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 SCAM THE SCAMMERS, c, ft. mango
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Mitsuo waited lazily, his back to the booth as he sat in the rotating stool. He wanted to play the water gun game and he’d waited patiently for there to be no players so it’d be a cheap win but…the person behind the counter was a stickler for rules. They wouldn’t let him play without an opponent. He’d gotten separated from Benny and she hadn’t texted him back so he was stuck waiting for some other asshole to step up to the booth and pay the dollar it took to play this game. His eyes glazed over as he stared at the water in the distance. The smell of sea salt intermingled heavily with the smell of fried funnel cake and sugar.

He was eager to move on but he had really liked the look of the fast hamster pillows they had for prizes. Well, they weren’t big enough to be pillows but they looked squishy enough. Like knock off tsum tsums, which is what they were. He wanted one. For no reason other than he could get one for a dollar if he wanted to. He just had to play the game. But everyone seemed to be accompanied by someone. More competition meant more lost money. He needed to leave… Mitsuo glanced over once again at the fat hamster. Now that he gave it a fourth look…was it supposed to be Hamtaro?

That’s it. His head snapped to the crowd and he glared down the next person he saw before snarling. “HEY KID. PLAY ME.” The blonde then pointed at the hamster he wanted, and then at its various friends. “I need my Hamtaro plushie.” As if that were enough explanation. It was for him anyway.

i woke up chris breezy, oh my god i'm the man
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"I swear to god, a funnel cake line can't be THAT long, you better get 4, I'll be here playing games!" There was a delicate tension between her backpack straps, other bag straps, phone, and her head, which fell apart as her phone fell to the ground when she tried to hang up. A quiet 'fuck' could be heard on the other end as she had to bend down to pick it up.

Princess had a game plan for tonight. Spend it with her friends, but split up to find the best prizes in games and then win them, or find the best person in the group to win them. One group would also go get food on rotation, it was perfect. At least that’s what Princess was yelling about on the car ride here. She’d have to text them to get updates and maybe meet up.

But then someone yelled at her from the water gun station. Ah yes, hamster plushies. Not the most high-quality plush, nor does it have the large size to make it super cuddly, but worth the price. Though earlier, the booth was actually really crowded. Now there was just one bub at it waiting to be beaten?

She had to go.

“I’M NOT A KID! I’M FOURTEEN” she, a child, said in a childish manner. Princess skipped to the booth with her two bags and two pigtails bouncing behind her. “How much for a game?” she asked, already rummaging through her pockets.

“A dollar,” which she slapped into his open palm and settled into the seat next to the emo guy. He was some type of hot topic model!

“Sorry man, I only WIN games, including this one!” Princess smiled, cracking her knuckles in anticipation. “I’m gonna get the one with pigtails.”

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