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DEC '17
all cliques are currently evenly matched.

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a good girl is better than millions of bitches, but one bitch can leave you with millions of stitches.
OKAY so this is the yoo family! the youngest of the three kids is jiyeon, who's also the only girl among them, so she has two older brothers who are in senior and junior year respectively. they've always been a closeknit pair of siblings who kinda just lets each other do whatever they want because at the end of the day, they still know how they all really are or whatever. when they were younger, they were all super rough and perhaps bullies like jiyeon was? the dreaded yoo family... :'(

anyway, they used to live in peachtree when they were kids, but moved when jiyeon was in fourth grade, so when the oldest was in sixth and the middle was in fifth. after that, they shifted towns a few times because of their dad's work (businessman stuff prob, i never really thought about it). the younger two would kinda copy the oldest's one demeanor, so him being a bitch as a kid is the reason they're all bitches, even if the middle kid pretended he was like that on his own, lmao. i think they still rough house/bully each other even now that they're older, but they're protective over each other regardless.

they're a korean fam so they've probably visited SK a few times throughout their lives (to visit grandparents??) and have fully korean names (so no middle names). since jiyeon has orange hair, it'd make sense if their hair ranged from being blond, orange, or red, but if you wanna have one of them dye their hair, go for it... it's just that siblings having similar looks is so cute. the rest i'm leaving up to you because everything's open. if anything i'd suggest the middle one being a delinquent?? BUT CHECK ON RATIOS FIRST. since they're all one grade apart, the middle can be 16-17, and the older can be 17-18. just don't have them both 17 please!!

if you're interested you can hmu in pms or in jiyeon's shipper (linked in her profile here)... if you're not a member yet just yell at me in the cbox when i'm around or just register and pm me because i probably will accept anyone so long as they stick to the basics. nothing crazy wild in this fam happened, so just keep that in mind with their freeform section (but they can DEF have personal issues or mental illness, etc. jiyeon has ADHD, for example, so they might too).

BUT YEAH THAT'S IT!!!!! i'd love to see them and have fun sibling antics on the site (as well as charas i can stalk lol) so please make em! i can make graphics for you!!!!!
this is the yoo oldest son and he's a senior. since he's the oldest, when they were younger he was probably the leader of the trio, even though he was likely kind of annoyed by it. he's def more calm now! he can be any clique you want, almost any personality you want, and his fc is open. just make sure he has blond, orange, or red hair. he's also korean! i'd like it if he could still be at least a lil tough because he's who jiyeon learned from!
this is the yoo middle son and he's a junior. he was also the type to follow his older brother around, except he probably pretended he wasn't bc duh he's too cool for that. he's just as open as the older brother, any clique, blond/orange/red hair, etc. if anything, i think he might be more rambunctious than the older brother & someone jiyeon can (playfully) fight with still. he's probably kinda rebellious @ older bro, but fam is fam regardless.
we're here for a good time, not a long time. so have a good time, the sun can't shine every day.
schoolyard bully

spencer jones

fiancée .

female . junior - senior . whateversexual . any clique .

hey y'all! so this is spencer jones. he is a spoiled teenager, a jock, and a bully. he also has a fiancee. and despite the choice of graphics, this isn't at all meant to be a romance plot. it has the potential to become one, but romance isn't, and likely will not be a priority. in fact, as all rich-kid-engagement-plots go, theirs too was arranged by their parents. this means that it would've been a thing for years: a whole decade at least. but the reality is that despite popular belief, spencer doesn't actually care about the engagement. he isn't even the least bit repulsed by it. as a matter of fact, he's completely okay with marrying someone he has no romantic feelings for. y'see, he has this warped belief that as long as he follows the teachings of the catholic church, his future as a star athlete would be secured. an example of this is that while he does often fool around, he's dead set that he would only ever 'go all the way' with his fiancee. 8')

but ya. that's basically it. honestly, there's no real requirements for the fiancee's personality. it'd work as long as she's a cali native and that her family is rich? and said family maybe has an alliance/business partnership with the joneses who own an e-commerse company? but the rest is completely open, and whatever she feels towards the engagement is up to you as well. just know that if she wants to try and break the engagement, well, spencer might not necessarily help her. as a matter of fact, he'd likely just hit on her to make it worse. and since spencer's not the most likable guy on the block, i don't think that they'd get along super well either? so expect an awful hateship that involves a lot of verbal and physical fights tbh lmao.

on a separate but related note, i would prefer that this character has been on the site for awhile! or if you're interested in making a new character for the plot, pls make sure that you've been relatively active on misfits to begin with, and have other plots for her aside from this single ad! THANKSSS.


17 // MALE // JUNIOR // JOCK

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