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 Faculty, Shadi Kaufer, thirty, male, played by Shad12ow
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NICKNAME shady AGE thirty YEAR faculty GENDER male SEXUALITY heterosexual CLIQUE faculty OCCUPATION home-ec teacher
-The Heritage-
The little boy’s name is Shadi Kaufer. A Middle-Eastern first name and a German last name. The reason? Simple. Because his parents are of those nationalities. Shadi’s father is a German while his mother is a middle-eastern heritage. The two met in the café in Paris and immediately fell for each other…not exactly. The story is a little bit more complicated.
Shadi’s mother was an exchange student that came to Paris in hope of learning the famous culinary art of the French. Her first few months were terrible. Not only she couldn’t talk the language well, she also found out that her usual method of cooking is different compared to the ones they teach. There are so many rules to follow. So many terms and measurements to remember. So many different tools to be used at different times. It was so overwhelming that she cried almost every day in her own apartment. The thought of returning back often came into her mind.
But then, a pair of saving hands came to her. Those hands came in the form of a young apprentice cook in a local café. They met in that dinner and one day Shadi’s mother accidentally spat out her anger after being given a simple French onion soup. Although it is she was the one that ordered that dish, it still reminded her of her inability to follow the instruction on the book and made that very dish. The man, the one that is responsible for that very dish, offered her some help. At first, his intention was doubted. Such an expected reaction didn’t stop him from helping her as he said that ‘cooking is never easy, but is also never impossible to do’. He also added that he wanted to show him the wonderful dish of his country to the foreign girl at its simplest form. With that, the German exchange student became her personal tutor.
The two study session continues for a long span of time. Not only they study together, they also trade techniques. With that, her study that was full of trouble turned into smooth sailing. It was all thanks to that man from the café. Of course as one might expect, the seed of love bloom from their continuous interaction. They continued to deepen their relationship until the end of Shadi’s mother’s time there. In the end, she didn’t go back to her home and ended up getting married there after finishing her study. They even opened up their own small street stall of their own. Not long after that, Shadi was born as the fruit of their love.

-The False End-
Young Shadi inherited his parent’s passion for cooking. He got the Asian and Middle-Eastern knowledge from her mother while his father teaches him the French and European culinary technique and skills. Combined with his open-minded personality and eagerness to explore new things, young Shadi is on his path to becoming a great chef just like his dream.
The young man continued his study under his father before entering a proper culinary school. He used his time to study and trained as hardest as he could with three objectives in his head. The first is to make his parents proud. To show them that he has done his best and could make them happy. The second is to take over the small street stall that has become a small café. He loves that café of them and it will mean him the rest of the world if he could continue his parent’s legacy. And the last, but definitely not least, is to make people happy by his food. No matter what, a smile for each food he makes is more than he could ask for.
But his parents do not approve of that goal of him. And to make it worse, they never told that until the day Shadi graduates and earn his degree. As one might expect, that angered him so much. For him, that rejection felt like they have deemed him unworthy to be the successor of the business. It also made him feel that the time he had spent to study and further increase his skill in cooking is nothing but a waste. Disappointed and angered, Shadi ran away from home into another city. Fortunately, his passion for cooking did not die out. It is a proof of how he loves the art of cooking. There, he took a job as a cook in a nearby eatery, using work as his way of running away from his disappointment, hoping that it will cure his wound one day.

-The Journey Start-
It has been two years since Shadi run away from home. And it is also for 2 years he had never even once got back to his home. His relatives managed to trace him down and often call him, but he refused to answer them. Each time he heard their name, the only things that resurfaced are anger and disappointment. He thought he will never forgive his parents for as long as he lives.
Until one day a letter arrived for him. As he looked at the sender, he immediately frowns. It was from his parents. Usually, he would just throw that letter away. But for some reason, something stopped him. While feeling rather annoyed, he opened the letter. To his surprise, he found a picture together with a letter. The picture is a small restaurant that he has never even seen before. As if that’s not enough to confuse him, the letter is not from his parents, but from one of the professors from his culinary school.
In that letter, the professor told him that he has a job offer. The job is not in France but in America. In that offer of his stated that he will go to a certain restaurant in the state and will work as a trainee sous chef there. The contract is for a year, but if he performs well, it might get extended. Seeing that it is a way to move farther away from his family and relatives that start to annoys him, he replied to his professor and accepted that job. Not long after that, he pulled out his saving and exited his beloved country to work on another continent.

-The Realization-
America is a new place for Shadi. The culture is new and the air is new for him. But as long as it is in the kitchen, he is sure that he can make himself do anything. He’s sure of that.
Just in a matter of weeks, he was hit by the realization of how naïve he was. He couldn’t keep up with the work. He can barely speak the language. He can’t even understand most of the customer’s order. In short, he was devastated. He couldn’t even count how many times he wants to get back to his country. Back to cooking in a simple restaurant, not in a hectic city restaurant. But he has no money. No way back.
When he entered his 2nd month of his hellish experience, a person came to him. That person is none other than his professor that give him this hellish job. At first, he lashed toward him, protesting that he tricked him to come to America. He ranted and ranted, pouring out all of his frustration at his professor.
The professor waited until he stopped. Only after he that, he opened his mouth. There he told him that is the reality of a cook. All he knows so far is that little café of his parents or the small eatery from before. They are nothing compared to the real restaurant work. He also told him that his view was too naïve and narrow. For all this year, his goal has been so small. Both his parents and his professor saw that and they couldn’t stay silent with that. They know of his ability, but no matter how much time has passed his goal stay in that little café of his parents.
Hearing that, a multitude of emotion came inside his mind. First is, as expected, anger. He was angered by the three of them who never even talk to him about it. Next is disappointment. Not at his parent any longer, but at himself. At himself who failed to see the path that he could do. Then lastly, sadness. Sadness that he had forgotten the true reason for his art. It is not to take over the café. It is also not only to make money. But to bring a smile. To his customer. To his parents. And lastly, to himself.

-The New Life-
One year has passed since that event. His contract has expired and, just as expected, they didn’t extend it. In short, they are not satisfied with what he can do. But to everyone surprise, he received that very well. He knows more than everyone that he is far from ready to be in that kind of kitchen. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. And that kitchen is far too hot for his current self. At least he got the experience and he has become much more fluent in English. In fact, it is not wrong to say that his French accent has slowly been disappearing.
He did come back once to his home. But it was just for a little while. It was for the birth of his sister, Pouri Kaufer. He came and saw that little baby sister of his with a smile on his face. Not only that, he also reconciled with his parent. No. reconciled is not the best word. He still can’t forgive his parents for not telling it to him right away, so it will still take him some time before he can truly forgive them. And he also knows that it will take them some time before they can forgive their foolish son that immediately ran away from their home.
When he said that he will get back to America and look for a job there, his father gave him a bottle of wine. It was an old vintage wine that he wants to share with him on Shadi’s graduation day. But that never happened. Due to that, he gave it to him and told him to drink that when he really knows what he wants to achieve. Just like he predicted, his father already knows that Shadi still doesn’t know what he wants to do. But he isn’t angry at that. He knows that his son is still searching. And still searching is far better than just giving up and letting himself get stuck on that small café of theirs.
Before he left for his new job and new life, his parents told him two things that he should never forget. One is that if in the end, he couldn’t find what he wants to do, the café can be his. And the next thing is that he should never forget his passion. To cook not for money. But for the happiness. The happiness of the ones who eat his food and also his own happiness.
With those two things on his mind, he then starts his new job. And that is share happiness in the art of cooking. And his first battlefield is the Ridgeview High.
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shadi can easily be the best on the home-ec turf. teaching these children how to cook until they're mini master chefs! yessss!

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