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 summer sounds, c, ft hana
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Summer made things in Ridgeview High slow, if only because the place ran on a skeleton crew and rented itself out to summer classes and workshops on occasion. Though most teenagers, with good reason, tended to avoid doing anything near Ridgeview during the summer. The student population could only take so much learning during a year. Oswald could sympathize. He wasn’t here for learning though, just teaching. He’d been recommended and picked up a small paid position as a writing tutor in a creative writing workshop. It wasn’t too hard. The students were mostly fifth and sixth grades making this pretty easy work and pretty amusing. They really seemed to like limericks. He couldn’t blame them.

Work went pretty quickly and once every child had left or been picked up, he said good bye to his coworkers, picked up his things and began making his way out. He didn’t wander out the front door, instead moving along towards an exit that better lead him towards his home. The exit he preferred out of habit and because not many assholes tended to guard it, was one near the arts wing. The doors there easily led away from the school in a roundabout fashion and he could easily swerve whatever trouble might catch up to him when he left through there. Granted, as long as he made it to the arts wing intact and undetected. He didn’t worry about that now though. It was summer, no one was around.

For the most part. The notes of an energetic melody floated by him the closer he moved into creative territory. At first, he’d thought it strange before remembering someone probably threw a music camp as well. Made sense. However, the closer he got the loud the melody became and he realized it was just one piano and one voice. Children were far louder than this. And this also sounded a little polished. Energetic but not erratic. It was nice to listen to and without even noticing his feet dragged him towards the source, walking past his exit and towards the classroom. He vaguely recognized it, having had an elective around there before. The music grew louder and he peaked in to spot a lone teenager sitting at a grand piano playing by himself. “So much for music camp…” he murmured to himself.

He pushed into the room quietly. Oswald timed his entrance with a barrage of loud notes as the song seemed to crescendo. He closed the door quickly behind him and watched, amazed and then slowly as the song seemed to slow down for the end, Oswald began to realize he’d entered without permission. More so, if he stayed gawking like an idiot at the entrance he’d have to converse with the stranger and he would much rather not and just avoid the whole mess. Praying the music had kept the player distracted he began to look for a place to hide before crouching down and attempting to shove himself underneath the teacher’s desk near a corner of the room. He overestimated his physical prowess however, and in the process, tripped while getting underneath, banged his head and let out a sharp yelp and a loud, "FUCK!"
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