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 HEART STOP ❤, koji's plotter
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Scratch my Back I'll Scratch Yours ERIC KANG

Trinity has never missed a class, or due date, even in her middle school days of being something not elite. She's also a capable learner with a carefree "pfft social status what's that?" attitude, and would likely take up Taikwondo.

So I guess this is kind of combining two of the ideas under camaraderie. He teaches her Taikwondo and at some point during a breather they startbtalking and he finds out that even as a "nothing" she had never skipped class or handed in an assignment late and he asks her to skip class with him as his end of the deal?

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Aight I got this. Thanks for putting up w/ my rambling. >B)

Oswald & ERIC KANG
LMAO spit some wit at him and then when Oswald isn’t looking get that pissing contest in. Nice commitment. Don’t let Oswald catch him or he will actually laugh. But anyway. YEAH EXTORTION!! BLACKMAIL!! I’m down with both. Honestly, I don’t get tired of people teasing/making Oswald uncomfortable so by all means please go ahead. He will take all the verbal abuse in the world. It’s when things get physical that he runs, and he can’t even run….that far…

“If being a side piece keeps me from breaking anything, fuck it.” Oswald ain’t here for this Eric. He will play along with any dumb plan as long as he comes out unscathed, for the most part. He’s desperate to not be harassed as nerds tend to be. He’s one of the snobbier ones so he’d made himself a few more enemies but it’s whatevs. He will however be stepping aside exactly one foot to leave enough room for jesus immediately after passing some students because good god can he not handle people touching him in any way wow.

Gonna typo that paper somewhat so people still think its Eric’s dumb ass and not him. Stain it with cheetah dust. “My magnum opus.” “There’s grease stains.” “For pizzaz

Mitsuo & eric
They fight for a limited edition sanrio mystery box. So while it’s not 100% guaranteed it’ll be the character they each like, there’s still a chance and they will duke it out until security kicks them out. Or like, Mitsuo weasels away with it and its just My Melody and he’s like… “I guess….ill….give this away….” LMAO THE SAME SET KEYCHAINS THO. It’s so small they probably thoguth they could be like ‘its form my sister’ and be fine. But yeah. Sanrio dorks.

Teach Mitsuo Williams about alcohol. The first and only time he tasted alcohol it was shots at a school wide party freshman year and he definitely blacked out. Honestly Mitsuo already skips class but he usually hangs out by himself but knowing Eric might be around know would probably make him more excited to because he gets to??? Learn??? From a senpie??? Who’s so big??? Maybe he has hope to become that big someday??? ( he doesn’t but he can dream. ) but lmao I love it they’re hilarious.

Willow & Eric
user posted image

flo & eric
Flo defending a GOSH DARN anime abuser is THE WORST. That just jumps her guilt levels to the stratosphere because she defended someone who was probably kicking a rabbit and you know what there’s a special place in hell for that kind of person. She will beg for forgiveness by tutoring and also probably trying to go along with it, but definitely at some point just sit there and wonder ‘why did I allow this to happen’ Because while she is a lazy, class skipping high school senior she is definitely not the party girl that can easily keep up with Eric’s speed. There will be a lot of yelling about safety code violations before remembering she’s not longer student council and therefore can’t enforce these regulations. She’s bringing sparkly hand sanitizer for Eric if he’s touching wild rabbits because while cute, ‘you don’t know where they’ve been eric please. Put it down. Eric. Eric you can’t take it home ohmygosh-‘ The ignored voice of reason rifp.

Im down to start whenever. Which ones do you wanna do first? I can probably pop out the Oswald one really quick since its probably going to be him trying to blackmail eric unless you want me to start something else? Hmu

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who's that knocking at your door? you got lots to answer for. who's that sleeping in your bed?
benny li & @[erik kang]

LMFAO he can try. I love it. please treat her as an annoying lil kid because really that’s what she is tbh except it’s not that cute anymore. hahaha a job?? what are you, a normie.

hmm could you maybe start it?? just because it’d be in the juice place he works at and I don’t want to make any assumptions about how it looks /sweats
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How can something so enticing have such awful side effects?
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eric kang and Juliet

Throwing in my creative/delinquent-like Juliet here because I think these two are going to either get along or be friendly rivals for life http://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gckthEg81qzckow.gif to be honest though, Juliet is a creative yet quite the rebellious one sometimes. She'd either hang out with other creatives like her or join the delinquents as they do their jigs, so she'd find Eric one of the interesting ones. Maybe she met him after coming in the juice bar that he works on to catch a drink?


"Study time turns into delinquent time. *I can show you the world plays in the distance*"

Just. I want. I want this to happen, for some reason.

Anyways, if you've got any ideas, hit me up! I'm definitely up for anything you have in mind!
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