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 DELINQUENT, lonan o'hearn, male, sophomore, played by sakarri
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I don't know where you're going, But do you got room for one more troubled soul
Pansexual | Homoromantic
NICKNAME Lonan, Lo AGE 15 YEAR sophomore GENDER male SEXUALITY pansexual CLIQUE delinquent OCCUPATION student
★ His grandparents were Irish immigrants. He learned to speak both English and Irish when he was little, but he stopped learning Irish when he entered foster care. He still remembers it, but he only knows about a six-year-old's vocabulary.

★ His mom was obsessed with horses. She never owned any, but she had them decorating everything in their house, and was a vegan because horses are herbivores. She even named her son, Colton, after them. Lonan hates that name. It makes him feel like one of her decorations. He doesn't hate horses, though, because they remind him of his mom, and their last name means "descendant of horse lord."

★ His parents weren't married, and he never met his father. His mom's family helped her take care of him, and they seemed to love him, but none of them wanted to take custody of him. He only vaguely remembers them.

★ When he was five, his mom fell for a new boyfriend who didn't like kids, but was charming and manipulative. It turned out she was a very dependent person, and she soon let him move in despite how he treated her son. The more she fell for him, the less she stopped him from yelling at and hitting Lonan, and the more she blamed her son for upsetting him.

★ By the time he was six, the abuse was so bad, and he was so scared of her boyfriend, that he tried to run away. He was quickly found by the police, and was sent to the first of his seemingly infinite number of foster homes. What happened to his mom and her boyfriend was never really explained to him, but he knows she willingly gave up custody of him.

★ He's very conflicted about his mom. He loves her and misses her, but he's not sure if she still loves him. He mostly blames her boyfriend for what happened, but on bad days he blames her, too, and sometimes himself.

★ He has not been doing well in foster care. He gets into fights, destroys property, lies, steals, runs away, and has caused more than one person to give up on not just him, but fostering anyone. Some of his trouble making has been on purpose to get away from homes he didn't like, but most of it was accidental, or just fun ideas that weren't thought out. Getting bounced around to so many houses has at least given him a lot of interesting experiences, and endless new people to meet.

★ There are some gaps in his education due to all the times he's switched schools. The curriculums never lined up, so he's been taught some things multiple times, and others not at all. His worst subject is English. He likes interesting books, but he reads really slow, he's not very good at understanding all the motivation and symbolism stuff, and he doesn't like writing.

★ He gave himself the name Lonan when he was twelve. It means "little blackbird," but he usually leaves off the "little" when he tells people. It pisses him off when anyone still calls him Colton. It's one of the easiest ways to pick a fight with him, and he will not respect any adults who refuse to use his preferred name.

★ His last foster home was one of the best ones. They wanted him to do a school sport to hopefully keep him out of trouble, so he joined the Track team. He ended up loving it. He was good at it. He was fast, he could jump hurdles and long distances, and when they let him try pole vaulting he was the most focused he'd ever been. He was still himself, though, and eventually he got in another fight. It was a bad one, and he got expelled, and shipped off to another home where he could keep going to school.

★ Other Notes:

- His birthday is November 1st. He treats Halloween like a giant pre-birthday party, so it's his favorite day.

- His favorite colors are black and purple, and he likes paisley patterns.

- He used to have a black dragon stuffed animal that he slept with. It got thrown away by one of the bad homes.

- He really wants tattoos and piercings.

- His claustrophobia is triggered by small spaces and being restrained. It can make him car sick. Crowds do not bother him, in fact he likes them.

- He went to a Catholic school once, and actually liked it because he got to wear a fancy uniform.
POSITIVES outgoing, playful, curious, loyal, protective, forgiving, affectionate NEGATIVES selfish, impulsive, hypocritical, sadistic, manipulative, volatile, hedonistic QUIRKS 5'7", wants to legally change his name, good at math, excellent sense of time, claustrophobic, polyamorous

loves peppermint, suits, dragons and having his hair played with
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