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 FRINGE, marie-jeanne roy, female, senior, played by squishy
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the fighting has begun, and she'll do anything to get ahead
NICKNAME mary, joan, sharpie AGE eighteen YEAR senior GENDER female SEXUALITY heterosexual CLIQUE fringe OCCUPATION flunky
✪ you lost the goddamn main role to stupid little miss bee! how could you! every day, you worked hard. you're the best pick for the role. your mother and your father have no idea why you want to be on the stage so much. they're just quiet parents really, and so are your siblings. but you want your life to be bright and burning - you don't want it to be a quiet little girl and fade in the background. you want to shine, you want to dazzle and you want everyone to see you. so when little miss bee takes that role from you, there's acid in your throat for the first time. you never did forgive her.

✪ sparkling, dazzling, they swept you off your feet. you can't help but find yourself caught up. you hate little miss bee, so when someone offered a chance to get back at the little hoity toity bitch, you took it. and you took a perverse pleasure in it, assisting this bully in tearing down the girl that stole your precious little spot. and you felt strong, powerful. your heart beat a staccato rhythm, letting your blood race through you. you remember smiling like a crazy loon almost, even as the little girl broke down crying. and when she transferred schools because of you? you wanted to laugh and tell everyone. but it was your secret, between the two of you. and you begged for more, for another target.

✪ it was probably because of that event you never ended up fitting good with the creatives. you also knew better then broadcast your intents, so you never quite made it into delinquents. of course, the best bullies - the types you like to hang out with - are probably elites. you realized that rather young, so you easily molded yourself. you didn't even enough money, but you'd take being a fringe. someone has to be the flunky, and why not you? delighting in breaking people down, and following the leads of your betters. it's the best way to fame. after all, sure you wanted center stage, but you never got it. little miss bee was just the first of many to steal your spotlight. the only reason you didn't lose it further after that, was because of this comic book. you can't remember the stupid name, but your big brother gave it to you to shut up for five minutes. and you remember that crazy girl sidekick, one that was just as badass as the villain. so why not, you thought of yourself?

✪ why not indeed. your father was a jeweler employed at the biggest jewelry store in the city - and your mother was a chef at one of the best restaurants. you were pretty luxurious, but you didn't have the money to change everything all the time. so you learned to work with what you had - how to modify your former outfits to look fresh and new. how to make your electronics last in good condition and how to make them cuter all the time. you might just be the sidekick, but that was fine. one day you'd shine even brighter, because all heroes, queens, princesses and what not fall.

✪ you're not sure when it started. jumping out of trees, playing horror games, wandering into the sewers at night. you sought something to excite you, to move your heart. you know it could be dangerous - but you didn't care. after all, if you didn't risk your life, you wouldn't feel alive. and you're rather feel alive and die, then be dead and alive. and sometimes, you know you just can't push it too hard - so you turn your junkie needs on cute, blushing boys and girls. the boys, you might go further - but a blushing girl is cute anyways. playing with fire is fun anyways, isn't it?

✪ school is almost over. soon you have to be out in the real world. what shit. in between your two older siblings and your younger ones, you're not sure where to push. you've lived here your whole life, where else would go? then again, maybe making it out there in the real world wouldn't be so bad... then again, maybe you just wanted to live in highschool forever.

POSITIVES perceptive, studious, understanding, dedicated, smart, realistic, willing to teach others. NEGATIVES bitchy, manipulative, follower mentality, hates others, vengeful, stubborn, picky about food. QUIRKS adrenaline junkie; loves anything horror; likes her mobile games; is literally attached to her phone; has a thing for nails; pretends to be a cat often enough; freaking out cuties; likes being creepy with scissors.
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"run, run, lost boy," they say to me, "away from all reality."
i was alive for the boy is mine
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*cue bowling for soup* high school never ends! be the badass sidekick.

don't forget to do your claims!

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