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 NERD, jameson reed, male, sophomore, played by apple
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trash student
NICKNAME jammy dodger, james AGE sixteen YEAR sophomore GENDER male SEXUALITY tempe'sexual CLIQUE nerds OCCUPATION wack ass student
he wanted to be bond. james bond. an MI6 agent hellbent on saving the world one criminal at a time. he would have a hot babe, hand picked by mom, as a sidekick. in one, two, three strikes nothing would stand in his way ever again - he'd emerge victorious.

so yeah, james part was given. but where was bond? where had that gone? oh, right, it was replaced with heathcliff is what it was. yeah, that horrible guy from wuthering heights that had a huge ego that probably compensated for something else. he had to admit, there was a bittersweet irony to the choosing of his name that he had to give props on. one side of the coin had him reiterating healthcliff to just about anyone that needed to know his full name. now this man was undoubtedly the worst person to ever exist in any sort of literature - next to joffery lannister of course. with cersei as a close third. if he'd been the option to potentially be a fitzwilliam, he would have loved that. at least he was cool.

on the other side of that shiny, shiny coin, jame knew just how lucky was he that caesar had already been reserved for his older brother eons before his birth. the ever kind (not) cassius deserved to be forsaken upon the steps of his palace. ok so, not the terrible way caesar actually died, but like. hit with a branch. not that he cared about his brother. he only cared about the fact that cps might need to be called on his family for this clear abuse of power.

still, he couldn't blame his grandparents entirely. they were only at the hospital for like, 6 hours after he was born. it wasn't as if they had any say whatsoever or that their input wouldn't have been valued. perhaps true happiness came at prices like this: you get one thing you like, you obtain something you didn't even want. now of course, he could have had it so much worse. he has considered the possibility that they'd might have never settled on an nice irish tradition and named him jameson. granted, that was mostly his grandfather's idea, having a bit of a preference for the drink on sunday afternoons, but he counts that as a group decision. upon him was the honor bestowed to carry out the family motto and be the favorite.

not ideal, but still pretty good.

it needs to be said, that james' parents are not around nor do they have much stake in his upbringing. yeah, they were very capable of doing the horizontal tango but they were unable to actually raise their adorable son. please also be aware that they can't really be blamed too much as it wasn't by unforeseeable tragic circumstances they aren't around, so keep your wool hats on. the short of it is that his parents are scientists, seismologists to be exact. they travel, they measure earthquakes, they tell us if we're going to sink in to the ocean one day. yes, it's taken them away from their family for as long as he can remember, sometimes even leaving him conflicted in thinking that his baby brother might actually be their child. he just seemed to pop out of nowhere in a very suspicious amount of time.

now some kids, they might be sad about these simple facts. others, angry. james? he is both with no hesitation, but he is also proud. and that pride, that admiration for the two people that inspire him to have an interest in sciences, makes those other emotions in comparison. james loves that they're actively hoping that the world can be better. he's uncertain about how humanity can do that when, well, yano. it's irrelevant to how much he loves them.

very much like his parents, james has always had a knack for finding the smaller, more important details. from working out the most complicated of math problems, to striking the hell out of a dragon in dnd when he knows the odds are in his favor, his mind is working a mile a minute. his grandmother likes to call him gifted, but that darling brother of his? oh to him, he's a nerd. a geek. a loser. the disconnect between the two eldest reed children is strong. it's ever present as they walk in and out of each other's lives.

cas is a stereotype rewritten in a thousand screenplays. a star, he's known on campus as the elite that never learns to shut up because why should he. he's cocky, self-righteous, and arrogant. the worst part of it all was that their relationship wasn't always so sour. until cas started high school, they were fine. james believed in his brother, daresay looked up to him. but things changed so quickly. through their age gap he became a mega dicklord. it started with the friends he made, extending so far the soon it was an entire crowd. as his popularity grew, their similar interests shrunk until they were gone altogether and with one cold stare, he was shut out.

it took some time to recover, and he even sure he still has. every once in a while he feels like his brother is going to reach out to him again, but then he remembers that his body has been clearly taken over by demons. would he like to say that his life got miraculously better over the last few years? absolutely. but that would be a lie. what can be said is that he's found his group. the people that settle him back down onto earth. that's helped him tremendously, giving him more than he could ever say thank you for. he's found his friends, one of those including his younger brother, jude who become a personality all his own. though they run in different cliques, everyone knows that the youngest reed brother's are thick as thieves.

it also kind of helps that he's found the clear love of his life. tempest, tempe for short, is the only human being to have ever made him feel whole. to make him feel as if he really does matter. she's the sort of person that you'd be blessed to have in your life. when cristina yang told meredith grey that she was her person, everything made sense to him. tempest is his person. he is her person. that's his life, and he's content with it, no doubts about it. now his absolute trash with his jokes, his memes, and his tendency to game with the best of them late into the night might not help him in the long run but he isn't really trying to achieve high marks here. he's just trying to have fun.

POSITIVES considerate, benevolent,
humorous, observant, NEGATIVES sarcastic, childish,
overimaginative, gloomy, trash QUIRKS ✰ believes in superheroes
✰ plays videos with every
ounce of free time he has
✰ has a collection of his
peachtree wildlife field notes
welcome to the site!
okay, apple. like this is my son now? you can't hurt him? not on my watch? what a soft kid. CHERISH HIM. anyways, good job!

don't forget to do your claims!

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