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Posted by: bear Jun 1 2018, 10:55 AM
what's new!
hi guys! welcome back to misfits! I’ve missed everyone & this site a TON – thanks so much for sticking around and bearing with us through the hiatus! ♥ i’m personally feeling refreshed and excited for all the new things we have coming!

also, special shout out to apple and ASTER for joining me on staff! they’ve done a lot to clean this place up in preparation for re-opening, so thank you so much, you two!

today, june 1st, is the soft opening! old and invited members are welcome to start making characters and rp! june 8th, we'll start advertising again and misfits will be open to the public!

with the start of summer and the end of the school year, we figure now is a good opportunity to graduate or retire old characters and bring in some new ones! read apple’s announcement here about what you can do about old characters and threads.

we’ve got a lot of changes for you coming into the rework – so I’m going to try and be brief here! you can always check out the updated site info in the handbook forum for everything that you need to know!

TIME: we are moving to a four-season time system that corresponds with northern hemisphere real time, for better event spacing while still being able to celebrate irl events! in addition, at the end of year, we will have optional grade advancement and graduation. more info here.

CIVILIANS: with the addition of graduation, you can now play civilians, which should be previous alumni, faculty, or parents of the school. a civilian cannot be your first character and they are held to the same activity standard as the rest of the site. read up here.

OOC ACCOUNTS: also, you can now have ooc accounts! this is to make things like awards + identifying members just easier!

EXPANDED CLIQUE INFLUENCE: tl;dr cliques can now choose from a variety of rewards when filling their influence bar, like triggering a site-wide event or expanding turf. the turf system now has influence bonuses for threading on your own turf, and a small chance of an npc conflict if on a hostile clique’s turf. also, more ways to gain clique influence from just being active around the site! for a thorough description of the system, as well as rewards and how to gain points, clique here.

MEMBER EVENTS: speaking of events, we’ve expanded site events! besides staff-run events, cliques can also trigger site-wide events. also, members can pitch their own event ideas to staff for things like in-character sports games, club tournaments, showcases, etc. hopefully this gives student leaders and faculty members more to do! find out how run your own.

RIDGEVIEW HERALD: updated monthly with things happening around the school like member events or gossip, the ridgeview herald, located next the cbox and distributed around school, is a fun new way to look at activity on-site!

NEW BOARDS: a small but exciting expansion: we now have some new peachtree city boards! the boardwalk (with small shops & food), town hall, and national park campgrounds have been added to give characters some more room to explore the city!

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