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 NERD, ASHTON SACCO, male, sophomore, played by honey
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yard work boy
NICKNAME n/a AGE sixteen YEAR sophomore GENDER male SEXUALITY bisexual CLIQUE nerd OCCUPATION yard work
+ The first child of two well-educated but low-income Sicilian-Americans who were more or less set up by their own parents. Simply put, they have never really gotten along, but they thought they could work through it due to mutual physical attraction. After their first five years of marriage, it got to the point where they couldn't be in the same room for five minutes without a fight breaking out. Despite this, they decided to stay together since they were already married and had kids together. This decision was mainly because neither of them wanted to have to deal with a child on their own, let alone two.

+ His parents wanted him to have a name that was unique, and so, they went with "Ashton". He was actually named after a dog that his mom owned during her younger years. Now most kids would be mortified by learning this and he was too for most of his early years, but now, he loves his name. How could a kid come to appreciate being named after a greyhound, you might ask? Simply put, it was all thanks to Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Though he never thought of actually using "Ash" as a nickname, it was close enough to his own. God, he was obsessed with that show.

+ Well, he loved most cartoons because those were pretty much all this guy had for most of early childhood. Well, other than his little sister. The point is, once something interests him, he's going to stay with it until he gets bored with it. It takes serious dedication for a six-year-old kid to get himself up at five am to watch his favorite shows, especially when knowing that in just a few hours his sister will wake up and he will have to make breakfast and get on the bus.

+ Of course, being a bit too engrossed in fiction can be expected when your reality is garbage from a young age. Ashton's relationship with his parents is terrible. Always has been. That's usually what you get when you combine an attention-starved ADHD kid with busy, inexperienced parents whose idea of a "punishment" is locking their son in a dark closet for a few hours or shoving him to the ground or slapping him. Yeah, he's never really had many positive role models or adults he could trust. These days, his parents still both travel for their jobs, and they spend even less time around the house. Much to Ashton's relief, since he rarely has to deal with them anymore.

+ Other than his less-than-ideal home life, Ashton was a fairly normal kid. He hid any bruises he obtained, (kind of?) learned how to socialize, got into swimming at the nearby pool, and keep himself out of trouble the best he could. He had a decent amount of friends, and he had an extremely close friendship with his younger sister, mainly due to having to rely on each from a young age and sharing a bed in their tiny apartment. Considering how much they had to share, it would have been weird if they weren't as close as they.

+ His life maintained a balance until towards the end of his 7th-grade year when his parents found some job opportunities in a small town on the west coast. Ashton was actually ecstatic, mainly because he's always loved warm weather (and Chicago was cold as hell for most of the year). His parents seemed happier too, and that was always a good thing. He didn't think much of moving. Sure, he would miss his friends, but he believed he could find some new ones with no problem. Oh, what a fool he had been.

+ Within the first week of school, he realized that when you're the weird new kid...most 7th graders are absolute pricks. With his rotten luck, he had been put in the worst class possible. Everything about him was instantly picked apart. The way he rushed certain sentences or said certain words or pronounced things, the too big, hand-me-down clothes he wore, how he fell asleep in class at least once a week, how the tips of his hair were bleached from chlorine, how he was always fidgeting and squirming, his dry sense of humor and sharp tongue...the list went on. It was never real bullying, but more of frequent teasing and complaints of having to be partners with "Sucko".

+ Yeah, it was rough for a while, but he eventually adapted and made friends outside of his trash class. Plus, the teasing got a lot less frequent. Kind of. He's defensive by nature, and his strong emotions (and the way he expresses them) tend to screw him over in most situations. He was easy to get a reaction from, and most of his peers used it to their advantage. He's never the main "class loser" or whatever. Just...one of the minor losers.

+ High school hasn't been much different from middle school. He's not super popular, but he doesn't really care. He has good friends, and he cares about them more than he can describe. Right now, he's just trying to maintain a household, look after his sister, and share good times with the people he cares about. That's all he's really focused on.

Additional information:
+ 5'10" and slender with fairly wide shoulders. His height is kind of a sensitive issue (because his cousin told him he thinks his face literally looked like it belongs to a twelve year old girl, and in his family of Italian giants, he's the shortest of his male cousins), but he gets that he's still young and he's got time to grow. He just hopes it can happen soon.

+ Actually extremely clumsy; he's always falling off his board or tripping in the hallways. Oh, and he talks with his hands aggressively and occasionally hits people on accident. He desperately needs glasses or contacts but never wears either, so that might be part of it.

+ He's got a lot of nervous energy and needs constructive outlets. As a result, he keeps himself busy with swim team and drama club at school. Outside of school, he secretly-not-so-secretly likes tabletop rpgs, (unsuccessfully) skateboarding, browsing the internet, gardening, researching apocalypse scenarios, cooking and going on walks.

+ He's a huge fan of musicals, though he's not super open about it unless he knows the person he's talking to likes them too. If they are, he'll randomly sing duets and dance and just be the nerd he is with them.

+ Best classes and favorite subjects are science and history, and his worst/least favorites are math and foreign language. His interest in a subject more or less dictates his grade. Spends every moment he possibly can playing Tetris in math class.

+ Very easily embarrassed and frustrated, and he tends to snap at others when he feels upset. He's had to act older than he was since he was like four, so he tries to be mature while he's actually childish and naive. His emotions tend to control him, but he's good about taking responsibility after he's been moody.

+ Notorious for screaming "SHIT" full volume at least five times in PE freshman year when playing actual games and just...getting away with it every time?

+ Diagnosed with combination type ADHD in 2nd grade, and takes 36mg of Concerta daily. It helps him focus and stay on task a lot better, though he struggles with a bit of a midday crash.

+ Very good at actual cooking but he can't make a grilled cheese sandwich???

+ Constant dark circles under his eyes because he wakes up in the middle of the night to google questions that range from "does consciousness end with death scientific answer" to "where passionfruit".

+ Depending on your taste, this kid is either a fashion icon or a complete disaster. Most of the time he wears normal hoodies, t-shirts and the same four pairs of adidas sweatpants, but sometimes he whips out overalls, hawaiian shirts with graphic t-shirts, zip-up sweatshirts over long flannels or a fancy, button-up shirt and tie with athletic joggers. His worst ever? A goddamn baby blue jumpsuit with rolled-up pants and a black long-sleeve shirt underneath it, green argyle calf-length socks and yellow-checkered vans. Somehow he made it sort of work, but...who let him out of the house...

+ Has some mild cleithrophobia thanks to his jerk parents

+ Will call you out if you tell him you forgot to eat breakfast. Also willing to try to run home five minutes before first period to grab you some eggo waffles.

POSITIVES empathetic, kind, quick-witted, diligent, hard-working, supportive, passionate NEGATIVES callous, neurotic, rebellious, sarcastic, critical, diffident, cynical, defensive QUIRKS - Draws on himself when he gets bored in class
- Always five minutes late for everything
- Skateboards everywhere. Not the best at it.
welcome to the site!
ash seems like a sweet kid! ashton? ashiekins? i don't know. maybe someone will give him a cooler nickname than sucko. welcome to peachtree, kiddo!

don't forget to do your claims!

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