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Posted by: kalle Jan 25 2017, 12:12 PM
o3. setting
ridgeview high

Ridgeview High is a public school in Peachtree City, California. Home to the Ridgeback Roadrunners, the school colors are teal and grey. Although the school is nearing its twentieth anniversary, the buildings have aged well thanks to relatively constant upkeep. Pristine white walls and wide windows allow for bright classrooms and well-lit hallways. On the second floor, you can find the library, which is home to a host of books and a silent study area. An indoor gymnasium on the first floor offers space for exercise, sport equipment, and hosts all physical education classes.

Located on school grounds are a number of athletic facilities. There are a number of fields for baseball and other field sports. Near the student parking lot are the football stadium and track, which have become popular spots for jocks to spend their free time. Nearby are the tennis courts, where many delinquents can be found during the school day. The Peachtree City community pool can be found down the road from Ridgeview. Although technically not on-campus, it has become home to swin team practices.

Posted by: kalle Jan 26 2017, 10:52 AM
o3. setting
peachtree city

Peachtree City is a town of just over 30,000 located in sunny Southern California. Only 30 miles away from the coast, day-trips to the beach are common amongst citizens. A traditional beach spot for Ridgeview High students is Coral Cove, a small beach known for its pristine sand and abundance of sea glass. A bit closer is the Silver Springs National Park. Despite its small size, Silver Springs is beloved by locals for its abundance in recreational activities. Home to over 400 native species of flora, the park is ideal for taking scenic hikes. The Morgan River is a popular kayaking location, and park-run campgrounds are convenient for overnight trips. Visitors are advised to keep an eye out for roaming black bears and to keep all stored food aboveground.

Within city limits, the beautiful downtown area is home to modern architecture. While the rest of the town can be dull, the center is an hub of shopping options. For older citizens (or those with a fake ID), The Flamingo Bar is a popular spot to drink the weekend away. Younger customers might find The Bean Café more appealing. A popular spot for coffee dates and study sessions, the café is open from 6am-12am. Open 24 hours is the John Steinbeck Memorial Park. Just outside of city hall, the small park is filled with green grass and is an ideal place to spend warm days.

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