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 FRINGE, RYO MARUYAMA, male, sophomore, played by mango
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you and the end of summer and the dreams of the future, and our big hope, i hope i won't forget them
NICKNAME yokun AGE fifteen YEARsophomore GENDER male SEXUALITY pansexual CLIQUE fringe OCCUPATION dog lover
- He revels in the peaceful murmur that he got in his family's farms. While he actually spent seldom time there, his family was highly involved with the farms. His dad owned all of them but his mom ruled management.

- He mostly watched. Just doing his best in school and activities to get their attention. Make them proud. And they always told him they were proud, always called him before he went to sleep if they were away, though many times it was for just thirty seconds, and sent congratulation texts for the many events that they couldn't make. They loved him. Yeah.

- When Ryo was seven his mom became pregnant again, so she took maternity leave and actually needed a lot of medical attention. A lady came in every day to check in on her bed rest, but Ryo quickly expressed that he wanted to help her out too. He warmed her the meals that were previously prepared, or heated up some porridge.

"Ryo, you don't have to do this much!" but she smiled when he did things. She loved him. And she was here, so Ryo could sit by and read with her or do his homework in the same room. His mom was great at helping him learn kanji. Though he liked to help, Ryo actually didn't want a younger sister.

- There wouldn't be enough attention to go around, he said to his dad. At that moment his dad was home for the first time in a month, waking up to a breakfast of bread that was toasted too long and broken eggs. Maybe Ryo could have bribed him into getting rid of the younger sister. First of all, he made breakfast(Ryo became better at both cooking and bribing people with time).

- Then they sat down and talked while they ate, before his dad got another of his calls. Having a little sister would be like...having a best friend. And that no matter what it wouldn't change how his parents loved him.

-His sister wasn't his best friend. She was a brat who took up more of his time when he already had so much to do, but it kept his mom around more. She still worked in the company but she took a step back in order to pursue art for a change and raise her children. Ryo was ecstatic then, though sometimes he regrets pulling his mom away from her passions.

- He still had that complex to do everything great so he could get attention, even more so when his Honoka had been being too needy lately. He was the good child. They loved him.

- A lot of people loved him. Ryo helped others with their work, excelled in class, and got a ton of chocolates on Valentine's Day. Though he accepted all of them, he threw away a lot then gave some to Honoka. He couldn't handle a lot of sweets and it would just put him out of shape for karate.

- Certain people loved him too much. It was when he was fourteen, deciding what high school he wanted to go to in Japan. Kageyama Shougo wasn't a close friend, but they went to the same cram school and took karate together, so they saw each other a lot. Just after school ended. Spring. He was much taller than Ryo with broad shoulders, though he wasn't the best looking guy. Ryo was the opposite, short, cute face though.

- Kageyama texted him to come back to the classroom just before they were supposed to leave for cram school, Ryo didn't have a problem with it, so why not.

"I love you."

- There were people Ryo loved. His parents, some of his best friends, his sister actually. But not Kageyama. Two guys getting together just...ugh, wasn't that too weird? Ryo froze. Kageyama didn't.

- He has things he regrets. Ryo knew what he meant, but Ryo asked for what he was saying. He blushed and tripped over his words and Ryo simply stared, not knowing exactly what he should do. He said he didn't know what to think and that sent Kageyama into a panic, trying to explain himself. He put his hands on Ryo's shoulders.

- He has things he regrets. Like screaming, calling Kageyama a homo, getting caught by their classmate.

- His dad thought it would be best if Ryo transferred schools like Kageyama did, just because both of their reputations were compromised at that point. Ryo wanted to get away from it entirely. So he chose to go to school for a year in America. His parents were against it, and his sister didn't want him to go, but he had to get away. They were able to arrange a homestay for him and well...Ryo left as soon as he could. So he could get to know the area better, but he just didn't want to talk to his parents about what happened anymore.

POSITIVES level-headed, curious, perceptive, ambitious, organized NEGATIVES manipulative, dependent, arrogant, stubborn, sadistic QUIRKS - chews on a piece of gum for hours
- has a two full pencil cases of just highlighters and pens
- speaks, japanese, french, and english fluently, has an accent still
- mildly allergic to cats
- lactose intolerant, not too serious
- loves halloween the most
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mango is this a nice app and i say yes all around to ya new son. i also have to say that i misread his name as marinara and now his is ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli. ilu tho LOL

don't forget to do your claims!

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