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Posted by: bear May 29 2018, 04:17 PM
how to run your own!
While not so much events as they are happenings in and around the school, this is what stretches the influence over other aspects of campus activity.

From sports games hosted by the various teams, club competitions, to various student showcases, these are the events that step up circle interaction. This provides faculty sponsors, team captains, and club presidents the chance to spread their leadership wings.

At any time, during the month, submit the following form to ASTER. If approved, you can then make a group wide thread during the week stated in your form. That thread will then be pinned and advertised within the Ridgeview Herald.

This means that Member Events require at least a few weeks advance notice! They are first come first serve, as long as the appropriate documentation is submitted.

If submitting on behalf of a club or team, the captain/president or faculty sponsor must be the one making the request.

Member events can last up to 1 week maximum, can occur at the same time as other events, but only 3 member events events can be held each IRL month.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of staff.

Name of event: Description of event: Start date/End date: (Must be during the next month) Sponsor: (Just your character? Or your character, on behalf of a team, club, or academic department?)

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