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 DELINQUENT, VERA SHEVCHENKO, female, freshman, played by honey
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cafe worker
NICKNAME verochka, v, ver, shev, anything! AGE fourteen YEAR freshman GENDER female SEXUALITY pansexual CLIQUE delinquent OCCUPATION cafe worker
PLAYED BY honey // she/her // Neon Genesis Evangelion,Asuka Langley
+ A second-generation Ukrainian-Amerian, Vera's lived in Peachtree her whole life. Her parents actually own a cafe in the downtown area, Shevchenko's Bakery. It's fairly well known in the area, as it is a popular destination for its nice atmosphere and delicious Ukrainian snacks. Though when you bring up the family, that's usually the second thing brought up. The first thing people bring up, much to Vera's dismay, is Lilia.

+ Her older sister is a hometown hero. Lilla, the former cross country state champ. Lilia, who broke two school records in dance. Lilia, the one who was recently accepted into a professional concert orchestra touring Europe. Extremely beautiful, talented in every aspect, loved by everyone and completely brilliant, yet able to remain modest and humble. Nowadays, she's a second year at some prestigious university earning a dual degree. It's safe to say that Vera has always had some pretty big shoes to fill.

+ She's never been bitter about having such a perfect older sister though. Lilia's almost six years older than Vera, and so there was never any real competition between the two. If it was a race, it would be between the second fastest runner in a high school and the fastest runner in the whole state. While the latter also has a six year head start. Lilia's always been kind and encouraging, and she's a wonderful older sister. Vera, her parents and grandparents make a family call once a week for everyone to tell Lilia about Peachtree and find out about her life. The two girls message each other everyday and genuinely care about each other.

+ Even though Vera's parents are absolutely wonderful and they worked extremely hard at giving both daughters equal amounts of attention and love, she still finds herself lost in Lilia's shadow to everyone else. Vera, the girl who sees herself as someone born to compete, stand out and succeed, never had a fair chance to be the greatest.

+ Vera could have grown up basing her entire identity around that. She could have told herself a million times that she wouldn't be happy until she was just like Lilia. She could have dyed her hair brown, wore Lilia's old clothing, and used her sister's popularity to her advantage. Modeled her appearance, life and personality off of her perfect older sister. Swam until she couldn't breathe, danced until her feet went numb, and played the string bass until her fingers bled. Sought to be exactly like her and eventually surpass her, proving that Vera was worth something, only to fall short and grow to hate herself. View herself as a failed Lilia clone, forced to be known as the girl who was "the other Shevchenko sister".

+ She never did though, and she's never going to. She knows very well that she and Lilia have always been different people. As much as she loves and respects her sister, she can't imagine why anyone would want to be so goddamn boring.

+ Vera's been a free-spirit since birth. She's always had a penchant for doing what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. She's always wanted to compete - not out of desire to be the better Shevchenko sister, but to be the best. Period. She's always loved the feeling of pure adrenaline pumping through her veins, and the rush from competing. Most of all, she loves the applause. Her teammates praising her, and hearing the crowd clapping and cheering. She loves it when her parents stay with her for five minutes after she finishes to hug her and tell her what she did right. Even when not at a competition or sporting event, Vera loves the feeling of being admired and impressing other. This probably is what leads to her tendency to showoff and talk big in everyday life. Her antics and daring adventures, on the other hand, come for her constant need for excitement and thrills.

+ Her parents never put pressure on Vera to succeed, just as they hadn't with her sister. Vera puts it on herself though. Despite her being stereotyped as "careless", she's extremely dedicated and thoughtful when it comes to things she actually cares about. Though she will mouth off to her teachers at least once a class period, she maintains excellent grades. She pushes herself to the point of exhaustion, to the point of making herself sick or coming of the court with bloodied palms, during sporting events. When she plays volleyball, she throws herself to the ground to set the ball if the setter misses, even if it means sacrificing her own chance awesome spike. If she trips on a hurdle and falls, she'll still do her best to come in first. When she's competing, nothing and no one else matters. Hell, she doesn't even care about records. As long as she can show the crowd the best high school vault performance of the day, she's happy. Vera lives for herself first. Next comes her family, excitement, friends, attention, and praise. In that order. Or maybe have herself and her family tied. Or all five. She doesn't know.

+ Lilia was a favorite of coaches and teachers, and Vera's gotten use to the inevitable "Oh, so are you related to Lilia? How is she? She was always such a joy to teach!". Vera makes it very clear after those moments that she's nothing like Lilia, and there is no way in hell that Vera's going to bring said adult any joy. She talks back constantly in class. She asks stupid questions just to make the teacher mad and make her classmates laugh. If a coach tells her she's done something wrong, she'll cross her arms and ask them to do it better than her. She still takes their advice, works hard and does her best, but honestly, she couldn't care less about having a good relationship with them. It's better to get the laughs and praise from an entire class than a smile from one old crone, and she dares anyone to disagree.

+ With her peers, she's earned a reputation as a fun-loving, friendly and fearless girl. The brave, beautiful girl who does what no one else is daring enough to do. However, her fierceness, blatant defiance of authority, and need to be in the spotlight has also earned her a more negative reputation. The irresponsible attention-whore who will stop at nothing to win. The hot-tempered adrenaline junkie who prefers to settle problems with her fists because she thinks it's fun. The girl who could have been everything, but decided to settle on being an obnoxious troublemaker.

+ She's alright with that. It's better to be feared, and even hated, than to be nothing. She's her own identity and not trying to be someone else, and it's not even out of spite or hatred. It's just Vera being herself, and everything has fallen into place because of it. It was never a plan to become more memorable than her sister, but now, she's just rolling with it. She does high school gymnastics because she wants to, and the same goes for track and volleyball. That's why she always does everything, after all. Call her selfish, but she knows that's what the true meaning of high school is: having fun and being a little shit while there's still some leeway, while getting good enough grades before you're stuck in a boring job you hate. She's going to make the most of every moment of it.

+ Because she's Vera Shevchenko. JV Captain for gymnastics. Future track star. Starter in volleyball as a right side hitter. Beautiful, talented, intelligent and forced to live with the fact that she will always be second best. Yet, without actively trying, she might be able to snag the title as "Most Memorable".

Additional information:

+ Barely 5'4" but strong af

+ Has like 20 games on her phone. Not a big fan of actual video games, but does have an Overwatch account. Refuses to play anything but offense heroes.

+ She develops crushes frequently and fast, and they are usually on the worst possible people. She has a thing for the "bad boy"/"bad girl" type, though anyone who is a general piece of garbage could probably catch her eye. Has at least four "possible suitors" at a time. She's also very flirtatious. At times she's extremely alluring and teasing, but sometimes she just makes the other person uncomfortable because she's literally fourteen?

+ Helps out at her parent's cafe and she loves it. Her sweet, naive parents don't even have security cameras and are known for being extremely trusting, so when not baking or waiting on tables, she's chasing down the frequent dine-and-dashers and literally knocking them to the ground. Even if it was like...a $2 pastry.

+ Been a gymnast since she was six. When she's outside, she'll do flips and handsprings until someone notices her and comments on it.

- While her sister is a talented string bass player, Vera's currently trying to learn the bass guitar. She's passionate about it, but she wants to keep it a secret until she gets better at it.

+ Unless she's actually friends with one of them, she's 100% more of the type to cheer on the person she likes better during a fight than try to break it up.

+ If she's in the fight, she'd probably get pissed if a friend tried to "help" her. She likes to get into "play fights", which are basically two good friends giving it their all in an alley fight but just for the fun of it. If you want a real fight, she's never been the type to turn down a challenge.

+ If she deems you a "weakling", you are either going to get someone who pities you and tries to bring some adventure to your life, constantly scolding you on your incompetence or purposely makes your day as shitty as possible by kicking your locker door shut and making fun of you until you "toughen up" by doing it right back to her.

+ Though her relationship with the adults in authority is rocky at best, she's extremely close to her parents, grandparents and gets along well with almost all elderly people. They like the fact that she's a "spitfire", and her parents are just happy that she's happy. Even if she causes a bit more trouble than her sister.
POSITIVES friendly, outspoken, genuine, alluring, bright, daring, vivacious, driven, loyal, quick learner NEGATIVES ostentatious, blunt, fiery, competitive, selfish, childish, show-off, egotistical, judgmental, harsh QUIRKS- Hosts bonfires at 2 am.

- Born right-handed, but trained herself to use her left in sports and playing bass.

- Trilingual. Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and swearing to sound "mature" English.

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honeeeyyyyy, vera sounds like a gem. standing in the shadow only means she'll shine 10x brighter when she realizes her true potential. great app!

don't forget to do your claims!

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