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 Roaring city, - street racing
sundaeOffline22 POSTS
i'm the unknown fighter a dark horse coming for you
(dropped out senior)
apprentice mechanic

asphalt runners

Do you love driving? Are you bored on the weekends? Are you ready to play with your life, to test your limits or just a show-off?
And to spice up everything, will you bet on your favorite racer?

The races will take place on weekends at random dates chosen by the planners. It will include illegal placing bets, and we won't refund your money.

By the way, at the moment, i'm just throwing this idea which was originally a thread idea related to T. and seeing who might be interested. So far, only Dean and Cruz are involved in the planning of those races. Adding another member might be interesting if the character meshes well with them.

Racing rules
- The routes change for every race.
- You're responsible for your vehicle and your life.
- The races are 1 v 1: car vs car - motorbike vs motorbike.
- A driver can have a copilot.
- You can participate as a team or an individual.
- They'll begin at 11 PM - for the early races.

Planning team
• Cruz Ortega - senior, delinquent
- takes care of choosing the routes, might help with mechanics, checking road traffic and police

• Dean Vegas - senior, fringe
- takes care of money, placing bets and popularity ratings

• [-] - year, clique
- takes care of communication (routes, late notices, etc.) and registering the teams & individual

• [-] - year, clique
- racing queen (because cruz would be really happy)

If you're interested in a position, feel free to answer here or pm me.
If you may be a future racer, hit the plotter anytime!

bearOffline554 POSTS
i miss missing you now and then
code skool
cute things
forest guardian
ohhhhh man this sounds hella cool!!!

okay forgive me for being forward but I’m going to throw in benny li for planning team? this is exactly the type of Shenanigans ™ she would be into. maybe an “advertising/publicity” person if you guys want to have that position? if not she could probably just help out with generally running things and harassing people lmao, even if she’s not responsible enough to handle logistics tbh. also she prob wants to race but is too young LOL so she’s just gonna hang around for a couple years until she’s sixteen, probably :”)

also marina de la rey isn’t necessarily into the whole illegal-ness/thrill-seeking thing per se, but she’s also a v competitive person, so idk, she’d prob be a racer if another one of her friends goaded her into it? like maura scott or MIKKELINE DELMIREV lmao. I’m just gonna tag them here because it might be a fun plot to do together >w>
Drew OcampoDrew Ocampo
Drew is TREMENDOUSLY cross that you guys are dragging the good name of her precious sport into the dirt. This is illegal!! How can you do this with a clean conscience?! Do you know how many locals are gonna complain about this?? Do you know how black a shadow this is going to cast over the local Formula population??? She’s mostly UNBELIEVABLY PERTURBED that nobody had the forethought to ask her to join, because she’s the self-appointed queen of racing and she’s got trophies and titles to prove it, dammit! -angrily sulks in corner-

So essentially that. Drew’s kind of a petty person (read: emotional wreck) who’s going to be super against this because she was left out. Until somebody invites her in, because she’s too busy being morose to realise she can bulldoze into their ranks. She’s waiting for that ‘OH Drew! We can’t do this without you! Please be our referee!’ And she’ll be all ‘I don’t even care but like... sure whatever.” Or more likely, they’ll enjoy watching her squirm.

butterOffline89 POSTS
misses boombasic, hit that bass
hair stylist
OH DREW! I know Titty is involved here somehow, I just need to confirm that with Jae. BUT we had talked about Drew and Titty hanging out or something - so maybe she could be Drew's "in?" -glances at Jae- whatchoo think home-fry?
cruz ortega & Drew Ocampo
you can count on ya girl mickey to deliver the Goods. and by that, i mean she'd absolutely goad marina de la rey into doing this thing with her. mostly because it's another thing she's absolutely convinced she can win. outside of that, i think she'd definitely kind of know this thing is happening only because she's a nosy journalist and hears all the hot gossip all the time. so i think she'd show up with her gucci sunglasses and be like: 'i'm here to crush some heads''.

i mean not really, but you know. she's a bad driver anyways. i mean sort of. she floors it going anywhere, so that probably works out pretty well if you're thinking like racer wise. uh. i don't really know how she'd get along with the others but i feel like she'd either be really cool or really annoying, lmao. like she's super obnoxious when she wins, but she constantly dodges life or death situations that at least it's vaguely entertaining to watch.

i don't know how this is contributing to the conversation but lemme smash.
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