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 01. wanted ads, find them here
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squishy's wanteds

faceclaim: open
gender: open
year: senior or graduated
clique: elite if in school
role: bully, biggest crush
for: marie-jeanne roy
ok so this is for marie-jeanne as you can see! And the reason why is perfectly obvious - she needs the bully that brought her into this life obviously. this person has been with marie-jeanne for a long time - they're the ones that got her to bully someone initially. since then they've been by her side, the master behind her attack dog like determination. and she's developped this huge, massive crush on them because not only did they show her a new way of life, but they pretty much supported her over the years.

so basically they're a subtle kind of bully, and she's head over heels over them, but will never say anything about it. anything else - as to why they picked her, or why they supported her, is up to you! I don't mind darkish plots either so feel free to play with the motivations! and finally, this doesn't have to be a new character either - just so long as everything said here can fit into their established history of course!
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about He's cute, he's sweet, he's one of the only reasons why Li Hua puts up with her step mom (or his biological mom) in the first place. This is Li Hua's little brother; the spoiled little boy who was given everything by his parents while his older sister was suffering from their abuse. He pretty much got the easy end of the stick for being the youngest one. Long story short, he's a gamer and a pretty smart little guy for his age. If he tried, he'd be able to shoot up to the top of his class in academics; but he doesn't for whatever reason. He adores his older sister and is more than willing to protect her.. Even though he's lowkey scared of his mother. Nevertheless, he loves his sister and grandmother dearly; they're a very close-knit family.

key bio points He was often looked down upon by his father for his girly appearance in the past, and he was spoiled by his mom. His mom often tried to get him to hate Li Hua, but utterly failed. People used to compare him to Li Hua a lot, essentially putting him in the situation of living in his sister's shadow. After his dad died, he was heavily effected and grieved. He loved his father more than his mother. He played a lot of video games and still does.

misc That's about it? The FC, his current personality and etc are all open ended. I know it says creative or nerd there, but he can really be anything? Just know that he's really close to his sister, has a thing for video games, and doesn't have a good relationship with his mom.
FACE CLAIM: Himemiya Touri from Ensemble Stars!
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This short wanted ad is for faculty members - for a very brave soul /cough.

cruz ortega will go back to school, but I can't imagine it could go smoothly. So I'm looking for a teacher who has to make sure he stays in line (or not if your character thinks he's a lost cause and should be expelled for good).

The faculty member can be forced to watch over him or maybe it's something they are willing to do it. Now faculty or not, Cruz won't change his attitude that easily and may say some unpleasant things. He has more likely 0 trust in teachers too, so he would assume the other party has a 'secret' reason (it could be the case or not).

Cruz would try to avoid any discussion about the burglary and juvie, so if your character thinks it's important, feel free to poke around this matter! Just know it could be very rocky.

This ad is 100% open, but i feel it would be inspiring to play in the long run. Feel free to hmu if you're interested <3.

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