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 Two Lips And Roses, FEAt. AVA
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The dress Effie wore tonight was everything she could have hoped for. It was a magnificent gold, with a gust of red roses scattered around its fabric gorgeously. When she twirled, the wind that carried them away came to life. Her mask was a similar gold, with a red-gold pattern encapsulating its color. A rose even sprouted out from it as if it were made just for the purpose of matching the dress.

It was more than perfect. There was no denying that. Papa and Nana worked a miracle finding this dress and she was forever grateful for that.

But no matter how long she looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she couldn't bring herself to feel the same way about the person wearing it.

Why was she even here? Sure, popular kids were usually the ones that went to every school function possible, but this one felt too real, too heavy, for her. But she had gone anyways. Fake boyfriend in tow and a mask right over the one she already wore on a daily basis. How ironic.

Pulling herself away from the mirror, Effie walked out of the bathroom. Head held high, posture straight. Her honey-gold eyes scanned the crowd before they fell on some obscure door.

Some fresh air would be nice. 'Yeah, it actually would,' she thought.

After a breather, she'd make her way back to the people she came with. What was that fake boyfriend up to, anyways? Ah, who cares. He was harmless tonight.

Waving back at some girls who waved at her, Effie made her way through the room. Fake smiles. Half-hearted nods. But before she could make it to the door, her arm brushed against another's.

"Oh gosh," Effie turned to face them with the most earnest eyes she could muster. It was just a light bump, but walking away without batting so much as an eye would have looked really bad on her part. Especially with this many people around. "I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you okay?"

Dress & Mask

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ava lancaster is bitchin'. the moment that word of the new years ball had begun to spread (basically a prom she could actually attend??), the delinquent had thrown herself into the herculean task of thrifting herself the best outfit she could muster. she's practically glowing in her asymmetrical sky-colored gown, a perfect match to the blue she'd applied to her lips and been lucky enough to snag for her mask at the front. the color does wonders to brighten the gold of her hair and make the her cornflower eyes pop. she feels like a princess, and she did it all by herself, thank you very much.

the ball itself is magical, too. all soft tulle and lights and the sweet music of the orchestra playing. ava picks out notes of tchaikovsky, debussy, wagner waltzing through the air. her manicured fingers tap along to the beat as she stands near an open doorway, letting the winter air wash over her. taking a moment to cool off as her grumbling 'date' was off somewhere being whiny. (she had dragged him along so he would socialize for once, and she was fairly sure she had last seen him arguing with some nerd upperclassman by the snack table over avocados)

the solitude doesn't phase her, though. it is easy enough for ava to find someone to dance with when she wants. a smile, a wink, a hand in theirs. it has never been hard for the freshman to charm her way through things. she is a natural liar.

tonight is a night of masks, tonight is a night where liars have nothing to fear.

she takes another breath and turns to leave, maybe go drag niko away by his scruff before he gets physical with the guacamole. isn't quite paying attention to where she's going as she brushes into someone going the opposite direction. ava stumbles for a moment, teetering on her four inch heels before she regains her footing. a flash of annoyance flickers and she prepares to snap at the other before pausing. her breath is taken away.

ava is presented with a vision of roses, of chocolate curls and pale skin. the girl's voice is soft and sweet, pink lips pulled into a concerned frown. she looks at her eyes and there in the honey colored depths, she sees something warm and almost sad. butterflies begin to tickle in her stomachs and suddenly ava is reminded of a very important fact.

fuck, i'm gay.

another moment and ava recognizes the vision in front of her. how can she not recognize one of the most popular girls in her grade level? effie belafonte. normally untouchable, way out of ava's league. an elite and a delinquent? you must be kidding.

but tonight is a night of masks. tonight is a liar's paradise. blue painted lips curl into a smile, sweet and alluring. cornflower eyes brighten behind her half mask. "it's alright. i should've been paying more attention. don't know how i missed you, you look beautiful."

NOTES, outfit
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MaryOffline20 POSTS
Love your color, gender or whatever 'cause your happiness don't need a censor
Effie stared into a blue so vivid and deep that had it belonged to a flower, it would have stolen the spotlight from all the others that shared its flower bed. Because of the mask they wore, she couldn't put a name to those gorgeous orbs. Only that they belonged to a girl. And an alluring one at that.

When the compliment reached her ears, pink lit up her cheeks. She was beautiful. To be honest, it was something she had been dying to hear all night. But now that she had actually heard it, she wasn't sure how to react. Her heart pounded loud enough to reach her eardrums. Had she responded now, she would've stammered. Taking a moment to catch herself, she took a deep breath. Then she smiled. A sweet, warm smile.

"Oh, thank you. But really, it was my bad," Effie said. She brought a gloved hand to her crimson cheek. "You're far more gorgeous. Honest."

She wasn't sure what else to say. Her heart kept pounding, and pounding, and pounding. Almost as if egging her on, it gave her a shortness of breath. To give the moment a sense of urgency. To kick reason out.

Normally, she would cut something like this short and walk away. Romance without honesty felt like a horrible ache in her stomach. But something kept her glued there, fighting against all her red alarms.

Telling her yes when her mind said no, to quote a wise man.

"I was just going out to get some fresh air. It's suffocating in here. Would you.. care to join me? It's just.. I'd feel a tad more safe with someone else."

She offered her gloved hand and flashed another smile.

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