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 heating things up, c, ft sugar
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I’ll rise above my station, organize your information, ‘til we rise to the occasion
His strides were measured, controlled. Somehow, he’d scrapped together around an hour of free time as Cadence attended other matters before officially beginning their council meeting. It wasn’t too big of a deal, given that from the most part their summer meetings were fairly relaxed. Well, as relaxed as the student council could be when it came to these kinds of matters. With Caddy as their head, they always seemed to get sucked into her lightning speed. Not that they complained, more there to make sure she didn’t burn herself out in the process. Still, with no tasks left to complete in the meantime, Augustus had decided to do rounds checking over the current extracurricular activities. There were a couple of teams doing summer practices with the students who hadn’t left for summer vacation out of state or abroad.

As he ambled towards the fields, a loud cheering caught his attention and he remembered he had a human stress ball tucked away in his memory, for when he really had nothing better to do. Clipboard tucked on under his arm, he veered from the sidewalk towards the football field that was hosting the current cheer practice. He didn’t think anyone else would be running summer practices. There was a high chance that that girl was around. He didn’t know exactly what to call her. An acquaintance sounded too friendly. But whatever title he picked didn’t really matter. Stress relief was sufficient. As he went around the bleachers he spotted a familiar tiny blond in the distance. On cue, he pulled his clipboard from his arm pit and clicked his pen as if about to make very, detailed notes. “Good Afternoon.” He called out with a polite smile to the cheer team as he casually moved closer before picking a seat on the bleachers directly in front of the team. “You’re working hard in this heat.” He comments briskly as he leans the clipboard in his lap, still smiling though there’s a hint of smugness behind it.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just conducting captain evaluations.” He says hoping to unnerve his target. A common tactic but did she really know what stucco did or didn’t do? Either way, there wasn’t a single rule that prevented him from being there at the moment.

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she worked her ass off to get where she was on the top of the pyramid. she didn't have any niches or skills, nothing that she could boast about to the other kids around her who were overflowing with talent. soledad was unmoored, nothing for her to anchor to and assure that it set sail in crystalline waters. cheerleading wouldn't promise her a future that was shining or full of promise, but it gave her something to anticipate. and for the moment, she was undeniably proud of her title as senior captain.

not all of the those who were on the team hung around during the summer, but that would derail her intentions. those intentions were demeaning those who still stuck around peachtree to attend a camp she conducted twice a week. they needed to be the best. soledad wouldn't accept anything less. they met out in on the field in the sweltering heat, assuring that they kept themselves hydrated while they proved they earned their roles as ridgeview cheerleaders. the look of pride on sole's face wouldn't falter as long as she knew that the cheerleaders were emanating perfection.

soledad had been completely committed to the practice, perspiration running down her face as she reached out for bottle of water. the girls had finished the beginning of a routine that she had formed in her head only moments before practice had started. while she took a brief reprieve, the blonde her mumbles of a spectator who had taken up space in the stands on the other side of the field. she turned promptly on her heel, standing on the track and glowering over the fence that separated the stands from where the cheerleader's were currently practicing. "captain evaluations? that sounds like something completely bogus," soledad spouted to august, her brows furrowing while she spoke curtly to him.

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