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Posted by: gilbert deluca Jun 15 2018, 01:45 AM
NICKNAME gil, bertie, rooster AGE 18 YEAR alumnus GENDER male SEXUALITY bicurious CLIQUE civilian OCCUPATION part-time baker
  • his birth name is gilbert allen. his mother never married, had the child as a young woman, perhaps not ready to take care of a child yet on her own. his biological father is never mentioned.

  • he grows up in a dingy one-room apartment. most of the time his mother's gone to work to scrounge enough money for the both of them. gilbert is left with his neighbors quite often.

  • gilbert enters the foster care system when he's five. his first foster family gets the brunt of his turmoil as he comes to terms with his mother's abandonment. in the end he just isn't quite the right fit for his family. they plead for transfer and gilbert is sent away to california.

  • he is seven when he meets james and marc deluca. they have a daughter several years older than gil. james works as a civil engineer while marc is the owner of his own bakery, girasol.

  • again, gil has to adjust and he counts down the days when he might be transferred again. some days he wishes he could leave so kids won't bully him for being an orphan and/or having gay parents. some days he wishes he could stay forever.

  • gilbert is ten when he is officially adopted. now he is gilbert deluca.

  • along the years his parents decide to foster and adopt another child, a younger sister. and while gil now has two sisters to annoy and bother him, he loves them dearly. his eldest sister is currently a teacher at ridgeview and his youngest sister is an incoming junior.

  • he started helping out at the bakery and eventually learned to take on baking as a hobby. he's far from being as skillful as his papá but gil has a few specialties he's quite proud of.

  • he's always dreamed of being a doctor but it isn't until he enters high school that gilbert is definitive that he wants to work with children. thankfully he graduated with a 3.9 GPA and got accepted into UCSF as a pediatrics major. he will be attending there in the fall.

  • on his down times he enjoys exercising since a healthy body leads to a healthy mind! he also enjoys blogs and podcasts. he likes video games as well though he sucks at it lol. professor layton is his favorite game so far.
POSITIVES friendly, independent, responsible, intelligent, ambitious NEGATIVES insecure, sarcastic, hot-headed, perfectionist, overly emotional QUIRKS
  • ruffles his hair when nervous or frustrated
  • likes to bake
  • his best dessert dish is pear crostata
  • best subject is biology

Posted by: apple Jul 10 2018, 09:47 AM
welcome to the site!
does he know the muffin man? gil is 10/10!

don't forget to do your claims!

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