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 NERD, tempest winchester, female, sophomore, played by oath
Life's short. Anything could happen, and it will, so there is no point in thinking about all the ifs, ands or buts.
bored af student
NICKNAME tempe, theo, winnie AGE sixteen YEAR sophomore GENDER cis female SEXUALITY demisexual CLIQUE nerds OCCUPATION bored af student

Everyone has a story.

And from their point of view, they’re the hero. The one wronged by the villainous characters and a sordid world they’d been unjustly punished by. A victim of circumstance and bad luck that had no chance from the very beginning. So, at a very young age, Tempest didn’t think herself any different from the kids around her. The ones who’d cry their eyes out after their parents had another fight or the others who hid bruises from the teacher’s eyes or the ones who picked on the smaller kids to make themselves feel better. She didn’t think herself above any of them, better than any of them, different than any of them because they were all characters in one great big story.

And even if she was the hero of her own tale. A hero who wore the same shoes for the last three years, tattered clothes and oily unwashed hair, she must have been the villain in someone else’s. The adults thought that she was good at studying but horrible with her manners. Because Tempest was not always kind. Her teachers told her that she shouldn’t bite other children or punch and kick them when they called her names. That she shouldn’t raise her voice when they ridiculed her clothes or her hair or the way she always had to borrow supplies from her teachers.

They’d say that she had a bad attitude. That being passed around from foster home to foster home made her bitter and angry. That her feelings were a product of her circumstances and could be changed with a bit of positivity. That she wasn’t trying hard enough to be better. That no one would like her if she wasn’t better.

"So what,"she’d say loudly when they thought they had the last word.

So what if she wasn’t a sweet obedient child?
So what if she barely slept in the same room for longer than a month?
So what if she liked her studies more than interacting with her peers?

Books never made fun of her. They never left her or changed on a dime. And if she was the villain in the story, then who cares?

Villains are just heroes whose stories haven’t been told yet.

”Tell us more about you, Tempest.”

Words meant very little to her as the years went on. Only ones written in books mattered and it became increasingly obvious that her interest in people was waning. Taking to people watching, she tried to figure out where it all went wrong. When did the heroes and the villains become one and the same, and why was it that victims were more in supply than the demand required. Foster homes slowed down and she found herself growing into one of the oldest kids in the facilities. A smart child, she’d hear her caretakers say when they thought she was out of earshot, playing with one of the younger kids who took to babbling knowing she wouldn’t say anything to hush them unless she felt the need.

“But her attitude is poor.”

There was that word again. Attitude. She hated it with a passion brighter than a supernova. It tore deep into her body, ripping through skin, sitting in the pit of her stomach making the pit grow deeper and darker. The same word that most of her foster families used when they brought her back. “Returned,” her as they said. As if she was an item that they purchased and found they didn’t want anymore. A sickening concept that she hated as the time went on.

“You’re good at school, what’s so hard about this?”

People were hard. They were difficult. They weren’t like books. Black and white with meaning behind the words. People lied, people cheated, people hurt one another and then feigned empathy. It was disgusting. It was disgruntling. And she wanted no part of it.

She wanted out of the narrative. Out of the way of things. Out of all of it.

The feelings persisted but standing on that edge between self-inflicted pain and acceptance was too dizzying. There was nowhere to turn back and the path forward was growing harder and harder to walk every day. Part of her just wanted to fall down and vanish through a hole.

Why did her parents have to leave her?
What did her caretakers mean when they said that her parents couldn’t care for her?
Why did her success in school mean that she should excel in social situations when everyone told her she was smart and she didn’t feel it?

Why was she supposed to be happy when she didn’t feel it inside?
Why has no one ever asked her if she was —

“Are you alright, Tempest?”

The question came like the sun after a hurricane. Shining a light upon the devastation that littered the expanse of her mind were two people who seemed concerned, holding their hands out to her even though she wouldn’t reach for them. The Winchesters. They expressed an interest in her over the children with bright eyes, loud laughter, and opened arms. Asking to speak to her as she loomed over her textbooks aimlessly staring at the words doing back-flips and cartwheels over the pages. After a few hours of sitting in silence, one of the caretakers entered the room and proceeded to apologize for her lack of conversation only for one of them to ask the dreaded question.

Looking up, Tempest stared at them. This couple, two women, not smiling or trying to offer her relief but actually asking. It was her chance but the words wouldn’t come out. Instead, a sob choked free and her shoulders shook with the weight finally lifted allowing gravity to let her tears fall.


They adopted her.

To her relief and confusion, they adopted her and moved their family to Peachtree. Tempest was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Waiting for them to say that they didn’t want her anymore and that this was all some sort of trick. Her cynicism, as her therapist put it, was a trait developed through years of neglect and would take time to recover from.

But you will heal.

Tempest laughs. Even if she healed, what would she become then? What was she like before this? is there anything else that she could be? She didn’t know the answer to any of that. Not until she started high school and met them.

Or more importantly, met him.

She didn’t believe in the cliché that a relationship would help someone see who they truly are. It was a dangerous way to push your problems off onto another person. And that is the last thing she wanted to do to James. She wasn’t sure what drew him to her or maybe it was the other way around. He made her laugh and smile, his friends became her friends, and they were practically inseparable. Besting him at video games or watching superhero movies with him became the norm. Interacting with others wasn’t as hard anymore, making jokes, smiles reaching her eyes, it wasn’t a foreign concept as it used to be.

And it all started when she met him.

She didn’t rely on him. She could survive without him. She knew who she was when she wasn’t with him. Damaged, angry, bitter, mischievous, a delinquent with the mind of a nerd if high school cliques were anything to go by. But then he looked at her and she added on another word to that list of traits. She was his and he was hers. The first time he kissed her, she expected the dream to end.

Expected him to leave after getting what he wanted. But he was back the next day, and the day after that.. and the day after that..

And she pushed him away, the day after that.. and the day after that.. and the day after that..

Until he was gone.

It was hard. It was her choice. She wanted him to go because at some point, the story had to end and Tempest knew that well. Their friend group stayed together but they were apart and she knew who she was without him. Damaged, angry, bitter, mischievous, a delinquent with the mind of a nerd, and sorry. Sorry that she didn’t hold him closer when given the chance. Sorry that they’d have more fights when they were together and he’d be subjected to her worse moods. Sorry that she was a mess and couldn’t tell him everything that she was hiding inside.

Sorry that she was selfish enough to walk back to him and as for forgiveness. And angry, that he was so willing to hold her again. She knew that she would hurt him again. That he’d make her angry. But she refused to walk away. To do to him what so many did to her.

She’d stay for their friends.

She’d stay for her new family.

She’d stay for herself.

She’d stay for James.

POSITIVES adventerous, brilliant, curious, daring, earnest, incisive, observant, passionate, sensitive, tolerant NEGATIVES abrasive, blunt, crude, destructive, expedient, insecure, mischievous, opportunistic, petty, secretive QUIRKS ✖︎ sings to herself when bored
✖︎ unironically quotes films and musicals in conversation
✖︎ enjoys physical contact with people that she knows well
✖︎ says what is on her mind regardless of what it is or how bad
✖︎ used to play sports during her middle school years to help with anger
✖︎ gives nicknames to people that she meets regardless of how long she's known them
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aw, i'm so glad tempest found a good family that loves her and people that love her! it's what she deserves. welcome home (sort of), tempest!

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