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 Summer Art, ft summer flowers
PrinceofStrideOffline45 POSTS
Alright Alright it's a hell of a feeling though.
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Summer Art \ summer flowers
Kyounai woke up that morning with a brand new energy that he never had before. Maybe it was because of the fact that he was going to school to attend Mr. Flower's Art Class? After all, he did hear that Mr. Flowers was a great teacher from many students. But to be honest he never really seen the man up close or had a conversation with him. Probably because he never really been down the arts hallway despite his secret passion for Art.

Yes, that's right. A jock was passionate for Art. But then again who wouldn't expect Art was something Kyounai was interested in since he wasn't like most of the stereotypical jocks at the school. He was extremely friendly and he was only a jock because he was really good and captivated by sports.

. Anyways back to the main topic at hand. Kyounai got out of bed and quickly got dressed in a Adidas t-shirt and shorts before putting his blonde hair up into it's usual ponytail. He quickly brushed his teeth before grabbing his backpack and running out the door. He didn't really bother to make breakfast because anyone who knew him by now knew he carried a bag full of snacks.

He decided to jog to school since driving would waste gas anyways and the school wasn't that far. He soon arrived at the school and went towards the classroom the Art Class was located at. He noticed a blonde haired young male seated at a desk and assumed that it was Mr. Flowers. So he walked over and tapped him on the shoulder before extending out his hand.

"Hi Mr. Flowers! I'm so excited to be taking your Art Class this summer!" He said with a bright smile. He then remembered that he didn't say his name and laughed. "Oh sorry, I forgot to say who I was!" He said, giggling. "I'm Kyounai Takashima!" He said with his hand still extended out towards the older man.

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--"I was told that my smile is as bright as the stars"--
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art teacher
summer’s favorite season was, expectedly, summer.

but it wasn’t just because of his name – no, teaching summer classes was the most fun you could have a teacher, in his opinion. the curriculum guidelines were much more fluid, as most of the students taking summer classes would be doing so purely for fun, or to fulfill a pass/fail requirement.

currently, only a few students were enrolled in ART 101, which was just the way summer liked it. it meant more one-on-one time, and in downtime he could even work on some of his own projects.

summer got to his room only a little bit earlier than the time class was supposed to start; there wasn’t really much lesson planning to do, anyway. it was first day, after all.

the art teacher had barely settled into his desk when he heard the door swing open, and summer raised his hands to smile at the student that had just walked in. summer took the student’s hand and shook it, beaming when kyounai introduced himself.

“oh.. kyounai, yes, it’s great to meet you!” summer furrowed his brows just a tiny bit, as he recalled a piece of information from the attendance sheet. “ah, you’re the rising junior, right?”

since they still had a bit of time before class officially started, summer leaned back in his chair and gestured at the one across from his desk for kyounai to sit down if he wanted to. “I remember being a bit curious about that! what made you decide to take this class so late in your high school career?”

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