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 DELINQUENT, bijou durand, female, junior, played by sugar
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and i was thrashing on the line, somewhere between desperate and divine. i can't keep calm
surfshop associate
NICKNAME bee, beej, jewel AGE seventeen YEAR junior GENDER female SEXUALITY pansexual CLIQUE delinquent OCCUPATION surf shop associate
1. a hound shows no fear.
2. hounds and their family always belong to the pack.
3. a hound never stands by themselves.
4. no hound is left for dead.
5. betrayal is unforgivable.
6. when one stands, all of the others will follow.

this is what you're told at night instead of bedtime stories. you wouldn't have wanted those happen endings anyway. these are the codes that are your reality; things that you will uphold and adhere to for the rest of your life. you're practically born with the mark of the hound inked onto your body. your dad is the alpha, the leader of the hellhounds and the one expected to lead the pack through hell or high water. and your his daughter, something you hold onto earnestly. faust durand raises you to be his spitting image, a hound who aligns herself with the pack and would sacrifice herself thoughtlessly for the sake of the hellhounds.

✖ your childhood is far from conventional, or at least what the world around you would qualify as normal. but to you, it's everything you would expect from the world. you live in the part of town that's labelled as the wrong side of the tracks, somewhere you wouldn't want to be when the sun goes down. your mom never wanted this life but stuck around because she loved your dad. your rundown home is a hub of activity, a place where characters of all colors appear and unknowingly shape you. you're at the crossroads, the bar hangout of the hounds, as much as your own home. questionable content, shady characters, motorcycles, and foul language fill up your days.

✖ as hound law mandates, your mother will always have their support but she isn't a true member. she almost took the initiation but life had other plans in store for her. she found out she was pregnant with what would be your little brother two days before her initiation. she tells faust that their family comes first and then the hounds. she needs to be there for your bother, not so much you. she doesn't worry about you, knows exactly how your life is going to play out. but she still offers you solace and a pillar of strength but there is no ink on her body. she never questions your or your father's loyalty for the hellhounds. she knows better. but a tiny piece of her will always wonder what would have happened if she had left faust after high school like she had planned.

✖ even when you are young, it's evident that you're going to be labelled as "problematic." not to the hounds but to the rest of society. the ones who don't get you. you get a note sent home with you on your first day of kindergarten because of your filthy language. eventually, your educators abandon all hope on a futile cause. you result to forcefulness and physicality first, never choosing to rely on words and their potential power. the amount of altercations you instigate is a shockingly high number. you don't take things into consideration or look at the bigger picture, labeling you as someone who is careless. you're an inexplicable dilemma to society but the hounds love all of your mannerisms.

✖ you are twelve when you announce to your father you want to be initiated. he doesn't protest, only smiles at you and tells you he can't wait to see the mark of the hound on you. the initiation process is grueling but you are prepared. a deep bite wound on your thigh turns into a scar to eternalize the experience. the mark of the hound is placed on your hand, a spot where you will always be able to be reminded of the pact you swore to fulfill. with the jacket and the tattoo, it's clear to all of the town you intend to cause them nothing but hell. no one knows the extent of the crimes that hellhounds dip their claws in and it's a secret the pack will never tell. you engage in everything that you are directed to complete, a true hound to your very core.

✖ every great tale has an end, some of them are hard to swallow. the tale of the hellhounds followed that tragic route. faust blames himself but in actuality it was a collective effort of the whole pack, you included. the hounds became content with their status and turned languid while they lounged on their pedestal. sat atop what they figured were the top of the world, they overlooked the takeover that was steadily happening on their turf. unannounced, a newly formed gang imposed on all of the happenings of the hellhounds and threatened to cause them to completely collapse.

✖ the only solution was an all out war, a showdown that was resolved in a single night. the hounds were practically annihilated. you witnessed so many members of your family met their demise, all in the name of upholding a legacy you had allowed to crumble because of your own ignorance. you and faust emerge from the aftermath, along with a few other members of the pack. you are all devastated but there's only one thing left to do: relocate and repopulate. faust proposes peachtree and the vote is unanimous. you enroll in ridgeview high school and the hounds make their first appearance the end of your sophomore year. currently, the entire goal the hounds are trying to accomplish is infiltrating and poisoning the wealth that is abundant in the area.

POSITIVES dedicated, self-reliant, candid, impassioned, persuasive NEGATIVES forceful, vulgar, smug, careless, provocative QUIRKS ○ makes sure her jacket is always pristine
○ revs her bike obnoxiously loud before she peels out
○ watches the sun set on the beach most evenings
welcome to the site!
i'm like wildly entertained by the fact they're just chill with letting a dog crönch her leg. welcome to peachtree, bee. try not to cause too much trouble, eh? http://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gclv3bxe1qzckow.gif

don't forget to do your claims!

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