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Posted by: dean vegas Jul 7 2018, 01:18 AM

wrapping paper trash
seventeen and engaged. it's almost like one of those storybook romances if you thought about it. well, except for the fact that it wasn't a storybook, and neither was there anything romantic about this particular wedding. but hey, anything for an event full of bullshit to get the school year started, right?

an absolute master plan if he ever saw one.

until his stomach suddenly growled, of course, causing him to turn and stare blinkingly down at the boutonniere (a dandelion flower with some baby's breath) pinned to his suit onesie, "i'm hungry," he announced, to the rows of empty chairs across the school parking lot, "and nervous," despite his expression lacking any indication of nervousness. shoulders sagging, dean pulled out his phone and unlocked it with a pout, "but mostly hungry."

nevertheless the senior quickly posed for a selfie, which as soon posted on snapchat before he repocketed his phone (#thebigday). with a huff, he walked to a desk on the side, ignoring the guestbook and picking up the gift collection box next to it; he tossed the box at his occasional-partner-in-crime, a certain blue-haired sophomore by the name of benny li, "did ya manage t'snag any band kids? are they comin' yet or what? ... i mean, i brought my recorder i guess? just incase i gotta be the first person t'walk down the aisle while playin' the wedding march." because, you know, the groom's totally the one that walked down the aisle. but you do you, dean vegas. you do you.

Posted by: benny li Jul 8 2018, 11:38 AM
ah, the parking lot.

the perfect place to host a wedding. benny wouldn’t have it any other way.

“suck it up,” benny replied bluntly, the sophomore too busy fiddling with her phone. she adjusted the small bowtie around her neck and checked how it looked with her phone’s front-facing mirror. ehh. okay. “I said people could bring wedding cakes on the facebook event page. so maybe someone will show up later with one.”

a movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention, and benny looked up to catch the box tossed her way, but very nearly dropped her phone in the process. “hey, watch it! we gotta set this thing up real nice so people’ll drop money into it.” she walks over and puts it back. nicely.

at the groom’s question, benny just shrugged. “uhh… chad rippey and sussie thomas both responded going. I told ‘em to bring their instruments, but I think he plays, like, piccolo or something and sussie’s on the cello. but we could pro’lly find someone to toot on ya recorder for a bit so you don’ have to.”

more importantly, benny scans the parking lot for any guests – invited or not. they’re technically doing this on school property, which was central to everyone who might join them, but obviously they weren’t going to apply to rent out a space or anything. but it was fine. benny was fairly certain there wasn’t any security crawling the parking lots in the middle of summer.

and even if there were, dean would probably just convince ‘em to donate or something.

push up, overload, legendary heavy glow, sunshine, thunder roll, keep this on

Posted by: genevieve versailles Jul 9 2018, 09:15 AM
if you're letting go
let me go slowly
dean vegas benny li
notes here, keep length in mind
Horrible post bleh
A small square box coated in metallic Christmas paper, because she was too cheap to purchase anything different, sat secured in the palm of her hand; the edges of the box’s wrapping was fraying and splitting away from the poorly placed pieces of tape meant to secure them. Yet, Jenny held no shame nor did she attempt to hide her sloppy endeavor at constructing a decent present for the bride and groom to be. Instead, the blonde shuffled through the school parking lot to the makeshift wedding altar awaiting the ceremony that would eventually take place.

Looking around and taking in the empty parking lot, she wasn’t surprised she was possibly one of the first guests to arrive. Being on time, especially when free food was involved, was never a struggle for the junior. Food would have to wait, though, considering she wasn’t sure who to give her present to. Who was in charge of this wedding? Scanning her blue eyes through the makeshift event the junior hoped to find an answer for her question.

No clipboards. No uniforms. Luckily there was also no security, which meant this was probably a student ran thing. Nothing looked official and no one fit the description of a person in charge. But, as Jenny continued to search, her face scrunched up in concentration, she finally landed on a possible source for gift exchange: the groom. His bright red hair stood out the most amongst his strange attire: a suit onesie. The blonde slanted her head to the side and pursed her lips as she was obviously confused about this whole thing. With a shrug (she just wanted cake who cared about the other nonsense) she headed over to the red head and stretched out her arm towards him.

For the happy couple,” she mumbled out softly while hoping he would retrieve the gift from her open palm, “It’s cologne.”

To be more precise, it was her grandfather’s almost empty cologne which was still good for a couple of squirts of musky fragrance. In fact, you could sort of smell the scent squeezing out the edges of the box to waft into the smothering summer air. Turning her head, she acknowledged the young woman beside her not wanting to be rude.

Where’s the cake,” she said noticing it was absent from the snack table.

Honestly, that was the guest she was most anticipating.


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