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 NERD, finnegan gallagher, male, junior, played by sauvignon
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some people would say to accept their fate, well if this is fate, then we'll find a way to cheat
techie/hobby shop clerk
NICKNAME finn, finny, finbar AGE 17 YEAR junior GENDER male SEXUALITY unknown CLIQUE nerd OCCUPATION techie, hobby shop clerk
Guess your mama didn't know the gift she got when she got you.
Heated tensions in high school solidify a match made in hell for his parents. Rachel Maddox finds herself pregnant to her then-friend with benefits, Michael Keegan. The word hardly leaves her lips by the time he chooses to bolt. Father of the year, right? But it's fine, she's fine. She can do this. As the days approach, she panicks: God, what if she can't do this? People talk when they live in small communities like their home in Massachusetts, and people know the poor boy's already without a father. She's only seventeen, it's not like she's prepared for this. Rachel hates herself for it, she really does, but it's for the best. It takes plenty of searching around, but she finds a suitable family for him. She convinces herself it's the right thing, that he would do better with another family. Other than that, she gives birth to him and completely subtracts herself from the equation. (He's seventeen now—the least tshe could have done is given him a damn call.)

You've had it pretty rough, bending over backwards, never good enough.
His family—his new family—bleeds nothing but success. It's the core fragment of their design, and they expect their children to be just as perfect, even those that aren't of blood relation. They expect him to stand proud but humble, express himself but not too freely; constant expectations come to tear him in two. It makes him eager to distance himself from them, but it's never something he voices. His relocation to Peachtree City helps add a change from the mundane in life, but it soon turns to white noise in his perfect life. The adults outside of his parents know that he's unhappy but questioning results in assurance that he's fine. Denial is a mask he wears proudly, but cracks form much to his chagrin. He knows he'll never be a true gallagher—they've voiced that on several occasions, but the pressure to be just as perfect is like a steam press to his withering self-esteem. The mask remains but the symptoms manifest. Anything less than perfection is met with shallow breaths and tears that prick the corners of his eyes, the clenching of fists and tiny crescent indents on his palms from nails digging in, and the physical tremors are but the icing on the cake. Despite this, he insists he's fine. Perfection has no time to feel sorry for itself.

And now you'll never succeed if you're so convinced you're defeated.
Finnegan's focused far too much on his own work and grades to really take note to social cues or understand what's popular. His interests focus on mathematics, video games (most often single player,) and horror films. He's learned to keep his head down for the most part and speak only when spoken to (usually) so a sense of status quo can remain. As he approaches his junior year, he hopes to continue staying just below the radar. If he can maintain his grades and avoid conflict, then he can soon move on to have a happier life and actually start to figure himself out piece by piece.

Et Cetera

  • Although undiagnosed, it's as plain as day to see that Finnegan suffers from some form of anxiety. He treats it as an overreaction to things and has yet to really consider getting help or talking to anyone about it.
  • He's the only child his parents have, but he has a few aunts and uncles with prodigious children that help chip even more at his ever decreasing self-esteem. Notably though his family is only of middle class socioeconomic status.
  • If truth be told, Finnegan has a bit of touch aversion. He doesn't like people touching him, even if they may be people he's grown close to. It's nothing too serious, it just boils down to the fact he's a mild germophobe. To make up for insult, he often finds himself apologizing if he's forced to push a person away from himself.
  • It's rare to see him get genuinely excited about something without him soon extinguishing those flames with a dismissive statement of sorts. (Most commonly: "But it's silly, really. Sorry for bringing it up.")
  • Finn's good at math, like real good. He's able to solve a various sequence of equations in his head, particularly less complex things though like distribution property, foil technique, and basic scientific equations.
  • He shares his physical characteristics with his biological mother: brown hair, shorter stature (he stands at about 5'6" himself,) and pale complexion. The brown eyes come from his father.
  • His birthday's March 12th, making him a Pisces.
  • Finn's middle name is Wallace.
POSITIVES thoughtful, reliable, keen, innovative, systematic, passionate NEGATIVES weak-willed, insecure, calculating, zany, anxious, gauche QUIRKS removes pizza toppings and eats them first
oral fixation—chews on lollis + sticks to satisfy
describes things with unusual ideophones
difficulty maintaining eye contact
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i miss missing you now and then
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finn u r a superstar

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