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 silver spoon circle, Whitespire hill rich kids
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whitespire hill kids
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but that aside, yasss rich kids plot!!! u know how much i've always wanted to do this so ty for making the plotter tbh jae. ;v; <3

so hi! backstory time. #incomingwalloftext

this guy is spencer jones, and his parents own an e-commerce company that's much like amazon or ebay. mr. and mrs. jones are more partners than an actual couple, and both have lovers on the side that their kids are vaguely aware of. however, because of their catholic faith, the thought of getting a divorce has never crossed their minds. not to mention the fact that they do trust each other and work very well as a team. it's been like that since the beginning of time, and that's the type of environment spencer grew up in. it's not all lies or fake pleasantries but, there are certain things they follow and certain things they absolutely neglect.

ofc, the joneses are known for being cunning and remorseless, which i think is similar to many of the other rich fams? 'cept like, they also aren't the most 'refined' or 'high-class.' as in, they're new money and lack the air of traditional elegance. all they know how to do/care about is to wipe out their enemies and move forward. this is something that can be seen in spencer's daily behaviour as well, and i think it's probs common knowledge among the whitespire hill residents that the jones brothers are/were troublemakers. however, because they are, essentially, skilled in their respective fields, a lot of the times their bad conducts tend to be overlooked to a certain degree. not that people won't talk tho.

spencer was homeschooled for all of his elementary years. mr. and mrs. jones basically hired tutors who could push their sons to achieve their best and beyond the regular school curriculum. ofc, spencer wasn't able to escape this fate either. fortunately, they frequently set their children up for playdates with their fellow rich kids, and that was how spencer got to know the others of his age group. even as a child, spencer was known as one of the loudest brats who had all the 'hold my beer apple juice' ideas. it wasn't until he was twelve did spencer's parents finally send him off to school. and when high school rolled around, spencer was told that he would go to ridgeview because he's expected to help out in his dad's company once his athletic career ends, so, according to his parents, it's important for him to know how to 'communicate with the commoners.'

sibling-wise, spencer has three older brothers:

1) the eldest, russell, is a reformed asshole and has been after graduating from high school... because he's since then become mr. jones' righthand in the company. russel is in his late twenties or early thirties now i think? and is ex-bffs with hunter carter's uncle. as in, they were the 'spencer and hunter' back in their days, but had a falling out because russ is chicken shit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ russ also has a long-time fiancee that he actually likes, but hasn't made plans to marry her just yet, and i think it'd be cool if said fiancee was somebody's older sister.

2) the secondborn, bailey, is the 'trophy son.' he's the nicest of the brothers and the mediator in any argument but, who knows if it's all just an act to stay out of trouble. it probs is in all honesty. bailey is also married and has a sickly toddler. again, if someone wants to be relatives with the jones fam to stir up some sort of tension, here ya go.

3) the third brother, travis, can be summed up with the word 'fuckboy.' he's the wild card/black sheep that spencer used to look up to. he's supposed to be out of university now but dropped out awhile ago and is currently attending a community college. if he even goes (he doesn't). he might've faced run-ins with the law and probs fcked with someone's sibling in some way. and i don't mean just sexually but in any way possible. whatever you can think of, travis has likely already done.

BUT YA THAT'S IT. THIS IS V LONG SO PLS DON'T FEEL PRESSURED TO READ IT?? it's only if u want ur characters to be related to the jones fam in some way. otherwise spencer himself is smthng of an elitist despite being a jock. he's been best friends with hunter carter, teagan crowley, and once in awhile keegan moon since they were wee babes. he looks down on most of everyone else bc, you're either with him or against him. doesn't mean that he'll be a complete douchecanoe to you tho. but he'll only be remotely 'nice' during social functions bc fake friendship is a thing and spencer is good at faking a lot when he needs to. 8')
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OK OK I might add a bit more later but I wanted to get some thoughts down:

keegan’s parents are new money. his mother was fairly middle class, but graduated from an ivy-league university where she also met his father, who’s second-generational half-korean. they started a pretty big tech company and are essentially self-made entrepreneurs, so they put a lot of value into education (which they see as why they made it big).

so keegan was raised pretty much also similarly to spencer jones prolly, like they’re new money without a ton of ‘old money’ manners and are pretty competitive. keegan views life as something to ‘get ahead in’ and he’s picked up a lot of random skills from tutors as a kid because, like, that’s just what you do. as a result he’s very academically gifted, well-educated, etc.

I think friendships are something that’s weird for keegan because he doesn’t intentionally try to be fake or put on airs?? he’s very much unapologetically who he is, which is someone that is kind of bad at making friends but really wants them. so he probably follows around any of the whitespire hill kids that are nice to him. which is why he’s part of the marauders even tho they regularly remove him from their group chat.
Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth.
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I'll add probably prompts/flashback stuff

Teagan's mom, Sara, owns a law firm and his dad, Adrian is a nutritionist. The money is on his mom's side, great-grandparents who immigrated to the States, grandparents who managed to succeed and sent their children to Ivy league or good universities whenever they could. They are mostly into business, law, and financial fields. Everything is about family and success, also very clan-like. Sara is a controlling mom, forever torn between pushing his son to be an adult, a man and controlling him as if he was still a little boy. Also, the type of woman having lunches with other wives (#bitchingtime).

Adrian and his fam are pretty much the opposite, laid-back, "mistakes and failures are OK, just learn from them and get back on your feet", "focus on the journey, not on the destination". He's all about health and sport, so he has picked up various sports like tennis, golf, squash and so on in order to navigate through the social circle. Maybe he's the regular sports partner of some fathers? Also, Adrian loves outdoor activities, so I guess whenever there is a social event about/with one of them he's one of the staff.

Until his senior year, Teagan has always tried to reach Sara's expectations, because he thought she had his best interest in mind, because it seemed to be the way to get some maternal love. Being with his friends just gave/gives him a sense of freedom, and it helped him to deal with this situation.
These days, he's sad and hurt, she doesn't believe in him, and he wants to prove her how much he's serious about his dream. Btw he tries to keep what happens in school and at home separate, and he really hates when things mix up. Otherwise, his dad's side loving camping, he has picked up some things like playing guitar and some songs - his skills are decent, however rusty since he only played during these family holidays/weekends.

Prompt idea: In junior high, Teagan had a crush on someone and thought playing guitar below the window was a great idea to confess - except he got the wrong window *cough*

During social events, he's his usual smooth talking self, trying to master the art of throwing underhanded compliments with a smile.
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*raises hand* I'd like to join in on this rich kids plot please! xD I guess I should start by giving some background on my Ice Princess. Saara and Eeli Lumikko have made quite the names for themselves. I mean they're everywhere. Saara is a renowned interior designer and fashion designer. She's had her work featured in countless magazines and the amount of coverage she has received for all of her designs is continuously on the rise. There are even whispers of her getting her own television show. Celebrities and those of the likes are seen wearing her designs and she is dubbed as a new up and coming star.

Eeli, on the other hand, was born for greatness. He was athlete genius, earning a full-paid scholarship to one of the top school's in the country. He got picked up by the NFL and had a good run on his team. When he retired early due to injury he decided he still needed to make money to provide for his family. So he talked to a few investors and decided to become an entrepreneur. Now her father has his hands in just about anything. From launching his own brand of alcohol to sports equipment, and now with the help of his wife launching a clothing line as well. He just seems to be on the up and up. The both of them together are an unstoppable force in the world of entertainment and business.

But of course, since they keep branding and their name keeps gaining more and more influence the more they realize they need to be spotless whilst they are under scrutiny. They push to have their daughter, Camilla, just as perfect and successful as her. But it's all surface value. Camilla doesn't get along with her parents. They're controlling and manipulative and selfish. They didn't even take the time to raise her properly. They're just her parents in name only. But still, she can't say no to them, it would be problematic if she did so, so, for now, she silently obeys.

As for plots I'm interested in, in my biography I wrote that during middle school Camilla was burned by a group of "friends" really badly. I wouldn't mind having someone who's willing to play the bad guy and flesh out some ideas for me. (I imagined her truly believing these people involved were her friends at the time and then she got stabbed in the back.)

+ tagnone
+ noteslemme in lemme in~ xD
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ayyy whassup. sorrymasen for the length of this LMAO.

ginevra schermitore is the current president and representative head of the family business, which busies itself in traditional italian fashion and is based mainly overseas. (it's been a few generations of work already, so i'd classify them as older money, but relatively new to the states as far as residence goes.) piero schermitore, né de luca, married into the family based on good standing from his own family's background in business.

their third child is taliesin, born in peachtree because his mother took a liking to the smaller-town feel of the place, lmao. he grew up in peachtree with his father for the most part, while ginevra trained her two older daughters to succeed her; thus tal has no plans to go into the schermitore business, though he's picked up the expertise so he doesn't embarrass his mother at events (and because he honestly does love fashion).

plotwise, taliesin has been around whitespire for most of the social events that the other kids would have. when he was a child he was less cooperative and more irritable due to an undiagnosed learning disability, so those who paid attention would have noticed him becoming calmer and, tbh, more competent as his father worked to help him through that. tal also came into his identity as genderfluid near the end of middle school, and he started presenting fluidly once high school began. now he's an unfettered agent of well-groomed chaos. what have i wrought.

his friendships in the whitespire sense aren't usually very sincere - he orbits very distantly in teagan crowley and spencer jones's social circles, for example, readily antagonizing the former and flat out ignoring the latter because what are jocks lol. due to his elitist tendencies he more often slips into false civilities; the main exception is student council, in which he has more heartfelt relationships with his fellow officers. (keegan moon is an outlier and is tolerated based on academic skill and one very funny new year's smooch.)

because his family's older money, he's comfortable in his position, but instead of drawing away from others he's taken up an attitude based on work ethic - that is, the people who can work for what they want are the good ones, and those who can't simply need to be led there. in theory it's a decent approach to leadership - unfortunately, he's seventeen and also a jerk.

as far as quirks go, he's quite enamored of mathematics and mechanics both. his family's still coming to terms with the fact that he goes downtown about once a week to fix bikes, and there's certainly potential to challenge him over that particular hobby if he's spotted. (not that he hides it, because honestly, he looks good no matter what he's wearing.) out of his family he has the most varied hobbies, as he's coming to realize that he wants more than the regimented business that his sisters are involved in.
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