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 The struggle is real, Ft. Annerie
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Alright Alright it's a hell of a feeling though.
We'll keep on striding Hurry straight to the goal now. Running, high climax of emotion. Forget the past, just let it go. We're running straight into the here and the now. We'll keep on flying gliding into the unknown----
The struggle is real \ Annerie Shaw
Kyounai walked through the hallways of Ridgeview, loving the scent of cafeteria food wafting through the air. He decided to wear his hair down today instead of putting his hair up in his usual "signature" ponytail so that his blonde bangs covered some of his face. He walked around in a red hoodie that matched the color of his eyes with jeans. He smiled and waved at some people as he passed through the hallway with his snack bag on his shoulders.

And by snack bag I mean a bag full of snacks literally, like probably one notebook to take notes in every one of his classes was located somewhere in the bag, but the rest of the contents were snacks. He hummed happily as he continued his journey towards the cafeteria but stopped once he seen a girl at the vending machine. "Hm, I haven't seen her around before.." He thought silently as he watched her for a bit.

After watching her for a few minutes he then realized that she was struggling with the vending machine. He quickly walked over and tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but noticed that you seemed to be having some trouble could I be any assistance?" He asked, with a bright smile.

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--"I was told that my smile is as bright as the stars"--
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I guess I must be a girl of the trees.
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Enter Soda pop
"Skittles. E9" She spoke as if by some magic conveying the command verbally would cast a spell on the machine and she could forgo spending her money. Drilling the appliance with a pointed finger, Annerie eyed the display critically. It wasn't moving- oh! She had to put the in money first. Weird.

Being homeschooled had given her an advantage once. She could spend the whole day in her pajamas, watch Tv between 'classes' (or in lieu of), and eat out of the fridge whenever she liked. She never had to worry about what where to go, what to wear, and most importantly, what she would eat.

On the days when she forgot her lunch at home, Dannon usually bought her something from the food court. Since he was sick today, Annerie had to fend for herself.

"E9, what are you- retarded?" She muttered quietly, tapping the buttons once more. There was no response other than the quiet whirring of the machine. It extended the skittles towards the glass where her face rested eagerly, but the metal prongs kept a tight grip on her snack. It wasn't coming.

"Excuse me, I paid for that! How dare you!" She raged, tapping the glass with her first. Her voice never rose more than a mouse whisper, but her face darkened into an unpleasant scowl. She was hungry and this twerp vending machine was being a pain in the you-know-what.

"Come on, I'm not playing your games you...you Douche-Canoe!" She snapped pressing all the buttons in hopes of getting something. Just a little snack. It didn't have to be a full bag of chips, even just one chip would tie her over until the end of the day...maybe

"Excuse me, I couldn't help but noticed that you seemed to be having some trouble could I be any assistance?"

With a startled squeal, she spun around, nearly flinging her notebook in the direction of the voice. Holy crap, it's Soda Pop!, and he was especially 'popping' today. He'd never been this close to her before, and Annerie fought back the way of anxiety that rose up in her throat.

Don't scream. Don't scream. Don't scream. Don't scream.

"MARRY ME!" She squealed internally, experiencing a dizzying pleasure at the mere thought of being his bride. He would look so great in black, waiting at the alter-I mean, what? Taken a closer look, Annerie realized she had never seen him with his hair down before and he was even hotter.

Maybe she was getting a bit too ahead of herself, but he had asked how he could be of assistance. Her face burned a horrible red as she came to the realization that she hadn't answered him yet.

"Please assist me in having all my children." She thought dreamily, before shaking her head and tossing her fantasies aside. He was going to think she was weird if she didn't' say anything at all!

"Oh, um... I was just having some trouble. The vending machine, it's not working. But it took my money," She stuttered, looking everywhere but at his face. I can't believe he's actually talking to me!
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