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Posted by: kalle Jan 24 2017, 07:20 PM
o4. cliques
the membergroups
On Misfits, characters are sorted by what clique they're in. All members have the ability to sort their characters into one of eight membergroups on their applications.

Your character's clique should reflect their personality and social status. Not all characters fit perfectly into one group, but we expect you to put your character in the clique that best fits their personality type.

Cliques are not necessarily permanent and can be changed with character development.

The queens and kings of the schoolyard. These students are better than you, and they know it. Elites are social, popular, or hold some kind of leadership position in the school.
i.e. preps, socialites, mean girls, student council

While not everyone who plays a sport is a jock, almost every jock is on a sports team. These students would rather be on the field than in the classroom and are always first pick for PE teams.
i.e. meatheads, star athletes, sports fans

For some kids, popularity comes naturally. Fringes don't have that kind of luck or ability. These students desperately want to be popular but find themselves on the 'fringes' of the in-crowd. More of trend followers than trendsetters, fringes will do anything to rank up.
i.e. betas, followers, wannabes, sidekicks

Armed with vivid imaginations, these kids are the definition of artsy. Whether they have a flair for dramatics or a passion for the visual arts, creative students hold a shared love for artistic expression.
i.e. thespians, artists, musicians, hipsters

Also known as "good-for-nothing troublemakers", delinquents are a dime a dozen in detention. Usually hated by teachers and occasionally revered by the student body, these teens have an alarming disregard for the rules and often break laws or violate school policy on a regular basis.
i.e. young thugs, criminals, rebels

Almost always the bottom of the social food chain, Nerds are frequently the subject of bullying. Nerds are in a committed relationship with school and usually make the best grades in the class.
i.e. freaks, geeks, honor roll, eggheads

Due to a bad personality or unfortunate circumstances, loners avoid the majority of the student body. Most also have a striking lack of school spirit. Loners aren't part of a clique but often get lumped together with similarly-minded people.
i.e. wallflowers, misfits, outcasts, stoic people

Not actually a clique, faculty is the member group that all teachers and administrators will be sorted into.

Also not a clique, but a way to bring in those shiny alumni that we all love and cherish. Civilians consist only of the Ridgeview graduates, and those dedicated parents, who have made their school proud - or not.

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