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 FRINGE, callista murdock, female, junior, played by calyta
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NICKNAME cali/california AGE 16 YEAR junior GENDER female SEXUALITY bicurious CLIQUE fringe OCCUPATION retail associate
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Callista Murdock was born and raised in Peachtree City, California. She was born the second child to a pretty happy but fiercely competitive family. The competition was not unexpected though, since her parents were molded by it as they grew up, they were surely going to pass down their competitive spirit to their kids. Her dad was a football player for the Los Angeles Rams and her Mom, a cheerleader for the same team.

Growing up, between her and her siblings everything would turn into challenges and fights. Mom forgot to pick up a lemon from the produce section? Race ya there to see who can get her one first. That last cookie? You’re gonna have to wrestle for it. Oh, and don’t even get started on academics. Straight A’s was the only way to stay on top. Dinner time was less relaxing family time than it was a one-upping contest between the three siblings. You made a friend at school today? Well, I made 3. Oh but I got an A on my math test, well I got a gold star on my poetry project. But I made the winning shot in soccer today during PE.

On top of the competition at home, Cali’s parents quickly got the kids involved in sports. Callista’s older sister ended up choosing soccer and her little brother, very much under the influence of his father chose football. Callista was into softball for a good run until she grew tired of the competition. She was never going to be the best player on the team, and she sometimes felt she was trying to score runs just to be able to say something impressive and keep her parents happy.

She snapped. Suddenly, the girl held no interest with trying to keep up with her siblings, her peers, and constantly falling short of even her own expectations. She was only in middle school, and suddenly her new goal in life wasn’t to go pro for a sport or get an NCAA scholarship and go to an elite school. Instead, her goal in life was to be happy. Her grades dropped, not to failing, but remarkably average. She picked up surfing as her new hobby and tried making new friends.

Easier said than done.

Callista couldn’t quite find her group when she started high school. She was definitely not going to hang out with the jocks, she wasn’t passionate about school like the nerds, despite being a black sheep in her family she wasn’t really a troublemaker and couldn’t fit in with the delinquents, she wasn’t antisocial enough to be a loner and although she loved playing guitar for fun, thought it didn’t qualify her for being a creative. That left fringes and popular. Though she wanted to be a top dog in the school, she quickly realized she didn’t have exactly what it took, so she found herself in the fringes.

Besides striving for popularity, the girl spends as much time as she can at the beach surfing. When she’s not surfing, she works as a retail associate at H&M where she spends her shifts being bossed around by her manager to do all the minimum wage tasks like cleaning up displays, reracking dressing room items and helping out on register.

Looking to the future, all Cali can see is a big question mark. She’s basically spent the past 3 years screwing around and doing nothing spectacularly noteworthy, or at least so she thinks. Time’s a ticking. The girl has to find something she is passionate about soon, or sink further than she already has according to her family’s standards.

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Cali is held back because she doesn’t believe in herself. She thinks she’s limited and not talented enough for so many things which has built this ceiling above her. Because of this, her grades are pretty average or poor. Math is her worst subject, and has a secret love for reading so English is the class she hates the least. Akin to academics, she thinks she’s not talented enough to be a great musician, artist or even pro surfer. Now, so disillusioned with competition she is the black sheep in her family and avoids being home.

Although Callista is not at all self-confident, she will do anything to give and encourage others. Callista is almost always smiling and nice, often people think she might have an ulterior motive and in fact, they’re just about right. The girl feeds off attention, compliments and that reassurance that she isn’t a total garbage bin like she constantly tells herself she is. All she wants is to be wanted, loved and admired.
POSITIVES laid back, cheery, genuine, funny, generous, optimistic NEGATIVES irrational, sensitive, naïve, messy, airy, impulsive QUIRKS • speaks with acronyms when possible, stupid lucky, collects a shell every time she goes to the beach, can’t walk in heels, has almost every snapchat trophy
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this empathetic child deserves so much good in her life. i pray that she finds her inner strength to win all the trophies a pro surfer should! fab job c:

don't forget to do your claims!

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