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Posted by: bear Feb 3 2017, 01:40 AM
17 female senior asexual elite ballerina aloof insecure imposter syndrome
secret math/science and astronomy nerd faking her way through popularity. has a lot of superficial friends on cheer and dance (which she's captain of); also does tutoring after-school.

i kind of want her to have some real friends who kind of share her ambition/worldview. bonus if they're not an elite and she has to struggle with hiding the friendship or not!

because she really struggles trying to keep up her popularity, she tries not to associate with anyone that's not an elite, jock, etc. someone please call her out for being fake!!

dating isn't really an option, given she's ace, but maybe a fake-relationship deal to keep up appearances ?

16 male junior "bicurious" nerd know-it-all arrogant knowledgeable
that pretentious jerk in your poli-sci class who thinks he has the right to loudly talk over anyone and everyone and thinks people like him more than they do. not surprisingly, on the debate team, but also plays football and lacrosse.

while he is very responsible and studious, he's very bossy and always has criticism for everyone, while being unable to really take any. tends to befriend either passive nerds who let him push them around, or similarly pompous, privileged rich kids. he's also a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to his political opinions.

identifies as bicurious, but would be secretly extremely disgusted if a guy expressed interest in him. but likes flattery from anyone otherwise.

15 female sophomore homosexual creative drama kid talkative persistent dramatic
overly friendly drama and newspaper kid. will talk your ear off about anything and everything. never gives up when she smells a good story. can get pretty annoying at times.

alice likes to make friends with kids who look like they have no friends, because she's got this weird idea that the world is just a giant novel and the quiet or weird kids are the ones with the most interesting stories. very friendly and outgoing, but her inability to take a hint can rub others the wrong way, too.

crushes on any and every cute girl that looks her way, tbh! throw anything at me.

de la rey
17 female dmab bisexual senior fringe swimmer mellow athletic
affable and open-minded, marina is the mellow, sensible, sarcastic friend. very self-motivated and ambitious; captain of the swim team. cannot turn down a dare.

very competitive about sports, but knows to leave that behind and be friends with her teammates off the field. grew up in a big, boisterous, but loving and tolerant family who accepted her immediately for being trans, and will call you out for being transphobic.

woulnd't mind casual, fun flings!

33 male faculty pansexual art teacher sculpture/3d art off-beat genuine
art teacher with weird ideas about science and religion, but that doesn't make him any less friendly with the students and other faculty.

not the best teacher, even if he is an accomplished sculptor and 3d artist. kind of a harsh grader, but unintentionally, and will change grades easily on request.

used to be an athlete, and coaches xc and track year round. he also used to be fairly open with his sexuality, but he's less of a playboy now. not interested in students.

also sells weed on the side, but not to students. will smoke with them, tho, if you bring your own.

14 female freshman heterosexual delinquent skater wild-spirited
good-for-nothin hooligan who spends most of her time loitering around the skate park or the neighborhood with the rest of the breakfast club, her childhood gang of friends.

a loyal friend, if you can stand her inability to tell the truth about the useless details of her life. also has rather sticky-fingers for little things she doesn't need. always up to have a good time and cause some chaos.

still trying to figure things out, but hey, she's a freshman! throw anything at me.

Posted by: lacie fairchild Feb 7 2017, 12:19 AM
piper finch & lacie fairchild

Am I the first one to post here? Oh my!

Hello Bear! I’ve come to plot <3 So Lacie’s mother forced her into taking ballet so maybe Finch and Lace have known each other via attending the same dance studio for lessons?

Finch would probs be able to see Lacie is miserable with ballet but perhaps if they become acquainted this way then Finch would make it better for Lacie to tolerate, because Lace would totes see Finch actually likes ballet and would have mad respect for a girl who has a passion for it.

If that doesn't work then scrap that idea.

Both of them have fairly similar views – maintaining their images are pretty important and maybe they hang out because of being in the same social circles, so they've got mutual understanding of each other? Another idea I have is maybe, depending on how close, Lacie would totally be the type "You know... I have something that would be cute on you" and offer her clothes and trinkets (so that Lace can spite her mother and give away shit). lmao

i suck at plotting. sorry this is all over this place ;-; thoughts?

Posted by: dean vegas Feb 7 2017, 12:43 AM

dean vegas & piper finch

peeping tom ▸ so like even tho dean's no jock he's 100% gon go to 'em cheerleading practices bc lbr he's that guy that's gon try 2 flip their skirts all the time. even if they wear briefs. he just wants some pics to sell ok u gotta understand that this is srs business and concerns his stomach bc no money = no lunch and thaT IS A PROBLEM. lmao but ya they're both seniors!!! so they probs have known each other for awhile?? and since piper is ace and likely not at all interested it'd be funny to see dean try to get her to notice him and she's just, like, ??? ?? r u ok can u stop before i call the cops. this is rly bad i'm sry FCK IT SOunded better in my head tbh.

dean vegas & niko gomez

stalker ▸ i mean!! dean hangs around delinquents sometimes too so he and niko might know one another as well?? i feel like it'd be hilarious if there's a running gag of dean just constantly stalking after niko to try and record their band practice sessions/gigs/etc. so he can sell the recordings online. like, that's it. that's all i've got atm rly LOL LIKE IDK IF NIKO WOULD EVEN BE ABLE TO STAND HIM BUT LIKE. YA. /sweats profusely

Posted by: piper finch Feb 7 2017, 12:44 AM

lacie fairchild &
piper finch
awwweh this sounds so cute! they could def go to the same ballet studio together & have been friends for a while because of that? tho it would bug piper a bit to see lacie not put her heart into it, because /she/ cares a ton for ballet and thinks people should put their 100% into everything.

also about the clothes, it would be super cute ngl but piper would prob feel super embarrassed about it tbh, like she doesn't really wanna admit she could never afford some of the stuff lacie just gives her so idk.

i feel like they could be friends that run in a lot of the same circles but at the same time, piper feels just the tiniest bit of resentment over those two things that they could maybe hash out in a thread or something?? friendships that survive conflict are the real ones after all!!

Posted by: niko gomez Feb 7 2017, 01:02 AM

dean vegas &
piper finch
ok ngl dean would get on pipers nerves so much it's not even funny. actually no it would be really funny LMAOO piper!!! hates him!!!! like what a dick jfc thats so obnoxious cheer is a respectable!!! sport!!!! she's normally really composed tho so most of her reaction is just like.... silent anger... tries 2 ignore him and fails bc he just tries harder........

dean vegas &
niko gomez
omfg honestly i dont even know niko would prob b chill with dean but he'd be like ???? wtf why are u even recording us like i know we re good but we're not that good. tho if dean keeps doing it honestly niko would actually just be super flattered LOOOL like yes please take interest in his music cuz honestly who else cares tbh

Posted by: Julia Tatiana Feb 7 2017, 04:59 AM
niko gomez & julia tatiana I PRESENT TO YOU YOUR DRUMMER, NIKO! calm, quiet, and usually just pulled around for the ride, julia is not someone you'd think to be slamming away on a drumset, but she totally is.i kind of wanted to toss around the idea of niko being the reason julia got really invested in the drums in the first place? like her just practicing on some basic drumset in the music room at school one day and him jumping on the chance to ring in a drummer for his band. her being totally baffled by his interest, but him asking her to consider it. she goes to a jam session to and there's no going back because it's the most fun she'd had in a long time? i feel like julia would become that one 'voice of reason' friend for him though - since he's very emotional and she's the definition of chill. not easily riled up, she'd be able to try and pull him back from doing something dumb in the heat of the moment. i think they might argue from time to time, but then throw back a drink together and be chill all over again with silly i love you man speeches in their shitfaced state.

Posted by: rémy dubois Feb 7 2017, 07:30 AM
SUPERFICIAL PALS ► elites and jocks are mostly likely the clique that are seen around each other the most, so i’m sure these two have met plenty of times, especially with the notoriety rémy has around school. i don’t think these two are close, but they are seen around each other and she’s a cheerleader so added bonus! rémy isn’t a very genuine person but he affable enough to seem like one, so these two could get along! although 50% of it will be entirely fake but with properly planning it can get better… or worse. also rémy isn’t that good at math so she could help him out as an unofficial tutor? lmk your thoughts!

JUST MET / FOXTROT FAN ► let’s say these two bumped into each other in the hallway, and niko immediately took the defensive position because he thought rémy was going to start trouble! but rémy is just ‘chill it man’ and that was that. they’re most likely on first-name basis, and when/if rémy finds out about foxtrot he’ll definitely be all over it! he loves music, especially amateur student bands! expect him to be surprisingly supportive!

okay feel free to add/subtract/delete because all these plots are trash. bear

Posted by: bear Feb 7 2017, 08:44 PM
Julia Tatiana &
niko gomez
omg yes this is so so so cute!!! niko definitely needs that friend & having it come from a bandmate / close friend would help make her advice stick tbh. and thats totally something niko would do tbh, their older drummer graduates & he jumps on the first chance he sees to find a replacement.

he also appreciates the fact that the tatianas have like.. an actual house to practice at, though he'd be kind of awkward around her/her family at first right after finding out because he's not used to hanging around people with money. he'd be like, wtf a rich kid who's not an asshole elite.. which idk i love it!! broaden his horizons plz!!

we rly need to do a group band practice thread or smth soon tbh!!

rémy dubois &
niko gomez
okay this is actually my favorite thing?? ur completely right niko would absolutely be super guarded around remy at first, thinking hes just another douchey jock tbh. but man, niko's just so excited to talk about his music with anyone so finding someone who's actually supportive is so like??!! nice!! im sure he would return the favor by showing up to remy's football games even if he might not pay attention the whole time ahahaa. i love this so much omg.. the purest of bromances!!!!

rémy dubois &
piper finch
i like this a lot too!! an unofficial tutor definitely works tbh, piper honestly just loves math a ton so she sees tutoring as just... purely fun LOL. and tutoring is lame but tutoring a hot jock definitely isnt ehehe. going off of the tutoring idea, if they were seen enough together around school rumors could definitely start flying.. and even if piper isn't particularly interested in romance it's like, being talked about always helps your popularity so?? she wouldnt.. discourage those rumors... idk! lemme know what you think omg, we should thread one or both of these two pairs!! o/

Posted by: lucas elliott Feb 7 2017, 08:59 PM
piper finch & lucas Dance? Dance. Lucas did some dance up until grade 10 but quit after his dad started pressuring him about school and stuff. Anyways, he knows ballet & hip hop and a bit of ballroom dancing probably so he volunteered to sponsor the dance unit - Maybe something about that? Plus, he's replied to piper's open so maybe they met there? He's like a new teacher so... © jaronart niko gomez & lucas Music? Music. Lucas also knows how to play bass - traditional or not - and as much as he's not too great with the more modern music, he still enjoys it. Heck, he'll allow Niko and his band to borrow the music room for practice and maybe he'll even stay in to listen once or twice. Idk. Something. Lemme know what you think! © jaronart .jarcandypr {width:250px;border:1px solid #ccc;padding:5px;background:#fff;box-shadow:1px 1px 1px #ccc;} .jarcandybody {border:10px solid #ADDBC5;} .jarcandybody2 {border:5px solid #eee;} .jarcandyprhead {background:#333;color:#fff;text-transform:lowercase;font-size:18px;padding:20px;font-family:Raleway;} .jarcandyprhead a {font-family:raleway;color:#fff;text-transform:lowercase;font-size:18px;text-decoration:none;} .jarcandyprtextbody {padding:10px;} .jarcandyprtext {height:100px;padding:10px;font-family:Lato;line-height:10px;font-size:10px;background:#fff;overflow:auto;text-align:justify;} .jarcandyprtext::-webkit-scrollbar {width:2px;} .jarcandyprtext::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background:#88B39E;} .jarcandyprtext::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background:#ADDBC5;width:2px;} .jarcandyprcredit {font-size:8px;color:#aaa;font-family:Raleway;margin-top:3px;} .jarcandyprcredit a {text-decoration:none;color:#aaa;font-size:8px;font-family:Raleway;}

Posted by: Julia Tatiana Feb 7 2017, 10:40 PM
niko gomez & julia tatiana a rich kid that isn't an asshole, say what? - beautiful. But anyways, yes i love it all.  Flynn's a total wild card, Niko's the defensive bro, and Julia keeps them grounded.  Their group dynamic is perfect.flynn diarmuid let's all do like a group / band practice thread thing, plz.  I'd even be willing to start it at Julia's house, tbh.

Posted by: flynn diarmuid Feb 7 2017, 10:47 PM
niko gomez & flynn diarmuid -slides in- Flynn's here and ready to rock guys ;3Honestly tho Flynn would friggin' love Niko? Like he's a super cool dude and he gave Fly some place to belong where he doesn't have to go punching people to make them be nice, and he's got good taste in music clearly. He's definitely a wild card like Ghost said but at least you can count on him to keep things interesting :P He's more loyal than a dog too so if you've got beef with someone you can bet ur ass flynn's gonna back you up, no questions asked. He trusts Niko and Juli more than anything plus they both probably know his real last name so he doesn't want them blabbing lol.Yeah I'm so up for group threads with these guys! The hype is real.

Posted by: dean vegas Feb 8 2017, 12:27 AM

dean vegas & piper finch

peeping tom ▸ weEPS SHE'S JUST SO DONE W HIM OMG. they gon be so funny i'm excited for them ngl. but dun worry piper just keep ignoring him and dun retaliate and he might get bored and ditch. i think. maybe. he has the tendency to do that anyway but ya LOL. #christmasallyearround

dean vegas & niko gomez

stalker ▸ niko pls dean's 100% interested even tho he also actually isn't since he dun get music. like, he's just lowkey their manager who also only wants to profit off of it so technically maybe he's a mooch. that's it. he's a mooch lmAO. but like w piper tho i think i should also mention that dean'd hit on niko as well and get touchy-feely bc that's just what he does. pls prep urself mentally for dumb pickup lines tbh. LEMME KNOW WHEN U WANNA THREAD EITHER OF THEM PLS YAS.

Posted by: lacie fairchild Feb 8 2017, 02:39 AM
piper finch & lacie fairchild I totally approve of this! Like Lacie desperately needs friends who will call her out on her shit and hash out the problems that they have. She needs a friends she can let her guard down towards ;-;After realizing that like Piper isn't too happy about Lacie half-assing ballet, she'll put a little more effort into it, but confide in her that she's actually more passionate about modeling. Lacie would invite Piper to come hang out at the modeling studio to show her that she puts all of her love and heart into, thus sharing each other's passions with each other and bonding. /flailsBut a potential friendship blooming from the girls would mean a lot to me!

Posted by: bear Feb 9 2017, 09:50 PM
lucas elliott &
niko gomez
aw thats so sweet! niko also takes music at school so he'd rly love lucas & his class honestly, tho idk niko also skips school a lot bc... school lmfao. niko isn't really the best student overall like during class i imagine hes always off kinda doing his own thing or writing new songs but thats just bc he really likes the subject! but idk depending on lucas' teaching style he might not take to that very well?

flynn diarmuid &
niko gomez
slightly chiller blue hair bro has got energetic shirtless bros back, always

lacie fairchild &
piper finch
YEA THIS PLOT IS SUPER CUTE!! piper would really love seeing her at her modeling studio & doing something she really loves.. it would really inspire her aaa / u \ i love this girls supporting girls!! lmk if you wanna thread whenever!!

Posted by: diego reyes Feb 10 2017, 01:03 AM
niko gomez &dmitri arvelo CODE <span><b>diego reyes</b> bffs forever</span> BEAR OF OOC .bear_replytitle {font-family: 'Cousine';font-size: 12px;margin-right: 20px;margin-left: 1px;width: 127px;color: #fafafa;text-transform: uppercase;}.bear_replytitle a { color: #fafafa;}.bear_replytable { background-color: #636363;}.bear_replyportrait { background-color: white; margin: 10px;}.bear_replyportrait img {width: 40px;height: 40px;padding: 5px;border: 1px solid #D6D6D6;}.beartext {background-color: white;opacity: 1;border: 1px solid #EDEDED;border-top: 0px;opacity: 1;color: #636363;padding: 20px;padding-right: 15px;}.bearframe { background-image: url(''); width: 220px; padding: 20px; /** grey: c2c2c2**/ border: 10px solid #FCFCFC; -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px 0px #8A8A8A;-moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px 0px #8A8A8A;box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px 0px #8A8A8A; font-family: arial; font-size: 8px; line-height: 13px; text-align: justify;}.bearcredits { text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; font-family: 'Cousine'; margin-top: 5px; letter-spacing: 3px; line-height: initial; color: black;}

Posted by: niko gomez Feb 10 2017, 01:13 AM
diego reyes &
niko gomez

Posted by: sandro maeda Feb 10 2017, 11:04 AM
piper finch & sandro
K here’s my thought: Piper is one of the girls on Sandro’s list to date to maintain popularity. But being asexual, Piper would always turns him down despite all his attempts. He’ll regularly bring her iced tea, or give her unsolicited back massages (because he knows she is too much overworked and sleepless), all to no avail. Although, people will see them together a lot. They hang out but they’re not really ‘dating’ but Piper wants to make it seem like they are.

ok im gonna throw the most Extra plot possible at u are ya ready. so sandro is secretly a nerd but he needs to hide it. piper is secretly lame and needs to hide it. whats the best way to cement ur popularity??? date another popular person ofc.

pipers asexual so she doesnt like.... care abt romance at all so she wouldnt mind fake dating sandro just to keep up appearances!! they prob run in the same circles so idk, somehow they manage to become good friends / learn about each others uncoolness before coming up with the scheme ??

lemme kno what u think!! :^)

Posted by: nathan maier Feb 12 2017, 03:07 AM
piper finch & nathan maier ’Sup, math team friendo. Nathan here is also really enthusiastic about mathematics, and to be honest (even though a magician should never reveal his secrets!) quite a few of his card tricks rely on his extensive knowledge of logical algorithms and sequential patterns. He also uses this knowledge to his advantage when playing tactical or strategy-based video games. In other words, he’s a mega math nerd that will most definitely ruin her elite reputation if she was caught hanging out with him outside of their shared club.That said, Nathan is actually pretty chill about people who worry about their social standing, and he wouldn’t at all mind if she was friendly to him one moment and completely ignoring his existence the next. He might not fully grasp the reasoning behind it (because he’s so used to being unpopular and change is a real pain, so that’s one of the main reasons why he’s never bothered climbing the social ladder) but he’s a very big believer in the “you do you” mentality. So! I think that maybe these two could actually get along? He’s a bit snarky, but that’s just his way, and despite all the times he makes sarcastic remarks about “her majesty coming to hang out with the lowly peasants”, he actually kind of likes Piper. Her ambition is admirable, and her intelligence is no joke.They also both live in apartments that are close to downtown, so maybe they actually stay in the same complex? Considering they’re the same age and in the same year, they could have actually known each other for quite a while, though if they’ve been friends for that same amount of time is up to you. Nathan in general tends to be very... uninvested in everything besides his studies, his brother and his games (and hopefully development down the line will force him to care about more stuff), but at the moment this means that Nathan will be entirely okay with Piper hanging out with him only when it’s convenient to her. Overall, he’ll be a friend who’s always there when she needs him to be, and happy to move out of the picture when she doesn’t. It’s kind of doormat-y in an unconventional way, but clearly he gives no shits. How Piper feels on her end, though, is obviously up to you!

Posted by: piper finch Feb 12 2017, 09:53 PM
nathan maier &
piper finch
i really like the idea of them maybe living close to one other & known each other before! piper wouldnt really be looking to make friends in her nerdier clubs, so this works out to make em a little closer. maybe nathan was even the reason she joined math team in the first place? like she kind of wanted to but knowing she has a friend there really helped push her to make the leap.

i imagine they'd probably have been closer when they were younger if they were both interested in sort of the same nerdy stuff, though as they got to high school piper started hanging out with him less and honestly.. piper really has no problems with using nathan like that tbh. if he doesnt care she wont either, just sorta snark right back at him LOL

i dunno, i also imagine piper is sort of disappointed in nathan / pushes him a little bit when it comes to ambition and thinking about the future, especially now that they're seniors. she'd be disappointed that nathan is so smart but just does the minimum to get good grades and just wastes his time on card tricks all the time :((

idk!! i actually really like this and i think it'd be cute if they were sorta-close/old friends that kinda push each other in different ways!! you can add/subtract whatever, but i would def be interested in doing like a math team thread or something !

Posted by: kerina chevalier Feb 12 2017, 11:02 PM

kerina chevalier & piper finch

maybe friend idk at this point ▸ LOL I HONESTLY FEEL SUPER AWKWARD EVERY TIME I WANT KERINA TO HAVE FRIENDS Bc she's such an asshole weeps. but like despite not being in the same clique at all, they're p alike in some areas like, kerina's rly good at math and the sciences and astronomy is romantic af so she's in the same club obvsly. LIKE, mebbe they have been friends since freshman year?? if u think it's possible for them to have befriended one another anyway!! and if that's the case, i think like, kerina would've been more understanding of piper's situation and wouldn't constantly wanna talk to her. mostly bc kerina isn't big on socializing to begin w. but she'd for sure call piper out for being 'shallow' by hanging around the elites which, i think would be smthng they might fight over sometimes?? idk kerina's just rly confrontational ahahah leMME KNOW WHAT U THINK BABYBEAR.

Posted by: piper finch Feb 13 2017, 07:35 AM
kerina chevalier &
piper finch
astronomy nerds??? astronomy nERDS??? astronomy nerds...

honestly piper isnt rly the type of person who gets mad (unless someone is purposely trying to annoy the shit out of her cough dean vegas) so kerinas asshole behavior she'd just kind of be like shrug whatever so LIKE. i guess thats a better start than most LOL and i dunno maybe they couldve met astronomy freshman year before cliques started to be such a huuuge deal and like piper just likes other sciency girls bc girl power yeah???

also 10000% call piper out for her bullshit shes so fake sometimes!! piper wouldnt want to be /seen/ around kerina but she actually does kinda admire kerinas ambition bc thats a good trait yes. omg they could have like study dates in the library /o/ until some1 sees them and piper is like what no im just tutoring this poor tortured soul ahahahaahahahaha then kerina just like slap her please

Posted by: kerina chevalier Feb 14 2017, 01:04 AM

kerina chevalier & piper finch

maybe friend idk at this point ▸ astronomy nerds heLLAAA. omg i mean basically kerina's just that friend that's unneededly real?? i guess? like fr she will tell anyone everything they dun wanna hear and then some. i rly dig the idea of them being friends before the whole clique thing became a hardcore, well, thing!!! even tho kerina's rep woulda maybe been even shittier back then? since she was practically expelled from her last school and all. 8'))) EITHER WAY THO MAYBE LIKE, they were in the same class?? and, assuming that piper's rep back then wouldn't have been too bad, mebbe the counselor or one of their teachers asked piper to keep an eye on kerina or smthng?? towards which kerina woulda been hella hostile but ya, w time they coulda come to some kinda understanding i think!!! (Y) FASTFORWARD TO NOW. MAN OH MAN. kerina'd 100% become super hostile w piper and/or piper's friends if it's piper's friends that saw them omfg. like she wouldn't even beat around the bushes and would literally just pull out her tests/assignments like 'who needs tutoring again.' anD IF SHIT GOES DOWN FROM THERE I HOPE IT BECOMES A FIGHT, VERBALLY OR PHYSICALLY. BC TBH I JUST. rly like arguments/drama between friends omfg. like the fact that piper dun wanna be seen w her would fck w kerina's already existing self-esteem issue and i love it weeps she'd turn into an actual injured animal that attacks anyone and everyone nearby omfg plsplspls i just want this to happeN RN SLAMS HANDS DOWN.

Posted by: piper finch Feb 14 2017, 11:21 AM
kerina chevalier &
piper finch
YEA YEA that could totally work, piper's always had good grades and is kind of a goody two shoes in class so she couldve def been told by the teacher to like hang out w/ her or smth.. then idk they just bond over their shared academic interests?? SOUNDS RLY CUTE

also yeah piper really does need someone to call her out on her shit so like. a confrontation sounds SO GOOD. we could thread out that scenario i mentioned if u wanted??? just!!! yell at her!!!!

Posted by: katsuo aisaka Feb 20 2017, 06:50 PM
niko & katsuodelinquent pride tbh. Katsuo's love of rapping and music will probably lead him quickly to Foxtrot tbh. he doesn't stop at just one genre, he loves a lot of types of music. not to mention I think he'd also hella look up to Niko, not just bc 'really cool dude in a band'. would totally try and impress Niko with whatever dj-ing skills he's managed to pick up in the past two years, if given the opportunity, too.given Katsuo's love of fighting, and the similarity in the 'will fight anyone based on a perceived injustice' aspect too, I feel like he'd look up to Niko in that regard too. and also in the future, a potential thread asking for advice, especially relating to romance/sexuality because Katsuo is so focused on any attention that he hardly differentiates between types. he's gonna need help if something comes up eventually... :')in not especially related news, I didn't see a wanted ad for foxtrot members up still? but if you do happen to need a guitarist/2nd guitarist/vocalist/anything really, I have a character I can maaaaybe, eventually, slam over if that's a possible desire...

Posted by: carol kringle Feb 21 2017, 06:13 PM
Carol & piper finchOkok so Piper and Carol are both cheerleaders, so they could easily meet through there. Carol, being the lil wannabe that she is, would look up to Piper completely. While she would be unbelievably jealous of her popularity and position on the cheer squad, she would desperately try to be her friend. I can see Carol actively trying to talk to her in hopes of reaching some sort of higher social status. Maybe she could be some sort of second-rate sidekick? Piper and Carol are also both really good at math. While not on the math team, she has actively excelled in math since she was young, so seeing an elite with the same sort of gift would probably put things into perspective for her and allow her to see their friendship as something more than just a way to achieve popularity. Thoughts? c:

Posted by: bear Feb 21 2017, 11:05 PM
katsuo aisaka &
niko gomez
omg a rapper! thats super cool!! it's not niko's style of music but he'd appreciate a fellow music lover among the delinquents :") and he would be totally impressed by his dj stuff tbh thats so cool!! maybe they perform at the same gigs together ?? and that could be how they met. i dont know if advice from niko is the best idea tho HAHAHA he's pretty dumb when it comes to that stuff too but he can.. try.

niko appreciates being looked up to but at the same time he's like.. listen.. kid.. that's not a great idea LOL. at some level niko does know he has anger issues to sort out and he wouldnt really want katsuo going on that path too but.. he doesnt really want to change his behavior either, tho katsuo potentially following him would maybe make him want to act a bit better haha

let me know what you think!!

carol kringle &
piper finch
oh this is so cute! piper would be really down to make new math friends haha. piper also gets the whole wanting to hang with more popular upperclassmen bc that was her a couple years back :") i dunno piper would probably view carol favorably / wouldn't mind hanging out with her because ofc everyone likes being looked up to and she would sympathize with her intentions.. and also bug her to join dance team every waking moment TBH

Posted by: guinevere gentry Feb 21 2017, 11:31 PM
niko gomez & gwen i think these two could get along just fine? like gwen is usually not good with socializing, but niko is pretty cool so i can see gwen not entirely hating him.
piper finch & gwen i don't see why gwen wouldn't not like her? however gwen is kind of well, blunt and callous so i'm not sure how piper would take to her?

Posted by: SERAPHINA MORIGAN Feb 21 2017, 11:33 PM
#pt_reply {width:300px; margin:0 auto; background-color:#fff; border-bottom:5px solid #f18b9c}.pt_header {padding:30px; font:12px 'montserrat'; letter-spacing:3px; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:700; color:#fff; background-color:#5bc7ab}.pt_tt {font:10px 'karla'; font-weight:400; line-height:12px; margin:30px; text-align:justify; padding-right:10px; border-right:1px solid #e5d727;}PHINA & ALICESo newspaper club girls amirite?I feel like these two would actually get along pretty well. Phina's an all-around nerd and Alice is outgoing and loves to make friends. Maybe they would be a bit more than acquaintances, possibly friends?starfire calling eagle 1While Alice can have trouble having best or close friends, Phina may well want to find a way to get into that spot. Also she'll probably get pushy and pretty scary while after a story. Story-searching shenanigans sometime?bear

Posted by: adam cross Feb 21 2017, 11:58 PM
Adam & Piper

'Cuse me and my lack of reply template. Anyway, I feel Piper and Adam could be friends. They're both friendly enough and a good portion of Adam's friends are Elites. Granted he'd be more inclined to hang out with her due to her aspirations rather than her status. He'd totally think her knowledge with astronomy to be the coolest thing ever.

Adam & Niko

Can they just be battle buddies pls. Adam would totally join Niko in on defending those getting picked on. Adam would be pretty interested in Niko and his music, granted he wouldn't turn into a major fan, however he'd find his passion for it respectable and extremely relateable as he has a big love for the game of Basketball.

Posted by: carol kringle Feb 22 2017, 06:35 PM

#pt_reply {width:300px; margin:0 auto; background-color:#fff; border-bottom:5px solid #f18b9c}.pt_header {padding:30px; font:12px 'montserrat'; letter-spacing:3px; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:700; color:#fff; background-color:#5bc7ab}.pt_tt {font:10px 'karla'; font-weight:400; line-height:12px; margin:30px; text-align:justify; padding-right:10px; border-right:1px solid #e5d727;}FIRST & FIRSTPFFFT Carol is a horrible dancer, so i can see her finally agreeing after a while. Then, once she's actually there, she's just like:Also, would you want to possibly have some sort of cheerleading meeting thread? Since it's fall rn (I think?), it's the prime time for them to be getting ready for the homecoming game and such.

Posted by: bear Feb 24 2017, 10:47 PM
guinevere gentry &
niko gomez
yeah! nikos p cool as long as you're not particularly an asshole so he'd have no problem with gwen. he wouldnt really understand any of her interests and also hes kind of a dumbass in class so idk i dont see them running in the same social circles very much but maybe if they had any classes together (tho tbh gwen is prob in all the honors classes and niko is struggling not to fail algebra) theyd jsut be. chill. yeah LOL

guinevere gentry &
piper finch
i dont know if piper would want to hang around with gwen very much because she's a nerd ;w; piper's trying to hide that she's got nerdy tendencies so she wouldn't want to be around a nerd b/c it puts her at risk, and tho piper would respect her smarts she's more of a math/sciencey person over history so i dont know if piper would be very interested in gwen tbh to get past her status tbh LOL sorry piper's just kind of a bitch

alice moreau
I LOVE THIS!!! i was gonna throw alice at ur plotter eventually bc both these girls have such an enthusiasm for journalism and for life they could get sooo down for shenanigans /o/ phina's kind of like alice in that theyre both really obsessed with sometimes idealized stories so good friends / maybe even best friends would totally work bc they're probably on very similar wavelengths tbh. maybe we could thread them hunting down a cool new story? ;O like...... a potential murder mystery! (or what they think is one LOL..)

adam cross &
piper finch
yeah ! they could be pretty superficial friends tbh tho i dont know if it would go farther than that, piper's not super sports crazy & she would really try very hard to hide her love of astronomy from her elite/jock friends so i dont really know how he'd know about that? but she'd just be chill with him in general =w=

adam cross &
niko gomez
i dont actually know if niko would be cool with adam jumping into "his" fights like that. /o/ niko's weird like that. pride stuff. and aside from a few select friends, he probably wouldnt want anyone else randomly jumping to his aid haha. especially a jock/one of the more popular kids, he'd find it pretty insulting honestly. tho he always loves new foxtrot fans!! i dont know if he would reciprocate as he's not really into basketball/sports at all, but he's always down to talk about his band nonstop LOL

carol kringle &
piper finch

or even if you dont want a huge group thread or something more 1on1 piper could be giving carol tips after practice /o/ i dunno aww this sounds really cute!! lemme know if you wanna start or if you want me to <3

Posted by: katsuo aisaka Feb 26 2017, 02:05 PM
KATSUO & NIKOanger issues or not, Katsuo still thinks Niko's a grade-S rad dude and will probably want to hang out regardless. he might not take all that much after Niko anyway, lmao, he may look up to the dude but Katsuo wants to hang out primarily, soak up the coolness so maybe he'll radiate it someday too. ALSO would you be up for a 3-person thread with cherri and i? something like flynn, niko and katsuo go out to get pizza or something? or anything either of you would want lol.niko gomez

Posted by: carol kringle Feb 26 2017, 05:35 PM

#pt_reply {width:300px; margin:0 auto; background-color:#fff; border-bottom:5px solid #f18b9c}.pt_header {padding:30px; font:12px 'montserrat'; letter-spacing:3px; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:700; color:#fff; background-color:#5bc7ab}.pt_tt {font:10px 'karla'; font-weight:400; line-height:12px; margin:30px; text-align:justify; padding-right:10px; border-right:1px solid #e5d727;}CAROL & piper finchWooo! I would love a huge group thread! Maybe we could message the others and see if they're interested? I think there's only two other cheerleaders, so it's not like the thread will become too big or anything. If not, I'm fine with a one-on-one session between Piper and Carol. I lowkey suck at starting threads, so if you can start it that would be 10/10.

Posted by: bear Feb 26 2017, 06:14 PM
katsuo aisaka &
niko gomez
aw yeah i'd be down!! pizza sounds rad af to me. maybe after a gig or something? i also wouldn't mind starting once you get the ok from cherri too! <3

carol kringle &
piper finch
sure!! i can pm gmot & rin and see if they'd be down, and i don't mind starting :") ill tag you when it's up!

Posted by: gabriel banefield Mar 4 2017, 04:39 PM
.gamewrap {width: 300px;border-top: 2px solid #424242;border-bottom: 2px solid #424242;}.gamehead {width: 290px;border-bottom: 2px dashed #424242;font-family: arya;font-size: 15px;text-transform: uppercase;}.gametext {width: 275px;font-family: century gothic;font-size: 12px;text-align: justify;text-transform: lowercase;margin-left: 2px;margin-right: 2px;}.gamecredit {font-size: 8px;font-family: century gothic;}GABE + alice moreaueyyyyyy homestuck fc buddies! outgoing and creative people? count gabe in for spending time together or hanging out. He stays late after classes a lot to do work and usually uses the drama club as a sort of timer, going home after their club gets out, so she's probably seen him walk out with them or leave around the same time. Or maybe he can help out with the newspaper a bit, covering for someone who asked him to? let me know what you think ;v;)/template by glass of &&!

Posted by: alice moreau Mar 5 2017, 11:47 AM
gabriel banefield &
alice moreau
aww gabe is the cutest!! alice would totally be down to hang out with gabe if he listens to her chatter about drama like 24/7 haha. since they're in the same year, maybe they have a couple of classes together too? alice isn't actually the best at school, particularly math/science-y classes so maybe she looks to gabe for help? maybe she's struggling at chemistry and gabe's doing well in it and they have a study session or something sometime /o/

also i just wanted to point out i think its cute that these guys both have a skewed view of romance x) alice from all the fantasy/romance novels she reads and gabe from dating sims LOL

Posted by: gabriel banefield Mar 5 2017, 03:02 PM
.gamewrap {width: 300px;border-top: 2px solid #424242;border-bottom: 2px solid #424242;}.gamehead {width: 290px;border-bottom: 2px dashed #424242;font-family: arya;font-size: 15px;text-transform: uppercase;}.gametext {width: 275px;font-family: century gothic;font-size: 12px;text-align: justify;text-transform: lowercase;margin-left: 2px;margin-right: 2px;}.gamecredit {font-size: 8px;font-family: century gothic;}GABE + alice moreauOh yeah I like that a lot! Gabe needs friends in his grade for sure. He'd be more than happy to help her out with chemistry, he's actually pretty decent at it and math too. Maybe they do it a bit after school at the library, and end up just talking about other things for a while before finishing up and getting something to eat/pick up together on their ways home? A casual friend hangout sorta thing?template by glass of &&!

Posted by: alice moreau Mar 5 2017, 08:33 PM
gabriel banefield &
alice moreau
aw yeah!! im so down for casual friend hangouts /o/ i noticed that gabe speaks french, so maybe theyre both in french class together? they could be super cute friends!! if you're interested for a thread of them just chilling in the library or the french classroom etc, i'm totally up for it!

Posted by: arata fujioka Mar 14 2017, 12:46 AM
piper finch & arata
Okay, okay, you said you want Piper to have some true friends? How do you feel about her and Arata? They're both in dance team together, and the fact that's Piper's captain means automatic respect from Arata the moment he joined the team, okay.

They're also both in astronomy, and Piper can nerd over it with Arata because he really loves the stars too? I feel like the two of them would have known each other from being on the dance team, but the thing with Arata is if the topic is dance, the boy will not leave you alone. He's obsessed, my boy.

Just, I feel like they could have a really solid friendship going on, though if Piper ever decided to hide their friendship because Arata is a creative then whoo boy, things will not go well. Drama idea there! *jazz hands*

Posted by: piper finch Mar 14 2017, 07:49 PM
arata fujioka &
piper finch
omg yes!! i actually love this?? so much?? they're both obsessed with dance, but piper's more specialized in dance/classic, but she totes respects arata because all dance is awesome right.

i think arata is probably one of a few people who know about her love for astronomy - just bc if they're already friends from dance, she would feel more comfortable opening up to him about her secretly nerdy hobby, and if he likes it too, even better!! i dunno, piper might feel weird hanging out with a creative, but creatives arent as bad as like, loners or nerds or delinquents, so she wouldn't immediately reject him.

also maybe because arata is a junior and super talented, piper is thinking of maybe making him captain next year?? so maybe she's mentoring him a little bit more closely this year to make sure he's ready for leadership and all that jazz /o/ idk!! lmk!!

Posted by: arata fujioka Mar 15 2017, 12:21 AM
piper finch & arata
Arata dances the classics too, imagine them entering competitions together as duos for ballet and waltz and whatever dances they have in common! (Which means even more bonding time between the two of them, because you can't not have some rapport going on if y'all are partners, okay.)

That's good then! And Arata is honored, Piper, though he definitely wouldn't understand why she's hiding it--

Ahh, yes, that'd be great! Arata is lowkey aiming to be captain because he wants to be the best because this boy's competitive spirit, but he'd honestly just be so pleased Piper's hanging around him more because friends. I'm so up for all of this like you wouldn't believe.

Posted by: piper finch Mar 15 2017, 11:10 PM
arata fujioka &
piper finch
OMG THEM PREPPING FOR A BALLET COMPETITION TOGETHER /o/ as partners ofc!! thats so cute and im so down for it. it's prob rare to find like a male ballerina so ofc piper has to claim arata has a partner :))

i imagine they probably have sort of this cute mentor-mentee relationship bc even with her close friends piper's a pretty serious person, but even if she's not super enthusiastic she still enjoys his company <33

would u be down for a ballet competition thread o: thats just.. so cute.. idk where arata lives but piper lives in a pretty small apartment, so maybe they're just practicing at either her ballet studio downtown or his place ??

Posted by: arata fujioka Mar 16 2017, 09:43 PM
piper finch & arata

Arata lives with his parents, but Piper's ballet studio would probably be best for it!

Posted by: glenda coco-lee Mar 16 2017, 11:25 PM
niko gomez &
glenda coco-lee
i need to jot down my music club ideas down before my old brain forgets them. rip

1. glenda becomes prez bc she's the only senior member (so far). niko is not happy w dis.

2. glenda and niko mostly clash over almost everything music club-related. from song choices (jingle bell rock vs all i want for christmas is you) to the general direction of the club's goals. niko wants the club to be more instrument-focused so they can build a band in the future; while glenda wants an a cappella group and/or choir so she can take the limelight and sing the solos.

3. glenda totally revamps the music club room, and her design concepts burn every fibre of niko's being like sunlight to a vampire -- except for the bears! everybody loves the teddy bears. ( fite me if you're against this too D:< )

4. glenda thinks niko might be one of the worst untalented squib homos she's ever met but she actually kinda cares after all. like, she bought him a new bass guitar, when his old one broke. and helped him gain a good following on the internet. ok, she's mean but some of the caring shows.

5. glenda and niko totally need that recruitment moment like they're aubrey and chloe from pitch perfect (although they are tirelessly arguing over acceptance of the auditioning applicant).

if you can think of anything else, hmu.

Posted by: piper finch Mar 19 2017, 01:41 AM
arata fujioka &
piper finch
heck yea!! :sparkle: i can get it up in a few days (hopefully tmrw); but if i'm taking too long you can always throw something up and ill reply ;D

Posted by: bear Apr 8 2017, 01:26 AM
updated my plotter with new template + added summer! also a little wip for benny :")

Posted by: jean-baptiste mikaelsson Apr 9 2017, 09:23 PM
alice moreau & jeanchatty cathy'sSO i'm so excited for Jean to interact with students because he's basically a giant child himself SOOO I see them having a really good relationship! I picture them falling into long, fun conversations about book or shows and he'd probably introduce her to a ton of plays/musicals. They're both over the top and dramatic, plus they don't know when to give up and they NEVER SHUT UP YES so basically I picture him being a teacher she can just go to if she ever wants to or like for new suggestions of shows or books! Also he'd totally be like, 'so there is this new girl that you should be friends with' aka he's trying to pair her up w/ someone ok he's got her back.pandora @ ooc.flowrap {width:260px; border:10px solid #efefef; margin-top:15px;}.flotop {padding:10px; background:#fcfcfc; height:30px;}.floname {padding:5px; border:1px solid #efefef; font-family:kanit; font-weight:700px; text-transform:lowercase; text-align:center; height:20px; line-height:20px; font-size:22px; color:#444444;}.flobutt {padding:10px; padding-top:0px; height:100px; background:#fcfcfc;}.flotext {border:1px solid #efefef; text-align:justify; font-family:arial; font-size:9px; line-height:10px; color:#444444; padding:10px; overflow:auto; height:80px; }.flotext::-webkit-scrollbar {width:3px;} .flotext::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background-color:#efefef;} .flotext::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background-color:#444444;}.flocred {width:475px; font-family:courier; font-size:8px; text-transform:uppercase; color:#444444; height:8px; margin-bottom:15px;}

summer flowers & jeanweirdos uniteFirst off, these two are all artistic, which I feel like would be the initial draw. Aka, Jean will specifically search out Summer just to laze around his classroom because that's what jean does and it's even better since Summer is like-minded (in the sense that he isn't a math teacher or something yuck art is a fun subject). basically I picture these two as peas in a pod, big ol' artsy weirdos tbh jean would be like, "can u make a statue of me pls" but I just picture Summer telling Jean all his conspiracies and Jean would just gradually get more and more freaked out. He's super gullible and will believe just about everything Summer tells him lol but I could also see these two just being relaxed and chill probably smoking weed ngl. SO IDK teacher pals!pandora @ ooc.flowrap {width:260px; border:10px solid #efefef; margin-top:15px;}.flotop {padding:10px; background:#fcfcfc; height:30px;}.floname {padding:5px; border:1px solid #efefef; font-family:kanit; font-weight:700px; text-transform:lowercase; text-align:center; height:20px; line-height:20px; font-size:22px; color:#444444;}.flobutt {padding:10px; padding-top:0px; height:100px; background:#fcfcfc;}.flotext {border:1px solid #efefef; text-align:justify; font-family:arial; font-size:9px; line-height:10px; color:#444444; padding:10px; overflow:auto; height:80px; }.flotext::-webkit-scrollbar {width:3px;} .flotext::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background-color:#efefef;} .flotext::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background-color:#444444;}.flocred {width:475px; font-family:courier; font-size:8px; text-transform:uppercase; color:#444444; height:8px; margin-bottom:15px;}

Posted by: ruby dioskouroi Apr 12 2017, 12:58 PM
There are so many of them, how will I do this?

If Piper wanted to discuss her world views with Ruby, she'd gladly listen and share her own thoughts. Seeing as they're both elites it would be easier for them to hang out but if she ever caught wind of Piper being fake, trust and believe she'd call her out in a heartbeat. They don't call her "Real Deal" for nothing.

piper finch

Let's talk music! Yes!

I could see Ruby being very interested in talking to him about his music and seeing more of his material. Especially if she can give shout outs to Foxtrot on her channel and even play a few of their songs for reaction videos. Also, can you smell calling people out on their homophobia in the air?

Bc I can.

niko gomez

Flirting. A lot of flirting and talking about writing. I could see Ruby wanting to get to know this person who is so invested in just knowing more about other people. She'd do her best to be as open with Alice as possible but this is Ruby we're talking about, and she has to keep some of her mysteries.

alice moreau

Maybe they've been doing dares since they were freshman and have built a friendly rivalry. I could see Ruby listening to her when she talks about transitioning and being there for her throughout. Could have had a fling but remained friends afterwards.

marina de la rey

No, Mr. Flowers. I will not share my weed with you.

But I will talk to you about art and what the future holds. Whether I'm high or not while that conversation takes place, that is my business.

summer flowers

What do you think?

Posted by: arielle davenport Apr 24 2017, 09:07 PM
arielle davenport + niko gomez
Ari can appreciate all forms of music so she has no idea why Glenda doesn't want Niko & his friends practicing...but, until recently, she just thought it was because Glenda didn't allow anyone that wasn't one of her minions to have the chance to practice.

With that in mind, I think these two could probably be friends. Only saying "probably" since I'm not too sure if their actual personalities will clash, but she's willing to help him overthrow the screaming banshee.

Posted by: bear Apr 27 2017, 10:08 AM
hey guys i'm super sorry for the wait!! ;O; think i finally got everything tho so ahhh.

jean-baptiste mikaelsson & alice moreau

YESSS I love this sm!! jean is definitely going to be one of alice’s favorite teachers and she’s gonna try and take drama all four years because okay how cool is it that your drama teacher USED TO BE ON BROADWAY?? and LMAO I imagine if jean tries to pair her up alice would be like “what about you and x other faculty” winkwonk and just throw it right back at him ROFL. they probably have such a sweet/cute relationship and I love that jean treats his students like equals/talks to them like friends ahhh

jean-baptiste mikaelsson & summer flowers

omg LOOOOL lbr summer probably just offers his friends free weed and I agree they’re just the Weirdo Artsy teachers that are always in each others classrooms rofl. to the point where there’s a rumor floating around that theyre dating or smth but actually they just smoke weed a lot. LOL

also summer probably uses jean as a model for poses a LOT bc he’s like a drama person and is used to moving his body so even outside of school working on personal projects summer would def hit jean up for stuff like that. and in return maybe he helps with the sets for drama productions?? idk??

anyways I would love to thread either one of these!! we could totally do summer/jean for now maybe with the “pose for me pls” idea?? lemme know!

ruby dioskouroi

OHH man jidenna pls. I think probably marina & alice might have the best chemistry with ruby so I’ll write more on that here—

ruby dioskouroi & marina de la rey

ahh I think marina/ruby could be p chill friends and def the short fling thing since as seniors they probably share friend groups somewhat? ie. they’re both pretty good friends with scout/ I imagine marina would be chill with ruby’s whole sailor moon gang and stuff.

I’d love the idea of ruby being a supportive friend & sticking up for her against the other elites/jocks & marina being super grateful for it! marina never had trouble with her family about transitioning but the jocks weren’t so keen on the idea, which is why she hangs with the fringes most of the time. also I agree 10000% on their competitiveness and I’d love seeing that drawn out through like, marina gets goaded into participating in some crazy scheme with ruby/the gang bc it’s presented as a challenge.

ruby dioskouroi & alice moreau

also yesss alice probably thinks ruby is super cool & mysterious with the whole travelin’ round the world thing and her lil gang, and trying to hang onto some of her secrets would just cause alice to <i>pester her even more</i>. LOL I imagine alice would be kind of flustered at first bc ruby is older and super cool and shes flirting with me what?? and then once she’s over that and sees hints that ruby’s hiding things from her she would feel emboldened to keep on bothering her so like. maybe a poor choice, ruby, cuz now alice ain’t even leaving you alone LOL.

arielle davenport & niko gomez

enemy of my enemy is a friend, right?? LOL I imagine niko probably isn’t too keen on arielle personally, even if he does appreciate her dedication to music, as he probably has the impression of “oh this girl’s mom is famous she must be super stuck up.” but then one day glenda doesn’t show up and niko’s like god that bitch is the worse and arielle agrees he’d probably like her a bit more LOL.

Posted by: sandro maeda May 1 2017, 12:55 PM
alice moreau &
sandro maeda
ok jbear i need this for sandro's character development. so if u agree on this, i'll be very happy!

i'm letting sand embrace his theatre interest so i want him to spend time with alice who can teach him stuff about drama :D you know how incredibly dumb sandro is so i think it'll be 'fun' for alice trying to learn a slow learner like him. pls agree to this ; 3 ; ty so much.

Posted by: alice moreau May 4 2017, 02:19 PM
sandro maeda & alice moreau

LOL WAIT THIS ACTUALLY SOUNDS SO CUTE. big dumb sports jock and small excited theatre girl. alice could try to teach him how to act but sandro just can't get any of the lines right like, at all and LMAO. it'd be fun to see impatient alice i think LOLL I LOVE IT

Posted by: sandro maeda May 5 2017, 12:13 AM
alice moreau &
sandro maeda
thanks for agreeing on this! and yes it'll be very cute! let's pick a fun piece of drama/musical that they could work on. any ideas?

LOL WAIT THIS ACTUALLY SOUNDS SO CUTE. big dumb sports jock and small excited theatre girl. alice could try to teach him how to act but sandro just can't get any of the lines right like, at all and LMAO. it'd be fun to see impatient alice i think LOLL I LOVE IT

Posted by: alice moreau May 5 2017, 10:23 PM
sandro maeda & alice moreau

omg we should do something shakespearan cuz that’ll probably be even more difficult for sandro to understand/remember lines from/etc. LOL. maybe macbeth?? or merchant of venice cuz I just went to venice idk. but up to you!!

Posted by: teagan crowley May 9 2017, 12:58 PM
Niko Gomez & Teagan
Since Tea looks for options to play, he could join the music club and meet Niko. They have both different musical references and colors. They could clash when it comes to music. Tea is more into instrumental, because for him, you don't need lyrics to convey feelings. And true and interesting songwriters? That's super rare /cough. At the same time, he could get frustrated and tell Niko to get really serious about music if he wants to make a living with it - Niko could retort, because Tea doesn't face his own issues seriously - or helping because he couldn't stand the situation. They are two passionate guys with their own preferences.
Buuuuuut they might calm down and find a common ground when it comes to Glenda?
pandora @ ooc

Posted by: niko gomez May 12 2017, 11:07 AM
teagan crowley & niko gomez

ohh, yes! niko would probably dislike tea off the bat, because he’s a member of the elite and seems to come from a more “privileged” place in life. telling him to get serious about his music would piss him the hell off, since it’s about the only thing in his life he <i>is</i> serious about. he’d resent tea and his music lessons (since niko never had money for any), his popularity and good looks, his big house on whitespire hill, etc. etc. i imagine tea might also get upset about that, since he has his own problems to deal with too?

but yeah, niko hates glenda LOL. i imagine she’s a bit too loud and obnoxious for tea, even if they’re both elites? honestly, we should just have a music club group thread or something since it seems to be glenda vs. the world omg LOL.

Posted by: bear May 12 2017, 11:08 AM
added benny li!! plot with meee!

Posted by: teagan crowley May 12 2017, 12:17 PM
Niko Gomez & Teagan
if Niko resents him for his looks and his popularity, Tea would burst out laughing or be dumbfounded. "I can’t tell if your standards are low or if you got the wrong person." He’s used to the rest though, his answers would probably be sarcastic.
But the room could be a shelter for Tea, so I think he could snap here and they could find themselves in a VERY awkward situation xD (you know "I’m not crying, I’ve something in my eyes").

About Glenda, Tea doesn’t hate people who are quick on the draw - I think he could appreciate her. However when it comes to the club, he would just question how she manages it - and her decoration. It's more how he views her outside and inside the club.
pandora @ ooc

Posted by: niko gomez May 12 2017, 11:09 PM
teagan crowley & niko gomez

omg LOOOL i don't even know what niko would do if teagan started crying. he's used to people he's had arguments with to get mad at him back, so he'd probably feel awkward/resentful bc he doesn't like feeling like the bad guy in the situation. tbh it might even piss him off even more if other club members are like "oh no dont cry teagan niko ur such a dick" etc. haha

also yeah LMAO. niko doesn't like it too much either, but the reason they never seem to be able to overthrow glenda's decorations is bc they both have too different of ideas of how the room SHOULD look to actually form a united front ahahaha. something like that anyway LOL

Posted by: stefan valdes May 13 2017, 01:45 AM
I'm not entirely sure of this but I feel like stefan and niko gomez could be like positive acquaintances? Not in oh, I don't mind your presence sort of but more like playful banters kind of. Like, stefan plays piano as opposed to niko's bass, he is also calm whereas niko is more boisterous or just that he has no specific aim in his life when niko has his own band. All that being said, I just don't see them under a very negative light.

I was thinking of small talks here and there, jokes on their differences or slightly mocking, maybe communicating when they need something from each other etc but overall keeping a light-hearted mood. They could even come together for some sort of big prank though I'm not sure if they'd be even good for that stuff. Like I can sort of see them annoy each other off a lot but instead of fighting, going to pick on a bully together instead? The only time where they'd have their serious arguments would probably be on music and how different their views are though. Like, stefan would show up to his concerts but at the same he would be like would be great if you could perform solo afterwards and I can definitely see niko being like smh, no.

Did I get niko right though, I'm not sure.

Posted by: bear May 13 2017, 09:10 PM
stefan valdes & niko gomez

ahh, I think these two could definitely make for good friends! niko’s not boisterous per se, but he’d definitely be the type to trade back some sarcastic-but-friendly remarks with stefan once in a while. plus niko also just respects anyone who loves music as much as he does, even if he prefers a more classical style.

not too sure about the pranking thing, but i think their views on the future could definitely be a really interesting thing to explore! niko rides or die with his band, so stefan even suggesting he go solo would tick him off immediately. likewise, niko would tell stefan to push himself more with his music and play at recitals/competitively. because of the poor background he came from, niko kind of views music as something you should try to get really good at/make money from, not just for fun.

seeing as they’re in the music club together, maybe we could thread them exploring those differences creatively? they’re in the same grade, so maybe student council asked them to write/perform a piece at an assembly for the junior class? idk, just a thought, lemme know! :>

Posted by: eugene park May 14 2017, 06:51 AM
benny benny benny c': come meet your loner loser of a friend, eugene. i'm thinking genie and benny probably get along either extra well among their little group of friends, or a lot less than the rest? she's a bit of a liar and he's a bit of a sarcastic hypocrite, so uh... yeah? i think gene would like benny a lot, though. he's a jerk but he's very obedient to his mum/grandmother and most authorities, and he'd kind of envy her in some weird way. he'll treat her a bit like a little sister, despite being in the same grade (and despite being at about the same level of emotional maturity, oops).

also, i kind of like the idea of the two of them going on excursions a lot? they could cycle/skateboard down to the beach and he could take her sailing out on the water or s/t. i have a mini-headcanon that eugene would've been that friend that consistently asked to play pirates, except unlike normal kids he actually has a boat (that can only support maybe two adults' worth of weight, but he totally would've tested/stretches its limits with his friends). anyway, the headcanon basically has him demanding to be the captain since the boat's his, and i also picture benny as his crafty and wily first mate? c':

depending on how close they were before, they could either get further or closer now that high school's come along, though. idk if any of this made sense lmao please add/scrap as you please, but i'm excited for this friend group <3

Posted by: benny li May 14 2017, 10:09 AM
eugene park & benny li

i actually think benny’d really like genie??? they’re both just facetious little shits that probably piss everyone off ‘cuz it’s impossible to get a straight answer out of either of them LOL. within the group, they’re probably the more rebellious/snarky/anti-goody-two-shoes pair, so they probably get along just because of that. also benny probably loves eugene’s boat like, woah so cool!!!

also, on that line of thought, benny used to move around a lot as a kid and the breakfast club is probably aware of this, but she changes the details around so much nobody knows exactly where. so whenever eugene took his friends out to the boat benny would insist she be first mate “cuz she used to live in like, caribbean with all the pirates, duh” and that dynamic just sorta stuck. benny also probs wants to play the evil pirates all the time LOL idk just some thoughts :”)

BUT YEAH. tbh i’ve always seen the loners as the most disorganized clique, that stick together only because they have to? so when she gets the chance, benny probably tries to drag eugene along with the delinquents (but ofc he never rly gets along with them)

we could totally explore that in a food fight thread?? like, benny tries to recruit eugene to the delinquents’ side but he still feels that loyalty to the loners idk. and once he refuses all bets are off she pelts him in the face with pie. LOL

Posted by: eugene park May 14 2017, 10:56 AM
LMAO that sounds about right tbh c’: and eugene would probably go along with benny’s lies every now and then i think. like he knows a ton of things she says isn’t true but if someone ever asked him to confirm he’d play along and maybe even further elaborate on it oops. and pfft in genie’s eyes evil pirates are the only pirates worth pretending to be cx maybe he’ll even let her borrow his spyglass as they conquer imaginary islands and attack other ‘ships’ (aka sink random debris or climb onto buoys to ‘claim’ them, idk).

i def imagine the same thing about the loners tbh? like they’re not really a clique the same way the others are (bc that’s what makes them loners obv). genie would hang out with benny if she drags him along, but he’ll be complaining the whole way lol. i love the idea of exploring that with a food fight thread!! i think eugene would probably try to avoid being involved at all (bc tbh his loyalty to the loners is shabby at best) though he’d still not join benny’s delinquent side. i just kinda imagine him turning it down and when she hits him they have like their own full-fledged battle in the corner lmao. idk, but i’d definitely be down for this!! do you want me to start it, or would you like to? c:

Posted by: benny li May 14 2017, 11:42 AM
benny li & eugene park

AHH YEAH. and benny’s just like “yeah that’s why ur my captain genie” cuz she rly appreciates him not blowing her cover :”)

ALSO JUST. HEAR ME OUT. i swear i do romance plots with all ur chars but cries sue me. BUT I think it’d be cute if one of them develops a crush on the other and doesn’t really realize it?? I feel like they’d both be the type to just deny, deny, deny LOL. like I feel like it’s probably a natural thing from being “those two” in the group tbh. in benny’s case, she prefers older-guys-in-leather-jackets so she’d just. wouldn’t realize it. and probably just act extra mean/play rougher with genie (she could start by not holding back in the food fight). idk LOL dumb childhood crushes are just so cute ahh

and ok ok YES. benny’s lovin the food fight, she thrives off chaos, and ofc the first thing she does is either single out the rest of the breakfast club. I’d love a one on one duel for their pirate honor!!! i can also see if i can start sometime today or tomorrow!! <3

Posted by: eugene park May 14 2017, 07:02 PM
what dORKS i love it c’: and honestly a crush would be so cute? (and lbr you’ll never hear me complain about romance plots pfft!!) they could have like a mutual thing but there’s just... so much denial in the works and they’re both absolutely oblivious about the other person too maybe? because he doesn’t understand crushes at all, only that she makes him feel lowkey shy/unsure of himself and that’s not how he wants to roll, yo B| so he’d pump up the meanness too as a sort of unintended consequence. dumb childhood crushes are absolutely adorable tbh so i’m totally down!!

no rush, but i look forward to these two’s shenanigans <3

Posted by: rafe corvus May 23 2017, 12:46 PM
alice moreau & rafe corvusRafe is on the newspaper crew too, so I'm thinking he and Alice could sometimes pair up to chase stories/news/leads together? With her as the reporter/writer and him as the photographer. He gets pretty caught up in a good story too and doesn't give up once he gets whiff of one, so they're similar in that respect. He'd like Alice, and I think they could be pretty decent friends.

Posted by: mitsuo williams May 23 2017, 09:19 PM
benny & mitsuo
Honestly I just think the fact that she skateboards and seems like she couldn’t give two shits about anything would make her seem super cool in Mitsuo’s eyes. While I doubt he’s part of any crowd that runs with her, just because he didn’t start being a little shit until recently maybe they can team up sometimes? If she asked he’d probably be incredibly down and not actually think it over before agreeing. Honestly maybe he just really admires her and sometimes it borders having a crush and not really?
Also I’m not sure if she’s the type but maybe Benny saw Mitsuo before he went super blonde and punk rock and makes fun of him for it? He moved to Peachtree in the middle of a year at middle school and then at the beginning of high school went all out rebel so yeah. Add/subtract/idk

summer & mitsuo
I dunno if he’d have spray paint cans that Mitsuo could steal? But if he does, consider that. Mitsuo would totally want to steal his spray paint cans because if there’s one crime he loves committing its vandalism. It’s really the only creative thing he’s ever done and he loves it. But he’s totally stealing art supplies sorry mr. flowers.
Or how about if Mitsuo actually gets caught spray painting a penis on the wall, he has to do remedial lessons with Summer because he’s the art teacher and obviously the man is the most qualified to deal with Mitsuo’s shit. That or he Mitsuo has a penchant for walking in while the man is very obviously high, and tries to take his wallet. Just general lil shit things. Add/subtract/idk

niko & mitsuo
fuck his shit up??? Mitsuo is already kind of a dick to people. While he doesn’t necessarily zone in on others for bullying, maybe Niko does see it as bullying and tries to get him to knock it off. Scare the crap out of him senpie. Or or or, just be a worse influence to Mitsuo. Just do that. He’s already impressionable as it is so it wouldn’t be super hard. just throwing him here in case there’s a possibility of niko beating his ass because im down sorry sobs add/subtract/idk

Posted by: alice moreau May 23 2017, 11:08 PM
rafe corvus & alice moreau

aww yeah, I think they could definitely make for good friends! they sound like they’d work together well, and rafe definitely seems like a pretty nice guy so alice’d like him too. also, alice would definitely respect rafe a lot for being so open/overdramatic even with his sexuality, because she’s also a firm believer in being who you are. also she prob makes jokes about being each other’s gay best friend and just like, dumb stuff like that LOL.

it’d be especially cool if they could team up to write an article on like, the lgbt community at ridgeview or something ?? like, covering the gsa club or stuff like that. just a thought :>

Posted by: bear May 24 2017, 08:54 PM
mitsuo williams & benny li

omg that’s so cute! benny’s definitely the type to tease people about anything, so she’d be that friend that pulls out old yearbook photos like hahahahaha look at how lame u used to be. also pfft if mitsu had a crush on her she’d prob tease/abuse him more LMAO. idk benny might pick up on it depending on how obvious he is but she’s not rly the type to get flustered/awkward more just like, nice I have more material to tease this kid w/.

honestly this is so cute freshman delinquents doing! shit! LOL

mitsuo williams & summer flowers

okay okay. so summer would be down for the vandalism but not the stealing LMAO. like if summer caught mitsuo spray painting a wall he’d totally be like hey man that’s pretty neat idea mind if I join in and then upon discovering those spray cans are his he’d be like… >:( why didn’t u just ask bro. LOL. I rly like this thread idea it’s so cute omg :>

idk but also depending on how malicious mitsuo is summer is pretty easy to take advantage of as a teacher LOL. like he’s rly dumb/irresponsible tbh. so like, mitsuo taking art cuz it’s an easy a bc summer’s rly easy to convince that he just “lost” a students assignment etc. LOL

mitsuo williams & niko gomez

LOLL idk if niko would actually beat up mitsuo or fight him cuz he’s just a dumb freshman ya. but maybe he would scare him if he sees mitsuo saying some rly insensitive dumb-freshman things to other ppl ?! idk LOL if u think mitsuo’s ever going to far w/ his crimes niko can help scare him straight yay a :>

Posted by: mitsuo williams May 27 2017, 10:23 PM
Mitsuo & benny li
YES!!! Please tease m’boy. That’s all I want in life. He just wants to be a cool rebel gdi but he’s a nerd. I think at most Mitsuo might get flustered if it comes to physical contact every once in a while but other than that nothing super serious. And I mean, if you just asked him he’d probably deny it very loudly cluing you in that ‘yeah he thinks she’s cool in that weird feelings way’ lmao. But yeah, he’ll just sit in the corner trying to pretend he wasn’t a huge nerd 2 years ago. I love it. HE NEEDS DELINQUENT FRIENDS O HE’D PROBABLY TRY TO BE NICE TO DO DELINQUENT THIGNS IWHT SOMEONE HIS OWN AGE. SOBS.

Mitsuo & summer flowers
Hell yes! That would be so weird ‘cause I’d imagine since Mitsuo is a freshman he woldn’t know how chill Summer really is so if he got caught vandalzing school property with stolen art supplies, hed probably have a minor panic attack. Inside though. Because he is a hardened juvenile delinquent and can TAKE getting caught.

Mitsuo varies depending on his mood but he would take advantage of Summer being dumb if he needed to. Or like, use him as an alibi like ‘I was totally in class you just didn’t notice.’ Totally try to put the blame n Summer not being observant to him skipping class or not being in places where crimes were committed. Yup yup. But ALSOOOO would…summer enjoy listening to Bob Ross videos with Mitsuo? Or maybe he introduces Mitsuo to Bob Ross by playing a video of him in class one day? IDK. MITSUO JUST LIKES BOB ROSS. SOBS.

Mitsuo & niko gomez
Yess scare him I’m down with that. Join the squad of senpies trying to keep him from doing stupid things lmao. It’d be funny if Niko stumbled upon Mitsuo while he’s mildly freaking out something ‘bad’ he did but then it turns out to be nothing. Just waste Niko’s time. Lmao

BUT YEAH I LVOE ALL THESE PLOTS!! Do you wanan try and thread summer and mitsuo first or? ovo

Posted by: ainsley tyson May 31 2017, 01:27 AM

ainsley tyson & alice moreau

friends maybe?! ▸ ok omg BEARRR, u probs wouldn't beliEVE that i didn't notice this until now but jfc. TRUE STORY, if it weren't for the fact that jae mentioned that kelli writes fanfics of teagan, i probs wouldn't have seen alice's plot w kelli?? and wouldn't have realized that alice and ainsley are practically the same person ?? ???? their personalities are similar, they're both creatives, and they're both in the drama club AND the newspaper club?? like even the fact that both their names start w the letter a? holy shit i hope that didn't make u feel uncomfortable like, AUTO ARE U FCKING STEALING MY CHARACTER. i-i rly wasn't. pls just yell at me if this ever happens again somehow om fg. but i mean i guess, now that this is already a thing, maybe we could try to swing my fck up around into a plot of some sort?? if u want???? ;A; like, aside from being friends i think it might be funny if the two of them, considering they're both overdramatic, acted as if they were doppelgangers/twins/nemesis? despite looking drastically different? like play-yelling in the hallway like, 'OMG ARE U HEAR TO STEAL MORE OF ME AGAIN BC U WANNA REPLACE ME AS ME IN THIS WORLD ONE DAY. DO U RLY WANT MY FAM? DO U RLY WANT MY FRIENDS? WELL U CAN'T HAVE THEM,' and just turn it into some kinda superhero battle scene. if that made any sense at all. idk i'm just smh at the fact that i'm dumb and didn't think to check anything before making ainsley sO LET'S ALL MAKE FUN OF ME TBH LOL.

Posted by: alice moreau May 31 2017, 02:00 PM
ainsley tyson & alice moreau

LOL THAT’S SO CUTE/DUMB AND 100000% EXACTLY THE TYPE OF THING ALICE WOULD DO LMFAO. OMG this is the type of plots that I live for LMAO I love ainsley so tbh I dun even care I think the whole world needs more hyperactive annoying genki girls lmaooo.

TBH alice sees the world like a giant play/musical/book/story/etc. but she never sees herself as the main character bc she doesn’t think she’s interesting enough herself so this would be like?? such an interesting take?? bc obv only main characters get arch nemeses?? LOL IDK

AND WHAT IF they always got cast as the antagonist/protag of every show bc of it ?? with them switching off as to whose the antag/protag each time so like. neither of them can rly say lol ya I’m definitely the REAL hero idk. like what if they could actually be arch nemeses in drama LOL

Posted by: ainsley tyson May 31 2017, 11:50 PM

ainsley tyson & alice moreau

friends maybe?! ▸ PERF BC AINSLEY'S THE SAME. OFC. I MEAN OTHERWISE I WOULDN'T HAVE SUGGESTED IT I GUESS LOL. but ok ya, ainsley basically does this thing where she'll either imitate the way someone acts/talks and/or take pictures/videos of them, all for the sake of studying/understanding them/a certain 'character type??' and she like, jumps into the mindsets of/quotes fictional characters on the daily (like abed from community who will literally act like he's in a movie for a duration of time while everyone else has to remind him that this is reality and not some fictional world lol)? i just see her and alice acting out random scenes/play-fighting a lot in the hallway and people that dunno them probs think they're actually fighting but then all of a sudden one of them's just like, giving feedback 'out of character,' and everyone else is all, ???? idk lmao. BUT OK YES. i def want them to take turns playing the other's nemesis in actual school productions!! tho granted that bc they're only sophomores they might not get lead roles, but they could have a two-person 'theatre group' too?? where they write up their own scripts to act out, maybe w the help of kelli alacran??? if lethal dun mind being involved in this bahaha.

Posted by: oceane letham Jun 3 2017, 01:46 PM

marina de la rey (& MIKKELINE DELMIREV) & Oceane Letham
Stalking the seniors - tbh Oceane has probably got a crush on Marina and Mikkeline (since she finds them cool as swimmers & students), but now she’s sure they are dating in secret - and she’s ''I’ve to support my senior''. In the meantime, she’s stalking them to find a proof because her friends don’t believe her: meaning she can shamelessly pop up at the same place or just following them. But she can also slip gifts in their bags, chocolate or things Marina and Mikkeline could share with each other.
For some reasons, it sounds really suspicious lol.

She would come up with an article ''How to keep your love life secret at HS'' while thinking about them - and she'll think of them as an inspiration (until someone tells her they're not an item /shot).

(I'll post again for Alice 8) )

Posted by: bear Jun 4 2017, 12:16 PM
alice moreau & ainsley tyson

ooh yaa that’s a good point they’re only sophomores so tbh theyre sometimes prob cast as like the “two girls who are rly close friends” or smth bc they can also do those roles p well. but two person theatre group AHAHHA i love it omg then they could do whatever they wanted.

also maybe in class whenever they have like, a film project or whatever they’re the two that are super duper gung-ho/into it and it just scares everyone else lOL. ainsley could do the filmography cuz she’s a photographer and alice prob writes most of the script LOL. and then yes maybe they recruit kelli alacran since she’s also basically alice’s other twin?? omg.. <p>

auto lemme kno if u wanna thread these guys. I know we have like 129302910 plots pending but yanno. and lethal if u wanna join in a three way thread could be fun too !!!

oceane letham & marina de la rey

LOOOL that’s so cute omg!! marina and mickey would probably be kinda :eyes: at oceane all the time but hey she’s their nice junior friend so yanno who cares if shes a lil.. odd?? idk also knowing marina and MIKKELINE DELMIREV they’d prob get the little gifts and somehow make it a competition?? like “omg I have a secret admirer” “omg me TOO” “well mine is BETTER LOOK AT WHAT THEY GAVE ME” etc. etc. lOL they’re the worst, sorry oceane ahahaha.

also omg im boutta make a swim team group plot thread soon so !!! keep ur eyes peeled for the shenanigans 8)

Posted by: MIKKELINE DELMIREV Jun 4 2017, 04:49 PM
oceane letham, marina de la rey, & MICKEY!
i don't even have anything to add. just that one: mickey would be lowkey laughing if she finds out that oceane thinks that she and marina are dating. and two: she'd absolutely fight with marina to the death over who gets the better present(s). i'm sorry your seniors are like this, lmao. just this constant. "MY SECRET ADMIRER IS BETTER THAN YOURS." "THINK AGAIN, YOU PINK HAIRED GREMLIN." highkey though: i think mickey would absolutely get extra flirty ( with both marina and oceane ) if she ever finds out for funsies.

Posted by: kelli alacran Jun 5 2017, 02:57 AM
kelli alacran & alice moreau & ainsley tyson Haha idk what's going on but, if you guys have space for kelli in a thread, i'm all in! kelli would 100% be on board with helping them with whatever theatre thing they're doing because she's Dramatic™. if they wanted to step it up a notch she could even help drawing sets if their script gets to the big screen LOL. she'd even be a puppet for them, do anything they want, become another rival~ anything at all~~~ © jaronart .jarcandypr {width:250px;border:1px solid #ccc;padding:5px;background:#fff;box-shadow:1px 1px 1px #ccc;} .jarcandybody {border:10px solid #FFC4D5;} .jarcandybody2 {border:5px solid #eee;} .jarcandyprhead {background:#333;color:#fff;text-transform:lowercase;font-size:18px;padding:20px;font-family:Raleway;} .jarcandyprhead a {font-family:raleway;color:#fff;text-transform:lowercase;font-size:18px;text-decoration:none;} .jarcandyprtextbody {padding:10px;} .jarcandyprtext {height:100px;padding:10px;font-family:Lato;line-height:10px;font-size:10px;background:#fff;overflow:auto;text-align:justify;} .jarcandyprtext::-webkit-scrollbar {width:2px;} .jarcandyprtext::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background:#FF99CF;} .jarcandyprtext::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background:#FFDEF0;width:2px;} .jarcandyprcredit {font-size:8px;color:#aaa;font-family:Raleway;margin-top:3px;} .jarcandyprcredit a {text-decoration:none;color:#aaa;font-size:8px;font-family:Raleway;}

Posted by: ainsley tyson Jun 6 2017, 12:17 AM

ainsley tyson & alice moreau & kelli alacran

friends maybe?! ▸ HELLAAAA. BEST FRIENDSHIP/S EVER. and omg i rly like the idea of ainsley and alice going all out for film projects tbh? like ainsley's the type who gets super excited over smthng once she's into it, so she'd both do the project and 'advertise' it by dressing up during the presentation or making invitations and whatnot. altho ngl she just likes to dress up a lot. pls tho i wanna thread these chicks a lot ahhh!!! even if i feel like i'm a bit swamped rn weeps. once the event ends tho & if u guys are up for it too then yassss!!!

Posted by: july muir Jun 6 2017, 02:13 AM
alice moreau & july muir i was thinking that, perhaps, that alice would bump into july somehow, as alice is extremely friendly and is intrigued by more of the shy, weird type of kids. july feels intimidated by her outgoing nature and would likely be nervous around her. through her persistence, alice will be able to become one of her friends, although she still may irk july a bit. it would be interesting if alice grows a crush on her in the process, as alice does tend to crush on girls with ease.what do you think? BY MITZI .lingerr { width: 350px; margin: auto; background: #eee; padding: 5px 0; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; letter-spacing: 0; } .lingerr h1 { background: linear-gradient(to right, #d7d7d7 0%, #ddd 50%); margin: 25px 0; padding: 25px; font: bold italic 8px cousine; color: #222; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px; border-top: solid 1px #d7d7d7; border-bottom: solid 1px #d7d7d7; } .lingerr img { float: right; width: 40px; border-radius: 50%; margin: -7px 0 0 0; } .lingerr .body { font: 11px/16px calibri; color: #111; margin: 30px; text-align: justify; }

Posted by: bear Jun 6 2017, 11:12 PM
july muir & alice moreau

aww, I think this could be really cute!! alice is definitely a try to befriend everyone type of person, especially if that person is a cute girl ; ) how would julia feel about alice flirting with her/being aggressively outgoing and nice? alice ofc isn’t the type to hit on straight girls if they don’t like it, and if julia feels too intimidated alice might try to back off if she senses that.

Posted by: july muir Jun 7 2017, 01:47 AM
alice moreau & july muir addressing the flirting situation, i don't think that july would get the hint at first and would just take it as being friendly. after a while though, she may realize that it was flirting and become a bit flustered (july is biromantic & demisexual, btw). along the lines of being intimidated by alice's outgoing nature, july would definitely be a little annoyed at first. if they become closer friends that have been able to form a bond somehow, it may not be such as prevalent of an issue; she just takes a while to warm up to people. i was thinking that maybe july takes a drama class for her visual and performing arts requirement (i'm not to sure if ridgeview requires a visual and performing arts class for at least a year, but i do know of some high schools that do irl). july appreciates the art of theater, but is terrible at it, so maybe alice could try to "coach" her? i do think that the character dynamic might be pretty interesting in general, since they are very different people.what are your thoughts/suggestions? BY MITZI .lingerr { width: 350px; margin: auto; background: #eee; padding: 5px 0; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; letter-spacing: 0; } .lingerr h1 { background: linear-gradient(to right, #d7d7d7 0%, #ddd 50%); margin: 25px 0; padding: 25px; font: bold italic 8px cousine; color: #222; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px; border-top: solid 1px #d7d7d7; border-bottom: solid 1px #d7d7d7; } .lingerr img { float: right; width: 40px; border-radius: 50%; margin: -7px 0 0 0; } .lingerr .body { font: 11px/16px calibri; color: #111; margin: 30px; text-align: justify; }

Posted by: bear Jun 8 2017, 08:20 PM
july muir & alice moreau

okay!! alice’s first goal is of course to make friends, not so much flirt mindlessly, so I don’t think it sounds like they’d have any difficulties! and sure, we can definitely assume ridgeview has different area requirements and that there might be an art requirement.

that definitely sounds really cute! maybe they’re practicing stuff for theatre’s fall musical, footloose? I doubt july would have a big part tbh if she’s just taking it for the req – but maybe she’s part of the ensemble? alice isn’t a great singer, but she can carry a tune and would love to try and teach july how to!! how does july feel about singing, seeing as they’re doing a musical?

Posted by: july muir Jun 8 2017, 11:21 PM
alice moreau & july muir yes, i love that idea! july would prob just be ensemble, as you said. july isn't too skilled at dancing and singing and would love someone more experienced like alice to teach her more! don't be surprised if july gets frustrated with herself in the process of trying to improve, as she gets hard on herself very easily. i think that alice's enthusiasm and outgoing nature might balance the mood between the two characters as well, since july is much more introverted. maybe alice can help july grow more out of her comfort zone in the process? i like the idea of them becoming unlikely friends. BY MITZI .lingerr { width: 350px; margin: auto; background: #eee; padding: 5px 0; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; letter-spacing: 0; } .lingerr h1 { background: linear-gradient(to right, #d7d7d7 0%, #ddd 50%); margin: 25px 0; padding: 25px; font: bold italic 8px cousine; color: #222; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px; border-top: solid 1px #d7d7d7; border-bottom: solid 1px #d7d7d7; } .lingerr img { float: right; width: 40px; border-radius: 50%; margin: -7px 0 0 0; } .lingerr .body { font: 11px/16px calibri; color: #111; margin: 30px; text-align: justify; }

Posted by: bear Jun 8 2017, 11:50 PM
july muir & alice moreau

ohh, yess!! unlikely friends is such a trope in itself that alice would love the idea of befriending this girl immediately LMAO. plus she’s always up to help others grow, especially if that means doing one of her favorite activities!! if we’re both down for footloose, would you like me to start a thread for them practicing scenes or something, or could you? :>

Posted by: july muir Jun 9 2017, 10:57 PM
alice moreau & july muir cool! the footloose practice idea is awesome and i'm really excited to start working on it :) i can start the thread if that's cool with you. BY MITZI .lingerr { width: 350px; margin: auto; background: #eee; padding: 5px 0; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; letter-spacing: 0; } .lingerr h1 { background: linear-gradient(to right, #d7d7d7 0%, #ddd 50%); margin: 25px 0; padding: 25px; font: bold italic 8px cousine; color: #222; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px; border-top: solid 1px #d7d7d7; border-bottom: solid 1px #d7d7d7; } .lingerr img { float: right; width: 40px; border-radius: 50%; margin: -7px 0 0 0; } .lingerr .body { font: 11px/16px calibri; color: #111; margin: 30px; text-align: justify; }

Posted by: july muir Jun 11 2017, 04:59 AM
alice moreau & july muir i completely forgot to ask, but where do you think would be a good practicing area? BY MITZI .lingerr { width: 350px; margin: auto; background: #eee; padding: 5px 0; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; letter-spacing: 0; } .lingerr h1 { background: linear-gradient(to right, #d7d7d7 0%, #ddd 50%); margin: 25px 0; padding: 25px; font: bold italic 8px cousine; color: #222; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px; border-top: solid 1px #d7d7d7; border-bottom: solid 1px #d7d7d7; } .lingerr img { float: right; width: 40px; border-radius: 50%; margin: -7px 0 0 0; } .lingerr .body { font: 11px/16px calibri; color: #111; margin: 30px; text-align: justify; }

Posted by: bear Jun 11 2017, 11:01 PM
july muir & alice moreau

classrooms would be fine!! or even outside might be fun. up to you!!

Posted by: meridith keenan Jun 14 2017, 02:08 PM

swimmers uniiiiiite! they must band together and remain true. so since swimmers are ready steady and about to start the show, i figured these two should starts them plots? they don't have to be super duper friendship friends, even if edie would love that, but they can be swim buddies. encouragers and motivators to the utmost degree. plus marina is the captain and that means that edie has yet another person to look up to and model her own varsity tactics after. either way, no matter what their interactions would consist of, it'd be a joy if they had some sort of plot going. so let me know what you think? and if there is anything you'd be interested in threading w these two!

also if there are any plots you would like do with any of your other charries i'm up for that too!

Posted by: marina de la rey Jun 15 2017, 05:05 PM
meridith keenan & marina de la rey

ahhh yess!! swimmers!! so marina’s excited to have edie on the swim team cuz she’s a hard worker and cares a lot about sports in general, but one thing they probably clash with during practice is edie’s talkativeness/rambunctiousness in general? like marina prefers official practices to be very serious, not that they can’t have fun, but I imagine edie probably does a lot of talking during drills or whatever and marina views that as getting off track and distracting others too.

so idk. maybe that rubs edie the wrong way a little sometimes?? marina would just be like pls I want you to be even better that’s why I’m so harsh. LOL

Posted by: meridith keenan Jun 15 2017, 10:28 PM

ah yes for sure that could be seen as something keeping her mind off the game so although it would frustrate her, bc she's only trying to have a good time LOL, and they might butt heads a bit it'll be clear that marina is just doing what she's supposed to. and of course, that's something that edie will need to learn herself. though i can just see her once or twice just making a face behind her back and then all smiles once she turns around XD or that i'll do these drills extra slow/as fast as possible JUST to be an annoying litter sister short - yano, to go along with the fact that she already is haha. really thought, it's all in good fun and she'll never take what marina says in a negative way - she's the captain so ofc she knows what there is to know.

overall just really playful, and serious when needed vibes for these two. i'll post her up in the swim team interest thread you have and that way they can get something going when that begins ^^

Posted by: AURORA NICHOLS Jul 8 2017, 10:20 AM
bearso i just tagged you bear since this is open to pretty much any of your characters although i would love to rp with marina or benny BUT I HAVE A CUTE IDEA so do you know those computer/study desks with the guards that make you want to focus on studying I want a friendship where neither people see each other's face and they only have the occasional brush of eachother's feet and the scratching of pens and pencils against paper against the paper that their notes are written on and if the library is like deserted maybe even muffled words as they chat and be friendswe could eventually do a thread with them meeting for the first time and seeing what each other look like but LIKE I LOVE THIS PLOT AND I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE THE BEST TO GIVE IT TO, have mercy bear

Posted by: marina de la rey Jul 9 2017, 07:35 AM
AURORA NICHOLS & marina de la rey

OMG LU I LOVE THIS!!! I’m def going with marina for this one lmfao bc idk she’s like 1 out of 2 of my chars that actually gives a shit about school. also this is perf bc I rly wanted to plot w/ rory in some way with marina cuz giant sports nerds ayy but they didn’t have any overlapping sports :c

OK SO the way I see this going is like. they’re at the library at some time every week so they just like. lowkey know each other’s schedule somehow. and the type of stationery the other person uses/the music they like to play etc. all this random stuff. but maybe one day they just like.. finish studying at the same time and leave the library together?? and theyre like WOAH HEY I recognize that pencil case/pair of earbuds/etc!! :O omg idk if that’s how you pictured it I’m kinda just shitting out ideas rn but lmk!!

Posted by: AURORA NICHOLS Jul 9 2017, 08:25 AM
marina de la reyyes so like that is the exact premise and like because of Aurora being lowkey OBSESSED with stationary and pretty pens and pretty notes then like she'd be like HEY THATS MY HANDWRItiNG ON THAT NOTE THERE AND OMG THAT PENCIL CASE IS MY FRIENDS RLLY CUTE ONE and then they just come to the realization and be real good friends [plus rory swims and dives] she's just not on the team bc... there were so many on there i decided to put her in cheer and such.&bull; &bull; &bull; &bull;.chermain { width: 250px; } .rory { color: #fdb;font: 25px Roboto;text-transform: lowercase;letter-spacing: -1px;font-weight: 700;text-align: right;text-shadow: 2px 1px #910010;z-index: 10;top: 10px;position: relative;width: 240px;padding: 5px 0px;} .rorycontent { width: 200px; padding: 20px 20px 5px 20px;color: #323232; text-align: center;border:1px solid #EEE;background: #fafafa;text-transform: lowercase; letter-spacing: 1px;text-decoration: none;font: 9px arial;line-height: 110%;} .chercontent b { color: #c0adc4; font-weight: 800;font-size: 8px;text-transform: uppercase;}.chercontent a { color: #c0adc4; font-weight: 800;font-size: 8px;text-transform: uppercase;}

Posted by: VAAN PHOENIX Jul 9 2017, 03:24 PM
VAAN x piper finch"She's really pretty! And smart!"Well. They're both elite and in cheer. So they have to have some type of relationship beyond "I've seen her/him around" lol. I imagine the two would start as cheer pals and then after practice "hey piper, you're good with science and boring stuff like that right? Cuz I'm not!" And in return he can offer friendship. In fact during the first tutoring session he will probably be distracted and begin to pry into her life. "Sooo who are you dating? How do you feel about *insert boy's name*? Are you seeing anybody? How's ballet? Do oyu like that or cheer more? Why're you so good with all this stuff? You're much smarter than the other pretty girls at school. You must really be into this?" All or or most of this would probably be said. Then he could become a friend for her but the kind that unintentionally pressures her to not hang out with too many non elite and jocks. But at the same time, she could find an ally in him as he'd probably try to be understanding and he might notice or catch on to the struggle she faces with balancing out popularity with genuine friendships. Maybe the could actually become genuine friends? Or superficial but one day something happens to one of them and they try to support one another and eventually break free of being superficial and become so much more? Idk, I just really love her. designed by NOWAKI of btn.

Posted by: piper finch Jul 12 2017, 06:16 AM
VAAN PHOENIX & piper finch

aww, piper could def tutor vaan in whatever classes! then they’d have the chance to talk more ahaha, even if they probably don’t have any similar interests? like, piper would kinda just be like “haha yeah” whenever vaan tries to talk about boys/clothes tbh, those aren’t really things she cares about at all. idk about being genuine friends, since piper would probably find the stuff that vaan likes kind of shallow/uninteresting – most of her real friends tend to be her fellow science/math geeks.

but maybe in return for tutoring, vaan helps her with her wardrobe instead? piper’s not super stylish and she just tries to copy other elite girls’ styles because she doesn’t really know what to wear herself. maybe vaan’s like omg wtf girl what are u wearing bc she comes in with like, a really ugly sweater or smth idk LOL.

Posted by: VAAN PHOENIX Jul 12 2017, 07:29 PM
VAAN x piper finch"She's really pretty! And smart!"I like that! Teaching math in exchange for teaching how to dress. Vaan owuld definitely give her advice and such. "lets try some heels, a new do, a crop top.." He'd probably try really hard to break her into a more independent and at the very least a simplistic but cute way of dress. Definitely can see this happening! designed by NOWAKI of btn.

Posted by: victoire ran-renault Jul 13 2017, 03:13 PM
niko gomez & victoire

i propose this: they’re both at a party, a random aggressive homophobic jock comes up to victoire and very emphatically asks him why he’s such a fucking priss/pretty-boy/faggot, probably uses his fists to jerk at his collar a bit, probably a closet-case himself but w/e, and then superhero niko comes outta nowhere and boxes him one and starts an epic fist-fight, two homos against the world, at a senior party no less, with lasting repercussions that could possibly be threaded about at a later date (‘cause people don’t stop talking about that fight for ages, most aren’t even really sure what happened or who started it ‘cept for the fact that the first jock’s eyes were swollen shut for two days and he’s missing three teeth and nobody’s gonna wanna kiss those lips for a while, wow). they run away and lick their wounds at victoire’s fancy-shmancy gated-community estate. things roll out from there. thoughts?? ;)

alice moreau & victoire

victoire’s that boy who’s always in the library. even if there’s class--kid rarely goes to class, ‘specially if he knows the lesson’s gonna be stone-cold boring--and so alice is bound to have heard of him, at least in passing, at some point. she interviews him and he gives her what she wants. i feel like they have something important in common--with alice digging up interesting, unique stories and victoire striving to live an interesting, unique life. he has a story and two cents to chip in about everything and i can see the two of them having a super cute time sharing funny stories. and maybe she mentions she’s in the drama club and victoire asks her about her favourite shakespeare play and then obviously they have to do a dramatic reading in the library cause whatever she chooses both of them are bound to have read it, like, thrice, and it gets waaaaaay out of hand and suddenly they’re competing as to who can be the most dramatic and obnoxious without getting in trouble with the librarian. afterwards she can try to convince him to join the drama club and he’s hesitant ‘cause he has shit to do after school re:gallivanting round town on his motorcycle named mary ann cause he’s sooooo cool, but maybe alice can convince him that the perks of being a drama nerd ;) the stories, and cause the spring play is always a bomb (and the resulting cast party is always legendary) i just get a cute brother-sister vibe whenever i think about them and i’d love to hear your thoughts!!!!

Posted by: bear Jul 13 2017, 10:24 PM
victoire ran-renault & niko gomez

omGGG I LOVE THIS AHAHAA. bonus if first jock’s friends get involved too so the first guy gets it pretty hard, but then it turns out into a full-out eight-person brawl and niko & victoire get their asses kicked all the way to next sunday. :”) omg I love this idea so much LOL and i haven’t written a fight thread in a while so !!! basically im so down for this. or we could also do the estate thing – maybe after the party they go there and victoire’s moms patch them up – but tbh niko’d be like wtffff ur so rich dude and prob act really weird.

victoire ran-renault & alice moreau

aww this is so cute!!! I love the brother/sister thing omg im a sucker for fake sibling relationships tbh. idk it’s like the ultimate older bro/younger sis thing cuz like, alice would 10000% suck up anything victoire says :”) and AHH alice loooves talking to cool people bc she doesn’t think she’s very cool herself & most people love talking about themselves anyway so the fact that victoire like reciprocates the interest would probably make her feel really happy?? also yess she would absolutely drag him to drama club tbh. “motorcycles are dangerous anyway do cold readings of othello with me instead!!!!” :”)

also just a side note omg victoire’s moms is like alice’s life goals tbh. like what a well read adorable lesbian couple?? she’d be so happy if they ever hung at his house bc she’d be like I want this to be my future AHH. maybe we could have victoire showin’ alice his family’s library and then they start talkin more about books??

omg YEAH. I’d be super down to thread either of these two (or both) with you?? just let me know omg!

Posted by: eugene park Jul 15 2017, 12:50 PM
IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO REPLY I’M SORRY but like i love this so much???? genie could seriously use a senpai lmao though i can totally imagine him being kind of... passive aggressive in his admiration oops. i adore the idea of her family just kind of ‘adopting’ him a little and maybe letting him join them when they go out sailing bc at that point he doesn’t have his own dinghy yet.

so yes, i love the idea of him and marina hanging out down by the wharf previously and maybe she kind of taught him a little bit more about sailing? like i imagine he had classes a couple times a week but when he wanted to practice but had no one to ‘supervise’ he could totally come over and ask marina or some folks in her family to do that?? idk

aND I LOVE the thought of marina being the one to actually ask him to join swim team during freshman year. yes pls. (also stingrey is a beautiful nickname lbr!!) i don’t really have much else to say except a lot of yes to all of this?? i lowkey want a thread (either set in the past or, if they still hang out at the beach together from time to time, then present works too) where the two of them are just out sailing? maybe it as the first day he got magellan and he’s all proud and happy and wants to take a ride out with marina-sunbae c’: idk LMAO but yeah that’s totally something we can do in the future?? i love ;u;

Posted by: lisbet sumida Jul 24 2017, 02:51 AM
omgggg i cried when i read this it would be so funny LOL just her being so confused abt it would be the most accurate reaction bc um sir wut? the who was in retrograde when? started w the cucumbers and soon all the wacky will make (not rly) some sense to her lololol. perfect case of young meets older and finds out that older doesn't always mean what she thinks it does. they'll be a gr8 duo imo xD

Posted by: ROWAN KEARNS Jul 24 2017, 02:43 PM
i'm baaaccckkkk yes hi bear I am here again. lol uh so rowan baby is so cute ngl love him to death and he's smart as a whip, like legit this little freshman is smart enough to where seniors will come to him for help with their assignments but it hasn't gotten to that point of knowing yet i guess bc he's still just a freshman you know? So Piper and him are on the math team and like they could be practicing for a decathlon and she could maybe see him going up against a junior in the math club and beating them by miles? and maybe she talks to him? Idk he needs people in his life so he can love them and care for them as friends and be the cute little puppy he is. hmu wit yo thoughts piper finchand now there is also alice. book club shared there and maybe there could be a really good book that came out maybe like something of a guilty pleasure to the both of them and they like are writing suggestions on pieces of paper at their meeting and they notice they're writing down the same book or we could have that cliche we want the same book but theres only one copy left. lol. uh mostly just want them to geek about reading and character development and like.... yes. alice moreauand feel free to ignore this one bc of what you said about niko in the cbox but like rowan gets bullied a lot for his stutter and he's p smol and weak so idk passing thread with niko saving him or something idk. okie bye bear love youniko gomez rowan kearns take me or leave me

Posted by: keegan moon Jul 30 2017, 06:52 PM
updated with keegan!

Posted by: Stella novak Jul 31 2017, 06:07 PM
benny & stellaBREAKFAST CLUB PEEPSok, so, i honestly can't see these two being friends organically--but stella is a newer member of the breakfast club! they can start off tolerating each other?? idek dude i'm bad at this.pandora @ ooc.flowrap {width:260px; border:10px solid #efefef; margin-top:15px;}.flotop {padding:10px; background:#fcfcfc; height:30px;}.floname {padding:5px; border:1px solid #efefef; font-family:kanit; font-weight:700px; text-transform:lowercase; text-align:center; height:20px; line-height:20px; font-size:22px; color:#444444;}.flobutt {padding:10px; padding-top:0px; height:100px; background:#fcfcfc;}.flotext {border:1px solid #efefef; text-align:justify; font-family:arial; font-size:9px; line-height:10px; color:#444444; padding:10px; overflow:auto; height:80px; }.flotext::-webkit-scrollbar {width:3px;} .flotext::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background-color:#efefef;} .flotext::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background-color:#444444;}.flocred {width:475px; font-family:courier; font-size:8px; text-transform:uppercase; color:#444444; height:8px; margin-bottom:15px;}

Posted by: angel marcuthe Sep 12 2017, 06:53 PM
bear i haven't hit up your plotter before and i think it's time...dun dun dunnnnn...

titty & piper finch : it's been established that they were childhood friends in that group plot auto made. i'd like them to actually interact at SOME point lol. titty just wants to love on her ok

angel & keegan moon : merp she's a bitch and transfer elite, so they probably wouldn't know each other before a first meet? which at this point,
they're in the same thread at the rich kids party lol. anyway she needs people to show her around and idk, i'm just tossing her at you tbh.
lol *fails at plotting*

titty & marina de la rey : both fringes, both seniors, they probably know each other, right? anyway - titty could be seen as a much calmer and less food addicted Dean. she doesn't know boundaries, lol. maybe casual friends -
or someone that oggles over marina's looks bcz lbr - marina's fc is drool-worthy.

BAM. *goes back to cave*

Posted by: CAIDEN TSUTSUMI Sep 12 2017, 08:31 PM
.jarageless {width:200px;padding:30px;box-shadow:1px 1px 1px #ccc;border:1px solid #ddd;} .jaragelesstitle {font-family:Roboto Condensed;font-size:20px;color:#333;text-align:right;border-bottom:10px solid #c32018;} .jaragelesstitle a {font-family:Roboto Condensed;font-size:20px;color:#333;text-align:right;border-bottom:10px solid #c32018;} .jaragelesstextbody {font-family:Lato;font-size:10px;line-height:10px;text-align:justify;padding:10px;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;margin-top:10px;} .jaragelesstext {height:100px;overflow:auto;padding-right:10px;padding-left:10px;margin-top:-10px;border-left:15px solid #ddd;} .jaragelesstext::-webkit-scrollbar {width:5px;} .jaragelesstext::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background:#666;} .jaragelesstext::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background:#eee;} .jaragelesscredit {font-family:roboto condensed;font-size:8px;margin-top:5px;color:#ccc;text-decoration:none;} .jaragelesscredit a {font-family:roboto condensed;font-size:8px;color:#ccc;text-decoration:none;} SUMMER FLOWERS & CAIDEN TSUTSUMI I thought that caiden would probably be very interested in summer! compared to other teachers he's pretty friendly, and he likes art? I can see caiden pestering summer to teach him how to sculpt. perhaps after witnessing him doing it, or hearing him talk about it, it could have motivated him to want to learn how to do it knowing caiden i'm not too surprised the only person he talks to is a teacher. maybe it could develop into a relationship where caiden comes for advice? tbh he respects anyone who is pretty skilled with art. I'm sure caiden acknowledges summers skill so he looks up to him! © jaronart

Posted by: keegan moon Sep 14 2017, 10:11 PM
trinity watson & piper finch
omg yasssss we gotta do something with these guys individually!!! like titty would def b, if anyone, the only person piper would even acknowledge as existing from that group lmfao. would titty be super pushy in trying to become friends with her again or something?? cuz that could b rly fun and id be down omggg. idk im just throwing things out here

angel marcuthe & keegan moon
omGG can keegan b one of angel's boytoys. he's so dumb and easy to take advantage of ok. just like, let him talk and ramble about whatever the fuck he's on lately and he'll follow her around like a puppy dog.

trinity watson & marina de la rey
AWW YEAH!! i see them as being rly chill friends AHAHA. marina's also p chill so they prob have to work p hard to keep dean vegas in line rofl. i feel like their dynamic would be like the food fight where it's like, yeah they're on the same team but as more or less equals and marina can't really boss her around like some of the other fringes ahaha.

CAIDEN TSUTSUMI & summer flowers

aww that's so cute i love it! yesss, summer would love to teach caiden how to sculpt ahh, he's always super excited to show his kids the lovely world of art. maybe caiden takes an art class just for fun but finds out he really likes it? or just drops by art club meetings!

but i dont know if summer's a great advice giver, though. he's also pretty clueless when it comes to life tbh but he'll.. try LOL. he's the first to admit his advice can be a little weird at times, tho, so b careful caiden AHAHA.

Posted by: angel marcuthe Sep 17 2017, 09:29 PM

Posted by: alex ryder Sep 27 2017, 07:44 PM

Steven and piper

Maybe they are a weird combination although big chance Steven would see through her faking it. Steven isn't like most jocks since he doesn't do the typical school sports. He does pro surfing and pro snowboarding so he is a jock of the extreme sports.
Idk I just see Steven calling her out on being fake

Steven and Keegan

These 2 would hate each other guts they are the exact opposites. big chance Steven would have punched Keegan right in the face a couple of times over the years just because he annoyed Steven with criticising him with what he is doing.

Steven and Marina
Beach buds???

Steven and Benny
Skate buds and maybe she is fangirling over him because look at him... and what if she finds out he is a pro...since if he goes to the skatepark big chance he has to set some autographs XD

Alex and Piper
Dance club mates for sure.... The only difference is that Alex is a break and street dancer. So I kind of see this as the 2 main chars of step up 1??

Alex and summer
Not really sure although he should know Alex from the basketball team since he is the point guard of the team and big chance he would be seen running on the tracks allot because he has that bod for a reason XD

Alex and Alice
This could be fun since she may have tried to get an interview on Alex ones after one of the many games he won with basketball but Alex doesn't talk. Well, he can but he prefers not too... So I kind of see her following him around asking question and Alex just walking by ignoring the questions XD

Posted by: bear Oct 2 2017, 04:14 PM
LOL stoof, you don’t have to respond to all of these! they all sound really good, so just let me know if you want to thread any of these ideas out? c:

steven burton & piper

oh yess definitely call piper out on being fake lmfao. I don’t think I see piper caring too much about him, since she really only pays attention to the jocks if they can help her popularity-wise, since she doesn’t really care about sports, either, but if he wants to make an enemy of her idk, she’d definitely have reason to dislike him.

steven & keegan

also LMAO yes LOL. keegan is super obnoxious and having jocks hate him would be super in line with his personality LOL. is steven on any of the ridgeview sports teams? keegan plays football and lacrosse so he’s always rubbing elbows with jocks there, and he’d def could have made some enemies with anyone that’s near him for any stretch of time lmao.

steven & marina

omg sure! marina’s not a pro surfer but it’s cool that steven is :0 she knows how to catch a couple of waves but isn’t on his level or anything.

steven & benny

I don’t really see benny fangirling over anyone per se LOL, but she’d definitely respect him a lot. but if he gave her a bunch of autographs she’d prob just resell them ahaha. but they could definitely be skate park buds, maybe teach her some tricks or two!

alex ryder & piper

yeah sure! their dance styles are really different but that could be interesting! maybe they sometimes clash over what direction to take dance team in? piper’s the captain so she has more say, but if lots of other dance team members want to do modern/breakdance/street etc. she’d have a hard time saying no, even if she really doesn’t want to.

alex & summer

LOL yeah, maybe! maybe he could work out with the track team during the summer/off-season so summer as the track coach would know him from there. c:

alex & alice

omg ahaha that’d be really funny. alice is definitely really persistent about getting her stories so if alex is a really big figure in ridgeview sports, she’d definitely need to get an interview from him, no matter how much he resists. even if he only gives her yes/no answers, she’s gonna get her interview somehow!

Posted by: Sherry Belmont Oct 9 2017, 02:15 PM
summer & sherry
SUMMER IS A GOOD NOODLE 100% I LOVE. Sherry totally admires Summer and all he's accomplished and would most definitely go to him when she's struggling on a design. I can see her loving his art classes and being very attentive and eager to try new things. After all, learning different styles will be good for her portfolio and give her new ideas for outfits and designs. He's funny, but mellow, and I can see her getting along with him rather easily. I can also see her going to him when she's feeling rather out of sorts? She doesn't get down in the dumps often but when she does, she likes to kind of talk it out and figure it out that way. It helps her clear her head. I'm not sure how they could be more than just teacher and student (having them be friends outside of school sounds lovely) but I'm totally open to ideas!

Posted by: summer flowers Oct 10 2017, 04:11 PM
Sherry Belmont & summer flowers

WOW SHERRY IS SO PRECIOUS?? omg that’s amazing I feel like a lot of the art kids taking summer’s class have a tendency to already prefer a certain style of art, so he’d really appreciate sherry kinda being willing to try new things!! I feel like they’d definitely get along, sherry’s just so sweet and passionate it’d be pretty hard not to like her.

and aww, summer’s classroom is always open if anyone wants to talk to him! <3 summer’s maybe not the best at giving advice but he is a good listener, so he’d definitely be very patient with sherry. as for interacting outside of school, maybe summer encourages sherry to enter her designs to local art showcases/contests? because he’s a real world artist he definitely has connections for students that want to do art outside of school, if sherry’s interested :o

Posted by: Sherry Belmont Oct 16 2017, 03:54 PM
summer flowers && Sherry

Oooh I like the idea of Summer encouraging her to showcase her designs in an art showcase. She draws things free hand and goes above and beyond to incoporate new styles and ideas. She also does a lot of sewing, crochet, knitting, and makes her designs. I can see him trying to help her get a footing in the art community and beyond.

I also really like the idea of her going to him after school to get pointers and ideas of new art styles. She's always trying to embrace new things and willing to try anything. I can see him launching into a whole hyped up explanation of different styles and her attempting them.

Posted by: Kevin Wayland Oct 18 2017, 05:06 PM

Alright, so I actually really want to do something between these two, as Kev's actually a friend of Keri's and me and Auto talked a bit how he should defo be around there somewhere between the bs involving her and Piper. Now that I have read through her stuff, I want to do that even more, but add some more into the mess for Kev.

So the basic idea was that Kevin, despite being kind of a prick, is a really good guy for his friends and their needs are as important as his own, so at a certain point he'd notice the shit going on with Keri and Piper, then step in and constantly try to smooth things over.
More of him giving the two more opportunities for interaction, but as well try to talk Piper into being more open about herself, because Kev does think that she is the one in the wrong here.

I think he'd be especially motivated to get involved in the whole deal because he had to a certain degree similar experiences back in both elementary and middle school, and though he does these days hate his supposed friends, Kev does remember back then wishing how they could just keep being friends.

But, after reading through all her stuff, I do feel like there's some meat that could be added there.
Kev being an Elite as well joining the Astronomy club in his first year could have actually helped the two become friends, before the whole clique deal got the way it is these days.
Perry does, after all, have the sort of traits that would make a person like Kevin want to interact with them, and he's just sort of the kind of guy who with constant contact automatically tries to get closer to you, to a certain degree at least.

But this friendship wouldn't, of course, last as the clique dynamic of the school takes a big step further and Kevin at his immense distaste for the Elites, leaves and becomes part of the Creatives.
Now, this could go either two ways;
1) Kevin finds out that Perry starts ignoring Keri, tells her that he's not her friend and leaves, making Perry one of the main reasons he realizes how much he hates the Elites.
or 2) After Kevin leaves on bad terms the Elites and becomes a nuisance to the group as a whole, Perry starts avoiding him and Kevin for the third time in his life experiences the loss of a friend like that.
Either way, Kevin would definitely have a major dislike for Perry and actually just avoid her at all times, instead of trying to fuck around with her. Though he's still in the Astronomy club and actually its president, he'd act normal around her, but feel pretty distant during that.
In any other environment if the two would interact Kev would freely show his resentment and distaste for Perry, with not even a hint of his usual shit-eating grin or playfulness, with her possibly being the only person he'd act that way towards.

Still, despite his huge distaste for her, he tries to fix the stuff between Perry and Keri,
though only for the sake of his friend.

With this kind of setup, I think it might be actually really fun to have them quite often just be forced to be stuck with each other. Like, the two are just stuck in an elevator,
or whatever.

Tell me what you think, scrap it, add something or anything. I'm open to ideas.
I'm also open to plotter through Discord, if you prefer that, so if you wanna do it that way,
just PM me.
Also, I'll most likely be coming back later for some of your other characters, but if you feel like one of them would work well with Kevin, do tell.

Posted by: piper finch Oct 31 2017, 09:49 PM
Kevin Wayland & piper finch


wow, pls forgive me, I can’t believe i left you hanging for so long ;v; it must’ve gotten long in my alerts AHHH.

okay my ridiculous irresponsible-ness aside, I actually really love this idea! I love the idea of piper also being part of the reason why kevin realizes he hates the elites and those fake-ass types of people, and piper losing yet another great friend because of her attitude towards popularity and high school in general.

it definitely makes a lot of sense to me – I feel like piper would’ve lost both kevin and kerina and felt pretty shitty about it, but felt even worse because they both remained friends as well. I feel like up until this year she would’ve still remained more or less cold but cordial with kevin, as up until recently she was sort-of on friendly terms with kerina, but then after they have that falling out and kevin tries to randomly fix things she’d just be super confused like ?? why tf do you care about me now, lmao, butt out of this, etc. and possibly treat him even worse than before.

bonus points because it seems like kev’s also a pretty smart dude and piper cares a lot about academics too, it’s probably totally possibly they’re just taking a lot of the higher level science/math classes so that’s why they’re stuck together a lot, LOL. maybe they’re just taking like.. idk.. multivariable calculus or something, which I can’t imagine is a big class, so they just interact a lot there?

Posted by: perseus gordon Nov 5 2017, 02:10 PM
perseus & keegan moon

Since these two are on the lacrosse team together, I'm sure they've interacted, or simply seen one another before. I don't necessarily see them being the best of friends though, from how Keegan is wired. Perseus doesn't take well to being bossed around, and is the type to stick up for others if they were suffering from that.

I could sort of see them butting heads from time to time, since they both don't really take criticism all that well. They seem like the type to push each other's buttons.


Posted by: Atticus Ryan Nov 28 2017, 03:58 AM
Benny attempting to lift something Ryan has to deliver, Alice being spot on about him not having friends, Piper ordering something from him that turns out to be something he's read (Hawking)? The possibilities are endless! :D Hit me up if any of these ideas interest you at all?

Posted by: bear Nov 28 2017, 10:01 PM
Atticus Ryan

oh YES!! okay, i think i'm gonna throw alice at you first, just because alice is like... super duper friendly but also really idealistic? she sees everyone like fictional characters lOLL. "ah yes i know who you are. youre the loner trope BUT ALSO I KNOW YOU HAVE A HEART OF GOLD ON THE INSIDE" etc. etc.

also im gonna tag beau debussy here because i know we were mostly joking around about it in the cbox, but i actually really want illegal book club to happen, lOL. piper would totes be down for it to so we could combine your plots ;D it'd be super cute AND MAYBE RYAN CAN FIND SOME WHOLESOME NERDY FRIENDS TO HANG OUT WITH!!

i also really love the idea with benny & her just... kinda stealing whatever from ryan LOL. maybe she steals from him a lot but he either never catches her or knows who it is?? until one day he actually catches her like, poking around in his locker or smth and bein like wtf ur like 2 feet shorter than i expected this druggie to be. how would ryan react to her stealing from him like that?

Posted by: Keith Grayson Nov 30 2017, 11:11 AM

With both of them being childhood friends and skateboarders, these two could totally hang out with each other and stuff. He's the sort who gets annoyed with her itchy fingers nit-picking at his things and Keith always needs a good time, whether likes it or not.


I have a plan in mind for Keith already and I was thinking that should the character development go smoothly,
Keith could be the one calling out Piper on her imposter syndrome. I actually had Ophelia in mind for this but I wasn't sure whether she had the guts to do so just yet.

Posted by: bear Nov 30 2017, 05:12 PM
Keith Grayson & benny li

omg yess!! I’m really down for all the breakfast club plots ahh. I feel like benny and keith could probs get along maybe better than with other members, just because they’re both in cliques that don’t care so much about others, and they have this common interest through skateboarding. maybe they skateboard home together a lot, since they live close?

also, I figure benny’s the type of kid who steals a lot of stuff but then just.. gives it back right after? like she wouldn’t steal anything actually valuable or anything, LOL. but it could def be a source of conflict if keith gets annoyed with it and is like, hey, cut it out. but it’s more of just an unconscious impulse for benny at this point so it’s hard for her to just stop :”(

Keith Grayson & piper finch

keith can totally try to call piper out on it, but I also don’t know how much they would actually conflict? seeing as keith is a fringe and a freshman, while piper is a senior and an elite, she probably has more.. influence/credibility among the elites/the other popular crowd, so IDK. it would totally work for keith’s development tho if keith just tries to but is maybe frustrated by how nobody really listens? and piper would play it off as like yeah haha this kid’s kind of nuts but secretly be kind of offended/worried.

Posted by: CHET CHERRY Dec 2 2017, 07:44 PM
piper finch & chet
seniors unite! chet also sort of meshes into the elite category (sorta. kinda.), so perhaps they could be friends? maybe? he definitely is the guy who will need some tutoring (he's been attending more tutoring lately but still), and though he's known for being a troublemaker, he has a heart of gold. Basically, he's working on it. lemme know what you think!

marina & chet
i think these two would get along. he's a plucky guy who enjoys adventure and he honestly probably thinks marina is fun to hang around. IDK THEY JUST SEEM LIKE THEY COULD MESH WELL and i suck at plotting BUT LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK THX BEAR UR AMAZING

Posted by: piper finch Dec 2 2017, 08:09 PM
CHET CHERRY & piper finch

YEAH PIPER CAN TUTOR HIM!! I feel like piper would like chet as a person bc he’s just a nice dude, but she also cant be actual friends with a delinquent (especially one that’s dumb and needs tutoring) sry. LOL but she would probably be nicer to chet about it than she is with some other people who aren’t ‘worth her time’ tho :”) and prob legitimately enjoy tutoring chet, because she does need friends who are actually genuinely kind/good people.

Posted by: CHET CHERRY Dec 2 2017, 08:44 PM
piper finch & chet
i guessed as much tbh but i tried ur missing out, pipes also understandable but yes be nice he's really smart tbh but he's dumb with certain things (key case being 'why is it spelled r-a-g-o-u-t? isn't that pronounced rag-out? why not spell it ragoo? the french can't spell smh).

Posted by: piper finch Dec 2 2017, 10:47 PM
CHET CHERRY & piper finch

sdfhdsj LOL yeah. piper's just the worst tbh :"))) i feel like shes one of those people that dont really have much in the way of a sense of humor but chet's just kind of a goofy dude LOL so she'd tease him a lot about being bad with school and stuff. maybe he can get her to kind of lighten up a bit?
idk!! i feel like a thread with them would be really cute evne if piper's having all this internal/shitty conflict ahaha.

Posted by: cecily wolfe Dec 6 2017, 12:28 AM
& keegan
ayyy juniors & book club members unite. or, uh, fight. cecily's aware enough to realize keegan's quite entitled about his "virtues," and she's unafraid to point it out. unfortunately, her grades aren't the greatest... so if she's ever ended up needing some peer tutoring, getting stuck with keegan while trying to wrap her head around a science review would possibly drive her crazy. keegan moon long story short, when she sees him she goes lmao.

& alice
aliiice! i think these two are both outgoing enough that they'll find a way to get to know each other lmao. of course they're both in book club, but cecily's hanging out on campus with a guitar like a bona fide wonderwall jerk a lot, or she swings by drama club to visit ainsley tyson so there's lots of chances to strike up a conversation! alternatively, if alice frequents some cafes downtown there's totally potential to discover cecily there too, playing a few simple tunes for live music days. alice moreau tl;dr, chatty soft femme friends pls.

& marina
tbh i just envisioned cecily taking libero position way too seriously and flinging herself off the volleyball court while at practice one day, and it'd be cool if marina could be there to help her pick herself up lmfao. aside from that cecily probably looks up to marina a bit, for being so dashingly confident and cool. marina de la rey this one's less focused haha but i wanted to put it out there anyway!

Posted by: bear Dec 6 2017, 02:33 AM
cecily wolfe & keegan moon

keegan’s going to think she’s pretty/cool/interesting enough at first to probs try to befriend her but when she doesn’t take any of his egotistic bullshit he just tries to tear her down like the jerk he is. I feel like they prob have had their fair share of just being really passive aggressively snarky/mean to each other?? its been three years at ridgeview together ok LIKE. maybe they turn every book club meeting into a goddamn DEBATE like even if keegan doesn’t actually disagree he’ll still find things to pick at whatever cecily says LOL.

I’m also gonna tag Ophelia Saunders here bc as president of book club maybe she has something to say about these two goin at it like every week LOL also bc I always want larger club plots :”)

cecily wolfe & alice moreau

YEAHH FOR SURE!! alice and ainsley tyson are pretty close friends so I’m sure she’s totes introduced them too :”) also i feel like they’re just kindred souls with slightly different aesthetics. alice has got the kinda knitted grandma vibe and cecily is much more punk but like, theyre both just nice girls who like to talk about cute girls!!!

I JUST FEEL LIKE they’d be the creative friends who just Support each other & their endeavors like alice always comes to cecily’s gigs and cecily comes to the drama club productions and stuff like that :”) especially if they’re at coffee shops too like alice is Already There

cecily wolfe & marina de la rey

LMFAO CECILY PLEASE. marina senpai will def patch you up omg. she’s also a super competitive gal so she’d def see a bit of herself in cecily and just loooove it omg. especially since fringe girls have got to stick together right :”)

ALSO LIKE I mentioned it a lil in the cbox but I don’t think ive ever said it in her app or anything, but marina’s family is catholic!! so maybe they go to the same church too?? or like.. went to the same volleyball/jesus summer camp (because those are such a thing) when they were kids LMAO. idk weeps I feel like they could totally have places to become friends aaa.

AHH I feel so blessed with all these plots and I wanna thread like ?? everything ?? JUST LET ME KNOW if you want any of these ideas !!!

Posted by: cecily wolfe Dec 7 2017, 12:05 AM
& keegan
CRIES LMAO this is disastrous i love it. she'd feel so vindicated in peeling back the veneer, but the price of listening to him run his mouth any time they're near each other almost isn't worth it sometimes. they're debating every little thing for sure, until they're blue in the face. keegan moon whether it's a book club meeting or an unfortunately arranged tutoring session i'm really excited for them to lock horns!!

& alice
heckin yeah supportive crafty girls! can u imagine like, if one day they swap outfits just for the fun of it and alice gets tiny fun buns skfjSDFH. alice moreau meetin up in coffee shops is also really easy since they're both there a lot!

& marina
maybe cecily first got to know marina at church, since they're a year apart and she moved to peachtree three years ago? or if... they were camp counselors for volleyball jesus camp... fun buns troupe vs. stingray troupe...! marina de la rey senpai thank u for noticing her. she's so happy.

ksdjf i'm ALWAYS HAPPY to plot with u bear i can start a thread for keegan first maybe!! but u know i'm gonna be back here asking for alice and marina threads too eventually.

Posted by: PRADA DARLINGTON Dec 16 2017, 11:13 PM


his almighty attitude would bring out her lack-of poker face, crinkling her nose and glowering at the sight of him. i think she'd take unusual pleasure in intentionally riling him up, feigning ignorance and constantly forgetting his name on purpose. all:

"who are you again?"

because, what would be worse than a loner rejecting you? being so insignificant that they forget about your existence on a daily basis. and just to add insult to injury, if she ever has to seriously acknowledge him, she'll be sure to use an incorrect name such as kyle or kenan.

but ya, this initial plot is the bees knees and i'd be humored af if prada did eventually take an abnormal romantic interest in him.

Posted by: Effie Belafonte Dec 27 2017, 09:36 PM
benny li & Effie Belafonte

I started off their plot with some nice, juicy drama in Keith and Effie's texting thing! I know you and Natalie are going to do a followup thread to that, but did you have any thoughts on her and Benny?

So far, I think Effie's going to be really hard to talk to for all of them. Like pretending not to know them at school and such. An "I don't care" attitude on the outside. But on the inside, it's not like she's completely numb to what she's doing. She actually feels super bad about it and knows what she's doing to them. She just doesn't know what to do about it since she's so scared of losing the place she thinks she belongs in.

The feels.

piper finch & Effie Belafonte

For these two.. I'm thinking because of the age and grade gap, Effie tries to find a sister figure in Piper? Admires her, wants to be like her, tries to impress her. Not at an annoying "Notice me!" level, though.

I know they're pretty similar when it comes to faking their way to popularity, so that's another thing they could bond over in the future. Maybe Piper could find her medication if they ever do a Tutor thing at her place and that's how she finds out? Her grandparents would pay stupidly well since Piper is the kind of person they want their granddaughter to hang out with! $$$ Just saiyan

Posted by: bear Dec 27 2017, 10:10 PM
Effie Belafonte & benny li

aw yiss!! so benny like, really values loyalty i think, but she's also really used to 'fake friends' - her fam moved around a lot as a kid so she's used to kind of losing friends after moving away, etc. so i feel like.. she wouldn't be as upset as Keith Grayson obviously is, but instead she'd more or less just take a "oh well, catch ya later" attitude.

but like, totally for kicks, benny would totally /act/ all buddy buddy with effie deliberately in front of other elites just to mess with her, and totally call her out like. "yea this bitch was like TOTALLY best friends with a delinquent once upon a time, y'know" specifically just to embarrass her ahaha. especially cuz they're childhood friends so benny prob has lots of embarrassing stories to share if effie doesnt manage to get her to shut up first!!

Effie Belafonte & piper finch

d'awww, thank u for plotting my girl pipes ;A; i think i definitely like the tutor idea? because piper also has like 0 money so she'd be so down to keep tutoring effie long term and stuff. and maybe because of that she could learn that effie needs hormone blockers and stuff?

like, i def think piper would feel really fondly towards effie, especially because her situation with the breakfast club really mirrors what happened to piper and /her/ group of childhood friends, haha. also like, the clinging onto older girls is def how piper got popular when she was a freshman too, so. passin it on!!

Posted by: Effie Belafonte Dec 27 2017, 11:15 PM
benny li & Effie Belafonte

Oh gosh, she would get on Effie's nerves so quickly. Because if she tries to shut Benny up right there, she might lose face for being a jerk, and if she doesn't. she'll still lose face with the embarrassing stories. It's a lose-lose situation.

To think of one right off the top of my head, maybe they tried to teach her how to skateboard and she ended up falling flat on her face after slipping on random poodle poop. Then cried over her shoes.

piper finch & Effie Belafonte

It was fated. Like Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi. But with more parallels, and estrogen.

To piggyback off your idea, maybe her grandparents get comfortable around Piper and don't mind talking about personal stuff in front of her? Their bills, their daily lives, that stuff. They're famous actors/producers, so it wouldn't be boring stuff like "I won at bingo, Sally".

Since Piper's gonna be a long-term tutor, she could totally see Effie take her medication. It's spironolactone, so that's about a tablet once a day, and seeing her repeatedly do that would probably make anyone curious/worried. If Piper straight-up asked about it, she would probably stutter and lie at first, then break down and tell the truth. Genuine, awkward tears, probably for the first in a long time for her.

And crying in front of her idol too! She'd be extremely embarrassed.

Posted by: augustus silex Dec 28 2017, 08:42 PM
keegan moon & augustus
I need Augustus to admit he doesn’t know anything and make the perilous mistake of listening to Keegan because I think it’d be hilarious and cool. Not sure if friendship on anyone’s side, but definitely a working tolerance where Augustus sometimes seeks out Keegan to ask him about things he knows nothing about, be momentarily enlightened and then throw a hissy fit because Keegan sometimes says some weirdly gross shit and it’s not ok. Totally cheers on Tal’s attempts at making him uncomfortable and will ask him is Keegan has a ‘thing’ for Tal and if he’s told him yet because the boy is READY FOR HIMMM. MHMMMM But yeah I like the idea of Augustus grumpily having to admit to KEEGAN, that he knows nothing about a subject and being condescended to as he’s Educated. What a come down. What an ego boost.

Marina & willow
Solidifying this for all, rivals to the death but also friendly? Not ‘I hate your guts please don’t come near me’ but like form Willow’s perspective, ‘Fuck, she’s super coo land her hair is pink and god I ANT TO BE BETTER THAN HER BUT ALSO NOT???? DUEL ME’. Totally does drive bys of the siwm team to low key be like ‘ah yes, my rival the fish in her natural element: chlorinated water’ WEEPS I JUST REALLY LIKE THEIR RIVALRY OK IM SORRY.

Posted by: catterina yule Mar 5 2018, 10:49 PM
alice moreau & catterina yule:

omg yes, i love that idea! i was thinking that maybe cat works at a local animal shelter already but because she wants to impress alice (maybe cat gets a little bit of the dokis) accepts to volunteer with her and her friend, but yes i would love that so much? and i love that someone noticed cat makes cat eared headbands! (I actually make them in rl in addition i think that cat might mistake her lack of anxiety for some romantic feels? considering being around pretty girls makes cat feel all warm and fuzzy inside and subsequently makes her v dumb as a result.

if she grew comfortable around alice, you might discover that side of her. i love this idea though, cat needs all the friends to help her learn that the world has some good people in it. THIS IS PROBABLY RAMBLY JIBBERISH BUT I AM EXCITE.

Posted by: manny delgado salcedo Mar 5 2018, 11:07 PM

benny li & manny
manny is going to smother her in love she'd probably think benny was the most precious thing in existence and totally be that kind of big sister friend, always looking out for her and trying to doll her up and shit lol i think they could definitely bond over being a couple of female delinquents out of dozens of male ones! manny is ready to rumble any given moment of any of guys try pushing them around or talking trash, so you certainly got that one right!

Posted by: Juliet Gray Jul 6 2018, 04:21 AM
alice moreau + juliet

Eep! This is a response from your reply to my plotter Anyway, I could actually agree with you on them being friends, even though they have respective arts. Juliet loves to interact with other creatives even though their interests in art aren't the same as hers. Besides, being with other creatives who have different arts can make her learn something new. I could totally imagine Juliet watching or observing Alice do her thing XD

As for the second statement, that's totally good with me. Juliet tends to stick with her friends at most and she would always think that after a few days, she finally got to be good friends with your character. So it would be interesting to see her reaction once she discovers that Alice has been with other people while she is around. If there was a reason, she would totally understand and consider it, although she would still feel kinda broken.

Posted by: diana lawson Jul 17 2018, 03:36 AM
Diana Lawson & summer flowers

Uh oh.

Is Mr. Flowers single? He's not much younger than Diana. And, while I never intended for her to have any romantic plots, I mean... Maybe we could see about a little office crush and see where it goes? They both work in the arts, they wouldn't be strangers to each other at least! That really depends on if you're interested in it considering you already have a student in Diana's class!!! But, if romance isn't a thing you want for Mr. Flowers, we can always see about a best-friendship between teachers, or even just a co-worker relation in which they talk about school stuff! Gotta support my fellow faculty.

It's so cool seeing you looking to set up an art class. I'm brewing up a potential character right now, and I'd love to put her in there! And also, thank you so much for crediting me when you mention it's inspired by the drama class, it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy that you were inspired and want to do something kind of like it <333

Posted by: summer flowers Jul 17 2018, 03:30 PM
diana lawson & summer flowers

THIS WOULD BE A REALLY CUTE PLOT YES. I also like the fact that it’s summer and they’re both teaching summer classes so maybe it’s like … they keep running each other around school just by virtue of like. being the only faculty in the arts wing over the summer ever. so maybe summer starts doing nice things like bringing diana lunch occasionally, or just swinging by the drama wing when things are slow/art class is on break, etc.

but yes! I’m definitely not opposed to a casual sort of romantic crush between the two! summer definitely admires people who have passions and it’s really clear that diana loves theatre & inspiring that in her students. and maybe they can both sort of bond over the “teaching is to pay the bills but it’d really be nice to travel one day” sorta thing. 8’) sometimes summer misses being able to wander the world.

(ALSO i forgot to update summer's age but he's like 35 now so like theyre sorta in the same age category yaa)

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