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 FRINGE, astrid pisano, female, senior, played by apple
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fashion design intern
NICKNAME asta, astro, star AGE eighteen YEAR senior GENDER female SEXUALITY bisexual CLIQUE fringe OCCUPATION fashion design intern
★ your father, giuseppe pisano, is italian, proud and tall as he stands by a name standing up to the tests of time. your mother is born and raised irish, the daughter of immigrants welcomed by 1980s america. both are on the same sides of the tracks, neither one entirely ready to disobey the parents that sacrificed so much for them.

★ as it stood, both sides had always been vastly religious, their deep catholic roots stretched like ripcords throughout the family trees. it makes sense to think that the unexpected pregnancy your parents announced, your older sister weeks in development, came as quite the shock. they weren't married, had only been dating for exactly 7 months before the news was delivered to your grandparents. as people who never truly got along, they were also less than enthusiastic to know they'd somehow be linked. a wedding was rushed out, viviana introduced to the world, and sine devlin adopted her new surname.

★ your impending arrival is announced 15 years later, just before your sister's birthday, the first girl after a long line of boys. from your aunts, uncles, cousins, and all those in between boys had dominated the scene, knocking out all expectations for a brand new baby girl. while your parents had decided years previous that one child was quite enough, the opportunity to expand their family an idea for the younger selves. until you decided otherwise.

★ but she was 45 years old. there was absolutely no way she could be pregnant. did women have children at this point in their lives? was it normal? how could your father do this to her? sine whined on and on for weeks, dreading every morning in which morning sickness would tackle her alongside every other ailment that had begun to slowly inhabit her body. she wasn't at all confident even when the doctor informed her that it was a normal occurrence, that you were growing just as you needed to. no, she wasn't assured until they saw you for the first time on the monitor. "it's a girl," he told your parents, his smile stretching just as theirs did. "it's a girl." she whispered back, squeezing her husbands hand tightly.

★ 16 years separate you from your sister. she never really sees you grow up, and you never see her become the bright young woman that she does. photos, phone calls, and crisp letters bridge the communication gap between the two of you eventually, but it's a long time until then. you're only 3 when she moves out of the family home, kisses and hugs passed around to everyone, your beloved nonna the second to last. the final goodbye is to you, gentle hands cupping your cheeks. a whisper is placed against your temple, and it takes an entire crowd to haul you from the living room door hours later.

★ you soon grow up, a carbon-copy of your grandmother. blonde pigtails sit on either side of your head, her jewelry stacked upon your small frame. that's what everyone thinks you'll be: small. just like your sister who stands only a few centimeters above 5'2". but just like your mother's family and your nonna, you tower above the rest of the kids. legs stretching until you're 11, beating out the tallest boy within your school. your family is encouraging, promising that you could be out every model out there. but children are cruel, and something you once celebrated now made you wish the ground would swallow you whole.

★ middle school builds up your defenses, bringing forth a desire of acceptance you desperately wanted. you had friends, but they were never the close kind. you didn't feel safe telling them your secrets, never once imagined what it would be like introducing them to your wild household. their families were small and normal while yours consisted of a four-block radius. they were loud, italian, irish, invasive, intimidating at times, and all around not what most people would expect.

★ it was just as you began your freshman year of high school, several experiences already under your belt, that you realized something about yourself. it was a self-discovery only a few people go through, should they find themselves at odds with their soul, and it was definitely one that you struggled with. an attraction to both men and women bloomed within. you suppose it began years before, just another thing to ignore as you hit puberty. it wasn't until the first time you kissed a girl, that you knew it couldn't be ignored any longer. funnily enough, you no longer felt divided in half, a sense of completeness flooding into the empty spaces.

★ of course, considering your family and who they were, it wasn't easy to break the news. or at least, you'd built it up in your head so much that it felt difficult to say. but much to your surprise, they accepted you wholeheartedly. of course, many still remained convinced that it would be just another phase, not unlike when you wanted to a ballerina, a doctor, an astronaut, and a fashion designer all in one.

★ one thing you could say wasn't a phase, without a doubt, was your desire to become the best in the fashion biz. while your popularity lagged behind your talent, casting you into wings of the fringes, you were sure it would rise as they saw your passion. it was only a matter of time before you find that moment in the sun. only a matter of time before you they finally saw you.

POSITIVES stylish, feisty, passionate, religious, uninhibited NEGATIVES flirtatious, possessive, impatient, moody, brazen QUIRKS substitutes italian & irish for english words, is a big fan of chopstick hair accessories, is really into 80s & 90s boy bands, all of her designs are inspired by the aforementioned things.
welcome to the site!
she's so cute tf! i'm glad she has a supportive family and is going forth, living her dreams! sell custom prom dresses, astrid. you'll make a killing.

don't forget to do your claims!

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