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MISFITS! > hallways > Dance to his Tune

Posted by: Li Hua Zhang Jul 9 2018, 03:16 PM // Leon Visser // I hope this is good <3
"Hmph.. This doesn't sound right.."

Her soft mumbling resonated off the walls of an empty corridor - for once. It was rare for the hallways to be empty in Ridgeview High, regardless if there were classes in session or not. When class was in session, there would be delinquents, jocks, fringes and elites flocking the floors without a care in the world. When classes weren't in session, some of the other kids would do their thing. Meet up with friends at lockers, hope to talk to someone and join another clique in a desperate attempt to not stay a loner and utterly ruin their reputation - and by extension, their entire (high school) lives - by staying the hell away.

This chatter was less than welcome to the student's ears as she made down every single day, for the sole virtue that it's the only damned way down to her classroom. So every summer, when the breaks roll around, the silence throughout the school was appreciated. Whether the other students were out with their friend groups or otherwise; she was just content with her laptop and her own music production. In this case, she could mix her music in peace.

She doesn't have to worry about feet tapping against the ground, she wouldn't have to worry about Elites trying to get "logical" and "practical" with her on their high horses and self entitlement. She wouldn't have to worry about people acting like they were on top of the world, when they were all just High School Students.She briefly scowls in irritation at the thought, before directing her attention back to the device propped over her crossed legs. Her fingers glide over the keys of her laptop, the sounds of clicking mixed with the silent humming echoed down the hallways.

Li Hua comes to an abrupt stop, an icy gaze freezes over the screen of her laptop. For a minute or so, she quirks her lip in a faint amount of distaste while pensively glaring at the clips of music scattered across the Garage Band application. "Something's missing.. Something's.. Missing.. But I don't know what..?" It was vexing. It sounded fine, yes. It didn't matter how many times she listened, because she would be content. But there was something missing. Something that made it seem too soft. It wasn't her first time composing and mixing something to be a drum and bass, but she didn't.. Know what it was. Argh.. She was going to spend the next hour pondering. Worst case scenario, she'd probably spend the next few days trying to figure it out. It wasn't too much an issue, at least. She could sit on the floor for however long and she wouldn't have to worry about anyone running her over.

Otherwise, she probably looked like an idiot leaning back on the wall while glaring at her screen. At this point? She couldn't care less about how people took it.

Posted by: Leon Visser Jul 10 2018, 10:50 PM
So why do good girls like bad guys? I've had this question for a really long time - I've been a bad boy and it's plain to see, so why do good girls fall in love with me? - So why do good girls like bad guys? I've had this question for a real long time - I've been a bad boy and it's plain to see, so why do good girls fall in love with me?
Leon was munching on some potato chips he bought on his way to the school, a smirk tugging up one corner of his lips as he was thinking about that new prank he could totally play on the elites that were attending summer school. Even though the heat was almost insufferable, he felt happy only by imagining the student's faces.

His phone was endlessly abuzz with one of his buddies' dirty jokes and other text chats he didn't care to check. He groaned and turned his phone off, he didn't want to get distracted as his only objective for that day was making some elites lose their temper. However, by the time he arrived at the school, a pang of loneliness erased the close-mouthed grin off his face; the school was as quiet as a graveyard.

In retrospect, he probably should have kept his phone on to keep himself entertained because when he entered the school, there were maybe one or two nerds walking around, but no elites to be seen. In fact, ten minutes later, after he had walked around a little, there were still no self-entitled asshats drinking iced coffee standing on the hallways.

"You have to be kidding me" He hissed under his breath. By that point, the heat was actually starting to nag him, and he was badly regretting the stupid decision of even thinking about going to school in summer. He leaned on the closest wall and sighed, there was only one thing left to do and that was finishing off his chips and call it a day. However, as he walked down a certain hallway, he could spot a familiar figure sitting down with a laptop on her lap. He stopped on his track, grinning ear to ear, "Looks like my day just got better" He announced, loud enough for the girl to hear.

In a matter of seconds, there was Leon sitting inches beside Li, a blazing grin stretched over his cheeks, "So, you come here often?" He teased, cocking an eyebrow. It had become a habit, honestly, teasing and flirting with the girl meant endless amusement. Well, maybe not for her, but for Leon it was hilarious. He couldn't help but snort some seconds after, "Just kidding! Man, you should've seen your face" He snickered, "Watcha' doing over here anyway?", and before she could even answer, he let out a fake gasp and a smirk showed up on his face "How did you know I was coming? You came to see me, right? Can't live without me, I know."
Li Hua Zhang | ✎ #428 (okay maybe it's a bit too long lmao sorry)

Posted by: Li Hua Zhang Jul 11 2018, 01:46 PM
Leon Visser // Nahnah you're gucchi~
She was only grateful that the school had air conditioning. To be fair, it was either stay around in the hall ways like an idiot or stay at home - and lets be honest, she'd rather stay at the school where she didn't have to put up with the hypocrisy rubbish her step mother condemned her to. Though most people in this school would much prefer the chatter and the crowds, Lily here preferred to stay isolated and in the blissful silence. This was a haven to her.

Of course, asides from the occasional nerd who hung around because they wanted to study or something. Occasionally she would lift her gaze from her laptop to wave over to them, but then they'd either avoid her or walk away on their own. There were the few who were kind enough to return the gesture, but ultimately, who would speak to the loner? There's a reason she was clumped and classified with the kids who didn't fit anywhere but separated.

Now if only she could figure out what was happening with this song.

She maintained one earbud in its position, while the other was dangling into her lap. Li Hua eventually sets the laptop down against the ground, then lazily leans her arm against her knee to rest her chin in her hand. Li Hua maintained that level of focus, eyes glued to the screen while her ear was intently listening to perhaps the same section of track a million times over. Icy blue eyes squint a slight bit at the highlighted area, her other hand begins to glide across the trackpad as to select another section to highlight it. Right, it was this part that didn't sound right. Maybe she finally got what it was mi--

"Jesus Christ--!" She quickly squeaks softly. Without a warning, Li Hua nearly jolts up and cringes at the suddenly raised voice booming down the halls. A sharp inhale passes through and for a split second, her heart nearly stops. Yeah, it stopped for all the wrong reasons. The voice was so damned familiar; so familiar that she wished she could erase it from her mind. No hard feelings and nothing personal, but there were a select few (read as: a hell lot) of people she'd rather not run into.

One of them being this flirtatious shmuck striding towards her.

After that moment of shock, Li Hua bring her free hand to her chest while straightening her back. With a soft exhale, she slowly narrows her eyes and quirks her lip in distaste. "Gods.. You nearly gave me a heart attack." And not in the good way, she'd like to add. The moment of shock sinks in for a bit longer, only to be followed by the amusement at her expense being voiced out. Oh, lord almighty if she could roll her eyes..

She shouldn't haven given him the chance to speak, either. The senior slowly pinches the bridge of her nose and rubs in circular motions, hoping to rid of whatever migraine he would have caused. That, and the after effects of looking away from a screen that's been blaring in her face for so long. Lights were flashing in her eyes for a moment, but it wouldn't take long for her to clear it up. "Not even in your dreams." She grumbles softly. Surely, he had something better to do?

"... What do you want?"

Posted by: Leon Visser Jul 13 2018, 03:02 PM
So why do good girls like bad guys? I've had this question for a really long time - I've been a bad boy and it's plain to see, so why do good girls fall in love with me? - So why do good girls like bad guys? I've had this question for a real long time - I've been a bad boy and it's plain to see, so why do good girls fall in love with me?
There's an amused turn of his lips while he contemplates the question, proferring Lily his bag of chips. "What am I doing here?" He repeats quietly, then turns his head to stare at the girl beside him. "Hm- maybe it was actually me who came to see you?" He says and, probably to Lily's greatest dismay, winks. There are specks of teasing in his tone, but at the same time, there's something in there that sounds almost like honesty. He doesn't bother to answer his own question for her and just continues snacking on the chips.

After some seconds he can't help but smirk, "Oh and," he starts, "It hasn't happened yet, but would love to dream about you" he taunts, referring to what the girl had said earlier, and lowkey hopes she won't punch him.

Usually, Leon wouldn't go after a loner, or a nerd- heck, not even a jock. They were usually too stuck up their own asses and he had no time for that. However, this girl, Li, she was an exception. At some point he found himself flirting and teasing her everytime he had the chance, he even looked for her around when he had nothing else to do. She was pretty, sure, but it was all mostly for the giggles. Though of course, he wouldn't mind if she actually loosened herself up a bit, and even better if she actually flirted back. But at the time, her reactions and responses were funny enough to keep him entertained.

The wall behind them was toasted warm from the sunlight that came through the windows, and as he rested his back on it he couldn't help but take a peek at the screen of Lily's laptop. A program was showing on the screen, one that Leon had probably seen before but at that moment he couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was. "What's that?" He asks the girl, pointing at the screen with a nod of his head. "You a hacker now?" he teases, "Wait, does that mean you're part of the delinquents now? Dang, I knew you had it in ya', girl"
Li Hua Zhang | ✎ #359 | ☆ he's a dick i'm so sorry for Lily sobs

Posted by: Li Hua Zhang Jul 19 2018, 03:14 PM
Gods kill her now.

She couldn't believe him, what was hr trying to pull? Did he think that he was being smooth with his words? Messing around with her and lowkey teasing her the way he was? In response to his teasing and playful remarks, Li Hua narrows her eyes in distaste to pay attention back to the laptop screen. She doesn't bother to respond to it, partially out of spite and partially due to irritation itself. God, she knew that he was just trying to mess around by being cocky. She knew that he was just trying to get to her, and she hated to admit that it was working like it did the other times.

Maybe if she pretended that he wasn't there, then he'll go away. Maybe if she just didn't give him what he wanted, he'll go off and bother someone else. It wasn't that hard to do, was it? That sounded like a solid plan to her and - daresay - fool proof. It was a great plan until he opened his mouth again, and with that, the girl's fingers freeze in the midst of their continuous tapping. The words linger in the air before sinking in to register in her mind. Given a few seconds, she feels a familiar warmth surfacing onto her cheeks.

Oh if she could punch him.

"Sh-Shut it..!" The loner sputters out. Her elbows rest against the sides of her laptop as she raises her hands to gently cup and cover her face. Her back arches forwards to have her hair cover the sides of her face, because god knew that she would sooner die than to let him see the expression of pure fluster on her face. "Y-You don't just.. Say that! Gods..!" Gah..! He was always doing this, either to get onto her nerves, or to get a damned reaction out of her! Why she oughta--

"Gāisǐ de..!" She quietly grumbles in her mother tongue. It was directed at him for pulling something like that of all things, and it was directed to her for falling for it. God damn, that's exactly what he wanted, wasn't it? He just wanted to get a reaction out of her, and now he got one. Li Hua's fingers gently curl against her skin for a brief moment, up until she takes a deep breath to take a sigh of relief. There was no need to freak out so much, Li Hua. No need to freak out so much.

Thankfully, it doesn't take her long to recompose herself and her moments of fluster. Through the cracks between her fingers, she narrows her eyes to give him a side-eye glance. His attention appeared to be on the screen and the bars of sound and music, although it didn't look like he could recognize it all too clearly from where he was standing. The initial, playful accusation was immediately shot down with a flat toned "No". Li Hua slowly lowers one hand from her face, while the other raises up to gently smack his leg with her back hand. "Far from it." It's none of your business.

... So she'd like to say, but to be honest? She was rude. She was rude, but not that rude. Especially to a person who wasn't trying to pick trouble with her. Thus, though reluctantly, the young woman sighs while turning her eyes back to the screen. "... It's music. An application for music. I'm trying to remix a song, but something's been missing and I can't figure out what."

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