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Posted by: bear Jul 4 2018, 04:11 PM
ridgeview herald, member events, + postcards!
happy fourth of july and america day, misfits! in addition, thanks so much for a wonderful month of reopening – here’s to more to come and some exciting new updates!

thanks to everyone who participated in the county fair! hopefully everyone got to experience the classically small-town feeling we’ve always wanted out of peachtree. also, congratulations to princess reyes-taylor, the winner of the talent show event!

with princess’s win and the subsequent headlines it made on local news, jocks are ahead when it comes to influence! also, remember that you can earn easy points by just completing threads, responding to development prompts, and submitting gossip to the ridgeview herald or confessions blog!

we’re also excited to announce the first edition of the ridgeview herald! you can check it out right next to the cbox.

remember we’re always taking submissions for gossip and member events, and general activity helps us choose for the student spotlight! this month’s star pupil is, again, princess!

upcoming this month, we have…

THE KING’S WEDDING, sponsored by groom-to-be dean vegas! our favorite homecoming king and hooligan is getting married.. but who’s his bride?

THE PEACHTREE SUMMER COLLECTIVE! student council’s hosting a student-run fashion show.. could anything possibly go wrong?

links will update next to the cbox when event threads have been posted!

in terms of site-wide events, send sweet little messages to your friends on the back of postcards depicting your favorite peachtree scenes! this event will run for most of the month and delivered until the end of the season, so get them in! read more about the event here!

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