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Posted by: bear Jan 25 2017, 10:30 PM
o5. faq
read this before asking!
what's the image size for the miniprofile hover?
250px by 400px!

can i change my face-claim?
sure! just pop over to moderation requests or pm a staff member.

is my character allowed to change their clique?
yes! we encourage character development; if something has happened to your character ic that would change their group, simply tell us in the moderation thread. however, be aware that something drastic would have had to occur for their entire social status to change!

how many characters am i allowed to have?
there is no maximum of the number of characters you are allowed, but please remember to keep them active! after your first two characters, each current character must have a total of at least 5 ic posts to make a new character.

can i create a club or sport not on the list?
sports are set and cannot be added to. however, if you can find at least three characters who are willing to join a new club, you may bring it up in the suggestions forum!

what if my character fits into multiple cliques?
choose the one with which your character identifies most strongly. consider not just their own personality traits, but the type of people they're likely to hang out or traits they value in other people.

what do you mean by "membergroup" in the application and claims?
the membergroups are the cliques, but they must be entered lowercase and singular. the entire list is: elite, jock, fringe, creative, delinquent, nerd, loner, faculty, civilian.

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