do. I've already taken the liberty of looking up plenty of songs that fit the theme that we are going for and have marching band arrangements. All of these arrangements are courtesy of J.W. Pepper and all rights go to them.

List of Song Possibilities

For those of you whom are curious, the uniforms for this band's musicians would look something like This, replacing the red with Ridgeview Teal, and the silver fastenings with gold because we are fancy like that. The drum major would be dressed in the same thing, except with this radical cape attached. The colors are also changed to reflect the school. Meanwhile the color guard would be wearing this for the gals and this for the guys (With the pants, suspenders and bowtie colors changed to match the girl's skirt).

Now that we have songs and the uniform, then comes the actual story. As one might expect from marching band, its all about being in sync. One band, one sound. Before the characters can really be an accomplished ensemble, they would need to come to terms with this concept. A marching band moves together, plays together, and is together. No matter what your social clique, its all about overcoming differences and bonding over a mutual love of music and putting on a good show. If you have any questions regarding this group plot idea, don't hesitate to ask me. Please let me know if you would like to take part in this opportunity and what you would like to do for the group, and what song choices you like. Have a nice day!

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