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 Mad as a hatter, Plot with Hadlee!
chimeOffline8 POSTS
student/cryptid hunter

MAN friends are the bEST! You get to go camping and get food and do sleepovers and all that kind of good stuff! PLUS! They could go cryptid hunting with me! I'm sure I'd be able to find my mom so much quicker with a team than just me. I love, love, love Ava lots but she mostly makes sure I don't fall in my traps, keeps me company, and plays flappy bird (her score is super high in that like wow). I like to think that I'm a fun person to be around, and I love hanging out with my friends! I don't have any other friends than Ava right now, but that's okay! I'm sure others won't mind my weirdness eventually! I'll be a-ok!
MEAN people are bad! All they do is say mean things, like those jerks that try and tell my mom isn't a cryptid! Dad told me so so it's true! He wouldn't lie. OR OR! The gross boys that call Ava all kinds of names! They're no good too! I suplex them into sewers whenever I can! >:T No one makes fun of my friends and no one's mean to my family! I won't stand for it! I'll take action. I'll! I'll--!! I'LL SET UP TRAPS IN FRONT OF THEIR HOUSES THAT'S WHAT I'LL DO!
MOM and dad were very much in love, though I don't remember much. Love is so nice, and it's like meeting your other half, right? Or something. Isn't it like, going on dates and stuff and brushing each other's hair? Or kissing your knuckles? I saw that in an anime about figure skaters before! It was sooooooo cute!! I hope I'll be able to meet my own Viktor one day!! Maybe they'll have a dog too! We could take walks together and go hiking and travel the world documentings ghosts and ghouls! It would be AWESOME!
I LOVE cryptids and hunting them! I like dyeing my hair and collecting posters and figurines and camping and being active! I'm always ready to try new things and I'll talk to anyone, even if some have a habit of being less than kind hehe. But it's okay! I'm strong and resilient. I'll be fine. My ultimate dream is to find my mom, and I document my studies and travels on my youtube channel, my twitter account, and my instagram account! Feel free to hit me up so we can go adventuring together! :D
bearOffline89 POSTS
we'll be looking for sunlight, we know that we're headstrong, and our heart's gone, and the timing's never right
thespian enthusiast

HADLEE COTE & alice moreau

ahhh i've already raved so so much about how excited i am about hadlee but i love this adorable cryptid hunter! unfortunately we're a little past halloween ic wise but ahhh. anyway i'm throwing alice at hadlee bc alice is generally a pretty excitable/interested person and she loves kind of quirky/off-beat people like hadlee.

since alice writes for the school paper, i was thinking maybe she could be doing a feature on student blogs and interview hadlee about her youtube channel? and then we can go from there! alice would be super supportive of listening to hadlee talk about cryptids and stuff like that!!
booneOffline5 POSTS
I guess I must be a girl of the trees.
library page / student
Annerie and HADLEE COTE
Oh my goodness, there are so many plots we could throw between these two crazy girls! I really don't imagine them settling for anything less than friendship if their relationship blossoms into anything at all. Annerie isn't the type to poke fun at someone for no reason, and romance is sort of off the table because she's straight?

But still, she would very kindly go along with any of Hadlee's theories about cryptids, because why not? She once had her own forest with 'mythical creatures', so why would it be so hard to pretend that they might find a cryptid out here too? I mean... what if they actually did?

Annerie has no trouble suspending her disbelief for the convenience of an adventure. You can't say werewolves and shapeshifters don't exist just because you haven't seen one yet.

I actually have so many plot ideas for these two:

1) Annerie low-key wants all of her imaginary friends to someday surprise her by being legit, actual-life people. But what if one day she has a very detailed dream about, let's just say a 'shapeshifter' for the moment, in the forest just outside of Peach Tree. The location and everything are just so specific and detailed that she kind of starts to convince herself that maybe the creature is living out there somewhere, and they can actually find it. So what does she do but track down the town's local psycho cryptid hunter to find out. I imagine she would have maybe stalked Hadlee's youtube feed or something and then awkwardly approached her at school like, "Um...so I think there might be a werewolf or something in the forest clearing by the river. I don't really have any proof but...thought you might be the right person to talk to?" And they can go investigate the supposed existence of this mythical creature.

2) Maybe Annerie accidentally crosses paths with Hadlee while she's in the form of a 'cryptid' herself. Due to her love of body art, I could totally see herself doing something cool like painting on feathers or scales, or some sort of layered body art that faintly resembles some kind of mythical fairy creature (or even monster, oops). Obviously, she's in the middle of the woods so Annerie doesn't really see the problem with painting herself in this fashion and is having a good time until she literally runs into Hadlee who may mistake her for the very creature she has painted herself to be. Annerie would then run away probably out of embarrassment but it would just make it seem even more likely that Hadlee had just made a massive discovery.

3) Or, sort of leveraging off of one of the first two ideas, maybe Hadlee and Annerie have become friends and decide that the best way to find a cryptid is to become one of them. So they paint, decorate, and dress themselves up until they are fairly unrecognizable, and go on a jolly ol' beast-hunt together. Hopefully, they don't stumble across anyone they know.

These were just the first ideas to come to mind, so let me know your thoughts!

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