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 kiss with a fist, ↳ kerina
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she had to go to summer school. honestly, it wasn't too much of a surprise. piper didn't even look at your crossly or direct biting words your way when the letter was sent home. she sat at kitchen table, letter hung loosely in her hand until shiloh arrived home. "you failed chemistry. your grade was horrendous. retake it and we'll act like it never happened" was all that she said. five days a week for the entire moth of july she would be expected to report to ridgeview to assure that she passed chemistry. or else shi would be able to progress and officially make her way to her junior year.

"this is bullshit," shiloh muttered as she exited the classroom designated for the sophomore chemistry class. there weren't that many people attending the class with her since every other student had the sense to pay attention during the year and actually obtain passing grades. her backpack hung off of one shoulder, its only contents being her binder needed for chemistry. it was early afternoon but shi still needed to drop by the counselor's office and report to her before she could go home for the day.

the halls were practically deserted, save for a few stragglers that shiloh didn't even acknowledge. her only focus was the brief conversation with her counselor she needed to complete before freedom finally felt achievable. when she finally reached the part of the building dedicated to the counselors, she promptly opened the door to her specific counselor. shiloh didn't expect someone else to be sat across from the counselor when she opened the door, which prompted her to slam the door shut. she dropped into one of the chairs lined outside the door and sighed.

she really didn't want to have to wait.

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most people who knew her would agree that kerina was a hardworker, especially academically. in fact, she was usually so intense about every test and assignment that most people refused to be her group partner... or just sit anywhere close to her, period. god knew that she had the tendency to fight with both classmates and teachers whenever she deemed it necessary, which was probably somewhat ironic, considering her otherwise dull and robotic attributes.

of course, the downside to caring too much about her grades was that she also refused to kick back during the summer, because what others considered as a time for relaxation, kerina believed to be the time she should use to get ahead of everyone else; get the option classes out of the way so she could focus on the core subjects came her final year of high school.

economics and government were two such option classes. the upside to this was that she was actually interested in both, but the downside was that the government teacher usually continued talking even after the bell had rang. because apparently teenagers who took summer school had nothing better to do. because there was absolutely no way that someone like kerina would get into an argument with the manager at her new part-time job if she was late.

n o p e.

the seventeen-year-old mad dashed towards the school office as soon as the teacher began to dismiss the class. her mind raced, counting all the times last year that she got sent to the counsellor for misbehaving. if nothing else, her track record was certainly improving since freshman year. so, if she just asked nicely, maybe they could move the session to some other day.

eyes narrowed, kerina burst through the office entrance and darted straight at the counsellor's room, noticing but also ignoring the fact that there was already someone waiting near the door. she opened the door and caught sight of yet another figure, although this one was actually seated across from the counsellor.

lips pulled into a straight line, her already nonexistent patience running thin. she threw the door shut, but paused and looked to the girl sitting along the wall, "how behind on schedule is she?" kerina asked, though didn't bother to wait for a reply. instead, she opened the door once more and poked her head inside, "how much longer till it's my turn? if possible, i'd like to skip out on today's session, or postpone it to a later date."

then, as though remembering something, she added (forced) without missing a beat: "please."

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